Friday, February 29, 2008

It's the Weekend!

I'm very happy!
It's the weekend.
I have a pair of socks on the needles.
Tomorrow begins the March Dishcloth KAL.
I get to "start" the second sleeve on my fair isle.

Of course, I have laundry, housework and dishes to do on Saturday.
I'm expected to go to Ann Arbor on Sunday.
I pulled the High Priestess for my evening card.

Let's just say that things are going well.

And it starts with the WEEKEND!

Coming home was a little worrisome--the snow that we got for most of the day turned into a snow/ice/rain mix on the way home, and so of course, I took it easy going home. When I got here, I had a package from Peaches and Creme--lots and lots of wonderful yarn along with my order for Peach colors in order to do the Have a Heart Spa Ensemble found here.

Very nice pattern, very nice ensemble, and you can order your yarn to coordinate with your bath--not only that, but you can then ask for more coordinating yarn in order to max out the shipping--so you're not paying out a lot for shipping for only 4 skeins of cotton. And you get a nice Christmas Present in February/March with colors that you weren't expecting!

I would be uploading pics of my latest stuff, but when I upgraded to Firefox as my browser, Flickr decided it wanted me to have it's special uploader software. So I'm downloading. I've got about 3 mg left to go, then I have to upload a lot of pictures to Flickr, then post on Ravelry, then I want to knit some more, and I'm already getting a bit tired.

The High Priestess is a good card for me today because it means that my psychic connection is at it's highest at this time, and that I need to listen to my inner voice and intuition and something will be told to me that will explain things. Beyond that, it also means that I'll be starting soon on a new creative adventure and that my life is changing.

This perhaps means that I'm not supposed to run out and join another Bagpipe Band--I'm still rather "on the fence" about the whole matter...You know how it is when you can't make a decision about something--it's difficult to nail much of anything down.

It's Friday again!

Once again it's Friday. If it wasn't Friday, I would be really mad.

It's snowing again.

Now, I don't know about you, but I am surely tired of driving in snow.

Jeff told me last night that I wouldn't be able to get our pickup truck out of the snow in order to go get our corn for our corn stove.

Not being the type of person who likes being "told" what she "can or can't do", I promptly went outside and got the truck UNSTUCK, backed it down a slippery slope, and then drove it into our driveway.

I'm one of those "where there's a will, there's a way" and by golly, I wasn't going to let a little snow get into my way!

Now, I want it to get in my way because I have no will or desire to go to work. But it's Friday Friday FRIDAY!

But I thought over staying home, and find I have even less desire to do that. God help me. I hate being "stuck inside", even more, so I'll head on in to the office.

I managed to get a few more rows done on my socks. Pictures perhaps tomorrow.

Firefox doesn't seem to understand that there are progress bars that are colorful on my blog--that or else blogger was having fits. With Firefox, I can use all the neat little buttons and whistles--for instance, if I find a pattern online that I like and want to make, I have a button on my links bar called Ravel It. If I understand this button correctly, if I find a website, I click that button, and the information from the site goes directly into my favorites--and can then be added to my queue or to my projects list. Cool beans, eh?

I'd like to talk more--for instance how I'm going to go to Ann Arbor's band practice on Sunday, and how I'm planning to get some spinning done tonight since the weather doesn't appear that it's going to cooperate, but for now, I have to feed the sheep, start the car, put my coat on and get my hand-knit socks and head out the door for slippery slopes down the road.

I hope that my clothes are fast.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Change to a New Day!

I've been using Windows Internet Explorer for years now. Recently, they did an upgrade to the browser, which for all intents and purposes is a piece of crud (at least for my computer setup anyway). If I leave my computer for any length of time, the tab on the first open window absolutely will not close. No matter what I do. No matter what I say..

And really, I have jumped up and down and screamed at the monitor, but it's very resistant.

So I end with ctrl/alt/del, and send an error report, but I've been doing that daily, so apparently it's a bug that isn't so easily dealt with by the gurus at Microsoft--and so, without further adieu, or further grief, I broke down and installed a different internet browser.

This is Firefox. I've heard a lot of good things about Firefox, and I'm hoping that it serves my needs--if not, then I'll cry a bit--and when I'm done, I'll go back to IE7. I suspect that the upgrade is considerably more integrated and seamless with MS Vista, rather than XP, and I haven't read the stats about it--help groups and so on. I simply don't have time for software that doesn't work.

So there you go. My rant on Microsoft's Internet Explorer. If you need something more stable, try Firefox.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've completely lost it!

Okay, not my mind--not this time anyway.

I have 2, size 1 40 inch circular needle baggies. I keep my addi turbos in their bags so that I don't lose track of them. Why I have two baggies and only one actual PAIR is beyond me.

So I must have lost them, but I'm checking Ravelry to see if I've really REALLY lost them, or if I'm "just losing it" after all. Nope, I've lost a pair.

Huh! I wonder where they got off to?


Those of you who have been reading my blog and are also in the band can stop copying the mail, now. I won't be talking about the band (at least not for the time being) or the people in it for some time, so the reading will be plenty boring for you! But I will talk about you in the future sometime when I'm good and ready. Just so you know, I'm aware that you're reading my blog and passing along information and misrepresenting what I say here. So you can stop that behavior now.

I started working on another pair of socks. They are turning out quite nicely, and this is precisely how I found out that I had lost one pair of my needles. I decided that the size 2's were going to make a sock much too big for my foot (meaning around) and went back to the instructions---of course, it's asking for a size 1 needle...but the yarn asks for a size 2 or 3. The "hand" is nice, but the stitches are just a few too many--so if I go down a needle size...

Okay, so I try my size 1's in my "feeler gauge" for knitters, and find that they are 2.5MM, an not really size 1's--so I look for 2.25MM...I find an empty bag (size 2.5mm), and scratch my head. Where in heaven's name did they go? So I hunt, and of course, can't seem to find them, so I transferred the stitches to my Inox 2.25mm 29" cable circular needle.

Okay, this hurts. Needle is too small really for any reasonable work with magic loop.

I'll need to regroup and rethink...right now, a bit too hard for the mind that I lost somewhere.

Hubby is trying to work out a plan to pick up our corn at the mill tomorrow. I think he's got a plan set--we'll see how things go there, too.

I'm off to McDonald's to get us something to eat. I'll write more when I get back, and maybe, just maybe, I'll tell everyone some more dirt on the personnel in the Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band...just because I feel like being ornery right now.

Then again, maybe not.

Yeah, I choose not. Simply because it's not worth it...but if you're wondering, It's FLINT AND ANN ARBOR!

Okay, 'nuf said.

I got through one and one half repeats of my sock pattern tonight. The color repeat is going to be a bit off--either from the dye job not being quite "right on" or else I knit one sock tighter than the other for several stitches.

I've been watching television tonight. Vin Diesel (sp?) in "The Pacifier". I think Vin's a hunk--akin to many of the pro wrestlers I watch on WWE and WWF.

Oh, I hear you groaning over there.

Yes, I watch that stuff! I think it's fascinating! Never mind the hard bodies--I think that the different personalities are really something else. My favorites are John Cena, Triplel H and Jeff Hardy--I also like Shawn Michaels, who is going up against The Nature Boy, Rick Flair next week. Rick Flair is an old old old old

did I say he was old?

guy...who's been around longer than Hulk Hogan (were that possible) and Rowdy Roddy Piper and Piper's Pit!

Yeah, I've been watching this stuff for a lot of years!

Anyway, Shawn gave Rick Flair this REALLY super introduction LAST week (which I must have missed due to knitting or something unimportant like that--) HA! Anyway Rick is being inducted into the World Wrestling Hall of Fame as the only inductee STILL active in the world of wrestling--which is quite impressive. The owner of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment aka World Wrestling Federation or WWF) ordained that the next match Rick lost, he would have to retire.

So Rick's been doing a lot of wrestling lately, and he hasn't lost any since the announcement. Unfortunately, if he loses to Shawn Michael's (who agreed to the match under protest, but states "it would be an honor to wrestle you, Rick!"), it will be the end of his career--elsewise, Shawn Michael's will lose quite a bit of favor..

So shoot me! I found a new obsession with lots of drama in it! HA!

I've completely lost it, haven't I?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Will He Be?

I asked the Tarot cards today how my hubby will behave when I get home.

I drew the King of Swords.

Rational, sound and cooperative.

Okay. I can live with that. Let's see if it happens, since tonight I'd like to go out to dinner. Someplace nice. I wonder if I can convince him.

Monday, February 25, 2008

That Fair Isle

It's not a sock.
It's a sleeve.

I'm crushed! You can't tell it's a sleeve????
Gosh! I don't know what to say!

Now there, friends is a grand moment in history--one of value--Tenna is speechless! Mark your calendar!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back from Band...

So sad to see the end of my association with the Grand Rapids Pipe Band. In some ways, a blessing, in some ways it's hard--but it frees up my time to do something else that might well be WAY more exciting.

The PM asked me if any other bands had asked me to come over, and I shrugged and said there might be a couple in the wings, but that I was taking it easy for the time being, which is entirely true. He's been aware for a long time that I was held back by Shirlyn, and for whatever reason, he's more inclined toward keeping her on as Drum Sergeant than to keep me with all my good ideas--and it's not that I wanted him to boot her out, because that wasn't what I wanted at all. She had too much power for one person, and it was impossible to get her to do anything new--he could have resolved that by giving me the stripes--and the responsibility would then be in my hands to show her what to do next--the same way I showed her the tenor part to the drum salute when Ray and I first began with the band.

But, all that's over now. All the work and travelling that I did, working up the drum scores in the software so that it could be shared with everyone. All the work I did on the website. I don't know--how come none of that was appreciated?

Then he said something nearly incomprehensible....he said "it wasn't personal".

If I'd been sitting on a chair, I would have fallen off it. Instead, I simply didn't respond. Better to say nothing I suppose, than to say something I might regret later...and boy, I had plenty to say.

But instead, nothing to him. I know my body language said that I was really far too angry to even look at him, indeed, if he hadn't been talking, I probably wouldn't have known he was even there! I know when I get THAT ANGRY, that if I'm pushed too far, I really will say something, and you'd best watch out, as I will leave nothing unsaid, and I'll lash out and literally rip you to pieces verbally.

I said things to a few people--figuring that something would be said down the pike--true or not--those who were really my friends would know differently. It really was as much a resignation as it was getting fired. I have to keep looking at it that way. There are other bands. It just breaks my heart to see them have to start all over again having thrown away somebody who cared quite a bit--enough to literally go the extra mile.

It's sadder for them, though, than it is for me. MORE TIME TO KNIT, AND I'M OFF TO DO IT!

Fair Isle COMING! Watch out!

I got some knitting done between 9pm and midnight last night. What do you think?

I have to take all the band stuff over today, and I'm dreading that. I don't want a bunch of people clamouring all over me, asking questions, wondering what the real take is. I expect that won't really happen only in my messed up mind that thinks about such things that never end up happening, but I've been thinking about it a lot.

I've decided that I'm really and truly angry for all the time I spent "taking care of business" and really didn't get anything for it. It's not that I wanted anything monetary, and I didn't want anybody to get fired, but I DID want those sergeant's stripes, and deserved them, too. The fact that the pipe major basically says in the letter tells me that I DID deserve them for all the time and effort I put into the band, but he didn't GIVE them to me, and he COULD have and SHOULD HAVE, and that's why I'm most angry about.

Shirlyn, I hope you read my blog, and expect you might.

You were the single biggest brick wall that the band has, and that's a problem. As long as you keep holding people back from realizing their potential, they are going to continue to leave. I will be surprised if the band ever has any growth in the future in order to compete. As long as you are drum sergeant, the band will continue to fail. This is a sad truth. The snare line was unhappy that you held them back. We ended up having to play the same thing for two years! Haven't you got any idea how boring that is for a drummer whose only recompense for the boredom is to change the beat? It's not like we can change the tune, the depth of the drum, the sound that it makes , or the length of the we need to play with the beat, and you wouldn't allow it.

Ah, rant over. Nothing much else to say.

More time for knitting.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hubby's Idea of Fun

My hubby, being something of a mensa wannabe decided to help his dad with this puzzle...

There are only 9 pieces. He has numbered each piece, one through nine.
He's trying to put it together--he's been at it for DAYS.
Not minutes, not hours
The puzzle is something of an enigma for me--the picture is of eagles in various shapes, configs and sizes, but no piece is the same, and the pattern is such that it tricks the eyes into thinking "here's the answer", only to be fooled again. One has to look at it and NOT see the pattern to solve it. There is some small thing in each 4 sided puzzle piece that reveals the "trick", and for the uninitiated, "seeing" the trick isn't easy. I remember these kinds of puzzles from long ago--but I don't remember the trick. Hubby thought by numbering them, eventually, he would find the center piece and be able to solve the puzzle.
He finally gave up today...notice that it's not put together yet?

How Cool is That?

What a dream I had this morning!

Two ex-boyfriends and an ex-husband! I think I've slept enough!

I finished another dishcloth. The navy and cream is blocking, and I need coffee--since it's 5am.

Last night I was exhausted, so I took my medication a little earlier than normal and fell into a heap at 8pm. I slept uninterrupted until about 4:30, which is about right, and slowly came to total awareness by 5am. I just love weekends. I have no idea why I can't seem to get into bed by 8pm on weekdays--maybe because my life is just too full.

The biggest problem now is that I have an ear worm. This is the worst sort of affliction that a musician can have. It is where some certain song, and not always the same one, mind you, keeps playing over and over in your head until you think you're going to go stark raving lunatic mad. Today's ear worm (and I get these quite often) is Glen Campbell's "Everyday Housewife".

Oops! I think I just dated myself.

Oh, such are the dreams of the everyday housewife, you see anywhere anytime of the day.

The everyday housewife who gave up the good life for me.

Okay, now we know that some men think being "unmarried" is the good life. Boy--do they need to get a clue or what? Unmarried men die sooner. And, to that, a sure fire way to get rid of them all--is for the women to unite, and never marry. (I'm laughing at the absurdity of my morning thoughts.)

As I write, the dishcloth is cooling on the wires, and the coffee is nearly done brewing. I can smell it now--this is Irish Creme flavored. I bet we like it just as much as the Raspberry Creme flavored (yuck). Who drinks this stuff anyway? Chocolate, Hazelnut, and regular coffee have been (well Caramel comes third, I suppose) acceptable for my taste. I'm glad my husband didn't by me one pound bags of this stuff--it stinks. I'll have to run a lavender stick in order to get the smell under control. I can tell my husband isn't going to like this one at all, could tell by the GROUNDS even, so I made up the whole thing--so we can get rid of it when it's gone cold. Okay, here I go. I'm getting a cup...I'm tasting...

Okay, final analysis is 3 out of 5 stars. Not outstanding, but not unacceptable either. It doesn't taste like strong liquor, rather mellow in fact. It's not my first pick, but it's mild enough that I would probably drink it again one day. The SMELL is attrocious! Otherwise, a perfectly reasonable coffee.

My latest dishcloth contribution. Still on the wires, so it looks odd, but I like the little "windows", except the one left open in the lower left. The curtains are being sucked outdoors. I hate it when that happens. But nobody's perfect.

I've been meaning to begin a pair of socks. I want to try this "form fitted arch" that everyone is talking about. Now the colorwork I can live without--that's what self-striping yarn is for! So I picked out the yarn, but I'm not sure that it's the right yarn for me to use....for instance...I want to use this:

which turns out a wide stripe in alternating colors, but I'm now wondering if that might be too bold? I would like for this yarn to show itself off in something fair isle--with perhaps black--or even to use it to weave a cloth to go with my black and yellow McLeod of Lewis kilt (which I can't wear right now because I have gained ...counting...okay, too much weight!).

So maybe the form fitted arch isn't calling for this yarn? I'm thinking I might be right.

So back to the sock yarn bin to make a better decision.

And Mandy will NOT leave me alone. She is constantly under my feet "herding" me. And this coffee is good. Maybe there is some liquor in there--let me know if my typing gets out of whack.

Oh, it's getting late in the day! Time to begin Knitting!

Friday, February 22, 2008

No Knitting Thursday

I had to go to the post office after work, so I decided since I had to "run about", that I would go see Mom Draper. I'd found out she has another doctor's appointment, so I thought it was prudent. I also haven't seen her since November, and haven't talked with her since December, and I've been thinking about her, so I went.

I stopped at McDonald's to eat (yes, yes...of course I did) and called my hubby on the phone to tell him what I was up to, and what I intended to do after my visit. Since there's no food in the house save for soup and peanut butter (no bread, though), figured grocery shopping was next on my to do list.

So after I ate, I drove to the nursing home to see my mother in law.

Her roommate had a stroke, and isn't doing well, so the roommate was moved to a different section of the nursing home where she can get better nursing care. My mother in law is pretty much okay--she just needs to be where someone can respond quickly--in case she falls (low blood pressure) or her heart machine gives up the ghost (defibrulator). Anyway, we talked about my sock book, and we talked about family.

Apparently Randy (my ex) is still on Medical Leave from his work. I guess when he fell, the MRI shows 3 compressed vertebrae in his lower back. He's in physical therapy, but until he loses about 150 pounds, he's going no where with that. She also told me that he can't find a comfortable spot to sleep, and sleeps on the davenport pretty often. I think I know how to read between the lines with that one! He can't pay the bills with no income, and she can't pay the bills on her income, so they're having trouble.

And of course you know that with compressed disks, he's not going to be able to ride his motorcycle.

Well, my heart just bleeds. You and I both know that there is no way that he's going to allow compressed disks to get in the way of using his toy--in fact, that's probably more likely the cause of his injury. Yes, he may have fallen--but it is more likely that the fall only exacerbated the existing problem, since he'd never had an MRI before the fall.

In short, I don't believe he's got a problem AT ALL, and he's just milking it. Mom said he goes to physical therapy and rolls around on the floor, and that he does really good with that. If he does so good with that, how come he's getting up night after night...out to the dav into the bedroom. I know the answer to that one. Honest! I do!

We talked about the pictures in the room, and how Judy's mother looks just like her sister! I mean, they could be twins. Judy says that everyone said SHE looks most like her mother, but I think that that mom got her nose from her mother and that's about it.

Too soon, mom needed to prepare for the nightly ritual and go to bed, so I took off to get groceries.

I found some darn good deals at Meijer's! Because of that, I filled my cart with all sorts of food--much of it will last for weeks! I shopped until I was just about to drop and spent over $200.

When I got home, I had to wake hubby up because it was just before 9pm--WAY past his bedtime. He helped put stuff away, and I got to sit down and watch Lost and Eli Stone, a show with a cute premise, but bores me to death, and fell asleep in my rocking chair. To be fair, I actually had taken a sleeping pill, and I was exhausted.

Today, I am late again, because hubby let the fire go out, and it didn't stay lit this morning, so I am going to stay home until it's going well, and then I'll head in. What with the weather we've been having, I can't afford to let the house freeze up.

I'm going to take some coffee to work with me, and start making coffee at the office. I'm tired of paying for the stuff they make in the party store, and the guy that runs the joint makes $$ hand over fist. He was charging for stamps and making 4 cents profit on each one he sold (he sold them for $0.45) because the post office removed the stamp dispenser in the building due to cutbacks. He got caught doing that, and now can't sell stamps anymore. If it hadn't been for his greed, we'd still have access to a vending machine!

So much for that rant. He had no business making a profit off the sale of federal property. Of course, who knew it was illegal?

Looks like the fire will stay lit this time.

I'll take some coffee to work with me so that I don't have to drink the party store stuff, and maybe a bowl and some oatmeal--ooo that sounds so good!

Maybe I need to groceryshop for the office, too! LOL. See you. I'm off to work. And it's FRIDAY to boot!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm Late for Work AGAIN!

Every morning, I get up at 5:30AM. It doesn't matter how fast I get ready--I am always late for work. First it's the weather slowing me down of course, but then the dog won't go out until the last minut because she thinks (in her own twisted mind--and you KNOW what happens when you put two twisted minds together, don't you?) that I'm going to take her with me to the office.

That or she just doesn't "go like clockwork" as I do. I'm usually a slave to the clock--well not a total slave, but I DO PREFER to be to work on time (mostly because I hate to be late since I might miss something GOOD!)

Today, the plan is to continue working on the dishcloth I posted about yesterday. The directions didn't come until after 5pm yesterday, when they are normally up by I was disappointed that my project was delayed until I arrived home, but it's all good.

I used my soap sock in the shower this morning...pretty cool.

And now, to open up Cat Bordhi's Sock Book and try this Coriollis. I have the yarn and the book in my bag, but now need to get the needles--silly moi! I would have walked off without them for sure--then where would I be?

Anyway, I have some Regia National Color in a broad red/black/yellow stripe, and thought that I would try one of these pairs....maybe "do it to death" to get it right for my feet.

I have to turn the stove down and the ice maker is frozen again, so I have to do that. I'm just going to be late that's all there is to it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finished Soap Sock!

I finished the Soap Sock (aka Soap Sack) found here. Very cute, and here's the pic.

I might just make one for my mom, too. Very easy, but instead of ribbon, which I thought might not hold up in my shower, I made some I-cord, and threaded it through the loops. All in all, a quick two day, part of the time project that I started yesterday at the office on my breaks and lunch. I put some Lavender and Chamamile scented hand-made soap from one of the ladies in the bagpipe band.

Thank you, Pat!

Next in line is to work on the Monthly Dishcloth KAL--which sadly, I'm losing interest in, because it's the same pattern start to finish. I think I would have liked to see the pattern switch halfway through the cloth, but so far, that hasn't happened, and I might have to make that change on my own, just for kicks...but I'd like to have one that looks like everyone else's too! So until I finish this one, I can't start on the's the progress pic.

So, as you can see, I've been busy. Have to upload it all to Ravelry now.


I want to know...

What is it that would bring someone to harm a 3 month old baby girl, break 17 bones in her tiny body, in order to satisfy himself?


I just think the relatively "normal" ones of us should really be up in arms about this.

The whole thing just boggles my mind and heads me in the direction of utter dismay over the deterioration of men's (and some women's) behavior.

I've said it before, though perhaps not here--I don't believe I belong here. I am an alien in this society. I think there's some serious cleaning needed in the gene pool.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Projects on the Needles!

I finally opened up my fair isle ala Philosophers' Wool, and didn't even get the chance to work on it.

I started the Monthly Knit Along for the Dishcloth group, and did my 10 rows this morning on my break at the office--then I started a "soap sock" for the hand-made soap that a friend of mine gave me. So, in fact, I have 3 projects going at once--two are at the office, and the fair isle is at home (simply because it's too big to take to the office).

I also finished another bobbin of chiengora yesterday. I have to let it "rest" for 24 hours, then I can ply it--perhaps tomorrow.

Tonight, when I got home, I was in a very surly mood. Now, I'm better. I think because I got some food into me. I get very ornery when I'm hungry. When the tummy growls, so does the woman!

So I'm going to post a little, then I'm going to open up the fair isle sweater, and try to work on it. I'm a little distracted, and hope that I can get past that, because the sweater needs to be nearly completed by March, and it's right around the corner!! So I better go, get going, get started.

Does it sound like I'm procrastinating? I am. I want to read some email, too.

Monday, February 18, 2008

My latest dishcloth contribution so far...

Sort of a small picture--wasn't expecting that, but it's got the general information. The colors I'm using are navy blue and cream...and I'm going to call it "Blue Berries and cream". It will go well with my kitchen, which is a medium blue.

I do wish that people would stop betraying me. I don't appreciate being lied to, and have to figure out what the truth really is and still feel good about myself! I don't appreciate people who try to SPARE feelings, as I'd much rather know the TRUTH, and have the opportunity to call that person an idiot, since that person deserves it. It's difficult for me to look at the person betraying me and say "you didn't deserve my friendship whatsoever", turn and walk away, because I really do care. I've been slapped in the face too many times to have deserved it.

There needs to be a special place in hell for people like that who do that to me--even those who call themselves Christians. That, or else send me there so I don't ever have to deal with them AGAIN, but I expect then I'd be totally alone.

Sigh. Ya just can't win in this game, can ya?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finished Breeze!

Well, after all is said and done with the Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band, as I said two bands would just love to have me come down and play with them.

I've been conversing via email with a friend of mine for whom I am spinning chiengora--his band is Grade 3, and he's willing to let me ride down with him. Another drumming instructor, he recognises my talent, and is more than willing to take me as a student--perhaps bring me up to Grade 3 play--that could take some time, quite literally, and with all my new hobbies going on--well, I'm just not sure that I can give it my full attention.

Another drumming instructor called me last night and practically begged me to come to this party in Flint, but when Grand Rapids booted me, I made other plans for my weekend. Beyond that, Ray's car is totalled, and the loaner he's driving isn't in that great a shape. He's also not used to it, and afraid to take it out beyond the city limits because it's not HIS yet. I can understand that. So we both stayed home this weekend.

Now it's looking like Monday is going to be out as a day to take the uniforms back as well, because the weather is supposed to be really cruddy duddy. So perhaps I'll just wait until the Spring THAW. For that matter, had I thought of it, I would have met one of them at the gas station on the corner as they passed through on their way back from the party in Flint--and just handed everything over. Then I wouldn't have to make the trip at all.

It's okay--there's a chance that I can get my drumming instructor to return it for me in early March when we go to practice for his band. All depends on the timing really. Just depends on the timing.

Today, I called Ray to tell him the instructor from Flint called me last night, then I called my son to tell him about things, but he wasn't awake. Later in the day, Ray called me to tell me that the instructor is going to call him back, and then I missed my son's callback. Now I've got another call in to him.

But, I finished my Knitty Breeze, and that's a wonderful thing! I'm wearing them now, and they are so comfy!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Well, the week was a long one, but it's finally over, and I get to relax this weekend and enjoy three days of "somewhat" uninterrupted bliss. The only thing to interrupt said "bliss" is that I will be taking my uniform and drums over to Grand Rapids to return to the band.

I've already got two friends willing to take me into their band to practice and play. It almost sounds like I'm a "hot commodity". Considering that there aren't a lot of female snare drummers out there, I think I'm sort of an enigma--or perhaps akin to one of the world's natural wonders--ha! But for what it's worth, the offers have been a big boost to my ego, and have really lessened the sense of loss that I've been feeling.

I was chatting with Ray on the telephone today, and I got the impression that the entire thing had nothing at all to do with the band itself, and was never put to a vote--but that the decision was made by either the PM and the DS, or the PM alone. Which makes it neither better or worse. I've still been ousted.

And I have been knitting--I've got about 36 more rows to go on the Knitty "Breeze", plus the toe, which I think is about 19 rows if memory serves. I've finally made this pair correctly--knits and purls in the right places, and the extra "knitting" has made it take longer to knit, as I have to keep track more closely. Otherwise, they are coming along nicely.

Monthly Dishcloths at Yahoo Groups has likely got their mid-month KAL online, and I've got to check my email to see if the item has been posted, and I see that it has been! Yay!

I figure that I'll have the Knitty socks done this weekend for sure, and then I will work on my Fair Isle a la Philosopher's Wool again. When I get bored with that, I'll work on the dishcloth, then back to the Wool and some spinning. I plan to enjoy myself, as I should.

Be My Valentine??

Hmm. This year Valentine's Day has left a sour taste in my mouth.

Let's see...

Wednesday, I missed 5 hours of work because my husband needed a ride and a wrecker....he got a very nice card, with a very nice sentiment and a box of chocolate turtles. Recently, he got a brand new pair of hand-knit socks.

Me, I've been working my buns off trying to make up the time I missed from work on Wednesday, got kicked out of the band, and (to be fair) he is taking me to dinner this weekend BUT

I really needed some small gesture on "the day".

Is it too much to ask? Just a small gesture--a flower on my pillow? A card? I mean, especially after getting dumped by a whole group of people I called friends. After all I've done, and all the disappointment I've been through over the last 24 hours!!?

I now understand why some women take lovers--someone who will pay attention to all the little things, and hold you snugly when you feel like the world is crushing down on you.

Yup. Real sour taste. If any men read this, I surely hope you take heed of the woman in your life. She may not be there tomorrow.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tarot Draw

Long while back, before getting booted from the band, I drew the Sun, then the Star reversed. And they dealt with the band, I'm sure. Big ideas, big dreams, the world is your oyster, but you'll not get your wish this time.

Sad, but true.

Today, I asked WHY?

I drew

The devil--addiction
The 6 of Wands-Victory
The 5 of Wands-Another struggle
The Fool-A new glorious journey with new hopes and dreams.

Basically, this means to me that while I strove hard to create something for the Bagpipe Band, I was prevented by someone else's addiction, but that Victory over the entire matter is at hand. There will be another time of struggling to hold my head above water, and probably others will be involved in the foray, but the result is that I will head off in a different direction, with my head held high (perhaps not watching where my feet might fall) with my head in the clouds, so to speak.

In short, something really cool is just around the corner. I just have to keep on keeping on. So that's what I plan to do.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The End of an Era

Today, I got a letter in the mail.

It was from the Pipe Major of the Grand Rapids and District Pipe Band, sent special delivery, which piqued my I opened it.

What a surprise!

It's like they read my mind!

I've considered resignation, but felt that they needed me, more than I needed them, but in any case, I stayed on hoping that some "new blood" would come along that I could spend time with, teaching--so that they could take my place--indeed, I never intended the post to last THIS long.

But after two years of working my collective off, they sent me a letter of dismissal from the band. I'm sure that they struggled with the decision, because to dismiss me, means that they lose their entire side drummer line--because Ray and my son both ride with me...if I don't go, then they don't go. Simple as that, really.

Apparently, they didn't care one way or the other. That hurt my feelings, but otherwise I'm pretty okay with it. I'll miss the friendships I thought I had and apparently didn't--after all, how can you miss something you never really had? I'll miss the practices and the times afterward at battalion. I feel shorted for all my effort, but perhaps they've got a better idea that they think will work, and simply leave me in the dust.

It's hard when people betray your trust that way.

It will probably take me a while to get over the lies and deceipt. I no longer have to make this huge trip every weekend to a practice to listen to someone tell me why the drum corps can't make this or that change. I don't have to play footsie with the devil anymore.

In short, a certain amount of weight has been removed, and my weekends are free once again. I hope they find what they are seeking. Maybe someday, I'll get over this betrayal thing.

Ah, if only that were possible.

Not much knitting today, as I was once again very busy just taking care of life. It started this morning when the alarm went off at 5:30AM. I was supposed to rise and shine, but thought I would rest, just a few minutes more.

At 5:45am, my husband walks into the bedroom and announces that I have to get up and take him to work because he conveniently (well, not so conveniently for me) went off the road and into the ditch on his way to meet his vanpool.

So I got up, got dressed, drove him an hour to work, drove home, called a wrecker to extricate his car from the ditch, ran his car over to the vanpool so he could get home, got into my car and headed home to get ready for work.

All that, by 10AM.

I got home, showered, let the dog out, fed the dog, got in the car, took the towing bill to the insurance agency, stopped at Walmart for a Valentine's present for my hubby (he likes Chocolate Covered Turtles), then drove to my parking spot and walked 4 blocks to the office in slick ice/salt mixture.

I got there by 12:30PM.

I worked until 6, with no breaks or lunch. On the way home, my hubby calls and asks me to pick up something from McDonald's, and since I still had about $20 from the money he gave me for the towing, I did.

I got home and found the letter.

I got my gear together, took the patches off my shirt, I have yet to get my cap badge off my glen gerry....but basically, it's all there. Ready to go back to Grand Rapids from whence it came.

Like I's the end of an Era. This time, the betrayal is just too much.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boy! Have I been BUSY!

First off, early this morning (about 12:30am in fact), I finished this!

I knitted some more on my Knitty Breeze---I'm 1/3 plus done with the foot--so I only have 2/3 -ish to go!

When I got to work, I got nearly everything done that I intended, and also got my wheel bearing replaced on my passenger side--it was growling quite fiercly--and the sound detracted from the attention I needed to pay to my driving...Now, the ride is quite silent and very enjoyable! And with my new tires on the front, I can go nearly anywhere in any sort of weather, fearlessly!

When I got home from work, I fed the sheep, brought the dog in, fed the dog, started dinner, fed the MAN, put the laundry away, started a new load, put a few pictures into my computer, downloaded email, and started to write my blog again. I think I'm about ready to turn in, considering that I only got 5 hours of sleep last night! But I've been so very productive.
Mandy has been watching out the window for some time. I have no idea what she sees--maybe a rabbit.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Evening in the house

Evening in the house and hubby complains that it's cold in here. Sure sign that the temps are dropping to the single digits outside. This morning pans out--it is quite frigid outside, and the fire's gone out.

So I'm making coffee. I'm making Paramount's Mackinac Island Fudge coffee. Talk about your caffeine attack! It's like drinking mellow coffee with hot cocoa--both favorites. The mixture Paramount uses is PERFECT with a capital P. The only game that can top this one is Bigby's Little Teddy Bear--caramel and white chocolate--heck, it's almost like drinking a chocolate bar!

NAYY, but if you can find some of this stuff--try it. It's amazing.

Anyway, I was working on my Breeze (photo above), and I happened to get up from my chair to look out the sliding glass door and stretch for a minute, and I found this:

Now, I figure that you gotta be one tired cat in order to fit your entire body (and this cat is no slouch!) into a box that's only maybe 8 x 10 inches (a cat's version of the American Cubicle in in 1" = 1 ft). She slept through the flash and didn't even flinch! I wonder sometimes how they can contort their bodies into such tiny spaces, but when I think of my cubicle at the office, I think, yeah...okay.
Barb, at So the Thing is, is always doing this picture thing with her yellow cat. Barb--gotta tell you-I think all cats do that curled toe thing...check it out...

of course, you know that this effect woke the cat up, and he's just so adept at escaping the perfect picture....or else he looks like he's hungover...I suppose waking him up wasn't the best idea?

In the meantime, Mandy, who is usually so camera shy--figured since everyone else gets their picture, then I'll sit pretty and wait for MINE. Can't imagine why she sat still for this one, since the flash went off right in her eyes. I think that hurts dog's eyes...I really need to start taking her picture without flash.

It's crazy though, she looks hungover too! Maybe I need to ensure the liquor cabinet is locked for the night. I think they might be getting into my "stash". People are going to put me away for letting my animals drink alcohol!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Soaking Wet in the North Country

We got hammered with snow on Wednesday.
Today, it's raining, after a little bit of snow last night. It's bone chillin' cold because of the wet.

I am sitting at my puter reading mail, blogging, thinking about my knitting and my kitchen at the same time.

I dreamt about an old boyfriend last night. I've actually had too many of those in order to dream about him every night (LOL!). I suppose that's why I call him an old boyfriend...I suppose I could put my memories down here.

I met him in a little coffee house in East Lansing on the MSU campus. It was open mike night, and people would get up on stage and perform--hoping to be asked to play again on a night when they could get paid--sort of a rehersal, I suppose. I don't even remember how I found out about the place, but I used to go nearly every Tuesday night to play my guitar and sing the most recent song that I'd written.

One night, while waiting for my turn, he took the stage. GAD he was just adorable. Dark hair and eyes, moustache, maybe all of 5'6. NICE smile, soft, well proportioned body. Hoo hoo. He was cute. His name was Tom. I couldn't stop looking at him. When he was done with his 20 minute "bit", he came to sit down, and when he passed, I told him "nice voice", because his melodious voice could have put a canary to shame.

The next Tuesday, he was there again, and he sat with ME. Now this was a huge thing, because he literally could have sat with any woman in the joint, but instead, he chose me. And even though I told myself "Easy now, girl..." well, he was just too wonderful for words. He was funny, articulate and intelligent. I was so totally hooked it wasn't even funny.

We spent quite a lot of time together the next few weeks. I was hooked. I found out he had some personal problems just like me (in fact, when I looked at him emotionally, I thought he was my twin!), neither of us was working in any real sense. He wanted to be a teacher--but he was very particular where he wanted to be, and anywhere else, just wouldn't make him happy.

We broke up because he wanted to see other people, and I wanted to be exclusive. Definitely a problem there, and when he asked if we could still be friends, I shook my head no, and walked him to the door and said goodbye.

Then, drama queen that I am, I had an emotional breakdown and sat on the steps and cried until I thought I was going to die. My heart broke into a million pieces, and I was distraught this way for two and a half weeks.

Then I got out of bed one day and told myself I wouldn't think about him anymore. I mean, that's how I did things back then. The next time I saw him at the coffee house, he was with another girl. I left immediately and without a word, and never went back. It meant that I couldn't go to any of the places that we used to go to, which wasn't that much trouble. But I was very lonely.

So I took up Volleyball and signed up for a singles club. In no time I was dating Randy...and that's where and when all the REAL trouble started.

So there you go.

Knitwise, I have another pair of Breeze started, and I am halfway down the heel. I like the heel on the breeze slipper footie, because it's got a cable in it that is only 4 rows deep, and it hugs my heel very nicely. It's a heel flap, which makes it easy for top down sox, and the cable pulls in what extra knitted fabric would be there were I to make a normal heel--which I find is too "flappy" anyway. So I think that the breeze heel is a nicer heel than a heel flap. Perhaps I have unusually narrow heels? Could be. I've never thought of my feet as "narrow" in any sense...since they are so BIG (size 9's).

I've got another washcloth to make, but first I have to find the I suppose that I will go and drink some coffee and get back to my knitting and finding that elusive Valentine pattern.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008

AHA! That's how it works!

Travelling last night in 10" of slushy snow on the freeway is not my idea of fun.

Apparently it is for some drivers--and I'm sure they curse as they fly past in their 18 Wheel rigs and SUV's, but they sure are scarey, because they drive in what I've marked as "my lane"--simply because there's a track there. And I'm pretty territorial of my track when the roads are messy and I'd rather be home sipping on a hot chocolate.

Once I got on my Michigan highway, while the road was still snow covered (with MY TRACK plainly visible), I pressed on. Road was bumpier than a corn cob with the corn still ON IT. So I'm bouncing along on less than adequate traction. Fearing the worst for the COUNTRY road I have to travel down, I cross my fingers and turn into a relatively pristine snow covered road--with one track. I AM GOOD TO GO! Unfortunately, my hubby has parked in the lower drive, which is where *I* planned to park, and he's snowblowing the upper drive, but it's totally impassable, with only one swath blown out. So I pass the house and head further down to the neighbor's house. They are stuck in the lower end of their driveway, so I can't use their driveway to turn around.

I ended up having to go 3/4 of a mile from my house, just to find a driveway to turn around in! Even then I was worried about getting stuck, but I managed to get myself turned around and headed back in the right direction. I parked in our third driveway near the barn, trying to get as far -in- as I could so the plow wouldn't hit me, but the minute I started in, the wheels started to slip, and the snow pushed me over and I nearly ended up in the sheep pen.

But I was alive.

I got out of the car and kissed the ground....coming back with a faceful of snow. The sheep stood there and looked at me with their "what IS this idiot doing?" face. Then, they started to yammer---something about being hungry...

So I took care of the sheep, trudging in 10" of snow to the barn to get a couple flakes of hay, then up to the house to help with the driveway. Hubby calls me over...

"Here, take my keys and bring my car up." Loudly, over the motor of the snowblower.

"WHAT? Are you crazy? I'm all done moving cars!"

"We need to get them in. If a plow goes through tonight, they'll bury us in!"

"FINE! I didn't want to go to work tomorrow anyway!" But I took his keys and moved his car.

Now, as fine a hubby as my hubby is, he is not sometimes the smartest kid in class--he failed to remember that cars don't make 90 degree turns on a dime and leave 9 cents change on the pavement. Getting his car in was a challenge, but I did finally get it up the drive....slid into the yard twice, and breathed a heavy sigh of relief when I turned off the ignition.

However, MY CAR was not so ammenable to the idea of turning into the driveway. Part of the problem is that the tires are about 2 years old now, and about that time, their "tractionability" is pretty much dead in the water, and so all I do on the driveway, in even 1/2" of snow, is spin.

So, we spin, spin spin. Got stuck twice having backed out improperly. A handy-dandy fellow with a snowmobile came down to give us a hand.

Finally, he takes the car down to the corner, turns around and comes back. Second Try.

Spin, Spin Spin

He didn't try a third time. He parked MY car in the lower drive, with my trunk about 4" from the roadway. I guess it's okay if MY car gets plowed in. Ah, now I understand.

So I got up this morning with him, got dressed in my cold weather "gear", and headed out to clean off my car.

I can't get in. The doors are frozen shut. Finally managed to get one of the BACK doors open, but soon realized that I couldn't reach the ignition from the back seat. So, I got out of the back seat, and pushed on the front door from the inside, around the opening for the back door, while holding onto the edge of the front door, and it FINALLY came loose.

I took the ignition key off the ring, turned the car over, turned on the heaters and defrosters, and closed it up and locked it and trudged back to the house. I stomped my feet in the garage and left enough snow to make a little snowman on the floor. I stepped into the house to write this.

Now, I'm at work. There's no one here. Go figure.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oh, so TIRED!

Therefore, I'm not going to be quite so wordy tonight.

Have put some new projects on Ravelry, and they'll show up on the right side in the widget.

I got some new yarn.

I worked hard on the drum salute with my son, who also worked hard tonight, and I think that by the time I see him again on Sunday, he will be ready for anything I throw at him.

Reason I'm so tired? I couldn't get to sleep last night due to the hot cocoa at Knit Night. Finally nodded off at about 2am. I am forcing myself to stay awake another hour so that I get a full night's rest, not over not under.

I started another pair of Knitty's "Breeze", but I want to do the heel different, and I'm not sure how I should proceed. I want the heel and gusset in one piece--no holes in the sides. I'll check with Queen Kahuna's Book on Two Socks on Two Circs, and see if I can find something that will fit the bill.

Waiting for the email to download, because I ordered a yoke patterned sweater from Vogue, and I think it's going to work up nicely in my handspun.

But, the email didn't show the last installment of the Monthly Dishcloth (booo!), so I'm going over to Ravelry to update there.

Sleepless in Eagle

Last night was a no brainer. Even though I take a sleeping pill, last night, she no work. She no sleep. 2 AM, still awake. Enough to make one "mad, mad I tell you!"

Last evening, was spin night, and I took 4 oz of Chiengora from the big bag of chiengora, and put it in a little bag of chiengora. This makes it easier to spin a consistent weight...every skein is 4 oz, and since I spin fairly consistently, it makes a nice 3 ply bulky weight for knitting a blanket.

So I decide to have a cup of cocoa at my best friend's house--cocoa being one of those drinks that's considered "soothing" for settling in after a cold day to relax and have a chat with close friends. It tasted a little funny to me, but still chocolate--and before you think I'm saying that it was spiked--forget it. It was Swiss Miss. How can you spike Swiss Miss?

I enjoyed it, save for the funny aftertaste, and spun about half of the 4 oz bag. When I came home, the roads were horrible with slick slush, and had trouble getting up the driveway--ending up spinning into the lawn and tearing up the grass.

Well, it must have had an additional dose of caffeine, because I stayed up and watched WWE Raw (my favorite Monday night show--just because it happens when I get home from Knit Knight), and then, just about 20 minutes before the show was to end, I took my sleeping pill, and settled into the chair to watch the end of the show--but then I tried to go to sleep.

Imagine that? I thought I could actually SLEEP with a sleeping pill--but I think I could have put it under the pillow for the sleeping pill fairy for all the good it did me. Now, I'm a morning person, but I hit the snooze this morning for 1/2 hour, and then got up, dressed, read a couple of emails, let the dog out, fed the dog, got my knitting "take along" project ready to go, took a couple of pictures which you'll see much later--started my car, realized I hadn't taken my yogurt or my pop, so back into the house to get these items, and then headed out the driveway. I drove my 20 minutes to the office, got my bagel and coffee, took the elevator, sat down in my chair, traded my snow boots for my tennis shoes, and turned on my computer, ending up here.

I'm exhausted. Can I go home now?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Socks--but does she really read my blog?

Okay, okay, the long awaited pair of socks for my hubby--who by now, is sawing logs, sleeping in his brand new pair.

There's a first for everything--he loves them. They aren't perfect, and the next pair will be afterthought heel ended up just a tad too long and too wide--and it has "ears", but what the hey--they're an original creation by the wife who loves him! While I'm prepping the picture, I'm typing away...

Went to band practice today, and an old friend showed up to assist in determining what can be done to help with the drum corps--and whether or not there's any sort of possibility for the band to go into competition this year. Personally, I don't have enough of my life invested in it to work too hard at it, although it is important to me to some degree or other--mostly for Ray's sake--since I figure it's the only thing keeping him sane--unfortunately for me, while much was accomplished, the Drum Sergeant decided that my son wouldn't be able to perform at the Flint Ceilidh. This has made him most unhappy, as it's been a little over a year since he started, and while he HAS come a long way--the only thing standing in the way of his playing is HER. She is pretty much the source of his stress--he wants badly to impress enough to be able to play and that is hindering his performance in her presence. He's
Performance anxiety.
Not to laugh--as I've had performance anxiety for years and years--especially when I'm in front of my peers, which makes it impossible to perform in competition, and that's why I've pretty much "stayed away" from it. I need SERIOUS drugs for this sort of thing. So I'm thinking...okay, next week, I could slip my kid a mickey...give him a piece---just a piece of one of my anti-anxiety meds to calm his nerves enough so he won't care so much, but not enough to put him into a coma--you MY dosage. LOL! Not! But they do help me sleep REALLY well if I am all wound up and can't sleep due to this and that running rampant through my head to the point where if I try to shut things in my mind down, it's screaming back at me
"BUT I DON'T WANNA! I DON'T WANNA GO TO SLEEP! IT'S NOT TIME! THE SUN JUST WENT DOWN!" And other myriad things that my mind tells me at 2am and I can't get back to sleep.
Unfortunately, I'm feeling like I'm going to need one of those anti-anxiety lovlies if I'm to sleep tonight, because I am feeling a bit angry. I mean, yes, he's been working on it for a year--yes, yes he should be able to do it flawlessly...where were you when HE DID just a couple of minutes ago????
Sigh. I can't win. I simply cannot win.
And so I call the pipe major....ask if he can put her on a task that has to be completed just before practice--so that she's late--and then I can garner the rest of the drum corps to play for the Pipe Major--for HIM to listen, without her intervention or her "comments" which of course, aren't meant to be taken "personally".
How can he not take it personally? He's the only one being left out of the picture!!!!!
And if it's a matter of playing perfectly, why allow ME to play? Since I make mistakes ALL the time! Seriously. I just have 20 some years experience that I "cover" well and that is really the only difference between my kid and me.
So I'm miffed, as you can tell by now. Glad I got the socks done, or there'd be nothing good to tell you!
So how to get around this brick wall? Ask the cards....I draw...the King of Swords. Fire of Fire. Get PO'd? Ah perhaps not--but I suppose sitting down and dealing with the DS on an intellectual level--explaining to her that she's been so hard on my kid that he just can't perform well in front of her? Oh, like that's going to go over well. She just comes off as so PUSHY and DEMANDING. How can she expect perfection? Need I remind her of the Kalamazoo Air Zoo fiasco? LOL! Oh, dear! Do you know that tonight, Ray told me that SHE was the reason that our Bass Drummer left the band? Do you know that Ray told me that our Bass Drummer told him this on two different occassions? Did I tell you that I don't believe that conversation ever occurred--HOWEVER--that I know that our Bass Drummer set up the performance, and was likely horribly embarrassed over our performance as a drum corps when we all totally spazzed out on a piece that we all knew quite well. I know that this performance was something that our Bass Drummer worked hard to schedule--and to have it blow up in our faces--well...
On the other hand, I asked the Pipe Major if this was his reason for quitting, and he said no--but if I must be honest, I do believe it had a great deal to do with it. Back then, I blamed the DS for the screw up--she wasn't listening to the rest of the corps, figuring that she was most important--and I was focussed on the one person who wasn't quite able to play the piece up to the speed that we others were accustomed to--because you are only as good as your slowest player. The tenors didn't listen, got WAY ahead, and in process everything sounded like a mess. If I had to be honest with myself, I would have to admit my own fault in the matter. However, my own fault lay in believing in the good of the band and letting everyone be able to play, which ultimately is what needs to happen--other people need to be able to play....MY GOD WOMAN! I AM 50 YEARS OLD! HOW MUCH LONGER DO YOU EXPECT ME TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS SORT OF THING?
Instead, I grouse to my blog.
I wonder if she reads my blog?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Freaky Friday

I should have gone to work.


I didn't.

I thought I would get my son and my friend and go to the show tonight.


I called them, and they don't want to do it that way. And so...

I'm at home. Bored to the gills with nothing to do, and I can't go outside because it's so cold, and I dare not drive anywhere because the roads are SO bad.

So. I'm home.

Very Interesting...

I've awakened with my hubby to help get him going this morning with some coffee. Once he's out the door, I'm going to prepare for my day. This means oatmeal, coffee, pictures of the knitting I did last night.

What? Pictures? Yes, I got scads of knitting done last night. I am nearly done with the skein of yarn, and not quite done with the cuff. I really like the method I used to increase for the extra size for the back of hubby's calf, but no where near sure it will be enough--and before I can try it on him, I have to undo the afterthought waste yarn. So you know I'm going to knit just as far as I can before I try it on him.

Here's the progress so far.

Front, back and detail of the increases I chose for the back of his legs. I did 7 extra ribs expansion to accommodate a 10.5" ankle to a 14.5" calf. I know that it's not going to be enough. I figure I'll need at least another 7 extra ribs expansion--or 28 stitches to accommodate the change in size. It happens quick, too, so I'm thinking the next row is going to be this massive change to allow for it.

And if it doesn't work, it will be frogging and going back to the drawing board.

I'm glad that I was abl to get the extra skein, too. While it's not an "exact" match to what I have, it will be hidden underneath the pantleg and in the heel--so I'm not concerned. Incredibly, there might actually be enough left for me to make a pair of footies out of the leftovers for me.

Today, I go to work. After work, I pick up my son and we're going to a performance at Wharton Center. Ray was going to go, and in fact, bought the tickets, but with his car trouble it will be impossible for me to get him, get my son, and get back in time for the performance. It was my hope that Ray would have his car business worked out--indeed, he does have a loaner, but can only ride within the city limits without his plate, which unfortunately, sits in my car.

I could take today off if I really wanted to--that would give me the time to run Ray's plate to him--get my son, do some more knitting and maybe make a go of this evening. Seems like too much work to me.

We took the bandage off my incision yesterday, and I had hubby take a pic this morning so that I could see what it looks like. Well--what did I expect? It looks like a muppet grew on my back...take a look (don't worry, it's not gruesome). It's pretty funny--the doctor had to draw a circle around it to make sure he got the right one...wait....there was only one to take...I thought this guy went to school for 7 years!
It looks like it's healing nicely.
I'm okayed for a shower now. Yeah, I think I might just as well stay home so that I can get those "things" accomplished. He bought the tickets, and I would feel horrible if he missed the show. Of course you know, the weather is supposed to be crappy--and he really shouldn't be out driving in it. Decisions. Decisions.
So I pull a tarot card. The 8 of pentacles. Seems to say I should go to work--after all, pentacles, coins, payroll, sort of follows, right?
Instead it speaks to maintaining the dogged determination to get to a goal...showing diligence,
making an effort, working hard, applying yourself totally, being absorbed in a project, dedicating yourself to a task, plugging away, producing steady results. To me, this applies more to finishing up the issues with Ray's car, more than getting to work and finishing up my week there--which I can manage anytime (although 4 days off work means I have a huge backlog that I'm really going to have to apply myself to in order to "git er done!" I do care about my friends, and I would feel really bad if he didn't at least get the chance to go--I mean, the weather might keep him from attending ANYWAY, but that's out of my control. I suppose that he could perhaps spend the night with us--oh, but I haven't talked to Jeff about such matters...I don't seriously think it would be a problem...First, though, daylight needs to happen, and that hasn't yet. A resolution is forming--because I'm not thrilled about Ray driving down here in this weather. I, however, can drive in anything.
So here's my plan:
shh it's a secret right now....
At daylight, I'm going to check out the roads and how traffic is moving--shower, get dressed warmly, start my car to get it heated, and then I'll call Ray. I'll tell him to shower and get ready for the performance, and pack for an overnight.
Run out to the motorhome and pull in the air-bed.
Get into my car and run to Alma to get Ray. Check out the roadways. Give him his plate. If the roads are okay, he can put on his plate and drive himself and leave the "overnight" stuff at home. Otherwise, he'll leave his loaner car in Alma, bring overnight stuff and stay at our house, because I'm not driving two people home on Friday night.
Come back home and knit for a while. Go get my son...he brings overnight gear as well. My son and Ray sleep on the airbed in the living room. Saturday, I take both home HOWEVER...
Sunday is band practice....maybe I'll just keep them here until Sunday???????? Okay, that's going to seem a little weird, but I can't be running hither and thither all weekend!!! Not sure if I can make this work, but I'm going to try. My hubby's best friend used to come over and spend days at a time with us--of course, that was sort of an okay deal with me--and I didn't mind one bit taking care of Bud--but for me to bring two friends into the house? I'm worried about putting my hubby over the edge. LOL!
Okay, I need help.
My Border Collie loves to kiss me. Everywhere. It's fine, when she's kissing, but after the kissing, I get cold. I've taught her "no kiss", but she always catches me unawares, and I get a kiss before I can get "no kiss" out.
Now I understand that this is a form of respect in the "doggie world", and it means she views me as the alpha female in the house, but the constant "kissing" is leaving me with cold feelings--on legs, hands, arms -- anyplace that tongue can reach! I have to shut her out of the bathroom as she would like to get a little too affectionate there--and I've been very firm with a solid "NO"--you BC owners know what I mean. She loves me to death, she respects me. She follows me around like my own personal shadow. She was abused, and has latched on to me as her very bestest friend in the whole wide world--and she loves to play ball--all the time. She's really a good dog!
How do I know she's been abused?
The flyswatter.
She's afraid of the flyswatter. She needs only to hear me pick it up, and she's gone-hiding. I'm not joking or exaggerating. She's entirely fearful of
The flyswatter.
Sometimes, all I have to do is SAY "I'm going to get the FLYSWATTER!", and she runs to her bed behind the facilities in the bathroom, and hides with her paws over her face. It's just the most unusual thing!
My previous BC was afraid of the shepherd's hook. She wouldn't work around a shepherd's hook. Broom handles had the same effect. My cocker spaniel was afraid of the vacuum sweeper. Go figure.
But a flyswatter is Mandy's worst nightmare. She cowers and crouches, goes all submissive on me, and then--more if to say "what did I do wrong, mommy?" So I don't use the flyswatter word much around the house--in fact, I'm not even sure where it is at this time. It was in the bedroom, because we were having trouble with her on the bed--not laying still, staying in one place, kicking us both out, yes, it's been quite a struggle for nighttime property space...but things seem to be working out in that respect.
Last night the neighborhood fox was barking outdoors. Mandy heard it, and started growling and barking a warning. I had to praise her for watching the house, but also had to tell her it was okay, and that it was just the fox, and that she could go back to bed. She barked once more for good measure, then came back to the bedroom to watch over us.
She's a keeper.