Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday blahs...

Remember the old Peanuts cartoons where Charlie Brown is in class and the teacher is talking to him, and its "blah blah blah blah"...?

Well, that's how I feel today. Sick, weak and feverd all weekend. Back to work today, things seem in good order, but I think I'm having post-partum blues...partum from the band.

Although I did get wind of some big dirt...a clump really...of a shakeup that occurred this last week in the bagpipe band, and I'm fairly certain that Flint will have considerable difficulty working it's way out of it.

In this, I feel like things have more or less springboarded off my resignation, which has confunded me a bit, and I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it.

I will say this much. The guy they've got playing bass for them is a power monger, and if he's given free reign with the midsection, he will obliterate it before it stabilizes.

Enough about the band though. I'm starving. Off to lunch!

Finally back in the evening and at home, I galvanized information from my contact who quit the pipe band last week due to the takeover efforts of the bass drummer (who, I believe, does not have Flint's best interests in mind), and further emails between myself and the Ann Arbor Pipe Band and Ray, I'm pretty well seething, but there's not a lot I can do about it, except to give the phone # of my contact in Ann Arbor to the fellow who quit, and hope from there that he takes the bit and runs with it, then taking his daughter also away with him.

So, we'll see how things pan out.

No card drawn today, but drew the World Tree the other day. Also known as the tree of life--you know, how no man is an island, and what affects one affects the whole--this plays into the drama being played out by my quitting the band, I think, and the end result will reach to the root of the problem and either eradicate it or grow a different tree. The universe knows the answer.

And right now it's not telling.

So I'm going to check my email at the office to see if my friend in Flint will contact my friend in Ann Arbor, and at some point, things will work out to the benefit of everyone. I really believe it.

So off I go!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Last Word

Last I heard, the Grade IV band cancelled, but the Grade V band went, and I hear that the weather was horrible and that there are flood warnings, but this has yet to be verified.

I on the other hand have been sick and in bed all day, because yesterday and all night, I have had an attack of diverticulitis due to some medication I was taking. So I stopped taking the medication, loaded myself up with fiber, and hurt all night long. I didn't sleep well, was up and down, and one time, ended up with a charlie horse in my left calf.

I must say, it was a good time to quit the band. If I'd had this attack on the road, I would have been miserable.

Oh, and the tarot card from yesterday? Yes, the lights did go out--long after the rain had passed, and it wasn't even much of a storm--but only some light rain. Now they were only out for a second and it didn't even affect the clocks--but the lights did go out.

So the card was right. I haven't pulled another yet. Off and on, I've been sleeping (catching up on what I lost last night), trying to eat things that won't upset my stomach, and watching television. There have been quite a few good shows on today, which is an oddity. Usually, most of the movies on Saturday are horror style, which I hate.

Hubby is asleep in his chair. I'm feeling like perhaps I need to take another nap. My neck is killing me--I suppose I need to move my chair so that I'm not craning my head to watch it. Might make a difference, don't you think?

So I'm off.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Band Declines Competition

Well now I feel really badly! I got word today that the Grade IV band decided to scratch the Oberlin Games. I'm not sure yet why this happened. I do know that they were really too close to minimum numbers of competitors, and were considering not going to begin with, but then, after I drop, suddenly they aren't going.

I figure that I'm responsible for them not being able to go, and I feel like a big


However, the grade 5 band is still on for the competition, so perhaps it won't be a total loss.

I just want to go home! (yes, I'm at the office, but on my lunch break)

We are supposed to have some rip-snorter thunder-dunders this afternoon.

I'm still waiting.
I have one project to do this afternoon, and then I can feel as if I completed something. Well, two projects if you consider that I haven't sorted my mail in a couple of weeks now.
Today's tarot card is:
The Moon Reversed.
Chaos. Trouble. Dark night.
Certainly doesn't bode well for my weekend, does it? Maybe the storms will knock out the electric? I really fret when the storms knock out the electric, because when I was a child, the storm came, and a tornado went over our house. We had no electric and the television had given us no warning of a storm of any sort. I remember screaming for all I was worth under a pillow, and I could not hear myself screaming over the roar of the tornado. Our big picture window in the living room pushed in and bowed an entire foot, but did not break. My father slept through the entire ordeal. After it passed, my mother calmly walked into the bedroom and woke my father up--when he went outdoors, he found some of our shingles on the ground and some of our eaves turned up onto the roof, otherwise, everything was intact. What chills me to the bone about it, though was that we were so unsafe, and my father (who is supposed to keep us safe) was asleep in the next room and never heard a thing because he'd been drinking.
So there you go. Hopefully, the storms don't get too nasty, but it's so hot and humid that there is a possibility that they might become dangerous. What gets me is that usually our house doesn't lose electric in the big storms, but two or three days after a light rain, suddenly, without warning, the lights flicker enough to make me have to reset all the clocks in the house but one-which is battery operated.
Well, lunch time over.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Change in Life

I resigned from the band today.

Nuf said?

I came home, and my husband didn't even notice I was home early, but complained because my phone was being totally irritating--being a phone and ringing. Someone called and left a message, and the phone jingled every so often due to an event--a voice mail message.

It was Ed.

Nuf said?

So I wrote Ed a long email. I miss the band already. I'm sad that it's probably the end of an era in my life, as I doubt that I'll ever play again. I might teach some, but we'll see.

At this point, I can't knit, I can't drum, and it hurts to type. I'm feeling pretty blue right now.

Maybe I'll just give up for a while and go to bed?

Nuf said.

Back to work!

It seems like I just left, and now I'm here again! I worked late last night to make up some time I missed going to the doctors yesterday, and ended up staying until 7pm, which got me home about it's no wonder that I'm feeling like I just left.

Beyond that, I really don't have any serious, pressing things to do this morning, which is unsettling. I suppose that I will do the job that I've been putting off for months.


Today, I pick up my kilt at the cleaners and take it back to the place from whence it came. I dropped off my car at the oil-change place, and they will handle that--I pick up my vehicle after work, head for the cleaners, then go pick up Ray to go to band practice for the last time for a while. I don't know, I might pick it up again as something to do in the fall--but only if I see a dramatic drop in gas prices.

Okay, I guess I'm never going back, am I?

It's going to be a scorcher today, too, and I'm pretty happy that I don't work outdoors. I'm not sure how some people handle that. There's a new building going up outside my office window, and the men working on the building work more slowly by degrees as the temperature rises. Sort of like how crickets chirp faster the hotter it is outside.

I wonder how many crickets there are living in Arizona about now?

Somehow, I can imagine that crickets in Arizona either do not make any noise at all because it's simply too hot, or there's just no way for them to survive and so there aren't any there, or that they make so much noise that people become sleep deprived from noise pollution.

Since I've never been there, I guess I can't comment on it, but it's something else to think about when my brain is nearly mush--oh, did I tell you that the doctor put me on Lyrica? This stuff makes me seriously loopy! Does it show?

Stop looking at me!

Well, I have some things to finalize here, and then I'm FREE.

Okay, scratch that, I'm not free, nor am I cheap. And since my husband says I'm not easy, I suppose I'm not much good for anything. Guess I'll get started on my day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doctor Doctor

I went to my general practitioner today, to tell him that my wrist is still bothering me, and he referred me to a rheumetologist, which makes me think that he's sending me to someone who specializes in arthritis, which I don't believe I have...but he said that a rheumtologist doesn't just deal in rheumatoid arthritis. He also prescribed another pain killer, which I took right after eating my lunch/dinner, and so far, it's not working. Story of my life there.

I'm still trying to decide what to do about the band. If I end up in surgery with my wrist, I won't be able to play, and if I have to take care of my mother, I won't be able to play. Jeff really doesn't want me in the band, and I think he worries about me when I'm gone.

There's a slight breeze outdoors, but the humidity in the air is like walking through water. I can barely breathe. The skies are heavy and gray, almost oppressive.

I listened to Karen Carpenter on my CD in my car on the way home. I had to work until 7pm today to make up for the two doctor appointments, and I needed something to bring me back into a relaxed state. Top of the World did it for me. The really unfortunate thing about singing songs that I like so much is that my soul just gets swept away, and the joy of the moment carries me a tad too far, and I begin to cry. Some songs just strike a chord with me. Then my throat chokes up and I can't finish the song.

I really hate it when that happens {grin}.

I finished spinning another skein of yarn for my friend in Grand Rapids. It's going to be a while likely before I see him again, especially if I quit the band, but do you know that for whatever reason, I can't seem to get myself in gear to put my band uniform together to turn it in! I know that it would be nice to have my weekends to myself finally--and probably will allow my wrist to relax better, and maybe heal sooner--plus the business with my mother, I can only expect things to get worse with respect to family as she ages.

My son is another issue altogether.

He wanted a bike for his birthday. I don't have that sort of money to spend on such things. Then he wanted a printer for his computer. Then he wanted money to fix his car. Then he wanted me to take him to the eye doctor and get him new glasses. I think he believes I'm made of money. If I quit the band, for certain I will have more money, but once my wrist heals up, I will start buying yarn and patterns again, leaving me with no money again--but then again, I might never knit again.


Sometimes, I say such silly things!

But now, it's time to get to bed and go to sleep. It's been a long day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Off to work I go, and my wrist hurts like
It hurts.

I'm going back to the doctor.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bloggin' on my Break Time!

Today, I opt to blog a little earlier than normal, as I'm going to be quite busy this afternoon, taking my mother to the doctor to investigate the possibility of getting a knee replacement. She's concerned about falling, so this is a big priority for her, and since she isn't getting around as well as she used to (and she's pretty feisty!), she's angry about her "incapacitated" status, and wants to be able to walk herself down to the corner store now and then to get "this 'n that".

Band practice yesterday was a bust. There were only 5 pipers and 2 snares (plus the Drum Major), and I was the only tenor. It would appear that I'm not the only one who is fed up with the way things are running.

Work has been fairly steady, and I don't have a lot of time to do much of it, so I'm going to get what I can done, then leave at 11 to take off for my mother's. Somewhere along the way, I have to buy a printer for my son's computer, or, if I can locate one fairly cheaply, a bike. The problem with getting him a bike is that he then won't take the time or money to get his car fixed, and he won't take care of the bike. I was thinking of getting him a old rusty piece of crap, and a couple of cans of spray paint---have him take the time to take it apart, paint it, put it back together--then maybe he would take better care of it.

I'm still plenty ticked off that he fell asleep on the way home after a party and wrecked my bike in the ditch. I finally gave the poor thing away. It cost me over $200 clams.

So I have the computer at the office, and I have the stuff to plug my puter in the car so that I can access saved files from mapquest that tell me how to get to the doctor's office. This is going to be a revelation for my mother when I pull over at the gas station and look up the information again--I have made my puter mobile, and that will really impress her, I think.

I'm a little worried about my mother getting a knee replacement, because there was a friend of mine had a hip replacement, then she retired, and within a very short time, I heard that she died of a blood clot. She'd only been retired for 6 months! Can you imagine? She was so happy that she got the hip replacement, and she was hopping around the office (well, not hopping, but it was an amazing transformation from how she used to get around the office). I think about her now and then when people tell me their getting this or that replaced.

My husband asked me how she's going to get to the physical therapy. I have no idea, but I'm pretty sure that someone will figure something out.

In the meantime, I have work to do, so I'll sign off for now, and perhaps see you in the car.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More on Band

Well, I'm having a fit today.

I was spot on with my feeling that the Drum Major wants a tenor corps composed of young, pretty girls.

I'm none of those things.

This is disturbing to me and for me.

Not just because the Drum Major turned out to be a chauvinist pig, but because today is supposed to be band practice, and I'm the ONLY tenor going.

As if none of the rest of them think they need to practice OR that they don't want to work with me OR they're angry with me, OR they are angry at the Drum Major for his decision.

But as always, it's not about me right now, really, but the whole lot of them are letting the band down, and that makes me upset. They are also letting ME down--I mean, I come over 40 miles to do this, and to have no one show up is just a horrible way to treat me. I understand needing to have a personal day once in a while, but I care about what happens to the band, and it would appear that very few others care as much as I do.

Well, having said all that, there doesn't seem to be much I can do about it. I contacted my friends, Judy and Sharon, both of them are so furious that they won't even consider coming.

Well, there is something cool on television, so I'm going to watch it...something about Sybil, the oracle from Italy.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Fever

Today has been rather cool and breezy, the mood in the house has been pleasant. I've been doing some reading--a best seller called "Escaped". It's about a young woman who escaped with her 8 children from the Fundamentalist Church of the Latter Day Saints--FLDS, an abusive relationship with a man 30 years her senior and a house full (34...yes, you read right) of children and 4 other wives at last count.

It's an amazing book with a ton of craziness--mayhem and chaos on every page. An enjoyable read that has captivated me, and made me marvel at the pliability of the human spirit to be able to function within a realm that is clearly dis-functional.

It is also about to storm.

It seems like Thursday's drama queen-ie-ness is gone for the moment, and I am able to relax and enjoy some time. I have completed the laundry (except the folding/hanging up/putting away), cleared the dishes, made bread and split pea with ham soup and have generally picked up a few areas in the house. I'm also considering taking a nap. Earlier today, my hubby wanted to do something, but didn't have a clear idea what he wanted to do, so he ended up watching television--a show that held zero interest for me, so I cloistered myself in the bedroom with my book and I've read nearly half.

So it's been a relaxing day.

So why the Saturday Fever? Because tomorrow is band practice, and I haven't checked the email yet to see if I have anything--and I'm almost afraid to look. I'm not even sure if I want to go, even if they do have practice, and I'm near to quitting. Considering how nice it's been today, the prospect sounds almost like some chocolate delicacy--warm, smooth and oh so chocolaty. It's almost decadent, just thinking about it. No more stress. No more taxing my memory. God help me.

But I suppose that I must. Sharon hasn't contacted me. Judy never responded to my email..but there might be something there...and so I will check.

I'll let you know.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Drama Queen, Exit Stage Right

Well, last nights band practice was pretty much a bust. I'm not entirely clear about what all went on--what I do know is that a friend of mine stood up and argued for keeping me in the grade 4 band, and you must know, that sort of behavior goes over big with me.

But as they say, not everyone who poops on you is your enemy, and not everyone who gets you out of poop is your friend.

As the story goes, this little birdie was standing on top of a cow pie, behind the cow, eating the bugs on the dry piece of dung, when suddenly the cow lets go a whopper, and poops all over the little bird. He's struggling for air, near to dying, when a fox hears the commotion under the dung and digs the little bird out and eats him....and so the moral of the story.

Oh wait I was talking about the band, and how it correlates to this Drama Queen over here...

Anyway, apparently there was a big meeting before I got there. I was later than usual because Ray had a doctor appointment, and there was some construction (Michigan's 5th season) which tied up traffic...but I didn't see any pipers when Ray and I arrived, so I called my friend to see if practice was at the church, and he said that everyone was inside, and that the tenors were down the hall in the tenor room talking about me.


Well, I'm not so sure that he was serious on that note, but I was scared to go down to the room, so I hung out with him in the snare room, and basically avoided it all. I figured that some people were getting cut, and I sure didn't want to watch the fireworks, so I took the coward's way out. Drama Queen starring in "Coward of the County".

Shortly, presently, or whatever term you want to use, the Drum Major and all the tenors came into the snare room to work on the schedule. The Drum Major puts his hand on my shoulder and says

"Grade 5 doesn't have any tenors to play in their competitions all year. Will you play with Grade 5?"

I told him that I was going to all the games, and he could put me in whatever band he chose, but inside, my heart sort of fell a little. Still, it wasn't like he'd dropped me completely, and I had heard that the bass drummer had recommended that I be cut completely. All things considered, it was a very gentle "let down", but a "let down" nonetheless.

Well, since I'm the only tenor 3 in grade 4, I'm thinking that I'm stuck--what can I do? I can't very well leave grade 4 unattended, can I? Should I? Inside, I'm pretty freaked out, and I look at Ed and ask "What does he want me to do? It's not that I don't want to play in grade 5, but I want to play in grade 4, and I'm the only tenor 3 in grade 4--what do I do?"

And he told me not to worry about it.

I started to cry.

Sharon told me to stop it. I told her I'd go to the bathroom. She told me I couldn't, so I said "but I gotta go to the bathroom!" and I laughed a little, so she let me go.

So I cried a little alone in the bathroom.

When I came out, they were still haggling over the schedule, and I just sort of sat there looking like a poopy-head--then came time to go outdoors to play.

So I get out my drum and paraphernalia and get ready to play. As the Drum Major passes he says "I want you to practice with the Grade 5 bunch today." and I said "okay", already playing the tenor score to the tune the grade 5 band was working on at the time. Then my friends came out to play.

"It's not fair," said one. The other one agreed, and then they looked at each other and said "we don't have to really practice this for a long time--let's just go home."

And then and there they left me, standing all alone by myself in the parking lot, while the younger women tenor players were suiting up to play in the grade 4 band.

Then the Drum Major came over and asked me where my friends had taken off to, to which I replied "I think they went home."

And he said, well, come on over and play with the grade 4 bunch then.


So I practiced again with the grade 4 bunch, while the grade 5 band played nearby.

And I wondered--what's going to happen to ME? What's going to happen with my friendships? Are they just gone? Like that?

So I wrote to one of them this morning. I got back an email that she was going to a meeting, and would respond later. You know how much I just love to wait, right?

Today, I watched the drumming video of the lot of us--and for the most part, the people who are most together when flourishing are Liberty, Abby (who only sat down with the music for a week and she's got it--I hate her--not really, she's a nice person!) and me...which is very odd, because I would have said that it was Sharon, Judy and I, but it wasn't at all.

So I can be a grade 4 tenor, my friends Sharon and Judy will hate me, and I won't get to play with them all summer, and be able to stretch myself and grow and make a name for myself in the drumming world that will totally annihilate Randy and the best that he could do, taking advantage of my friend's sticking up for me, OR

I can be a grade 5 tenor drummer, play with my friends here and there, make the grade 5 band sound well, while Randy once finding out about it, will crow that "she couldn't cut it in grade 4!!!" with that laughter that reminds me of the Joker in Batman that's more like a slap in the face than anything else.

Why does it matter to me what HE thinks? Probably because he thinks that he's god's gift, the best drummer there is (well, at least he says so, and I believed him), and really, if I had to admit it, his opinion really isn't worth all that much to me--but I just feel this need to know that "I showed him" since he was constantly harping on my drumming (according to Ray) and how Ray would be responsible if *I* made a mistake that caused the band to fall apart.

Oh big blow to my confidence there--it's not enough that I had to endure my OWN doubts about my playing ability, I had to listen to the reports that came from Randy through Ray. His opinion still counts in my head--

BUT WHY? Why should it? He was, is, and always will be a mule (think relative, here). I guess it's because I looked up to him in a way. I thought he was pretty great. I thought he was really talented. No seriously, I did think those things. He had a personality that seemed bigger than life itself, with stories to back it up (never mind that most of them turned out to be lies--at the time, I thought they were true. I had only him to believe in, see?), and I suppose that it's sort of like when your husband dies on you, you can't find somebody to take his place, because he was such a great (insert adjective here).

Unfortunately, he's not dead.

Anyway, Ray told me that some woman called him Monday night at 8:30pm, and said a few words, but he couldn't quite make them out, and then he heard Randy in the background bellowing that "I've told you never to call him, and I mean it!" I wondered if she was looking for some sort of corroboration on something that Randy told her. I understand that the phone was slammed down at that point--nothing else left to say apparently.

You make the call on that one. Frankly, I don't believe anybody anymore--except for myself, and I do try to be true to myself, and honest with myself. I want to play in grade 4. I look like a crone out there playing with all the younger women, and probably look like an idiot besides. Honesty says I look like an idiot and should be playing with my friends in grade 5.

Like I said, drama queen, exit stage right.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Okay, folks, let's mix it up a bit!

There's a reason we took 2nd place in Georgetown--and now, I'm a tad more aware of what it was that happened, and why one of the snare drummers was SO bent out of shape.

The reason is that the mid-section (read that "tenors") sucked.

First off, five minutes before we're to go "on" for the competition, the bass drummer (grade 1 from Toronto Police bass drummer) wants us to do this simple little "bit" when the snares cut out, but he only wants 3 tenors to do it, and *I* was not chosen to be one of them...that was the first and the second mistakes--both made by the bass drummer. Since I wasn't chosen to play that bit, I cut out completely (otherwise, I missed only ONE part which was my mistake), but since everyone else sucked big time, I didn't think my one mistake would be quite so noticable.

So from that standpoint, the snare drummer who stomped about the fairgrounds, completely irate over the scores and our taking second place (and don't you dare think that I didn't know that the tenor section counts more in Canada--because I *DO* know), had EVERY reason to be as completely irrational as he was. Do I sound a tad miffed with that person? I mean, if we're going to point fingers, Mister Snare Drummer, shall we point them in the direction they belong, instead of to the tenor corps (of which I am a part) in general?

Personally, I can point my finger inward with respect to the one mistake I made, but beyond that, I am not responsible. I whined about the change 5 minutes before going into the competition, but my voice apparently counts for nothing. Twenty years experience, and several months working with people who are NOT well prepared--frankly, I should have opened my mouth and said "NO! If you feel the need to change things 5 minutes before going on, then we aren't going on, period!" Unfortunately, doing something like that under an already stressful situation, and you have FIRE!

Having been through this before, indeed it's not my first dog and pony show, and knowing that the people he chose wouldn't have been able to follow through under duress, I feel responsible for not standing up and saying my piece and telling the bass drummer where he could put his beaters.

Ed is right. Someone needs to take the leadership role, and believe me, it's not me! But with serious consideration, there really isn't anybody else to do the leading. Ed says that in most of the medley, I am the one who is hitting my notes when I should. He also said that the flourishing needs a lot of work because we aren't together...So I need to come up with a dance studio nearby the Presbyterian Church so that we can practice in front of a lot of mirrors. The bathroom just doesn't cut it. And until we are doing it right, and without the music, we are not going to compete again.

And that's the bottom line, and I will put that forward to the Drum Major tonight.

I won't take no for an answer. Not even with simplification of the score! That just means that we have to start all over again from scratch, and I'm just not willing to do it. Shoot me if you want to, but I won't look like crap for anyone's sake, not even for a grade 1 bass drummer!

Whine whine whine.

So, Drum Major, I am pulling the tenor corps out of competition until we can all do the EXISTING music without the music sitting in front of us, because we can't fine tune anything if we're looking at music. We can't do our flourishing in concert, if we're concentrating on the music. I said it from the need at least 21 weeks to learn it, and a lot of that is fine tuning. Here it is 16 weeks, and we still suck. Something is wrong. Ted's right. A professional would pull themselves out before going into a competition. Here I go! Tonight's the night. I will make my statement in front of the entire band...and apologize to the snare publicly on behalf of the tenor corps for the loss we all suffered. It wouldn't have happened if I'd pulled out, as I think the rest of the tenors would have followed suit if I had.

Sorry, folks, I just needed to vent. I got a phone call from Ed, and he said some things that have me fuming...and I don't fume fact, I burn, then I spit, then I start screaming inside. Right now, the voices are saying

quit Quit QUIT QUIT

And while I could quit, I wouldn't feel very good about it. The temptation is great to put in a two-week notice...HA! Ed would have a coronary!

All of this? Judgement card reversed. You're considering leaving a situation that really isn't as bad as all that....


So perhaps I won't fall apart, and I'll talk with Ted instead. Maybe I'll take the lead--and pull this together (HOW???????????? whine whine I don't have the energy!), but I'm not going to suffer that snare drummer again. He had his spout off time (never mind that he didn't point fingers at the time, but the statement that the Judge said we had the best drum line out there should have made it clear that he was harping on the tenors). I don't know. I don't know if I am going to do anything. I don't know that I have enough of a following or the respect that I need for others to follow me. Maybe I'll ask for it to be put to a vote??

In the meantime, I have to find a dance studio.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Amber Alert

Dianne Rose has been found and returned safely home! So much for my dreams and intuition! No word yet how or where, but I suppose it's good enough that she's safe. :)

Dianne Rose Windowmaker, age 10--reportedly abducted by a 40-ish black male in the North Central Lansing Area--near 730 Maple Ave.

This is really scary, readers, because the Amber Alert came on the television on Tuesday, and on Monday morning I dreamed about a little black girl with fuzzy hair that stuck out to the sides in a sort of wedge (but very curly), who was drowning in a place where there was water and a dock--and there were two other girls in the water that were already dead. By water, I mean it could have been a lake or pond, or even a river.

I asked the Tarot about it, and pulled the High Priest (Magician), which reversed says I'm not utilizing my intuition enough. All I can see is the lake out back of Oldsmobile, but in the dream, the actual place was not familiar to me.

The FBI is involved, so there's some question whether she's been transported across state lines, and while they never really tell you, I'm sort of assuming that it was a relative abduction. If a relative abduction, I would think the dream to be of no consequence, and would expect the child to be still alive. If not, then the dream could have been a harbinger--and a little girl is dead in a sea of dead girls by a serial killer with a penchant for young girls.

This stuff always gets to me. If you have a tip, please go to America's Most Wanted, and report the siting. This sort of thing bothers me to no end--ever since Ricky Holland was killed. I'll try to get a picture link here....

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Eyes Have It!

Well did we win in Georgetown?


But we took 2nd place, and only 1 Canadian band (of the 13 bands competing there) beat us (but you should know that we beat them in Alma, so it must be we're pretty evenly matched!)

Ray and I got going first thing in the morning, and started out with sunshine and dew! Promised to be a nice, cool, beautiful day.

Then it clouded over, and the weather was even cooler.

We arrived in Georgetown within an hour, and parked and headed out hunting for the rest of the crew, which we knew would already be there. We checked out the vendor booths, and there sure weren't many of those--we didn't see much of anything that caught our eye except for a kilt pin with an enamel drum on it and a drum major's staff--but the piece cost too much, so I couldn't afford it.

Then the sun came out.
And the world became our oven.

Add a few pounds extra of virgin wool, and you've got a suit to bake in.

And the dancers! My goodness, they were all so good! There was one young lady, dressed in 'Trews' and dancing--I thought she was the best--simply because she was wearing the correct uniform for the particular dance she was doing.

But it was 'back and forth' across the fairgrounds to get to where we needed to be, and after while, my feet began to bother me. After competing, I sat down and didn't get up again until it was time to pack for home. I was so exhausted, that I didn't play in the closing ceremonies.

Flint's Grade IV took Second Place. Pentanagore took First away from us after losing to us in Alma, and our Juvenile Band took a second (which was a sort of forgone conclusion, since there were only 2 bands in the competition). I can't wait to get my hands on the score sheets and comments.

One of the drummers was really miffed about the drumming judge, who said that we had the best drum corps out there---so why did we only get 5th place in drumming? My thought? I think it was the tenors.


Because the bass drummer decided to change one part 5 seconds before we went into competition, and since I was asked/told not to play there, I didn't. The end result was total silence when the drums quit playing, and this was not surprising. The bass drummer asked the people who are far too timid about playing something new to play. Had he asked me to do it we might have had a fighting chance...then again, I might have choked, too. No way to know that now, as it's all over but the crying on Thursday night's practice.

And crying there will be.

Well, I'm going to check out some drums. More, perhaps at lunchtime.

Friday, June 13, 2008

We've Arrived--well, partway...

Yes, we got here about 9:45, which was 15 minutes earlier than expected, we are about an hour and a half from the actual fairgrounds. We are staying the night in Cambridge, then up before the birds to head the rest of the way. We'll arrive long ahead of the rest of the Flint bunch, but that's okay, as I have a few purchases to make.

The trip do I say this...


It started to rain just as we were leaving the Lansing area, and never quit. We actually may have run into some serious weather just outside the Canadian border, but sadly there is no way to know--we could not find a radio station that we could pick up that had the weather on. Had I thought of it, I would have checked the dopplar radar for Canadian skies, but we didn't really want to stop. There was some construction, and the rest of the Flint-ites will find their trip added minutes, as traffic slows to a crawl in some places. We were lucky, as traffic was light due to the storms in the area, and all things considered, we made good time!

There was something troubling to me on the Michigan we were just outside Port Huron, partway between the 193 and 194 exits, I saw a little girl's bike...relatively new, with a nice basket on it. It didn't look like it had been dropped, and with the way that the world is these days--well, you can guess, dear reader, what images flew through my mind to trouble me so. Therefore, when I got to the border guard, I turned in the sighting so that they could contact the authorities to check into the matter. Who knows? Maybe it was a bike belonging to a little missing girl from the area, and it's the clue the police need to catch a killer?

Once here, we found out the phone didn't work, so the hotel clerk moved us into a different room, which we accepted gladly, as the first room was pretty smelly--while the second one smells much cleaner and--the phone works. I had decided that I was hoping for pizza on arrival, so I asked the clerk "Best Pizza in Town?" Without missing a beat, he named TOPPER'S. We ordered a large with 2 toppings. It was more expensive than say Dominoes, but the clerk didn't lie--the pizza is exceptional!

We're stuffing our faces, and watching the news--all the flooding in Iowa--a newsman is dead from cardiac arrest, and just general mayhem in the rest of the world, but in this hotel room, things are quieting down, and Ray already has his jammies on--which reminds me...I have to wake up at 5:30am tomorrow to get ready, pack the car again, and drive the last leg of our journey.

Yummy pizza, though!

More tomorrow after the games, and before I leave the festival grounds if I am able!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Six of Swords-Reversed

This is my daily card! ACK!
I shake in my boots.
Swords--on a day like today.

Band practice tonight--sure to be someone feeling very neglected and upset, and probably ME! Troubled water ahead, difficulties with people. Hardships. Perhaps a change in travel plans.

Yee Godzooks! And here I am planning a trip to Canada this weekend (Georgetown).

Well, all I can do is climb in the car and go--I mean, what ELSE *CAN* I do?

So I ask how the band will do at Georgetown and drew the Hermit Reversed. Now that bodes ill, because if it had been the Hermit upright, I would have seen One Head Alone in the Universe, A first place. Instead, the hermit, head down. Don't know why, and I don't mean to jinx anything, but it tells me that we're going to lose.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Washed Out and Washed Away Wednesday

I am finally starting to feel some relief with my tendinitis. Of course, tomorrow is band practice, which will be the telling tale. If my wrist starts acting up again after practice, I'll know that tenor isn't something I'm going to be able to continue for much longer. I've been a week off drumming, and while there's still a little twinge, I'm feeling better. I didn't wear my brace to work today either, so I'm kicking myself, but I might not need it.

Today, I see my doctor to discuss my ex again. He's been on my mind lately, and in my dreams again, so I've been irritable and moody for a few days now.

So last night, after hubby went to sleep, I slipped out to McDonald's and had dinner, then I drove past my girlfriend's house to see how she fared with the tornado weekend we had, and then back home and worked on refurbishing my spinning wheel by giving it a good cleaning and re-oiling. I really don't do that often enough, but I took apart the Woolly Winder and the wheel itself and cleaned it up and gave it a nice oily shine on it's moving parts. Then I sat there and treadled it for about 10 minutes, working out the old used oil and working in the new oil. I figure it's been a year or so since I last did this. The project was simple and took some time to do properly, but I did it, and now I feel better.

The laundry is washed and dried, though it's not put away. I have a short day today, meaning that I get out at 2pm, and then home to prepare my packing for the trip to Georgetown.

Now that trip will be a nice time, as we are going to stay in a hotel room this time (note: the camping was nice, but the rain was intensely un-pleasurable), so it should be a nice time. I'm looking forward to it. I just have a lot to pack, and while I do pack well, I need extra time to make sure I have everything for the trip. You know how it think you have everything, and then as you're driving down the road, you realize that you forgot to pack "N". I do that all the I've gotten to preparing a list before I pack, so that I know what needs to go into the suitcase, and what needs to go into the trunk. Camping is difficult, because there is more "stuff" that needs to go--air bed, pump, tent, campstove, sterno, food and drink--you know, all the stuff that goes with you.

Staying at a hotel room, also has challenges...I need my uniform for the band, 2 changes of clothing both warm and cold, extra lingerie, glasses--oh there are myriad things. This time, I'm taking my computer, too so that I can use the gps--there's some question about how to get to the Georgetown games...reminder--must check email--no sadly, Georgetown hasn't written me directions to the games yet. It may happen tomorrow or even later today. I will stay on top of that.

But otherwise, I'm fairly wiped out. Hubby got a call at 11:30pm last night from his boss who wanted him to come in early and work a 12-hour shift. This is the first time that's ever happened! So hubby got out of bed at 1:30am and drove in to work. He'll be tired when he gets home.

I asked a specific question: "Why am I dreaming about my ex?"

I got the 3 of cups. Means that I'm being overindulgent....paying too much heed to my emotions and not enough to what's going on around me. I need to live my life better, but I might be prevented from doing that because something might fall through and make it difficult for me to attend.

So there you have it. But if I could stop paying attention to my feelings (well disguised hatred so strong that you can't cut it with a knife), I would. Reality dictates that I must pay attention to these "feelings" or I will relax and open up avenues for that man to hurt me again.

Just between you and me and the fencepost...

It ain't gonna happen!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bad Weather everywhere!

My neighbor/friend that I spin with called me up last night to inform me that spin group wasn't meeting because, and I quote--

"I've got no freaking electricity!"

Oh, my.

Well, word has it that she lost 2 trees in the yard, has 3 holes in the roof, the garage ceiling is so wet they expect it to come down any second, and the neighbors lost 12 trees in their yard, another tree landed on top of their sunroom roof, and the woods next door lost 22 trees.

Grand Ledge looks like a war zone. I traveled there last night to get pizza (my husband's choice for dinner), and Jenne Street was blocked completely down by the High School, so I had to take an alternate route--every yard had tree debris and one house had an entire tree crashed through the roof--absolutely general mayhem and confusion and disarray.

I looked about and job here is done. Not so, saith the Goliath living in the heavens....on my way home (on another alternate route) an accident, and the road was blocked AGAIN--this time I see that there are several telephone poles down, and one bears a strong resemblance to this old tower in Italy--Pisa, I think. Wires down everywhere.

My girlfriend says the neighbor just came over to tell her that she thought the electric would be out until Saturday, as in the end of THIS week. She's grilling eggs and bacon in her nightgown on the carport, because they can't trust the ceiling in the garage.

Life goes on.

Our house got a lot of wind, and during the first and second storms, I prayed pretty hard for protection--seems that it worked. Trees across the road are down, but all of our big, old mature trees (including a 60-70 foot high pine tree) are still standing, albeit, they seem to have a slight "lean" to them now, as if they are just simply bone-weary of all the hullaballoo!

Friday night's storms brought me right out of bed and sound sleep, screaming, scared from the loud thunder, which woke my husband and scared him witless (short trip)--it's not like I could have helped it--you just don't expect thunder like that in the middle of the night like that, and I usually sleep like the dead. I guess that I can't say bombs could go off in the next county, and I wouldn't hear it anymore. I suppose that I would now, but I don't think I would care for more than a split second.

Seriously though, the storms were pretty violent. On Sunday, hubby and I went to his parents to play cards, and after his mother went to the store to get groceries, ANOTHER storm hit, and this one hit hard--74mph straight line winds that formed rotation all the way from Kalamazoo to Flint, and then we didn't hear about it anymore, but I'm sure it wreaked havoc all the way to the thumb of Michigan. It came up so fast, that mother went into the store with blue skies and light oceanic like breezes. When she came out it was nearly hurricane force winds and horizontal rain.

Really something. She was afraid that she wouldn't get into the garage, worried that the lights had gone out.

We ate dinner, played another game of canasta, and went home to take a look at the devastation--and of course, I worried a little about our house, as I'd left the window open on the south side--sure enough, the carpet in the bedroom was soaked, and the dog acted like she'd never seen people before, she was so happy to see us home and safe, but otherwise, everything was fine as could be.

And the old old pine tree was still standing sentry as if no harm could come to our home, just as long as she remains steadfast in her place.

I wax poetic.

I decided to bring my computer to work today to work on this blog. I'm enjoying this tactic. I can blog my entire lunch hour on my little puter laptop I named "The Cool Machine". It's an HP, which in some circles means "Harry Potter" and in others "Hewlett Packard". Speaking of Harry Potter, I could not be more disappointed in the last book that the author put out. I was certain that more would take place, and I am quite certain that she left a lot out in order for the movie to contain more information. The book basically sold on it's counterpart's ability--for the last book was not nearly as well written. I hope that the movie is better.

Well, I have to find a motel for this weekend's festivities, and I have to get directions to the Georgetown games, and various other things...therefore, dear reader, I will allow you to leave for the moment while I take care of business elsewhere. I hope you all have a fine day!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

TStorms and Tnados!

Oh yeah, weather out this way was bad--a tornado jumped over our house and then landed again just south of St. Johns. We've got limbs down on the power lines and one barn was destroyed.

Otherwise, we are healthy and safe today. We are hot and humid, so I have windows open so the breeze can pass through for some relief. I drove to McDonald's for breakfast and found out that the lights were out at the four corners--thank goodness we still have our lights, or I wouldn't be blogging!

Next weekend, I will be in Canada/Georgetown--for those who would like to know. I have no idea where the festival will be held or how to get there, and I have to stay a few miles from the town, so I am unsure where I'm supposed to be and when yet. So I'm checking my work email to see if there is anything related to it. Nope, nothing yet.

I've got all my passport information ready again--it's now in a black binder and ready to go. I have to reserve a room at the motel 6 and I'll be ready to go. I'll have my car packed and ready to go by Thursday evening, and will head out directly after work...fill up my tank in Port Huron and then head over the bridge.

In the meanwhile, I'm trying to clean up a few things in the house. It's hot, so I really feel more like sleeping, but I need to get some things in order. For instance, since I can't knit right now, most of the yarn I've collected could go in bins and be taken downstairs for the time being. The same goes for all my knitting books and patterns. Hubby has been squawking about them for weeks now, and I must admit, I am taking up a lot of space doing nothing.


I'm supposed to play in the Grade III competition in 3 weeks. This wouldn't be a problem, except that I don't have any music for the set--either piping or drumming--so I may opt out unless someone gets me the music.

Other than that, not much is happening--except the usual--the dog is chasing the cats around the house and going crazy when the neighbor dog comes into the yard.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Redwings Take the Stanley!

Not normally being a sports nut (and neither is my husband), and usually the person who changes the channel when any sort of sport comes on the set, at Alma, my friend Sharon, turned me on to the hockey playoffs. I've been watching the groove tube specifically for hockey since...

Enough, at least to watch the last game of the series between the Detroit Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins...anyway.

Last night's game was a hoot. I had to call my girlfriend to discuss the last Redwing goal with her. I called my brother and he'd been out of the house, so he didn't know about it.

I still think that the MVP award should have gone to the Penguin's goalie--Fleury--since he put in their winning goal to win the game AND the series.

Sit on the puck. Sit right on the puck. Just let it squeeze between the ice and a cold buttcheek, and make the goal for the Redwings.

Fleury will never live that down.


In parent news, mom is doing well, but she is black and blue and sore. My brother tells me that he called our father last night to find out if he maintained any life insurance on our mom, and of course, the answer was "no". Apparently, he has had a stroke. My brother said that paybacks are hell, and you reap what you sew. Um, I would say that's probably true. Someday, will have to remind myself to write about my father, but things are pretty happy right now, so I don't feel like it.


Someone asked on my comments why I'm coming to Canada--why, to compete! Flint Scottish Pipe Band is coming to Georgetown, Cambridge, Chatham and Fergus (and a few others if I'm not mistaken) to compete in the highland games there for Champion Supreme. If one of those is near you, please come!


I dreamed about my husband having an affair with another man. Somehow, I think it would have been easier to take if it had been an affair with a woman--this dream just made me sick!

Tarot card for the day:

Once again, the Ace of Cups Reversed! Last time, it had to do with my friend Ray Croisant, I think. I believe he thinks that I'm breaking his heart. I'm not. I am trying to encourage him to do what he needs to do to make himself happy, while I pursue the things that make me happy. Right now, that pursuit is with the Flint Scottish Pipe Band, so that's where I'm staying.

Take care everyone, and enjoy the weather, as it's going to be a no sweater Thursday!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Once Scared, Twice Shy

Or perhaps that should be once terrified, because yesterday was one of those days.

My son called about 1pm in the afternoon to tell me that my mother had fallen and hurt herself.


He wasn't really able to talk to me, because I dropped directly into frantic mode 1st gear, and wanted to know details etc...which he couldn't give me because he was quite frantic, too. In fact, just a few days ago, my mother is telling me that she's afraid she's going to fall and break a hip, and here, two days later, self fulfilling prophecy!

So my son hands the phone to the "pre-paramedic" who says "she's fine, the ambulance is on the way...." Well, she didn't get past ambulance and I dropped into frantic mode 2nd gear, and wanted to know ALL the particulars--was her hip broken, why do you have her on a board, I'm on my way, I'll meet you at the hospital...

Okay, which hospital are you going to? I finally managed to spit out before hanging up.

And so, another half day off for the already well past overloaded at the office, and walk to the car, calling my brother in Kentucky at the same time, breathing hard, almost at a run, breath coming in short, painful gasps...


Whut? (that's my brother, the darned Yankee)


Why're you so outta breath!?

(huff puff)
to my car...
Parked 3 blocks away...
(huff puff)

(so freaking out of shape!)

Call when
I get to the hos-

Will be about

Okay, I'll sit by the phone. Don't you forgit to call me back and let me know whut's goin on!


So I arrive at my car, climb in, start the engine, and head out...too much traffic to turn left, so I turn right and take the route around my thumb to get to my elbow, and gunned it down the freeway.

Nearly had an accident in Grand Ledge, when a woman pulls right out in front of me, turning left as I was coming up to the light. Expletives came out nearly as fast as my foot went to the brake!Thank heavens that Jesus didn't come right then, or I'd been a goner for sure!

I even flipped her the bird as I passed by, which made my wrist hurt. Guess I shouldn't have done that, but by this time, a half hour has passed since I called my brother, and I'm no where near the hospital!

I kept driving, and finally got to the medical center (not the hospital), which was marked with a big sign out front. I thought it was a little small for a hospital, but I'd been assured that there were hospital signs (there were none), and when I asked for directions, they told me how to get there while I silently repeated a few expletives toward the pre-paramedics for telling me a lie.

I arrived at emergency, and waited at the desk while one person waited on the person in front of me. It seemed to take forever, but what really made me mad was when 3 other nurses came into the station, picked up papers and walked right back out as a line formed behind me!

Finally, I get to the front of the line, and ask about my mother who came into emergency. Yes, she's here...through the door and to the left, ask the nurses station. I remember thinking "well, if they are half as efficient as your desk is, I bet I have to go in on a gurney before I get any help."

Finally I find my mother.


Well, okay, maybe a little too much drama?

She looks upset and wiped out, and there's this knot on her temple the size of my fist, and HOY is it purple. There's a gash on her cheekbone about 2" long, and it's been neatly sewn with about 5 stitches. There's blood in her hair and a spot of fluid (in my frantic state, I nearly flipped out thinking that she was bleeding out brain material!) that leaked from the wound--which apparently was from the breaking of her glasses when she fell. OH! The glasses broke her fall? How could I have known?

But I no sooner got there, than she was whisked off to x-ray as a precautionary measure to make sure that my son hadn't beat her up I where's my son through all this...????????

Well, I spent the next several minutes concerned about that, imagining the worst of course, and went back out to the car to call my brother.

I'm here.

How's she doin?

She's okay, I guess, they just took her to x-ray to make sure she's not got any broken bones or anything. But she's got this huge gash on her cheek and at least 6 stitches that I could see (okay I embellished--later found out only 5), and a goose egg on her temple.

How'd all that happen?

Dunno--they whisked her off before I had the chance...but what's really got me curious is that she didn't want to talk to me or to tell me about it with somebody there--but I'll ask her when she gets back to the room.

Keep me posted.

Oh for sure, like I could do anything else!

She was in x-ray for quite a while. I paced the floors. I asked the nurse how many stitches, and she told me 5. Good guess for being in frantic mode 3rd gear, eh?

When mom came out of x-ray, they told her that everything looked good and left to get a brace for her's the final analysis:

I got ready for some grocery shopping. Janet was going to drive me. I stepped out of the sliding glass door to go to Janet's car, and my knee gave out, and down I went. I must have hit the ground, because my glasses are all broken and bent out of shape, and I just BOUGHT those glasses...and now they're ruined! Anyway, the glasses cut my face up when they broke. I should have had my cane. I could kick myself for not having my cane.

I thought "don't use your GOOD leg".

She went on, as the nurse came in...but by now I'm calming hysterical.

They put a brace on her leg, and she gimped to the potty, then back to the room for a wheelchair, and I went to get the car.

On the way, she decided she wanted to continue with her day as if nothing happened.

"I want you to take me to the credit union, the dollar store and the grocery store for a few things." She says.

So I followed her around and opened doors and closed doors and unlocked her apartment so she could get in. All the time, she's gimping about with this odd pirate-stiff gaited walk which gets me to giggling. But she got her cane out when she got back to her apartment, and I'm thinking "that's your cane? That's never going to help you if you fall!"

So she gimped to the bedroom and found her aluminum one, and I took her to the above mentioned places, and we sat at the bank while they did her monetary business...and she finally combed the bloody clots out of her hair. Hew...that looks better. Then to the dollar store and the grocery store, where I lost her for a while, but figured she would be fine with a cart to hold onto.

We dropped by the gas station where my son works, but he wasn't there. She had told me that he had to go in early today, and that's why he didn't go with her to the hospital. Not that he could have driven her back...but in any case...why couldn't Janet have gone down? "Oh, she had to work," which didn't jive whatsoever, since she was going to take my mother to all these places, and go to work at the same time????????

I got her home, and one of the neighbors came and helped take in the groceries, which was a good thing since I couldn't help much with my gimpy hand--which is getting better by the way...but I was glad for the help. My son hadn't come home, so I was curious why he wasn't there, waiting for his grandmother to come home to see if she was okay...what had happened, etc....but nobody there.

There were two calls on my cellie--both from my aunt's house, and one message from my son, telling me that he was there waiting for me to call--yet, WHEN I did call, the first time, I got ring, ring, ring. The Second time a busy signal. So I called my mother back to tell her that her grandson's trying to get hold of me--but I can't seem to get hold of him...what a mess. My mother says that he's probably working now, and if he wants to talk to her, he can call her. (She was angry that he didn't stay home/come home to be there--I mean what if something had happened?)

Well I'm wondering if something DID happen, and she's just not telling me, because she seemed really angry. Of course, both my brother and my husband agree, there was no need for him to work when his granny's in the hospital and that he should have stayed home for the phone calls, especially since he apparently WASN'T working when we stopped in to his job. So where WAS he?

the saga is continued...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Long time, no see...

I've been doing lots of posting without pictures of late, because I find blogger's image uploader completely idiotic.

I don't want the picture here of there, I want it where I want it, and I want to "drag" it where I want it, not to have to type in the html code to put it there. Since I haven't figured out how to do that...well, it's not done.

But today I went on a picture taking frenzy. I got pics of my latest knitting project--which I can't knit much on, because it hurts my wrist--so 10 minutes at a time is all I can do..just here or there...and here's what I've got.

Pretty good if I do say so myself, and I do.

My hubbies green thumb is showing this spring, with a huge saucer plate amarylis that is supposed to flower at Christmas. This bulb is so big, it flowers at Christmas AND spring. Here's the proof!

This bulb puts out two clusters--each cluster has 4 flowers, and these are the first two that have arrived.

Then I decided to do snakes...don't worry, I only took pictures of two--and they are my smaller snakes--the bigger one was hiding under the box and the litter, so I couldn't really get to her--she's gotten quite a bit bigger, and she's a bit I left her alone.

Here's my female Honduran Milk Snake (the larger of the two).

Here's my male Honduran Hypo for Halloween Milk Snake--he's the handsome one. I got him when he was only 8" long. He's grown a little since then, and been a very good eater. I've been pleased with his growth, but I would have liked him to be bigger. He's very aggressive, but if you put him in the sunshine, he gets all passive on me.

What? You weren't expecting me to be a snake handler? I'm not. All my snakes are non-poisonous and very docile when they are treated properly and fed well. These two ate yesterday, so they are quite happy indeed.

And lastly, I am trying to get my passport, so I asked my hubby if he would take my picture, and I would put it into photoshop to get it smaller to use as my passport picture--I hate my driver's license picture, and this was one way that I could at least make myself look reasonably "good"...allbeit FAT. Hubby didn't want to do it, because he doesn't know how to use my camera--which is basically "point and shoot", but to make a long story short, I had to take his picture, and this was his pose.

Be afraid....

Be Very Afraid!