Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What's up with my Ex these days?

I asked the Tarot--they're right most of the time...they predicted that my husband would soon be losing his job. He fell on some ice, compressed 3 vertebrae in his spine, and can't sit or stand for any length of time, and has basically retired on a medical leave--I have no idea if the situation is permanent or not.

Occasionally, I will ask Tarot what's up with him. The last time I did this, it said he was contemplating divorce--which was not surprising. It's been about 6 years, and that's his cycle.

Now, I pull these cards...

Knight of Swords-change; the Lovers reversed and the Knight of Cups reversed-movement.

What it means should be quite evident. In seeking change, a bad decision results in a lack of movement in forward direction. This means he made a bad move and isn't able to put his plan into action might be that he got his wife pregnant--but the cards don't say. Something has happened, though, that is preventing him from divorce at this time. It doesn't mean that he won't follow through with the plan in the future--it doesn't mean a permanent situation.

It would be interesting to find out more, but if I press the cards too much, they get upset.

I can hear you say: "How do you know when they're upset about your continuing inquisition?" Simply because after a while they start to make no sense whatsoever, seemingly on purpose. The next couple of cards become contradictory to the original premise.

In fact, I was SO CERTAIN that my ex was losing his job, that I called his sister in law and asked her about it. I told her the cards said that he was going to get laid off--which seemed the only way that he would lose his job at that time. I'll lay odds that she didn't remember that I had called her that day to let her know that my ex would soon be out of a job. I just had the method of job-loss wrong.

I also had a dream, some years ago, that he was laying on a davenport, and could not rise from it without help. I figured that he was just being lazy, but it was the precursor and notification first that he would someday be disabled.

I'm not sure why this happened to him--I don't believe in Karma. I'm not tickled that all this stuff has happened to him, either. Quite frankly, I still care about the guy, but I would never be stupid enough to allow him back into my life. It's just that simple.

So I occasionally ask how he's doing, because no one else will tell me.

Doing the Snow Thing again today...

I was going to let my dog out last night while I returned the movies we rented--and when I stuck my nose out the door, I found out that it was snowing snowballs.


Well, perhaps not really big snowballs, but the little hard iceballs (sort of like hail, but smaller), and they were ping ponging a sing song off the top of my car.

I was going no where, but the dog went potty.

Today, on rising, I was greated with blue skies and snow about 4" deep. Yes, Virginia--it snowed last night, and quite a little bit. It won't prevent me from driving out today, but it will slick things up again considerably. So much for the January thaw--even though January isn't quite here yet.

God's way of saying "Happy New Year", I suspect. Frankly, I think he could have slept through it.

The birds, however, are back to the feeder, and I finally got a shot of a big, red Cardinal, although the picture isn't all that great because there is pup-kus all over the window. What's pup-kus? Oh, that's where the dog sticks her nose to kiss the window...pup-kus.

So I have to see if I can isolate the cardinal from the picture--he wasn't far away, but apparently, I couldn't get him in close. Not even with the zoom! So I'm not sure if the picture will come out. Now, having looked at the picture, I find that I didn't catch a cardinal, but a tufted titmouse. My cardinal flew away apparently. Proof of the pudding. I suppose I can see a little red on the crest and breast--the pup-kus may have obliterated the window too much. I guess it's time to clean the window, eh? No, it's a titmouse--they have that rusty color under their wings.

I've lost another 2 pounds somewhere! This is so exciting. I was at 230, and now, I'm at 210.5, and that is so slick--to be able to lose weight, even over the holidays--and to keep my sugar levels somewhat in check--of course, this is still a "new thing" for me, and my fingertips haven't calloussed-up much--and as I age, that will happen, and I won't check it as often.

I inquired of the tarot today "What do I need to know for today?" and I drew these cards...

Seven of Swords reversed (Diplomacy), The World Tree reversed, and the Moon

The news lately is the fighting in Gaza/Isreal--which is frightening--especially since the Mayans and Nostradamus have predicted the end of the world as happening in 2012! Which is only 3 years hence, right? So Here We go on a roller coaster ride--essentially. The cards say that due to a lack of diplomacy, the world will be set on it's end, and the final outcome is not clear. The fighing has to be stopped. The world leaders have to pow-wow and make things happen. Iran has to quit sticking it's nose in where it doesn't belong, and Hamas needs to be obliterated. At least that's what the news (if you believe all the propaganda) tells us. Of course, I'm pretty sure that Isreal doesn't believe in what the Mayans had to tell us--and especially not Nostradamus who was a serious drug addict. (Nevermind the ergot in the bread that was rife during his lifetime.)

But the warning is clear...GET IT TOGETHER.

So my thought is that something is going to happen, but even the cards can't foresee the outcome. That's a bad thing--it depends on both sides cooperation, and I don't think that the climate is conducive to proper attitude. I will need to watch the news today to see what's going on. Where's the remote?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Update on My Friend....

Things are smoothing out, but she's still having difficulties, of course. She indicated to me that she won't be coming to spin night much anymore because she doesn't have a sitter. She tells me...

"I have a 14 year old daughter, who is perfectly capable of watching the two smaller ones, but they end up fighting, and the 14 year old can't seem to deal with it."

I drew cards to find out why the 14 year old is having such issues with the two younger ones.

I drew:

Knight of Cups Reversed (Movement)
4 of Swords Reversed (Rest)
Major Arcana-Initiation card 16

in the Sacred Circle Tarot. When I asked How to Proceed--I drew the Queen of Cups Reversed (Intuition) and the Lovers.

Basically the fights are happening because there's no adult male figure to step in, and they know it. The fights are passive-aggressive results of the situation that my friend finds herself in. The 4 of swords indicates much needed rest from the issues that isn't forthcoming because the children are "acting up". And card 16, Initiation, says that these are the "growing pains", yes, indeedy dee..the result of the actions taken and natural flow of things...but also there is learning and growing along the way. In other words, the children are being initiated into the walk that my friend has decided on.

What the Queen of Cups Reversed says, is that the older daughter is trying to "lord her position over the younger sibs" over them, and they aren't buying it. Counter that with she must learn not to try to deal with the younger sibs as if she were mother, because she's not. The younger sibs will only resent it. What needs to happen is the younger sibs need to be presented with choices--in other words, reward for "good" behavior--a favorite movie, or getting to choose the movie watched--and the older girl needs to learn how to present those choices--things to do when the arguments start. Perhaps a special treat the following day--brownies are a wonderful motivator. Since the evening is only a few hours, it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out what to do to make things work.

Long ago, I remember being left with my boyfriend (I was 16 at the time.) to watch his younger neices while his sister and brother in law went out for an anniversary date. This was a real eye opener for me. As long as I was involved with the children and what they were doing, things went great. If I stopped and began to do things with my boyfriend, they vied for my attention, and we all began to fight. Things worked out eventually, and they apologized for making the evening such a disaster, but I wouldn't babysit after that. Looking back, I probably should have seen that as an omen--that I wasn't meant to have children! Seriously, I am too much of a kid myself (even still at 51!!).

For sure, I'm not having any children now, even though I have considered adopting--for fleet moments when my husband acts up and I'm trying to figure out how to make a bit more money so that I can leave him...these are fleeting moments of fantasy, that's for sure. I'm glad that those moments don't last long--I might actually act on them! GOD FORBID!


Well, we got the fireplace flue cleaned out. What a mess. The trash bag on the end was a really good idea. Afterward, we decided to install Jeff's WiFi controller and driver, which worked, but now we need to figure out the router part, and there's where things get fuzzy for me--as my guru set mine up, and it was a difficult procedure--and it hurt me a lot--sweat and swear words, if you get my meaning.

So tomorrow, Jeff's guru is coming over, but I'm pretty sure things will be worked out before then should my guru get hold of me.

And my husband smells like the fireplace.


Good grief! The year is nearly over with! And, with the end of the year, looms the return to the office--on January 5, which admittedly is 7 days away, but it seems so close for a two week vacation!

We're cleaning the chimney flue today. Why we didn't do it in the fall while the weather was still reasonably warm is beyond me, but there you go. It means we have to turn off the heat, pull out the fireplace, pull the flue apart, go up on the rooftop with the cleaning brush, and run it up and down the flue. Of course, I'm going to put a pillowcase on the flue with a rubber band to make sure the soot doesn't fly everywhere. That was my idea--or maybe a trash bag would work better--and a rubberband to hold it on, yes, that's the ticket...

Anyway, I've moved everything away from the fireplace so that we can pull it out. The entire process is a messy one, and you get covered in soot--even if you don't touch it does that happen, anyway?

But it has to be done because the fire isn't drafting properly, and the heat output is reduced because the stove can't get as hot as it should. Thus, the reason for cleaning out the flue.

Last night, reflecting back, we drove all over hell's half acre--almost as if it was Christmas again. First, we took Jeff's car to get it detailed (he's very happy with it, by the way), then over to Walmart/Menards/TSC/Meijer's looking for the chimney sweep and the ink for my printer. Then to my mother's to sit and chat for a while as we waited for the car to get finished.

When we arrived home, Jeff made a few phone calls, and then decided to go to his mother's to fix the tire on her car, and I asked if we could go to his daughter's house to have Christmas with the grandkids--and well, guess what?

I completely forgot that last night was spin night until we got there.

Well, we didn't get back home until after 8, and I was tired from all the driving and carrying on--so since spin night ends at 9, I figured "what's the point now?" So I stayed home and watched television.

Now, I have to wait for 2 weeks before I see my friends again, and well, one of those weeks will be spent working. By the time I see them again, I will have forgotten their names.


In the meantime, I am re-working the socks I made for Jeff last year. He decided he didn't like the heel, so I made a short row heel instead of a reinforced peasant/afterthought heel, and I decided I like the look of the short row heel better. I will however, run out of yarn, I think, and have to work some of the cuff in a different colorway--or I can work increases all the way around and then cast off normally--I'm not sure what I'll do--I think I did a stretchy sewn cast off last time. It might pay to work it again...but I am working a basketweave stitch on the leg, and it's


I would much rather start my white lace socks, but, there you go!

Well, the fire's gone out--we're just waiting for the stove to cool down and then we'll turn it off and pull it out. I just hope that everything goes well.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Making Mandy Bark

There are many ways to make my dog bark--first, tell her to find her ball.

"Where's your ball?"

And she'll run hither and thither searching, seeking, not finding, usually, or barking at the place where she can't get at it. If she comes back empty...

"Well? Where is it?" And that makes her bark a little more.

Then singing. I like to do this in the bathroom, where the acoustics are best...

And I start to a coyote...

She'll begin to howl with me, but if I stop, it turns into a sharp, high pitched yip, which is really seriously hard on the ears.

Next, is "Get the Kitty!" Which makes her take off after the cats. Of course, being a herding dog, she wants them to run to mommy (that would be me), but cats, being the superior life form in the household, simply hiss and stand their ground. Unmovable...makes for great fun for my husband and me, as she desperately tries to get them to move...and bark, bark, bark.

Then there's the next door neighbor dog. Mandy doesn't want another dog in her yard, and she guards her territory fiercely barking at, well, not just the dog next door, but any animal that ventures in...including birds and skunks...the former is harmless, the latter--not so fun what with the baking soda bath and all that...

But I digress....

Then, when she plays by herself--even in the dark of night...there is joyous barking because she either catches the ball/sock/toy in the air, or chases around her tail looking for the landing spot--not the sharpest tool in the box---

Of course, playing alone is fine until it wakes up one of the human occupants in the household.

But I'm trying to teach her to speak on command. I have been trying to teach her to bark when I WANT her to bark...for instance, when she wants outdoors, instead of licking my hand--to go to the door and bark. That way, there's no question about what she wants...right now, it could be "out, play, throw, run" or whatever sort of attention...

But tell her "speak" and she's completely silent on the matter.

I suppose silence is golden. Here's a treat!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Somebody Pinch Me

Yesterday was my birthday. Once again, it came and went without a whimper. No cake. No pie. I simply feel like my life is over.

To top it all off, my loving husband (and I write that with all the sarcasm I can muster) tells me that the Tretta Hat that I made for myself last night looks like Braytack's helmet in Stargate SG-1 on me.

The hat is lovely, by the way, and I look horrible in hats in general, and tend to stay away from them for myself, but this comment just took my breath away. Earlier, he said that I could have bought the hat and gloves from Walmart for $5. All the time and effort I put into the items seemed to have meant nothing. And it was my first pair of gloves I'd ever made--EVER. And I made them for him.

Add to that, the socks that I fretted for hours over making increases for his bunions so that the socks wouldn't "wear" there--and guess what? He doesn't like them. I'm going to unravel them and make socks for myself--the yarn is WONDERFUL. He didn't like the reinforced heel--he said it felt "too stiff". He doesn't wear them. I should make something nice for me out of the yarn. How very disappointing!

I suppose you know that next year, he's getting a rock.

Plus all this, he had said that he had "planned" to take me to the restaurant for dinner on my birthday, but that I had screwed it all up by needing to eat lunch when we were out driving around over to my mother's house to give my gifts to them (the piggie socks and the printer for my son, plus a dishcloth that I whipped up in a couple of hours)--and I HAD to eat--it's not like I can go without food anymore now that I have diabetes, right? Not only that, but he made such a big deal about buying me a lunch, embarassed me in front of the clerk at the restaurant, and just generally made himself into the worst man I've ever known.

And it was my BIRTHDAY.

So today, I feel totally sucky. Like nobody loves me again this year. Next year, I'm working through the holidays. At least people treat me nice there. Perhaps if my husband spends some time home alone, he'll remember how lonely it is. Grr.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I am SO Excited!

I finished my Grandson's hat!!!!!

Here it is, and WHAT a CHALLENGE. First I tried to work the image in intarsia in the round, and finally decided that it would be easier to work the hat in fair isle. It meant that I had to run my yellow all the way around the hat, but it actually worked out nicer that way.

I floated 5 stitches, and caught the yarn on stitch 6 as much as possible. Now, the last time I worked intarsia in the round, I don't remember the long floats--and perhaps next time I will make those floats Much Longer, so that they can be cut and woven in later, meaning strings hanging at each edge, which I'm not very fond of--and perhaps there is a better way to work in the round, but all things considered, the finished product is VERY satisfactory, and so I show to you, pleased as punch!

Merry Christmas!

Well, guess what? It's Christmas Day!
Santa came last night and brought presents for our grandkids--nothing but more snow for us, though. I don't think I've ever been so sick of snow so early in the season.

So while I sit here and type, I've got my coat, hat and scarf on, along with the warmest sweater I own, and my coveralls--over wool socks and my snow boots.

I think I need defrosting. We're prepping a turkey for the oven, and he felt warm to me--I checked for a pulse!

You might think it's cold in the house. Nah.

It's a whole 60 degrees on the floor, which means it's warmer at the ceiling. Trouble is, we don't walk on the ceiling. So I suppose that qualifies as "chilly". Still, I don't want to turn the heat up any further--we only have so much corn to last the winter, and if it's a particularly cold winter (YES!) we could run out of fuel too early in the season, which would not be pleasant. We won't turn off the heat until April 1, and there's still a chill in the air then, but not enough to heat every day.

So the giblets are cooking, and it already smells like turkey in the house. The bird itself is in brine. I asked Jeff if he'd massage the bird, and he gave me a look that seemed to ask if I had remembered to take the prozac this morning (HA!). He pulled out the neck from the butt end--funny place to have a neck--but as he placed it in the pan, he said AHA! He had a boner!

Oh, dear.

So I guess you know what's on his mind (still).

Nothing planned for the day, the actual day--Jeff's got some sort of sinus infection, and the rest of his family is grieving to death of his ex-mother-in-law. His ex-wife decided that her mother wouldn't have wanted to be on life support, and basically made the decision to let her go.

This morning, I pulled cards on my ex--which told me that he was contemplating divorce.

It's snowing, but not hard. I don't expect any accumulation.

My family is meeting tomorrow for my birthday, which leaves Jeff and me and the animals to celebrate Christmas day. I don't think I've ever stayed home on Christmas Day. It's really weird. My body wants to "go go go"!

So, I knit a garter stitch dishcloth, nothing fancy, with some of my cotton scraps. I might get back to my grandson's hat, but sort of tabled it when we canceled breakfast yesterday due to the death in their

It's too bad, because it was really warm yesterday, and all the fenderburgs dropped off my car, leaving large blackened snow clumps below near the tires. Then it rained, and they sort of froze there a little bit...and I had to shovel them out from under my car.

So now, I am inside, freezing my butt off, watching a flicker at the suet feeder. You know, I really wonder sometimes if they get headaches? The way he's going at that suet, you would think so. I wouldn't think it would take much to drive a nail into suet, really, but it might be slightly frozen--more so, I think, than my butt at present, but who knows.

And then I start to wonder about my dog--I did get her some MukLuks--doggie style boots--so her foot pads didn't freeze to the concrete. She doesn't care for them, and she walks like a duck with them on her feet, but her feets don't freeze. They are long, for her long legs, so it takes some doing to put them on, and I worry that I won't get them on before she has an accident on the floor, so sometimes I let her out without them, and when she comes in, she holds up her feet, switching one to the other--which is sort of a funny little dance until she gets into the house where her foot pads warm up.

I suppose that I'll get back to my grandson's hat. Still not sure how I'm going to finish it. The birds have gone to roost, and so should I. Merry Christmas to everyone.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the Night B4 Christmas

Not to be confused with poetry and storybook fantasy about Santa Claus and elven folk, I simply wanted to catch your attention for a miniscule and let you know about my day yesterday.

Wanting to get a hat done by today for my Grandson (didn't happen). Not that I didn't have time to knit it, but the light was bad, and I had somebody with me talking, and it's difficult enough to do intarsia ALONE--you have to count. You have to concentrate. It's not easy for me at all...

And so that hat isn't done--only started, and I feel bad about that, because we were supposed to have Christmas today...

Except no one is in the Christmas spirit. None of us.

My family would just as soon forget Christmas due to lack of money. Understandable. But cant' you have Christmas Spirit without money?

I digress..

Believe it or not, Jeff's daughter called him in a panic. Jeff's ex-mother in law was in the hospital, probably brain dead, and her mother had flown to Florida for a vacation. I can hear it now...

"Dad, can you come be with me?"

Tears. More tears.

Dad, of course, accepted.

And I came along. We brought our medications. I brought my knitting thinking..oh, sure, I'll get some done!" NOT!

Once we got there, which was a treacherous drive to begin with, she begged him to go with her to pick up her mother (Jeff's ex) at the airport so that she didn't have to take a bus back to Jackson--

And while they are chatting, I find out that her aunt went to Florida with her mother and was with there would be no room for me in the vehicle, and I would have to stay at the hospital with someone I didn't even know.


Well, Jeff, being an understanding father, accepted, and so I was left to stay with a stranger who likely would never wake up again--but what if she did to find a stranger in her hospital room? Nah--never happen. But the room was not lit well, and so knitting was not an option.

And of course, the weather was bad, so I worried about them driving to Detroit and back. Within about a half hour, my sister-in-law showed up and we sat together talking about it. When 5:00pm rolled around, I decided that I needed something to eat, and since I'd left my purse in the car, my sister-in-law offered to buy me dinner. We ate, and returned back to the room to find that other strangers (to me, but not to my sister-in-law) had shown up. These were--okay, let's confuse those already in that state of mind just a little more to stir the pot--my step-daughter's aunt on her mother's side...and her boyfriend.

So my sister-in-law and I left for the waiting room/family room--even though we weren't family--to let "family" have time with their mother, lying in the hospital bed.

J and I watched a few hours of television, talked about the situation, decided that we'd drive over to Jeff's mother's house for a break from driving in this wicked weather. Shortly, Jeff showed up wth his ex-wife, daughter and ex-sister-in-law. The family went to the hospital room and Jeff stayed with us in the family waiting room, he seemed to be glad to be off the roadway, but we had to get going, as the weather was to turn VERY nasty as night wore on, and I'd left my knitting in the hospital room--so off I went to the room to get my knitting, coat, hat and scarf--

When I walked in the room, there was Jeff's ex, trying to keep from crying in front of the rest of the family, and I had to pass her to get to my stuff.

Well, what could I do--none of them were being particularly huggy, and wow...she looked like she needed one...

So I gave her this big, heartfelt hug, and told her I was so sorry, and how this was such a lousy time for all this stuff to be happening, and blessed her with a little prayer silently, pulled her away so she could tear up some more, and hugged her again.

Then I grabbed my stuff and got out of there. Oh, and I hugged my step-daughter too.

And then we made the arduous trek over to Jeff's parent's house, stopped and dropped off the knitted hats and had fun trying them on, put the hairy red hat on dad, and shortly after, we left.


To fend for ourselves in the snowy weather.

Which turned to sleet south of Lansing. Which turned to rain north of Lansing, and then back to snow when we got to our road.

We couldn't drive into the Jeff had to get out the snowblower at 11:00pm last night while I parked in the neighbor's drive--and when our drive was clear, I drove into the driveway.

Today, there is no change in the condition of my step-daughter's grandmother on her mother's side. I imagine that when the time comes, they will allow her to pass on, because it's my belief that she's already gone from the body. The family is waiting for another of grandma's daughters to come home to help with the remains, and the doctors are simply waiting for the heart to give out again.

A sad state of affairs for a Christmas season for all of us, and the only good part is that both Jeff and I are having a very restful vacation, where I'm getting in some much needed rest and knitting time.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Next Project Decided!

A hat for my Grandson.

I purchased some black sport-weight "I Love This Yarn" from the Hobby Lobby. It isn't terribly warm, but warm isn't what I'm going for.

You see, the plan is to make a Batman hat...

Not with the pointy ears and the plastic nose, but a stocking hat with a batman emblem on it.

You'll recall that I found a hat with just such an emblem, but it's a tad small, and that the one on the Ravelry site is a tad too large...

So how to make on that's "just right"?

Well, enter in photoshop, I think, to help make the graph I want, and my printer to scan in the batman emblem, enlarge it and go from there.

I'm thinking again--

I figure that 20-30 stitches should "do it", and then I need the sport weight yellow yarn--and of course, I'm doing the hat in the round (wouldn't you know) so there's a new technique for me! Intarsia in the round.

Not that I haven't done that before, but it's very "fiddly", and I'm not fond of it...but it's for my grandson, right?

So I'm going to begin now.

Wish me luck...I just finished the hem yesterday.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Piggie Socks--Une Fait Accompli!

Finally finished, with 4 days to spare!

Ain't they just the cat's meow?

A trip to Grandma's House...

But not actually grandma's house, but my In-Laws--

Jeff got stuck on the corner. I had to get out of the car, nerves shot from the day before. Three guys helped push him out. Where were these guys when *I* was stuck in the snow?????

Anyway, we got the car unstuck, and the rest of the drive was uneventful-highways were clear and dry--

We stopped at Kohl's and Kroger's. I picked up another present for my Grandson, and my pills from the Pharmacy, and headed to the in-laws.

Jeff blew the snow out of the way to the trash barrel, and was all out of breath when he came back inside. Twice, in fact. And we watched a little television--ate some cookies--had a bite to eat, and headed back home earlier than normal because the weatherman, who has a 4 letter word for his middle name, was forecasting more snow.

And it started about 10pm last night--

Big fluffy flakes this time, but not a lot of accumulation (3" predicted, but I see only 1" on the ground at the moment). The sun is shining and it's clear outdoors, but the wind is blowing quite hard--I'd be willing to bet that that wind chill is below zero. My poor dog's feet are freezing to the cement--and she won't stay outside long enough to do her business...which means I need to let her out more often--or buy her some boots for her feet, but at some point, I need to go outdoors and feed the sheeps. That sounds like a cold proposition...and my husband's invite to snuggle under warm blankets sounds a lot more palatable!!!

So I'm off to the races--I won't be going anywhere today--I'm sure the wind has blown some roads in, and I want to be able to count on getting back in--I'm not concerned at the moment for anything, because I am nearly done with my knitting the piggie socks--I have most of the foot done, and the Christmas shopping is done for the most part...just have to get my mother in law a pair of boots--and after that, just a hat to knit and I'm finished with Christmas knitting!

The hat is for my grandson--I found a Batman Insignia on a hat that was an iron-on, which came off it's hat quite easily, and I bought it for much cheaper than I would have had the patch been glued on better than it was....

So I will sew it to my Grandson's hand knit hat, and that will do it.

Well, enough for now, my thighs are freezing.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

MIssed it by "That" much...

Well, friends, I almost made it home yesterday..

You'll remember our hero drove to work at 4am yesterday, and it started to snow at 5:30? And the weatherman was telling us all night that it was going to be a rip-snorter of a winter storm, dumping at least 10" of snow on the ground????

Yes, well...idiot moi...tried to drive home at 11:30, after things had let up.

I had parked in the lot across the street--thank god I didn't park on the street (not only is it too expensive there, but when the plows came through, people were stuck there!), but rather in the Wolverine Parking Lot, and I got stuck trying to get over the snow-plow wake. A nice man who was slowly traversing Grand Avenue stopped in the middle of the road and pushed me out. What a nice guy!

Once on the road, I felt a little more confident, but I could see that the trip was going to be treacherous, if anything, and as my blood pressure rose to the occasion, I took a deep breath, and held it....

For over an hour.

Now, I don't really mean that I held my breath, but under stressful situations such as these, I tend to breathe much more shallowly, and turn the radio off...any sudden movements--such as breathing hard, might send me careening into the nearest snowbank...

I'm not sure where that idea came from, but maybe it's something that could be looked at?

So, our hero is on the road. Heading north, since Grand Ave only goes one way--and made a right turn on Michigan Avenue, which is a main thoroughfare, but only had one track plowed through it.

This was NOT looking good!

I figured that I would turn right again on Cedar, then head up to the onramp for 496 (downtown freeway) and hope for the best. It looked like the turn at Cedar Street had only one track plowed through it, too! Ho, boy, this was going to be such fun!

I had to drive to the middle of the intersection to find the place where things were plowed and make my turn. It sure confused the guy on the other side of the intersection, who was turning left, as to what HE might do--as Cedar St is a 4 lane road, with only one track plowed, my seemingly low-clearance car wouldn't make it through the places that weren't plowed...I knew that for a fact--which should have told me something, but all I could think of by this time was getting home safely.

I got stuck temporarily at the turn for the onramp to 496, but once I got going on the roadway, I was off and running, up the hill and onto the freeway. I am on my way.

And then the cell phone rang. Now there's something about a jangling phone that just sets the nerves on edge, and right about then, I was on my last nerve, so I ignored it, figuring it was my husband calling to tell me that he'd cleared the driveway. What a guy!

496 was relatively clear, except that you couldn't see the road, and it was a tossup whether you were in the middle of the road, or on the offramp--since I was only going about 30 miles per hour, I didn't figure it would be a problem, but people were passing me. I just waved and said, see you in the ditch down the road--which was true, in about 5 cases--

Hero--thy name is fear!

But even at 30-35 mph, I was making headway, and I only froze again when I had to take the off-ramp for the 96 interchange--which was plowed, but not very well, and things went dicey for a little bit, but I did make it onto the big road!

I drove along, slowly, without incident. Even when I saw 2 semi-tractor trailers stuck in the median--and 4 cars--who seemingly just drove right off the road into the soft fluffiness--without jackknifing the rigs! Quite surprising.

I expected my county road to be unplowed, and if it hadn't been plowed, I would have spent the night at the gas station, but it had been plowed, which surprised me. Even so, I stopped at the gas station to get something to eat, and to answer the call from my husband to let him know where I was, and why it was taking me so long to get home.

I ate a Subway wrap--let me tell you, there must be a ton of sugar in their wrap, because the meal part was beef, cheese, tomato and green pepper--the only carb was the wrap, which sent my sugar skyrocketing to 181--which is 60 mclg's over what my normal level has been since the first week of being on medication for sugar...but I digress. I got Jeff some chips for munching when I got home.

The drive down the county road was uneventful--except for the semi-tractor trailer at the intersection who got stuck, and looked as if it would tip over into the intersection below if it moved any closer to the edge of the road--and the wrecker trying to pull him out wasn't doing so well, either.

Finally, I arrive at the county road that I live on, and I'm less than 1/4 mile away from the corner, but I could see that it hadn't been plowed, and I did get stuck on the corner because a plow had done the county road, but I thought to myself that I was "this close", I should be able to make it up the hill to the driveway, and so, with much determination and trepidation, I continued down the road and found a track where a pickup truck or SUV had made.

My smaller car found the track a little too wide, but kept trying.

I got stuck about halfway. I called my wrecker--and yes, I do have him on speed-dial. Doesn't everyone? Unfortunately, even after digging and spinning, he couldn't do anything to get me out unless I wanted to go BACK to the county road--and since I don't know anyone on that road (I think it's high time I did) I was loathe to go back that-a-way. I also didn't want to stay where I was at, because, well, being stuck in the middle of the road isn't a good thing when you want a plow to come down the road.

I dug and dug, and finally gave up and called my husband to get a shovel and come down and help me.

When he arrived, and I was more than halfway home, he asked me if I intended to dig my way to the drive.

Frustration has never been my strong suit, and he just got on my last nerve by saying that--and I answered with as much venom as a poisonous tarantula--"If that's what it takes to get me home, then YES. I can't stay out here in the middle of the road--the plow won't be able to get through!"

I rocked the car and back and forth, and ended up with a little hill of snow in front of my car. It was a wild ride. Jeff stood behind my car and pushed, and pushed, and we finally got my car up the hill and into the driveway, and I got stuck again.

By now, however, I am so angry that I simply gunned it, and kept on gunning it. I am so close!!!!

By the time I got into the driveway in my normal parking place, every trouble light in my car was turned on--the brake light, the abs light and the check engine light!!!

sigh. Missed it by THAT much.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Piggie Socks..

Are now almost half done--

In other words, I am ready to work on the heel.

And I'm not sure if I want to make a slip stitch heel flap, or if i want to do a short row heel...

Decisions Decisions.

In the meantime, I ended up at the office early this morning. Seriously concerned about this winter storm WARNING that the weatherman was talking so excitedly about last night-stating that it would start at 7pm Thursday and keeps snowing until late on Friday.

I was SO ready for another day off!

But then, the start time got later into the night, and the expected snowfall started to drop.

So, when I woke up at 2:15 to look outside, which was an hour and 15 minutes later than the 1am start time for snowing, there was nothing going on.

So I let the dog out. Hubby got up and slept in his chair for a little while, and I couldn't get back to sleep--

And let me tell you, I TRIED HARD for over an HOUR!

But no further z's came from my side of the bed. Plenty from the living room, yes, but none in the bedroom where they are supposed to be--unless you count Mandy's heavy breathing...

So at 3:30, I finally crawled out of bed and started to get ready for work.

I got here at 4:10. I'm not staying all day, because I look out the window at 5:30 (just 1 1/2 hours later--) and what's on the ground?????????

Just enough to make the roads slick. Had I just waited, I would be home still snug in my bed.

The worst thing about it, is that one of the programs that I need is down this morning, and they won't reboot until 6:30ish, so I have at least 45 minutes to work on other things that CAN be worked on--for instance checking some of these files that have been pending for some long time.

I'll get right on that.

In the meantime, I'm yawning. Oh, right sure! NOW I'm yawning.

Therefore, when everyone else arrives, I will probably leave, go home and back to bed.

I hate getting old, but it beats the alternative.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus--

That is precisely why Mandy licks me all the time--she's trying to tell me she wants to go out.

I've only had her for a year--you'd think I'd have caught on by now, but you know--

I'm a little slow at dog-speak.

She goes out like a champ every time now--I still have to go out with her sometimes, donning my coat and hat in this freezing air, but elsewise, things are going well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here's a Thought...

My border collie, Mandy has always had this "habit". She licks me constantly--beyond the normal "I love you" type licks. It's almost a second thought, it *IS* a compulsion.

She even follows me into the bathroom, sits down in front of me, and if my hand isn't readily available, she licks my knees.

And while I am her "Alpha", she's not THAT timid--that she would be constantly seeking my approval for something.

But I think I have this figured out.

She's licking me (well, especially in the bathroom) as a "mother's instinct". Because a mother dog licks the puppy to make it go #1 or #2. Could it mean that *she* also has to go outside?

So I tested my theory this morning.

I went to the bathroom, and she followed me. Mind you, she had already been outdoors and done her business--and she started to lick my hand. I said "Just a minute, let me finish!" So she lay down at my feet and waited. When I got up, so did she, and I asked if she needed to go outside, and she got all excited.

I suppose that was because she felt she'd finally gotten her point across?

Communication is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, I put her outside, and sure enough, she went #1, then right back to the door.

And I let her in.

Hmm. This one might be for the record books. We'll test again this evening.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

So Off Santa's List

Last night, the cats got into my yarn. Not just any old yarn, but into the really good stuff, and drug it from here to kingdom come. Cat hair ALL over it.

They are SO off Santa's list. I figure they've had their fun.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Caylee Anthony-Revisited

A long time ago, I was dating a fellow who had a brother. This brother had a girlfriend, and she was SEVERELY depressed--this doesn't excuse her neglect of her children, but I don't want to go there right now.

One day, I drove to my boyfriend's house, and one of this woman's children was outside in the sun playing.

He wasn't wearing a shirt, which didn't surprise me, because it was the middle of summer, and quite warm, but there were two welts where someone had beat him with a belt.

I calmly walked into the trailer, and asked my boyfriend who had beaten up the boy. He told me that it was his brother. I asked him where his brother was. He was in the bathroom shaving. I thanked him, and walked straight to the bathroom, where he was shaving. He was dressed and ready to go out to look for a job.


"Oh, hi! What's up?"

And I asked him if he was responsible for hitting Arlos with the belt, to which he lied.

So I grabbed him by the collar, put his 200 pound frame against the wall with my scrawny 110 pound frame, and I told him in no uncertain terms, with fire in my eyes and a death grip on the shirt...

"If I ever catch you laying another hand on that boy, I will beat the living snot out of you, to within an inch of your life, and then 2 inches I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR? YOU *WILL* DEAL WITH ME. And trust don't want to deal with me. Understood??"

All he could do was nod. I let him go.

I think sometimes these types of people simply don't get the idea that what they do as far as wrongdoing WILL eventually be found out, and they'll get CAUGHT in the ACT.

I think they're delusional. I think they need an attitude adjustment...say for instance a boot to the head? Maybe a two by four?

But to wait for years and years, or even months and months before teaching these types of lessons is a poor method. I mean, if a dog goes to the bathroom on the floor, and perhaps a dog isn't the BEST example (although people who harm or kill their children are dogs--maybe even worse than dogs), you don't walk up to the dog, shake your finger and say

"Now that was not a good choice, was it?"


You toss the dog outdoors after you've roundly scolded him, and put him on the chain. IMMEDIATELY--not 3 days later.

Nuff said.

I drew some more cards on Caylee last night, wanting to know who did it. Who actually killed her. I drew two kings in the first 5 cards and the 9 of swords reversed. Justice will prevail, and the nightmare will end, but it was an older man who had something to do with the killing--don't get me wrong, I still think mom Casey is responsible, but now, I think her father knows something or had a hand in the deception.

And down the road from the dump site, is a very tall pine tree--I saw it on Nancy Grace last night when they shot film down the road. A very great landmark...just like the cards said.

This morning, I drew the two of wands reversed:
The holding of tension can only last so long, until it is suddenly released to spectacular effect. Perhaps this has already happened or soon will. A sudden change takes place that was quite unforseen, or a decision made in a moment that resolves a long period of tension.

And Casey Anthony's dad has been so very quiet lately.

Just some things to consider.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caylee Anthony Remains May have been Found

Only 1/2 mile from the Anthony Home???????????? In a wooded area, stuffed in a plastic bag and dumped unceremoniously at the side of the road. Found by a utility worker who decided he needed to take a leak, picked up the bag and out rolls a skull.

Good god!

I want to know if it was under a pine tree.

I seriously want to know.

Remember I said Sacred Circle Tarot 9 of pents and ace of cups. Earth card, with the pents in the shape of a pine tree, and a cup with Caylee's picture on it.

It boggles the mind.

I seriously want to know. How do I get hold of Nancy Grace?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I have been BUSY!

With a capital B!

I've been working on hats, as you know, and found one on Yarn Harlot's website that I just loved, so I knit it.

And while I don't normally create things that look JUST EXACTLY LIKE THE PATTERN, but fudge around with it some, I just couldn't find anything about this hat that I didn't like--so I made it the same color and everything!

There is just one problem.....

It's Just A Little Too Small.

Unfortunately, a larger needle wouldn't give me the right size either, and I think that this is made to fit the head close and snugly, and maybe my head is just a tad too ROUND (ya think?)...I can't blame it on the fact that I used a smaller (1 size) needle to get gauge, but I still love the hat..even if I don't look so hot in it.

Sorry that there's no pic of me "in the hat" as it were, but the camera shook, and I'm pressed for time at the moment.

Also made this hat:

And this hat:

And these gloves for my husband Jeff:

He makes a good model, don't you think?

And that's about it for knitting, but I think it's quite a lot, at least my wrist is telling me so.

So I'm laying off knitting for a day or two to rest my weary wrist.


Driving to work one morning, and of course, you know that I do sometimes have camera in hand while I drive, so people on the other side of the road know that I'm watching and taking pictures (yes!). I caught this picture...a little fuzzy, but it's a group/herd/flock/whatever you call it,

of turkeys. It was a large bunch, even though the pic is small, and you can probably only barely see them, but the are there.

And one morning, early, before sunup I looked outside and everything was blue. Blue as an old lady's rinse!

Here's a couple of pics of that morning...

That's the actual color of the area. There is no filter on my camera--believe me. I've never seen color like this on everything, have you?

Anyhow today, the roads are slick with ice and snow, so I opted to stay home until the idiots (I mean other drivers) are done going into the ditch and so that the salt trucks have a little time to get out and get er done--which means I miss a little work, but icy roads and I just don't get along. It causes me a lot of stress that I don't need.

Speaking of stress. I had to visit the doctor's office again yesterday.

Yes, you guessed right. A boobie-smush machine. Ugh. Hate those things. Can we maybe PASS for this year? Doctor says no, so I got the requisite smushing. And doctor says the films look very good and he gave me some good news for a change.

My sugar has been down since going on the medication, and I am a very happy camper, although my fingers are sore now from all the poking. It's okay, because I'm not currently doing any embroidery, but if I had to hold a small needle with any stress, I'd be hurting pretty much. So I'm glad I'm not doing embroidery.

Or darning
Or quilting

Next project on the docket is a pair of socks (is there any other sort of project?). I have to find the perfect pattern for my orange yarn...any suggestions?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I was just thinkin'....

Yesterday at the office, as I watched the snow fall down all day, that something needed to be done about the roads...

After all, if the entire country goes Electric Car, Michigan will suffer, because there is just no way that an electric car will plow through a Michigan Snow Drift--since normal drifts here start at 10" and go up from there. I'm sure there are other places that will suffer, too, but I tend to stay local...

And I thought that perhaps Michigan could put electric wiring underneath all the freeways--which would keep the freeways clear, and then every so often, there would be an outlet so you could plug in your car and "power up" so to speak.

And homeless people could put up shelters and plug in their electric heaters to help keep them warm, serve coffee or soup to each other (after all, they'll save on their electric bills, right?) right there along the highway...

And if one of them was to get drunk and wander into traffic...? Well, let's not go there, and hope that they would become productive citizenry...

But really people, electric cars just won't work in Michigan. They're probably great for places in California where there's almost no snow, and even when there IS snow, it's usually gone within a few hours...other places in the country it's just not feasible. I'm reasonably sure of it.

So I'm husband used to work in metal fabricating--he would bend body parts to make them fit on a car--and then the dies were adjusted to make the part according to the different "specs" that his hammer made (grin), and if it didn't fit, he'd use a bigger hammer (that sort of thing). His best friend is a transmission genius. I'm seriously serious about it. The man's got 3 degrees relating to the automotive industry and 1 relating to computer science. He's a whiz! My step son knows nearly everything there is to know about engines, and while he's not the genius at it, he's young yet--and genius sometimes takes time.

Now I've always said that the three of them just need a 4th--someone with an idea for a car that would run on air--and the four of them could put together a car that would work and be green and acceptable for the entire population--that would run in temperature ranges below -40 and above 150--which would cover the entire planet, and could be modified to fly.

Yes, fly.

Like a flying saucer.


All we have to do is figure out how to overcome "local" gravity within a "bubble", and the bubble would fly because it's lighter than air, from there, it's just a matter of thrusters and inertial dampeners...and

Am I sounding a bit like Stargate SG-1?

But imagine if we could fly inside a craft that was lighter than air? Think of those soap bubbles that we blew all summer long, and how we watched them bob in the air. Sometimes they would join other bubbles (A BUS!), sometimes they would fall to the ground and pop (ACCIDENTS!) and othertimes the wind would carry them high into the sky--too high, until internal pressure made them pop (plus the bubble didn't really last very long--since the soap would dry out and thin--then pop high in the air). But I remember imagining that those bubbles flew to heaven and that God caught them and saved them from destruction.

Okay, I was a kid then.

But I still like playing with bubbles. And a thruster on a ship wouldn't help with propulsion if the ship were inside a how to make the ship "go". That's the $65 billion dollar question. Inflation, you know?

And since the "Big 3" are beggin' the government for at least that much to get them through the next two years...(ARGH! I don't agree with bailouts--even when my husband's job is at stake!), it would seem that those funds should be used for research such as the things that I dream of--naturally, since the world revolves around Tenna and her dreams, right?

Don't get me wrong. I am concerned/worried and afraid that my husband is going to be forced into a retirement that he's not exactly prepared for--he has no hobbies, and I can see him sitting in his chair in front of the television and having a heart attack in 2 years or less from inactivity. He's just somebody who MUST work. Add to that he hasn't paid off the house yet, and you've got some volatile arguments down the road. I'm also concerned that he'll have to move to Missouri or Mississippi to find employment--and I'll have to stay here until who knows when. I see him getting very lonely in that type of environment. I'll be fine. I have my friends and my animals to keep me company, but there's just no way that I can handle this big house all by myself!!!

I suppose that I could house a "handyman", but then I'd have to make some arrangements in the house that I'm not willing to do, besides the fact that it's not possible for me to trust anybody--what with all my trust issues and such...

And according to hubby, General Motors isn't telling it's people where the openings are "everywhere", but piece-mealing if you accept a transfer to another state today, and tomorrow another transfer "appears" locally, you can't have it, because you've already accepted the transfer to the other state.

Which is a total bummer, and definitely a life changing experience!

He's also saying that there's a big buyout expected--meaning he could retire--which is probably his BEST choice--after the first of the year, but that it's only a rumor. Well, rumor or not, if it's there for the grabbing, I hope he takes the money and RUNS the OTHER WAY!

In the meantime, I will keep on knitting, and dream of the day when our vehicles fly through the air.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Milk for my Cereal

You know, the only time I like a lot of milk on my cereal is when I am having oatmeal (which is a hot cereal), and then only so I can eat it quickly. On cereal already cold, I prefer the very least little bit of milk on my cereal, and then only enough to wash it down--because I like my cold cereal crunchy. Once it has turned to mush, I'm pretty much



And if there's any milk left in the bottom of the bowl (maybe a teaspoon), it does go down the drain, because I don't care for sweetened milk either.

I wonder. Am I alone in this?

Today's card is the Page of Pentacles, entitled "Health". I called my doctor yesterday to tell him about my really good sugar level (93). I'm expecting him to give me a jingle back, or perhaps there will be a message from someone telling me some good news relating to health issues that have been experiencing. Of course, there was a phone call this morning...

My cousin has never called me--in fact, I've only contacted her once, but this morning, my phone rang, and I answered it, since I was standing right beside it at the time. When I saw that it was my cousin, I answered the phone, but there was much mumbling without much understanding, so I told her to call back because I couldn't hear her. When she didn't call right back, I decided to give her a jingle back--I mean, who knows? She could have been having a stroke, and I wasn't going to let that pass--of course, if you had a stroke, how would you know to call 911, which would be a better number to call in the first place, but this old fart doesn't think in those terms, right?

So she answers the phone, and tells me that she had just stuffed her phone in her pocket, and it must have dialed me. So she was okay, and I could stop worrying.

Of course, when the phone first started to ring, I figured it had to be my hubby, stuck in the ditch somewhere. The wind whipped horribly last night, and I expect that the main road will be slicked up with snow again today, the road having blown in--and I reminded hubby to drive carefully because of it. I guess he made it.

Well, cereal is done, milk is down the drain, and I have to prep for the office. CYA!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Are you Ready for Christmas yet?

Well, goodie for you if you are.

I am nowhere near ready. This year is going to pass us all bye bye, I think. With Dad in the hospital so much, we're all pretty down on the idea of Christmas, plus I've already got my present (my new tennis shoes), Jeff's present was a hand-knit pair of gloves, most of the rest of the family is getting a hat--and maybe some small thing--but I'm not going overboard this year at all.

I guess the Christmas Spirit hasn't bitten me yet.

It is darned cold outdoors, too. I just stepped out to get my phone out of the car so that the components inside didn't freeze, and forgot that I had sandals on--until I stepped out the door--into an inch of pure, driven snow--and let me tell you--

Them nerves, they be a workin'!

My feets are still protesting 20 minutes later!

I started Dad's Camo Chemo Cap today. I cast on 115 stitches on size 5 needles sport yarn, and it almost seems like too many. It's a mindless knit, so I'll go on it for a while, and then try it on and see if it's too big for me--if it's too big for me, then it will be too big for dad, and I'll have to decrease down a few stitches, and use what I have so far for a brim.

No progress on the piggie socks, though. This is discouraging. I really want to give them to my mother for Christmas, but I don't think I have it in me to actually MAKE them. The yarn is too fiddly, and I don't much care for intarsia, I guess. I can DO it, but that's not the point--there's so much counting, and I don't know how to weave on the purl side--weaving's easy when you're knitting in the round, but this is flat--so I am making mistakes, and that makes me set things aside--when I know I'm not doing it right.

I think I need the Yarn Harlot or Grumperina--someone to sit with and show me how to do it, because it's just not a fun knit the way it is.

Anyhow, the trials and tribs of a knitting fool.

I pulled cards on my friend--you know, the one who was so depressed at the last spin night/knit night--anyway, the last 2 cards in the celtic cross spread was the queen and king of wands--both upside down, which tells me that neither of them is going to be happy in this new found life, whether it be temporary or not--and the crossing card was the ace of swords...never a good sign. In fact, many of the cards in her spread were reversed, and that always says something. The cover card was the 8 of swords, I think, and I took that to mean going through a rough time where you don't know what's ahead of you because you're too blinded by your, yep, that would be the issue.

So let's see what I pull from the Celtic deck...hmmm.

Cover card: 4 of wands
Crossing card: The Sun
Beneath/foundation: The Moon
Recent past: The Chariot
Crown: 4 of cups rev
Immed. Future: Initiation
Self: 4 of pents
house: 6 of pents reversed
Hopes: 10 of wands reversed
Long distance future/final outcome: 6 of swords rev.

It would appear that there may be some discussion going on between he/she, and things are smoothing out a bit. She has been thinking about going back to school to develop a skill, and may be looking further into that. The card says to take it slow and work it out to the last detail. You can't get much better than the Sun for a crossing card, though, which indicates that things are going to work out successfully, but with the Moon as foundation, which implies some sense of misgiving and distrust, shady dealings and unsure outcomes, it's almost as if the depression that she's been feeling is planning to remain in the picture, just below the surface, as it were.

Recent past, the Chariot indicates something about her car most likely--in previous spread, it was the crowning card, and made me think of it as one of her victories--obtaining a vehicle for her use. Now, it's looking like that victory may have been perhaps not lost, but not something of so much great import any longer. With the 4 of cups reversed as the crowning card, it says that she's been seeking happiness "from without" and finding that lacking, has come to the realization that she's really got to get going on making herself happy, but she's unsure which way to go to make that happen. She needs to do a lot of soul searching. All true.

Future card is Initiation--very much like one of the aces in any suit, a new beginning or pathway to learning and understanding...a mark much like a street sign that says "Your life--thataway.." The turning point is coming. But the cards also portends the obtaining of said goals as being done alongside and with the existing relationships--working in harmony and being conscious of the other's feelings...

The self card is entitled Materialism, and my friend is focusing hard on money and finances (naturally), but in a very destructive way. She's basically not able to see the forest for the trees so to speak, and her situation means she has to watch every nickel, I'm sure. If her husband doesn't follow through and assist her financially while he's out of the house (and likely the picture), she's possibly looking at the possibility that he might NOT follow through with his promises, which are made to be broken. My own feeling might be coming through with this card, in that I believe that once he finds himself another girlie, my friend will be left in the lurch--literally without a financial leg to stand on.

The house card is the 6 of pents reversed--this could literally mean a lack of money, and a caution to watch finances wisely--which only makes sense--upright, the card indicates Bounty, and I would not expect her to have bounty at this time.

The hope card is the 10 of wands--let me put forth the reverse meaning:

"You are playing the martyr, taking on responsibilities and doing things that could easily be accomplished by others so that you can show how burdened you are. You are envious of those around you and intent on spoiling their pleasure by spreading malicious gossip. It's too bad they can all see straight through your schemes. If you don't stop, you are going to end up very lonely."

This is a strong caution...basically "put up or shut up" and "quit yer whining", all in one fell swoop. My friend does tend to take on too much on herself, and then complains when it feels like too much, even at the same time, telling everyone that there's nobody else who will do it quite like she does, with all the love of the prodigal son's brother. Hard lesson to learn, I'd say. But it means that she's hoping that people will feel sorry for her plight, but everyone knows that after a time, people start to fall away if you're all about the whining about how bad your existence is.

And finally, the final outcome off all of this: the 6 of swords, reversed. Entitled Solace, it would seem to say that Solace isn't in the cards for you honey. It means hard work, hardship and dogged determination, and even then, you may not end up with your dreams realized, and spent in the process.

All in all, a very negative spread, and not one I'm looking forward to sharing with her, but the last one was even worse than this one, so perhaps things are beginning to look up--I just believe she's chosen a hard road to walk on, and I'm not sure that she's up to the task at the moment.

The most positive card is the immediate future showing some promise (Initiation) lying in wait just around the corner. I hope that she makes good use of the opportunity.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It snowed A LOT last night!

And it's still snowing, whereby I am waiting for morning to strike before heading out into it. I don't see a reason to sit in the ditch in the cold and the dark.

See you tonight.