Monday, November 30, 2009

Progress on my DK Hat-Devil's Heat

Anyone care for a picture?


I think the pattern turned out beautiful, and I'm very pleased. I figure my son will love it too, and I can't wait to give it to him.

Notice how it's already nearly half done?? Well that's because my student didn't show up yesterday, and I returned home quite a bit earlier than I expected. I hope that doesn't happen very often, as I do love my teaching job. In the meanwhile, I applied for a job at JoAnn's hoping to obtain a regular sales job, now that I have my foot in the door. We'll see how that goes.

In the meanwhile, more knitting in store!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Hat for My Son

Well, I finally made some decisions, and here's the final bit.
A Double Knit Hat with No Turned up Edge...similar to my flower power hat, but with this chart---


Here's how much I had done last night, but I'm a lot further now.


And there you have it.

I think I might upload this to Ravelry. The chart might be a sticking point, because I editted someone else's chart to fit my project, but essentially, it's the same chart...just "different".

So there you go. I'll try to get another pic up tomorrow when I have something more to show, and the way the hat is going, I could have the entire pattern area done before I go to bed tonight--if that's the case, I might just do the pic tonight! Won't that be a thrill?

Okay, enough about that.

I went in today to teach a class, but my student didn't show up. That really discouraged me--it's not that I don't get paid or anything like that, but I was really looking forward to bringing another fiber person "into the fold" as it were--teaching her the myriad ways to get "caught up" in the addiction. Sadly, the student didn't show, and the teacher drove home.

To find that hubby wants to work some more on the bedroom downstairs. I haven't begun to think about it today, and he is raring to go! I suppose I should be thankful for it, but I'm not. We worked our buns off yesterday, and ended up sniping at each other over the slightest things. Makes it feel like it's more work than it's worth when that happens, and I determine that it's time to stop and take a break.

The thing is, coming home, I had other plans. This is not going to go well. I can just tell.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Dishcloth

This is my November 2009 Monthly Dishcloth, done a second time with a dark green, rather than the lime green that I made first. I guess I don't have a preference, although I think the lighter colors show up the pattern to it's best advantage.

I had hoped to add some ornaments and bulbs to it, so that I had a Christmas-y cloth, but then I'd never use it for it's intended purpose.

Then my husband says to me:

"I don't know what you're going to do with all these dishcloths. You never use them. No one else likes them..." and he was about to continue when I interjected, very angry--

"Well, that's a real nice thing to say to me! After all the nice things I make to tell me that nobody likes my gifts?" Well, I was REALLY ANGRY, and stormed out of the house. I came back, but I was pretty miffed.

"First off," I said, "is that if you ever want another hand made gift from me, it's probably best you keep your mouth shut--even if you don't like it. And SECONDLY, do not make nasty, mean comments about the items that I give away as gifts. After all, I can't afford to buy $1000 televisions. You are lucky to get what you get. Considering all the time I put into the work, not to mention the idea phase, I should think you'd be proud of me. And if I have a thousand cloths in my drawer and never use a one, WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?"

By now, I'm on a roll.

"So if you can't say something nice, don't say anything, or at the worst, freaking LIE TO ME! I don't want you belittling my handiwork, since you have no idea what goes into it! I'd like to see you put together some of the things that I've done over the years, and I bet YOU CAN'T."

Ooh, and I'm just a fuming!


And then we drove to Best Buy to get our new television.

This thing is beyond huge.

The plan is to put it on the wall. Our old television will likely go downstairs in the great room, but for now, the new television sits on top of the old one, which looks a little strange...but what can you do? I ask you!

So the weather is turning colder, but the day is just gorgeous outside. I want to get dressed and head out and do something fantastic--like go to JoAnn's with this 20% off coupon and buy a bunch of crochet cotton for my mother for Christmas--maybe some dishcloth cotton for my mother in law, and of course, my son's hat...a top down raglan with a cable in front for my hubby, and whatever for the name I draw for his family.

And that will be pretty much the extent of my Christmas shopping. So it will be a quick and easy year this year, I think. I look forward to it already.

In the meantime...on to knitting!

Friday, November 27, 2009

While the World Watches

Today is Black Friday.

The day after Thanksgiving--yes, thank you, I had a nice Thanksgiving supper. It wasn't home cooking, but it was fine. I hope that you and yours had a wonderful time.

But for now, I want to talk about Black Friday.

Wednesday night, hubby and I went to Best Buy to get our new television. I'm pretty excited about the new television. It's not the BEST we could get, but it was all hubby was willing to shell out of pocket, because his mother knows him so well...and she provided part of the funding for it, so it would basically force him to play his cards--I just hope that he's satisfied with the picture...but that's not the point, and I digress so easily...

Outside Best Buy were two dome tents--people! Camping out on Wednesday night so that they were there, Friday morning, EARLY to get the FIRST Best Buy "best buy". Camping out. On a sidewalk. In 30 degree weather (and rain--don't forget the rain).

I've heard of people who camp out at concerts, days in advance to make sure and certain that they cash in on the best seats they can, but this is Black Friday--What could possibly be so important? Frankly, I don't believe that I am that desperate.

My boss at JoAnn's fabrics tells me that the store is a mob scene on Black Friday. There I am, on the telephone, offering to come in to help at the cutting counter, which has a line waiting that goes all the way around the store TWICE. That's not counting the lines that form in the opposite direction that want to get out of the store, but have to go through checkout first. I could have worked either counter, but there was no time to apply and go through orientation, so I just gave up the idea. Of course, it might be a good idea around the holidays.

In the meanwhile, I see crowds at the discount and warehouse stores. Let's not even go to the mall! Hubby and I are not good in crowds--and I'm asking him.

"Do we want to pick up the television tonight??" Ever hopeful that we can watch Medium and Ghost Whisperer on the BIG screen tonight.

"I'd like to watch it on the big television," he says. "But I'm not about to forge through the crowds today."

"Yeah, I guess I feel the same, too," says I. It's just not worth it to us.

Add to that, the fact that I simply don't like going to town PERIOD during this season. There are simply too many crazies out there who DON'T know how to DRIVE. We're already experiencing higher than normal accident rates on the roadways. I came upon two on Wednesday afternoon--people in a hurry to get home and get prepared for Thanksgiving with their family, some who will now spend the day in the hospital, recovering from head wounds and broken bones--was it worth the hurry?

And I don't care much for the stress from the hurry. It aggravates my IBS (something I'm sure was a TMI moment for you) and then I don't much enjoy my holiday either. Take that, you hurrying hoard! But people get crazy at this time of year. Everything is hurry, hurry, hurry! Even Toys R Us opened--MUCH EARLIER than any of the other Black Friday Elitists--at Midnight--a time when I was fast asleep, counting Z's and such. People who work at these stores barely have time to digest their Thanksgiving dinner before they have to go to work AGAIN under these stressful conditions. They can have it.

I'll just stay home, thanks.

But perhaps...yes perhaps I will go to McDonald's and grab lunch. After all, a girl's gotta eat, and since our supper Thanksgiving left no leftovers, I'm thinking McDonald's is a good choice, fast, just 5 minutes away, and 5 minutes home again, safe and sound to devour my lunch.

I can live with that sort of hurry hurry.

I'm having a fit of startitis. I want to get going on my son's hat, but feeling a bit at odds with myself. I want to and then again, I don't. Maybe I need a break from knitting? Oh, dear, I will go nuts if I take a break from knitting.

I did however, finish a small cloth with a tree on it. A duplicate of the lime green cloth--just a different color is all.

And then hubby and I went to the basement to work a bit on the craft and sewing room--clearing it out and prepping it for ALL my sewing and knitting, crochet, quilting--you name it--stuff. Hopefully, it will become an orderly confusion. The floor is now CLEAR of clutter, bugs, spiders and dust and dirt. We had to bring in the Shop Vac to do it. Now, I need to get window plastic and put up blankets on the windows, so that light doesn't destroy the fabrics. This might help with the bug population, too. I am probably more hopeful about that than is realistic. There also seems to be a small water problem in the closet, so everything will need to go on STILTS so that water can't get to the items "accidentally". That would be a disaster. Trust me on this.

So there's still some work to be done in the room, but we are slowly making headway. I'm getting excited about it, and it looks like soon I will have a little more order to my life. We shall see. Maybe I'll feel like knitting later, when the hoopla has wound down. Right now, I need lunch.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Computer Updates

I must say, they suck--especially when the computer is

1. In your bedroom and
2. When it reboots twice in less than an hour.

Yes, friends I was rudely awakened on my first day of Turkey Time at 3:30am with the familiar "I am booting" song played by my computer when it logs me in, anew, after an update. This happened twice last night.

I think Microsoft does that on purpose!

In the meantime, while I've been awake for the last two hours of my HOLIDAY WHEN I DON'T HAVE TO GET OUT OF BED UNTIL AFTERNOON day, I finished the Piggie Pillow, Porker.


Pay no mind to the bits of glue on his nose--those will disappear. It's just that I'd just finished gluing.

And if I do say so myself (and I usually do, as you are by now aware), he is cute as a button--even if he does appear to have been "tying one on" last night. He obtained the name "Porker", because his body is so much bigger than his head. Lots of bacon on this pig! He gives new meaning to the term "Pork Bellies".

So now, another project finished. What will be next?

I'm thinking about a hat for my son. I purchased the yarn last night, and thought about getting it started today. Trouble is, I can't decide what TYPE of hat I want to begin. You see, this is the problem with knowing so many different techniques...for instance, I could begin with a standard stockinette hem, pick up the cast on stitches about an inch later to make a nice edge, then continue on in stockinette and just make a "generic hat", or I could do double knitting, making the hat reversible, or I could do some fair isle--I have this really cool dragon pattern that I know he'd like to have (so would I), or I could just make a standard hat out of ribbing (not much imagination there), or a toque, or a hat with ear flaps, or a helmet, or...

I could have just said the possibilities and offerings are pretty much endless, but I want him to wear this hat, the same way he wears his gloves--EVERY DAY! (Betcha thought he wore his gloves on his head, huh? Crazy images come to mind at 5am, trust me.) So I'd like it to be something nice, and I thought I could probably get a fair isle hat (just not the dragon hat) done by Christmas without too much ballyhoo--but then the issue is if not the dragon hat, then "what"? So I'm pending the project until inspiration hits me full in the face.

The colors he wants are to match the Devil's Heat gloves--which I easily found similar colors in Cascade 220 superwash. And I considered using the same essential "pattern" I used for the gloves on the hat, but I'd like the flames to begin right at the hem edge--and that seems a bit "fiddly" to me. Plus this, fair isle isn't stretchy like ribbing or stockinette in one color--that means sizing is a big issue--and if it's made too small--well you get the picture. Try to stick a child sized hat on an adult head, whaddya get? Pop goes the weasel. So something simpler might be in order--just your standard hat with a flip up hem in ribbing and a stockinette body, with some stripes on the hem? Sounds like a boring knit to me!

Back to pending the project until inspiration attacks.

In the meantime, Porker is done, and I couldn't be happier with the way he turned out.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Piggie, Nearly Done

Just have to embroider his face on, and can't do that UNTIL I have the floss to do it.

I'm thinking some for the nose, but instead of a mouth, I'll get some red felt and make a tongue and glue it on, along with some wiggly eyes.

Will post a pic of the finished pig.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Porker Is Nearly Done!

I was going to work on him tonight to finish him, but then simply ran out of time. I'll take him to work tomorrow to see if I can get him sewn up.

I need to gather up some polyfil, the sewing needle and the parts, which are all finished knitting wise, and sew everything together on break and lunch.

He will be ready for my mum's Christmas.

Then I begin on my son's hat to match his flaming fingerless gloves.

I am just a crafty guru this week, and things are really coming together.

Pics tomorrow if I get Porker done. STAY TUNED!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Absolutely Amazing

And, yes, I am capable of knitting like this. Sadly, there are no patterns like this in the US. They are all in GERMANY!

Go figure.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh Beautiful...

This is a wonderful pattern, and I can't wait to buy it. Maybe after Christmas???

Oh, and I found a round pillow form at JoAnn's. Not in with the pillows, mind you, but in the upholstery fabric aisle!

And here is my Piggie Pillow Progress, pictured on the pillow. Is this turning out PERFECT or what? I think I am very happy with the way it's turning out, even if I did have to edit the pattern a bit.



It Couldn't Have Worked Out Better!

Have you ever determined that you were going to accomplish certain things only to find out after the plan that things weren't going to go according to Hoyle?

**special note: phrase "According to Hoyle" is a reference to Hoyle's Book of Rules for Card Games...therefore "according to Hoyle means that things just aren't playing the game by the get the picture....right?

Anyway, today, I have a plan.
I have no idea if the plan will work, but I'm going to attempt it anyway.
I am going to tackle the basement.
I am working up the ambition.
I have cleaned my kitchen, checked the bathroom and cleaned what needed to be-done.
I stared laundry.

All these things on my to do list.

Next, at noon, I leave to get groceries. Now groceries for our house is no "run to the store and buy" sort of endeavor. It's a "make a list, check it twice, then go to 3-5 stores to get everything" sort of endeavor.

Hmm...I still have to get to that basement.

And somewhere in there is an update to my blog (this one). And I'm perfectly okay with pre-empting groceries and basement for blogging. Of course, then later on, I have my Knitting 101 class, and somewhere in there, I have to shower and things like that--check my pocketbook and buy yarn (since I'll be in the store anyway--not that I need yarn, mind you, but just the fact that it seems to call to me from the shelf--"buy me! Buy Me! BUY ME!" And if I don't listen to that initial call, the sound just sort of burns in my brain and causes all sorts of trouble later on down the road, with impulse purchases...if I just buy one skein of SOMETHING to snuggle and feel, I can usually get away with returning it to the shelf and then RUN NOT WALK out of the store just as fast as I can without going through withdrawal.

And let me tell you. Withdrawal is a painful process. Any true knitter will tell you. The ones who deny it are, denial or lying to you. Better check the freezer.


Because that is one of the places a yarnaholic will hide their newest purchases--oh, and watch for additions to your wine collection. Knitters are very often seen with wine--for those times when a project doesn't come together as it should--or for that first steek. Yes, I am aware.

And so, off to unload laundry and get back to the basement.

Wait..wait..hubby is out of bed and dressed, but is he prepared for the amount of work I plan to do in the next hour or so?


Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally, the Weekend

No one knows better than I do, how much I look forward to weekends. It's my favorite time of the week. No deadlines. No pressure. I can knit all weekend--if I don't care about clean clothes, I can be good to go. I don't usually sleep in like most people do, but the mornings, I can whip into a whirlwind and get a bazillion things done. Then knit in the later part of the day, and hubby says:

"So what are you going to do today?"

And I say:


And to myself I say:


Of course he thinks that I've been knitting all morning, and thinks I'm being lazy--yet, he's the one who usually sleeps in until 2pm--accomplishes zip and then doesn't want to do anything else for the rest of the day because he's so "tired".

I should get up in the morning and work on the bedrooms downstairs, but the beginning is such a mule-job. It would go much faster if the hubby would help. He might. I'm not about to count him out yet.

I have quite a bit done on the piggie pillow top--picture in the morning when I can get some good lighting. I have to lay it out on the table to settle it in properly, because it tends to pucker a bit--but for the most part, it's laying down well.

After that, I have a scarf to knit, and I might just take that (or more socks) along with me to the hospital when I take my mother in. She's having outpatient surgery on Monday. I'm not concerned. I expect she'll be just fine.

And to top it all off, I got a nice email from my ex-husband, who still thinks of me during the holidays, and kindly sends me good wishes from his end of the world...the trouble is he's still on THIS world. He can get off anytime.

You may understand the last paragraph as partly tongue-in-cheek, partly fantasy and wishful thinking.

You decide!

In the meanwhile, I have a Knitting 101 class to teach at the local JoAnn's Fabrics at the Frandor Mall--teaching cast on, knit, purl and bind off techniques. Just enough to get somebody interested in going a little farther--I have two students this time, maybe more, and I'm looking forward to it.

Piggie Pillow Begun Anew...

I have re-started the piggie pillow. Is it just me or am I a sucker for punishment? I'm already having difficulty getting this thing to lie down and behave, and I knit to gauge (or darn close to it) without knitting a swatch most times, so this gives me pause to simply shake my head.

I have already had to decrease an extra row, and still have to decrease.

So it's taking some time, laying flat and stretching it as I go. Perhaps I'll have to switch to a pink wool--

Where in the world am I going to find a pink wool?


I got a good night's sleep last night, and feeling all perky and such. I can't wait to get to the office and get today over with--tonight is Silver Bells in the City, a festive evening with songs sung around the newly lit Governor's Holiday Tree (ahem! It's a Christmas Tree--don't start with me! I just woke up and I'm grumpy!), a parade/light show and fireworks (for Christmas?) over the Lugnut's Oldsmobile Ball Park.

It's a scene from Horton Hears a Who! And all the little Whoville Who's are singing around their Christmas tree and it makes the grinch's heart grow.

Oh, who am I kidding?

Anyway, it's a festive time of season, and heralds in the holidays (like we needed notification of some sort to remember) with a veritable BANG. Frankly, this year, I could skip the holiday part--not because I'm a grinch or something like that, but because I simply would prefer to stay home and have people come VISIT ME instead of me running about like a headless chicken on my vacation, trying to get everyone in--in equal parts so no one feels left out--and let's face it..gas don't grow on trees anymore.

And with the Saudi King having to pay for that $200 million dollar Air Bus that he wrecked into the retaining wall--well, let's just say that the retaining wall works...gas is expected to go up more this coming week so that he can pay for his staff that made the Wacko's in the News on our local radio station!


I've no idea why my typing/writing has such an attitude this morning. Maybe I need a few more hours of sleep? It's hard to tell. I just know that I'm champing at the bit, mostly because tomorrow is Saturday, and the plan is to GET SOMETHING ACCOMPLISHED. And by that I mean, cleaning out my sewing/craft room, even though I now know that hubby's son isn't moving in until January. The coldest darn month of the year, and we're going to have a door open. Can't believe it. Again with the attitude...huh.

Maybe just a couple more minutes..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Exhausted AGAIN?

Well, I suppose my fault for not taking Lunesta last night, but how in the world am I supposed to know if I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night and not get back to sleep.

I've been awake since about 1 am. I can't sleep. Husband is snoring. LOUDLY. It's nearly time for me to get up, and only now do I feel like going back to bed, closing my eyes and getting some real SHUT EYE.

So I wrote my boss. I told him that I wouldn't be in today, but I will likely go in later, after I've had the chance to sleep. For now, however, I have to wait fro the alarm, which will go off in a few moments, and then I will put the dog out and feed her. Then I will retire again.

I hate these wakeful nights.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009




Dances With Foxes

Fox Faces, that is. I only have to kitchener and weave in the cast on ends, and I'll be ready to go!

Here's the pic before the kitchener...And sorry it's so fuzzy. I really must stop saving my pics so small!


And I set up my RAVELRY STORE!!!

Oh dear! I am so excited about that! My very very first in my whole life pattern. And it's all mine!

Remember, my little "Toasty Warm Hat"!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday Night Raw

Last night, I drove to my friend's house (Ray) to watch Monday Night Raw.

It was a less than optimal plan, since I knew that I would lose about 3 hours of necessary sleep--but I wanted to see The Hot Rod again so much that I threw caution to the wind.

I'm paying for it now, in the way of reduced productivity because I can't seem to think straight.

I am so tired that if you asked me how many toes I have, I'd likely have to actually count them to be certain--and I don't know if I can count that high successfully today. It's 40 right? Oh no--that's how many stitches are left on the needles right now for Fox Faces--as I'm decreasing off the toes.

So I expect that if I catch up on some sleep later this afternoon, I'll be able to finish them tonight.

THIS is a good thing, because while I love the color, and loved the knit, it's wearing me down a little. I'm ready for something different--I might have to pick up my fair isle sweater to work on something different.

It would be nice to finish that up too.

Christmas is coming. Santa is watching you! Look busy!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Tonight is a special night.

Tonight, I am driving to my friend's house (Ray) to watch FIGHT NITE! WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

Oh boy, oh boy! Can't contain the excitement over here, because my VERY MOST FAVORITE WRESTLER is on tonight---

You can't guess?


Because he's a piper mostly, and a red-blooded All American Boy-Man (I guess he's a man. I think he's like over 60 or something like that!), who fought the lovely Adrian (a fat guy who liked to dress up and wear makeup and sparkly stuff--and wore outfits 17 sizes too small that basically showed EVERY UNSIGHTLY CURVE! YUK!).

So he's going to be on tonight. I doubt he'll be actually wrestling anybody, but he might get into a scuffle, as he's been known to do--this last year with Santino, who liked to dress up in drag as Santina--another un-lovely--it makes me wonder if the Hot Rod would have liked Milton Berle much? :)

In any case, Ray is loading up on chips and dip and drinks to help us stay awake, because it's going to be a late night. I probably shouldn't do it on a work night, but I miss Hot Rod so much, and Ray watches this stuff like I watch Medium. He knows what's going on with the players all the time, and follows the magazines so that he can keep me apprized when the Hot Rod will be televised. You see, the man is retired for the most part, and only occasionally makes cameo appearances. They seem to be more frequent of late, and so it's important for me to find out if this will be a regular thing--

You see, I gave up cable, and lost Monday Night Raw--but if the Hot Rod is making a comeback, I want to be able to watch, and so, rather than get cable, I figure to buy a Recorder for Ray and teach him how to use it, so that he can record the episodes with Hot Rod for my viewing later. I'd do it now, but the timing is off.

But I'm all a-tither. I'm going to get something to eat soon, and then I'll be off to the races. Wish me luck driving Miss Daisy back home after midnight with all the deer spooked and running around.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Working Hard at Hardly Working..

Life sometimes deals you a blow where you simply cannot get on track no matter how hard you try. Today, my husband decided he would rather clean out our freezer of many freezer-burned items to make room in our freezers (yes, I didn't typo--I have 2 freezers), since his son is coming to live with us in a month or so.

Ah, okay. So where *does* he plan to sleep? With us?

No, he's taking over my sewing room. My quilting room. My knitting, yarn, books and crochet room. My wool room. My weaving room.

My storage room.

As you might guess, this room is similar to the disaster zone at ground zero on 9-11. It's an organized clutter, and I know where EVERYTHING is. Right now. God knows if I will remember where it is tomorrow or the next day. You know...things tend to roam about in the dark when you aren't there to watch it closely. That's why I keep most of my CURRENT projects close by. God help me if this stuff should start to breed.

But if it must, let it be the cashmere?

In any case I have to move the stuff from a 15' x 9' room into a 10'x10' room.

Plus about 10' x 10' that exists outside both rooms...and I look at the room that I am supposed to put all this valuable "stuff" into, and the room itself is stuffed full of HIS "stuff"...that has to come out, so that I can CLEAN and put down a RUG and SWEEP, and then I can move all my VALUABLE wares into this (god help me) little room!

How did this happen?

So, it's going to be a job that I need HIS help with, because HE has to do all the mule work. Now that's not a reference to his attitude (in other words, I'm not calling him an A$$) about the whole affair, but simply a reference to "HEY. YOU ARE STRONGER THAN ME. I EXPECT YOU TO MOVE ALL THIS HEAVY STUFF OUT OF HERE SO THAT I CAN GET SOMETHING ACCOMPLISHED!"

Needless to say, NONE of it got done this weekend. HE isn't motivated to do it. Well, if I must admit, neither am I. I am not looking forward to moving all my valuable stuff from it's home to another room that doesn't afford it any space to expand and breath. God help us all if it does inhale--

I had planned to work on it this weekend. No such luck. And because my "rhythm" was KINKED, nothing else got done, the vacuuming, the laundry, and I was going to wash my hand-crafted socks...well, I will be wearing store bought next week. All of the things I planned to do...hmm..what was that phrase? The best laid plans often go awry. Well, frankly, I'm going to chalk it up to "over scheduling". I am, after all, only one person. There is only two hands on this body and it can only do so much in a given day.

That's what I could do! I could take time off to work at home on all of this?

Sigh. That ain't happ'nin. Now that my husband is retired, staying home all day is no relaxing venture. Not that I'm complaining, you understand, but I enjoy little stretches of "silent time", when the house is completely quiet, and I can hear a pin drop on the carpet. The dog is asleep in her kennel. The cats have crawled under the blankets on the bed, and the television is off. My house literally RESTS now and then.

And today would have been a good day for my house to rest, FOR SURE. But sad to say, things were very hectic from the second my husband said

"Let's clean out the freezer."

Well, I can't just let that one go, now can I?

And so all the things that *I* planned to do today got put on the back burner.

Thankfully, the freezer job IS finished, and we can relax about that one for another, oh, five years or so. I found things in there that I'd forgotten completely about--a milk crate full of one pound packages of ground chuck--a sight that told me I wouldn't have to buy burger again probably for another year. OH! And there's that freezer jam we made two years ago. I wonder if it's any good?

Another treaure trove. The bad part was the food we had to toss out because it was freezer burned, and the smell was horrible. We started a package to thaw in the sink. The item that sat in his mother's freezer for years, and was now sitting in ours. We took it upstairs, completely uncertain of what it was, when hubby decides he wants rice and gravy for supper.

"Do we have a packet of gravy?" he asked.

"I don't believe we do, but what was that package thawing in the sink?" I reply.

"Idano." Was the answer.

"Well, open it up and see." So we did, and SURPRISE. It's gravy. Somehow I think the food gods are watching over us.

My Latest Hat!

Here's the best-est hat in the world!!!


Pattern is only $2--and it will be on Ravelry as soon as I'm approved for designer-ship! That's RIGHT! I'll soon be a designer! Aren't you THRILLED? I know I am! I can't wait to put up my next pattern, but I have no idea what the next one will be. What would YOU like to see me create? What sort of pattern would YOU like to work on? Leave me a message in the comments!

And another completed dishcloth from Monthly Dishcloths-November 2009. I haven't been busy at all!

Now what did I do with that fair isle sweater?????

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feeling Much Better

I am thinking that there was a buildup of Lunesta in my system. I didn't take any last night, slept pretty decently, and got up this morning with no issues (except a hot flash). I also loaded up with bottled water yesterday, and I'll do the same today, rather than drink too much Diet cola. Hubby is right again--I might have been dehydrated.

In the meanwhile, I finished half of another frou frou and started on the other half. This one is my favorite color (blue) and I really like it. This one might not go into my Christmas Gift Drawer, and be an accent to my own wardrobe--then again, perhaps not. It's very likely that I'll be able to get more of this stuff down the road after Christmas.

I had this crazy dream--working in close quarters with these two women who just didn't "get" me, but they were extremely rude anyway--talking about me and my family in the most derogatory terms with each other to the point where I had to complain to my boss, and when SHE didn't listen, I took to writing about them--in fact, I wrote a book where they were the two main characters, and they got in an accident with a semi truck and were both killed instantly.

Well, just saying...

But the dream started out with the semi accident, and ended up with me writing the book, so the "timeline" was all crazy. It was almost like one of Allison Dubois' dreams--because hubby noticed the other night that all her dreams happen in "the past"--she's never able to prevent someone getting killed. Like she says "It doesn't work like that." She gets "feelings" about things that have already happened. Well, quite honestly, so does the seasoned detective! The sleeping brain is a wonderful thing. It puts things together in "sleep state" that you might never have thought of or considered before. I have "psychic" dreams at night, too--especially those where you've misplaced something, and in your dream, you find it. The next morning, you go to that place, and Voila! There it is! Well, your BRAIN always knew when you put it there and why, and simply reminds you when you're in a relaxed state. When you're awake and stressed because you need it, the stress depresses the chemical that assists you in accessing that part of your brain that remembers things.

Do I believe in Allison Dubois? Do I think she might have a "gift"? Well, if she doesn't, she's getting very sick and delusional! Not a good combination in my book. However, I think it would be interesting to meet her and swap stories.

Well, it's getting to be time to take off for the office. I hope that I can keep myself busy today.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Morning's Drunk

Last night, after I took my Lunesta to sleep, I lay my little haid down on my soft, goose down pillow and closed my eyes.

Then the dog barked. I went to rise out of bed to put her outside for a wee potty, and ended up falling back into bed, overcome by a wave a vertigo that I couldn't rise AT ALL. It was as if I were glued to the bed. And when I turned over, the whole room turned over with me. I felt like I was in a bingo basket.

There was some nausea, but not enough to make me pay homage to the porcelain god. I just lay there, terrified to move!

When morning arrived, I got up to let the dog outside, and immediately fell on my butt woke up my husband (and he's pretty surly at 4:30 am...I'm just saying...) who woke up long enough to say

"What the He** is going on? What the He** are you doing? Why the He** are you on the floor?"

I'm just sayin'...

I got up and dusted myself off, let the dog out of her pen, fired back a few responses to Mr. Surly, and started out the doorway to the kitchen and the front door where I'd let the doggie outside...

I got as far as the fact, I ran into it. Talk about things that go "bump" in the night! This one goes "bump" in the morning!

I managed to navigate the kitchen, listing a bit to the left, and recovered slightly and let the dog out. Then I returned to bed and literally fell in. I told my husband there was something definitely wrong with me.

He told me to check my sugar, which was only slightly elevated, but still not HORRIBLE. I was not in danger in that way at least. Then Dr. Surly proferred that I might be dehydrated. I did drink a lot of caffeine when I got home, but pop has never affected me that way before. I can't imagine what it was, but the feeling followed me all morning long, until I finally rose from morning slumber at 9:45. Now I feel pretty much "normal". (Well, as normal as I CAN be.) Good enough to blog about it all, at least. And the doctor has left the house to work on some pipes at his mother's, so I'm pretty much by myself, and I seem to be doing okay. Still a little bit dizzy, and wondering if I got a different sort of pill in with my Lunesta---that maybe the drug company slipped me a mickey? I suppose I shouldn't write that, but you know, something happened to me after I took that pill--it was like it was stronger than the rest of the pills I've taken in the past. I wondered if I'd accidentally taken 2, instead of the 1 I normally need to take.

Whatever it was, the effects are still there (sort of), but not so worrisome as they were last night and this morning.

Except now I have a sore butt to add to all that...imagine that?


Blogger is having issues with folks servers over on the other side of the Great Pond--I've been wondering why email isn't nearly as voluminous lately. This must be the reason. I guess something happened on November 4th that has sparked a huge drop in the amount of accessible blog sites and email--and so I am catching up reading backlogged stuff from September and October...this is a good thing.

I had to update my antivirus software this morning. Not a terribly difficult job, but now it's scanning my computer. I likely don't have any issues (other than tracking cookies, which NOBODY can avoid), and I'm very happy with that. I don't traipse about on sites that are known virus hangouts (pornography sites, warez sites and the like) and I don't do Bit Torrent, and file sharing isn't something I do. So beyond email, it's rare for me to get a virus--I do get them now and then, but usually FIND them before they find ME, and that's also a good thing.

I've been working on "frou frou" scarves lately to pad my Christmas drawer with gifts. I've done 2 so far and a third is on the needles. JoAnn's had a sale on the yarn, so I bought 6 skeins--2 each of purple, yellow and blue in eyelash yarn. This is the stuff that if you were to cut a piece off and put a bit of glue on it, you could walk around with yellow lashes on your face (if you wanted to do that sort of thing). It's a fun knit, perhaps not the WARMEST yarn in the world, and will make a nice accent for an outfit, but it feels very much like plastic shopping bags when knit up. Pretty to look at. Adds some color. But not for to keep the chilly winds off your neck. I think your own hair would do a better job.

But they are fun, and an easy "I don't have to think too much in order to complete this" sort of project, and a small dalliance between more difficult projects, like socks and shawls. Because they are so mindless, I am able to get one done easily in a day--or a couple of evenings, if I keep at it. And so I'm doing the third one in as many days--and I am now so tired of frou frou that I want to SCREAM!

Oh, I'm sorry--did you hear that?

Anyway, work at the office is caught up and today is a holiday (Veteran's Day, I guess). I see the reason for a special day, and I remember friends and family, some who passed in the war, some who came home and died later, and some who are still alive but I almost never see. I consider all those who have given their lives to help keep us free so that we enjoy the benefits of a free society, and thank you to all those who have served this country in that manner. Sincerely. I don't want to get maudlin about the whole affair, but I did want to mention, since my husband's best friend was a Merchant Marine, and veteran. Bud died about 4 years ago, and we both still miss his twinkly eyes and smile.

There is a new adventure on the horizon, and that is that Hubby's son is thinking about moving into our basement. Basement cold....upstairs only SOMETIMES warm. It doesn't seem like the best option for him right now. Every time I think about it, I hearken back to when he was in high school, and we had that fight over the broke my heart (and his dad's) when he decided to move back in with his mother, which was a completely unreasonable response (his not mine), but there was no way to work it out, and he being a teenager, of course decided that since we would not cater to his every whim--that maybe his real mommy would treat him better.

And so now he's asking (9 years later, and a grown man going to college). I'm skeptical about the entire thing. Hubby seems okay with it. I would be, except he's had a taste of "being on your own", and I remember that going to live with mom and dad after living my own life NEVER worked. I REALLY DON'T NEED MY HEART BROKEN AGAIN.

How is it that little birds return to the nest over and over like that? I've seen lots of situations where people get divorced and go live with their parents again, and it's such a horrible experience. Funny how I dreamed about a little birie last night. Strange even. I suppose both are tied together--I should pull a card on it...

So I do
9 of cups, entitled "Stability"

Well, that's a good sign. I see this as a good thing perhaps--especially or hubby--since he really has no idea what to do with himself over these last months, and has been at odds over it--maybe having his son there, available to chat during the day when he gets bored and lonely, while I'm away at the office, will afford our family unit the stability it sometimes lacks with hubby's moods. I think that's how I'm going to read it, anyway. If I can just keep my nose out of it, maybe it will work out for the two of them. Who knows?

Well, it's time I got after the task of cleaning the kitchen. It's been on my task list for a while now. Everyone have a nice holiday (if you have one), and if you don't have one, please remember our servicemen and women in Afghanistan and other places around the world. Thanks!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Having Forgotten How to Do Cables...

I actually forgot how hard it is to work cables with a cable needle.

You see, I don't do them that way anymore. I do cables without a cable needle. I put my right hand needle tip into the stitches I want crossed, and pull all off the left hand needle (be it 2, 4 or 6 stitches) then I snag up the "dropped on purpose stitches" with my left hand needle, and return the crossed ones to the left hand needle, and then I knit them.

If I want a right crossed cable, I do that maneuver from the front.
If I want a left crossed cable, I do that maneuver from the back.

It never fails me. The "dropped" stitches don't have any tension on them, and so they just sort of "hang there" in mid air until I pick them back up again.

I really like this way of doing cables, and I've been doing it that way for a long while now.

So while teaching, imagine my surprise when I find out that I'm having difficulty and looking like a complete idiot with a cable needle?

I actually thought I was about to lose the faith of my student there for a while, until I admitted freely that I hadn't been doing cables with a cable needle for like forever--

And when I showed her the "easier way", and when she TRIED the "easier way", she was so tickled for learning such an advanced knitting technique that I thought she might fall out of her chair! I even showed it to the boss, and she was thrilled to learn it herself.

It was fun, seeing the happy glow in her face after she completed her second cable that way, and I'm certain that our knitting sisterhood will go on for years as she works on her next project.

Later in the evening, I also taught a granny square class. I had two students for this, and so things are looking up. I can't share the pattern, of course, but it's a nice square, and I'm considering creating a lap-ghan for our house out of the blocks. They are quite a bit larger than the cotton dishcloth blocks that I'm making--so the "ghan" won't take so many squares...maybe twelve tops. So now I have to stash bust to find the "right colors" for it. I really think that I'd like to make one in the colors that one of my students used. I think it looked very "christmassy", and I'm starting to get into the mood for creating something that will lay about the house that exudes a "christassy" attitude.

My mother's birthday is today. I drove to her house to wish her a happy birthday, have cake and give her a new dishcloth (the log cabin from Monthly Dishcloth's Yahoo Group), and a SnowFlake Scarf to wear when it gets cold outside. She thought the beaded scarf was just beautiful. She said that the cloth would go on her counter and never be used to wash dishes.



So to get beyond being exhausted, I started a frou-frou scarf made out of eyelash yarn. One skein turned out to be insufficient for the scarf, so I started a second skein. I should have it finished by the end of the evening.

And I'm also teaching on the internet using Yahoo Messenger to a friend in California. At present, she's knitting feverishly away on a mitten using magic loop technique I taught her on a hat, and so she is learning a lot along the way. This is on the way toward teaching her how to do socks, two at a time, using magic loop....which is her next lesson. First, cuff down, and then toe up.

That should be fun.

And I took a nap today. I've never been good about working on the weekend, but these knitting classes are just too fun to "feel" like work--even so, my body knows and tells me when I've overdone--and I've definitely overdone today. So I rested. Now I have to get going and make supper so that my husband won't go hungry.

As Continue from Yarn Harlot's Blog...

Yarn Harlot has been blogging about brazzieres.

I must agree with her (and laugh right along with her) when she rants about these contraptions that are only meant to be prisons for parts of our anatomy that just don't behave! The single most uncomfortable piece of rude awakening, stress inducing clothing ever made by..

A man.

Yes, you knew that didn't you?

Well, now a days, there are bra specialty stores.

You knew that too? Oh, I've got you now.

In addition to places like Victoria's Secret--and if I may borrow a quote--the secret is that only people under 30 can wear them--there are other, more sophisticated stores that cater to the well-to-do and the well endowed who couldn't fit one breast into Victoria's Secret, let alone two!

And my thought ran to possible names for these sorts of places, albeit, rather tongue in cheek, as well as some really legitimate names...

The FRONT room.
Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder's and Misc.
Uplifters R Us
Bras that FIT

Okay, it's a short list, but you get the idea. There are places where you can walk in, and the store owner knows your size the second you walk in! It's like going to a tailor, and they know what size underwear you wear. The use of a measuring tape is really just for show to prove to you that they know what they are talking about.

"You're not a 51DD! You're a 47C!"

Which is an amazing boost to the ego, when you're trying to lose weight! It makes you feel like you've actually accomplished something...what we don't realize is that when women diet, their breasts get small because they are mostly..yes, you can say it...FAT.

And it's awful when your husband says "Hey! How come? Weren't they just fine yesterday?"

Well, there you go. Need I say more?

------(divider to show I'm changing the subject now, so ya'll switch gears)

My first class went really well. I had lots of time for the instruction. The student caught on well, and I believe that due to my efforts, we've added another to the knitting flock. (insert wicked laugh here). Today, I'm going back to the store, and I have ANOTHER student and two classes to teach. The one on one instruction is great, because you can really spend time with a person and really answer their questions. I would REALLY love to have 2 or 3--even 4 or 5 in the class, and perhaps when I start teaching more advanced stuff, I will get the opportunity. For now one or two is fine.

I have yet to prepare for the class with the sample, but that will knit up/crochet up in no time. I look forward to it, with the same trepidation as my first class...which apparently caused my system undue stress (meaning the stress over the anticipation was totally unnecessary), and had me in the bathroom every couple of hours yesterday--ALL DAY. I know...TMI. What can I say? This blog is most often about my real life--which makes me laugh, even if it irritates you.

In fact, I might even giggle about you being irritable!

Just kidding.

Work on Fox Faces is coming along nicely. I've turned the heel, and now working down the foot. I have two repeats of the pattern done--I need to do six more...then it's off to the toes I go. I will soon be done with these sox. After that, a pair for my son for Christmas.

But not much knitting on the sox today or tomorrow--unless I take them with me, which I could. I've got the classes today and my mother's birthday tomorrow. So the weekend is completely full. Hubby will spend his day at his mother's I bet. That way he will get fed.

Well, I'm going to get started on the class samples. Wish me LOTS OF LUCK. And I do mean LOTS.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


YAY! I got the job.

Now to be fair, I'm going to start out small, and teach Knitting 101 for a while, get my feets wet (don't worry, I'll take off my socks), and maybe spread around a little cheer. In the meanwhile, I might make some new friends and make a little extra "lettuce" for the Christmas season.

My first night is Thursday (ALREADY?). I'll have just one student, but that will make things cozy and friendly. One on one teaching always works best for the student. But again, I'm getting my feet wet.

So I have all these cool ideas and things to test! Much reading to do--although I know the subject matter very well, there's always that odd question that you can't seem to answer...I will do my very best to be prepared so that I get a good review, and called back again very soon.

In the meantime, I have swatches to make. Just some things to "spark" the imagination. I'm very excited about all this. Can you tell?

So I haven't gotten much done on my socks today. Most of my lunch hour was spent in interviewing and driving. I did manage to stop in to McDonald's and grab a bite before heading back.

Oh, and the interviewer said she took a look at my blog and really liked what she saw. Okay, to be completely honest she said she found it "interesting".

Did I put a tarot reference on yesterday's post?? This mornings? Yes, I do believe that I did. Well, as you can see, the 10 of cups "Reward" was right.

So I pull another, inquiring about how things will go tomorrow at class...

Well, this is interesting. I pull The Queen of Wands, reversed. Titled "Illumination" it seems to suggest that I will need to work very hard and prepare diligently because things may not go according to Hoyle--that I might have difficulty explaining terms or being understood, or that I'm not as connected to my art as I believe, and I'm just not going to be able to present the subject matter in an "enlightening"way.

Time will tell. In the meanwhile, I have to read a BUNCH! Then eat, then knit. It's going to be a very long night.

Nervous? ME?

Not me.
Okay, maybe me.

Today, I'm supposed to interview for the Sock Knitting Teacher position at JoAnn's. I am wearing my comfortable clothing--read that Jeans and Sweater--but the sweater is made out of the big ball of Rainbow Boucle Swing Sweater from Berroco's free pattern website. I'm wearing his sweater because the yarn is SOLD at JoAnn's. I'm hoping it will cinch the deal, and I'll get to teach some sock knitting!

But Miss Kitty (AKA Sherise) wants to jump in my lap, and I just can't afford to get cat hair all over me before an interview. It will be NICE to be able to GET the job--but if I don't get it, I won't cry.


So I'm fretting and stewing a bit--even though I turned the 10 of cups last night. Entitled "Reward" the lower edge had flowers between he rocks of all different colors, and looked like my floral sox--and there was green and blue and white in the card, and yellow...

So I stuffed one of every sock I've ever made into a plastic grocery bag for review by the interviewer. I did not, however, add my purple flurp socks, as they have worn heels and need to be darned.

Darn it.

It's okay. I have a little extra Cherry Tree Hill left in that purple colorway, and I will fix them soon.

In the meanwhile, I expect that if my dress doesn't impress, my socks SHOULD, and that might put me over the top. I hope.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sock Progress-To the Heels!

Fox Faces is coming along. I just finished the heel flap. It's called a honeycomb flap--done on an odd # of stitches, sl1 k1 on row 1, sl 1 p across on row 2, sl 2 k1 sl1 k1 on row 3, and row 4 is a repeat of row the slipped stitches do not "line up", and what you get is a honeycomb instead of furrows. I think it's a pretty heel. I've used it before on my Mini Mochi Socks.


The Back


The front


The heel flap


Nobody believes me when I tell them that my cat always looks ticked off when I take a picture of him. I have tried MANY times. Chat is very photogenic, and generally stands still for the camera--unless something else grabs his attention. Even so, every shot I take, he looks like he's drunk or just totally grouchy.


Tomorrow, I get to interview with the staff at JoAnn's Fabric and Crafts store for a job as a sock knitting teacher. I'm taking in all my favorite sox--including those which are on the needles now, for review by the interviewer. If I get the job, it could mean a little extra Christmas money, which I'm going to need--especially since my husband is taking my payroll to pay for our supply of corn, which we will heat with this winter. This is a yucky option. I will be making a fair number of my Christmas gifts otherwise, and I think my son might like some hand-made socks. Perhaps I'll make him socks out of the grey I purchased at JoAnn's the other day?

Well, it's time for bed for me. Wish me GREAT LUCK at my interview tomorrow. I will let you know how it turns out!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Teaching R Us...

I'm teaching a friend of mine in California how to knit a la magic loop over the (get this) INTERNET. Yes, I'm teaching someone, using Yahoo! Messenger, the techniques involved to begin knitting socks. Right now, I have her learning how to push and pull the needles to work circularly by knitting a simple hat. When she gets the technique down, I'll have her do a cast on and practice knitting from the cast on--I find them very fiddly with magic loop--so when I started, I asked her to begin with straight needles, to give the work a little "hang weight", then to put the article on the "loop", and taught her the technique. She tells me she's going along famously, and so--for my next trick...I'm going to teach her knitting from the cast on for magic loop, and have her start ONE MITTEN. Then she can knit up the second. And the learning goes on from there to "Two socks on One Circular", but I don't want to scare her into submission, because I know she reads my blog.

I think it's just fantastic that I can live in Michigan, she can live in California, and I can still teach her to knit socks using magic loop. I just thing it's amazing!

I'm also thinking about getting a webcam--so that we can webernet--or video chat. That might be interesting. I wonder how much one of those costs? I might stop at Best Buy and check them out.

In the meanwhile. I have to prepare for another class!

Sunday, November 1, 2009