Thursday, February 25, 2010

Contest Tank

I worked on the contest tank last night. I fiddled with an applied I-cord for an hour or more before finally going to the web to remind myself how to do it.

I managed to get both armholes done, but I have to kitchner the left side armhole together and bury the ends.

The end result is gorgeous, and a technique I will use in the future, so I'm taking notes for my little journal.

I'll be working on the neckline today, saving the kitchner for when I am home.

I also found the perfect rosebud to embroider in the trellis for accent to give the top a bit of color so it's not so plain. I still have to figure out the rose spray for the shoulder (a little testing needed for that), and then it will be blocking time. Afterward, time to take the picture, fill out the application and turn in my submission a full month, I expect before the time is up.
The closer I get to being done with the knitting, the more excited I get about the possibility of winning!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well, I finished my socks, and I am so done with socks for the moment that I could just scream.

Nevermind that they self-striped all the way to the heel flap and then, without warning, changed color!

I had to do some pretty fancy footwork to fix that and get back to the striping, but I couldn't do it on the heel. The second the heel was finished, though, I reconnoitered the yarn so I could work the stripes again.

The end result is the socks are identical on the front and back--except for the heels.

I also ran out of yarn a half inch into the toe decreases, so I had to buy another skein of the yarn. I managed to get this section to match up well, too. Next time when I use Paton's Kroy, I will work a 7" leg, instead of an 8" leg--that should allot enough yarn for splicing from knots and give tha small balance I need for the toes.


Now the intention is to finish up the contest sweater and get pics and mail them out.

Now would be a good time to own a dress form.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sox...and Cat Bed Redux...

I'm a little surprised. I have actually attained the heel flap on these sox that seem to be taking forever to knit--however, while the sox have self-striped their way evenly down the leg, the second I started the heels, I found that the skeins are suddenly, and inexplicably, fraternal.


I have no guesses. There was no knot. The skein was going along quite well, and very identical, until the heel flap. I have no explanation.

So I'm making pizza.

In the meanwhile, my long-haired cat was caught in the act..


And yes, she is a did you guess?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Silly Little Baby Hat

I decided to demo at JoAnn's today. I took along the baby hat, thinking I would buy a pom pom maker to make a pom for the top of it, and then drop it in the basket for the supervisor to display on the wall for the March/April offerings for classes. Instead, I set up my little table and chair and my knitting in front of the yarn area of the store, and set up flyers and my little hat on the table, along with the "We Teach" advertising. I grabbed the pom maker, made a pom and attached it, and proudly displayed my little masterpiece standing up as cute and as proud as could be.

It really is an adorable little hat.

Then I pulled out my ever-present socks and started to knit using magic loop.

Presently, a young father and his 3-month old daughter wheeled by with a store cart, and the father picked up the little hat, and smiled. Shortly after, he brought around his wife to look at the hat as well.

"Oh, that's pretty cute! Will that fit a 3-month old?"

To which I replied that I didn't know, and could we just try it out and see if it could be placed on the head without waking the young child in the car seat, who was clearly sound asleep, warm and comfortable....

Ah, no. Far too small for a 3-month old--to which I rather sighed and lay the little hat back down on the table. The child, lovely little girl, remained asleep. Lovely, because she didn't wake during the endeavor, take one look at me, and begin squalling.

I have that effect on children these days. It didn't used to be that way. Perhaps my appearance has changed from youthful motherhood to old crone? I can only suppose. But when I look at myself in the mirror--even when I'm at my worst....

Okay, who am I trying to kid? There are times when I look at myself in the mirror in the morning and run screaming into the hills. There are other times, when I look, and I actually startle myself--as if "who the is that?"

So the hat is newborn sized--maybe even preemie. I resolved to make one slightly larger so that a 6-month old could wear it, as the picture in the advertising communicates. This means adding stitches--which I went from 60 to 72. I also used bamboo needles instead of the Susan Bates Aluminum dpns. The hat is turning out quite a lot bigger, and now looks like it will fit MY head, instead of my fist. Okay, I exaggerate. It looks like it will fit a child's head just fine. The patterning of the self-striping yarn isn't turning out quite a spiffy as the little hat turned out, but lightning never strikes twice in exactly the same spot. Same goes for knitting, I guess. I'm going to have the check the size of the aluminum needles I used, because the pattern calls for a size 7, and the aluminum seemed smaller, while the bamboo seemed so much larger. The stitches are larger with the bamboo needles, too. So I am wondering if I'm using the right size needles, either then (last night) or now.

I waited most of the day for hubby to show up and go to lunch with me. I asked him to meet me just before I left. I clearly heard him say "Uh, huh". Of course, he was horizontal in BED at the time, even though it was nearly 11am! By the time I left JoAnn's it was almost 5pm! So I called.

"What happened to you?"

"What do you mean 'what happened to me'?"

"You were supposed to come to town and meet me for lunch!"


"Yes, I asked you this morning! I poked you, and you stirred, and I told you, and you said 'Uh, huh."

"I don't remember doing anything of the sort!"

"I see. Okay. Nevermind then."

"Bring something home for supper."

"Uh huh."

I considered feigning ignorance of the conversation when I got home, but since I was vertical at the time, I thought better of it. I was horribly low on sugar, and a bit on the hungry side, I stopped at McD's and picked up a number 2 for me and a number 3 for him. We ate, but it wasn't very satisfying. I made chocolate pudding shortly after, which seems to have become a regular staple in our diet, nearly as important as protein.

Afterward, I was so exhausted, that I couldn't keep my eyes open, and decided to take a short nap. (Of course, this exhaustion is due to my not eating for over 7 hours, and then "carbing out" this McD food, but I digress.) Short nap turned out to be a 6 hour nap. It's now 11pm, and I'm pretty much wide awake, as hubby snores behind me.

Morning isn't due for several hours, and I really should try to go back to sleep. The thought that I have a good deal of knitting yet to do on the larger hat is calling me, and I wonder if I should head to my knitting chair and work on it. The urge isn't one of those critical "hurry up" type of urgings, like the sound of the ambulance on it's way to the hospital, but more of a siren song, soft and tantalizing, the tender prompt of a lover's voice.

Hmm...perhaps hubby needs to wake up?

Nah! Let sleeping hubbies lie.

I'm going to go see what I can do in my knitting chair. Bye!

Hello, Saturday!

No class to teach today or tomorrow (ratz!), so I'm staying home pretty much. I walked out to the livingroom to find this:


If you look closely, you'll see that there is CAT HAIR in the bed. So they are actually using it, but just never when I have the camera ready.

Sneeky little lint lickers!

Then, as I was passing my cat box, something lept out into my hands, and so I carefully lay it on the coffee table and took a pic...


Cute baby hat, doncha think? This is the knitting pattern for the class at JoAnn's for the month of March and April.


It has a squared off top, which I'm going to make a little pom for it--which should set it off cuter still. I think that the self striping yarn did a really good job, don't you? Knitting this pup took all the patience I had in me, as the yarn wraps around itself (it has 3 different colors which aren't cut off until the hat is practically done), so there was much tangling and swearing.

I have enough yarn to make 20 of these. I think that, since my own family is apparently never going to have babies, that I will opt to give baby hats to the hospital for newborns to wear home. Cool idea? First I have to calm down from all the tension from knitting it, though.

Another project on the horizon--another child sweater, this time in the local college colors, with buttons that I will be making myself out of covered buttons. The fabric will be treated, then ironed to freezer paper, cut to 8.5 x 11 and run through my printer.

The college? Well, this should give you a clue.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Learning Twined Knitting

Well, last night, was Woolgatherer's night, and I learned something new. I learned that I'm doing twined knitting wrong. Which is too bad, because the right way is slower and it twines up the yarn into mangled little bits that are more frustrating to work with than simply allowing the ball to unwind from all the yarn twisting.

Here's why:

Store-bought yarn is plied in a certain direction. Spinners, like myself, call this twist an S-Twist. When doing twined knitting with store bought yarn, if you knit the way you should in twined knitting, (that is to say, twisting the back yarn over the top of the front yarn as it presents on the back of the work during the execution of the knit stitch) the yarn plies untwist. Therefore, you must spin a Z-twist yarn (or yarn that is spun in the opposite direction of store bought yarn) so the plies will not come apart and "re-ply" together along the length of yarns coming off the ball.

This does not necessarily make a store bought ball of yarn unusable, however.

Simply twist the yarns in the reverse direction (back yarn UNDER front as it presents on the back of the work), and the yarns will not unply. They will still twist around each other, which can be undone by allowing the ball to dangle. For a purl stitch, you would also work the yarn in the opposite direction--rather than back under front, you would work back OVER front, which is slightly more difficult to execute.

The change in twining (over to under) causes a tighter stitch, I think, which comes out looking as if the stitch is knit in the wrong direction--as if you wrapped the yarn around the needle incorrectly--causing the stitch to be mounted incorrectly, but it's not impossible to knit as an incorrectly mounted stitch would be.

Now, I realize that for many of my readers, all of this chatter about plies and twisting yarn and technical jargon is probably very boring to you, but if you ever step out into the world of knitting by other cultures and how they knit over the many years of the past, and all the techniques that are still out there, but FAR less well known, this information may be valuable to you. For others less so. I just thought it should be said, otherwise, knitters might never try twined knitting for the lack of Z-twist yarn and the frustration of trying to work twined knitting with yarn that simply falls apart at the needle, but wraps around itself between your hand and the ball--which is HORRIBLY FRUSTRATING (ask me how I know).

Of course, there is value in learning to spin and making your own yarn---

I'm just sayin'!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lost in Bloggerland...

The continuing saga of our heroine, still trying to catch the cat sleeping in the cat bed...

Yesterday, one cat was sitting inside it, but must have just woke up from a nap. By the time I got out my camera...yet again, another empty cat bed.

Guess they're just shy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cat Bed Finished!

I finished the cat bed. I laid it on the table. I put a cat in it.

Cats don't like to be PUT, you know?

So no picture with the cat in it--


But the lunatic knitter will catch the cat sleeping in the cat bed at some point.



Okay, Okay! Stop laughing! I know it looks like a silly french beret!

The pattern was easy peasy...start with ch4. Join w sl st to form a ring, 6 sc in ring.

Row 2: Add green, 2sc in each sc. 12 sts.
Row 3: Add white, *1sc in next sc, 2sc in next sc. Repeat from * around 18 sts.
Row 4: Add green, *1sc in next 2sc, 2sc in next sc. Repeat from* around 24 sts.

Continue in this pattern until you have *1 sc in next 13 sc, 2sc in next sc. (that's 15 sc in each pie wedge).

Crochet around evenly 2 rows with green.

Next row: 1sc in next 13 sc, 2scdec in next 2 sc (2sc dec=bring up a loop in first sc, bring up a loop in second sc, yo through all three loops on hook).

Next row: 1sc in next 12 sc, 2scdec in next 2 sc.

Work 2 rows even.

Next row: 1 sc in next 6sc, 2scdec in next 2 sc, *sc in next 11sc, 2scdec in next 2 sc. Repeat from * around until you get to the last white pinwheel stripe.

Work 1 row even.

Next row: 1 sc in next 5 sc, 2scdec in next 2 sc, *sc in next 10sc, 2scdec in next 2 sc. Repeat from* around until you get to the last white pinwheel stripe.

Work 1 row even.

Next row: Slip stitch in each sc to firm up the top rim. Weave in ends.

Lay on the table in your cat's favorite place. Place a cat treat there. Hide around the corner and wait for the photo op.



Sunday, February 14, 2010

Contest Sweater

Well, everything is done to the underarms, and I finished binding off the front shoulders this evening. Tomorrow, I will be working on the back shoulders, and then all that will be left is the finishing and embellishments. Then I can turn it in to the contest.

I'm so excited!

While I was at JoAnn's demonstrating today, I saw a woman walk past me, and I thought...hmm...that looks like...and just as I was thinking that, she turns around and says "You look so familiar! Do I know you?" And the second she started talking, I knew it was her, and I said,

"Yes, absolutely you know me, and I know're ." To which she replies

"You're right, but I can't remember your name"...and she seemed to think a beat, and then out pops my name!

Well, we spent a few minutes catching up, and I invited her to Spin Day at Linda's, and well, it's just going to be so much fun tomorrow, because I have the day off, and I get to reconnect with girlfriends past and present. I used to work with this person, until I moved into a different position (where I'm still working) then she retired, and we lost touch. So it was great catching up!

So, Carolyn, hope to see you tomorrow! And I also hope to have the main thrust of the sweater done before spin day, because I do want to spin and ply up that green yarn so that I can knit something with it!

Dudes! This is going to be so cool!

Sweater Class and Katrina Redux..

Please NOTE: Yarn Harlot will be in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday, March 13 at the Detroit Public Library on Woodward Avenue at 1pm.

I taught my child sweater class yesterday as one 4-hour class. Boy, was that a trip! The student decided to work the large size, and I decided to work the smallest size, this time with ruby red and a sort of mottled brown and beige--not really variegated, but more like "spotty"--anyway, I got both fronts done (except for the button band) and the back is half done.

The student got the left front done. That's just due to size difference, not because she had any trouble that someone else (me) wouldn't have.

I did explain what's going to come next to my student, and I believe that she understood what I was saying, and we had my last sweater as an example to show "how it's done", but I'm pretty sure that I'll be getting a call when she gets stuck--especially since she works there with me.

I purchased Elton, The Sheep-Amigurimi pattern from DeliciousCrochet. What a cute pattern! I'll have to crochet him up soon. I printed the pattern today...

I also bought some black and some white eyelash yarn for a scarf. Think Skunk, people! I'm a little divided on how I'm going to accomplish the scarf, but the yarn will sit in stash until I finalize the idea in my mind. I am sort of toying with a vertical stripe, or at the very least, diagonal--perhaps even zig zag--

I also purchased a pattern off Loopy Ewe from Born to Knit. Her Kerbits Mittens are so adorable, and I love the Pennsylvania Dutch patterning. The pattern will come in the mail, which is really ODD, considering the immediate nature of internet downloading--and makes the pattern cost more, which is VERY undesirable. Still, I ordered it. Loopy needs to get with the program and stop charging for shipping and start using the internet to its maximum effectiveness.

On Entertainment Tonight on Friday, Gary Coleman ranted pretty blue (IMHO) about the people in Haiti, spouting facts about Baton Rouge, and how the people there have been pretty much forgotten, and how long since Katrina?

Well, Gary Coleman has pretty much lost my vote with his comments there. I was sick and tired of the Katrina stuff within a few days of the flood, myself--not so much the news coverage, which I can live with, but the apathy and the "gimme" attitude--as if the rest of our country owed these people who truly suffered, I'll be the first to admit; but were constantly shifting the blame. As far as I'm concerned, I believe that the mayor was at fault--it was his responsibility to have the emergency relief in place, and it wasn't there. The government KNEW, and the people KNEW that the levees were not being maintained in favor of other projects--the state departments were responsible, because they KNEW that the levees needed repair and that they would not withstand Katrina. And the people were at fault for not getting their butts out of there. They had plenty of time. They literally watched Katrina on their televisions and didn't


Now, people, listen to me, I'm the sort of person that if I see danger on the horizon, I will RUN! Just as fast and as far as my little legs and my fear of dying will carry me--and I don't need a car or a bus or a train--just a good dose of adrenaline! So don't think me a hard-bottom because I have no further sympathy for people who were videoed sitting on the curb with their hands out saying "you owe me". I'm simply out of sympathy for people who display that sort of attitude.

So they all go to the "dome", and WHAT A MESS! No one cleans up after themselves. Good grief. It makes you wonder how they lived when they HAD a home--know what I mean?

On the other hand, the people of Haiti HAD NO WARNING. There was no telecast telling them that an earthquake was about to hit, not having had one for 4 generations--I would think the fact that they were sitting on top of a fault line would be pretty much forgotten...even in a verbal history sort of society. No warning equals you have no time to run away...and for that, I think a country deserves a little help. Beyond that, you don't see Haitian people sitting on a curb with their hands out, saying "You owe me" either. They are all involved in rebuilding for themselves and each other--and to be fair, many of Katrina's victims were involved in their own rebuilding--but too many were looking out for themselves only--for #1. And Everyone Else came in second after their own needs were met. To me, that's pretty selfish. And if the offering wasn't quite up to their own individual concept of the American Dream, there was much P & M'ing...for those who don't know what that is, call it crying in your beer.

So along comes FEMA with their trailers, or small mobile homes, which certainly isn't adequate for living long term, but was never meant to be for living for long term. Yet the folks who got them decided they WERE and many haven't moved beyond that point either. Gotta love that kind of dedication. And so there has been a fair amount of P & M'ing about the FEMA trailers. Well, as far as I'm concerned, they were lucky to get them--there were plenty more who DIDN'T get one. AND they were FREE.

My mother taught me that beggars can't be choosers. Perhaps that's why this behavior irritates me so much. You probably won't get what you beg for, but be GLAD for what you got. And let's face it, you GET what you PAY FOR. If it's FREE, then you have no room to complain!

Seems to me, that the rest of the citizens of the United States put out for the people of Baton Rouge, who admittedly brought this disaster onto their own heads by deciding to live next to the sea, in a big hole that actually sits BELOW SEA LEVEL.

Is that a new concept for you? I simply see that as the BEGINNING OF STUPIDITY. Even Jesus Christ told his followers "Don't build your house on it on the rock." Well, don't build your house in a city that is bound to flood eventually, either! Homes are supposed to be built on a hill for just such a reason! Nevermind the literal vs allegorical translation--if the area is known to be dangerous--don't go there! Stay safe! Keep your family safe! That seems to me to be the beginning of smart thinking for your family!

It disgusts me how the disaster was handled before it ever happened. I feel that the people had time to get out. I feel that the government was responsible at the local and state level, and that everyone sat on their collective waiting for the federal government to bail them out, and then complained about it when it DID happen. Altogether a complete mess, that nobody wanted to be responsible for, and frankly the buck should have stopped at the people in the area themselves. Sadly, they let each other down.

So there you go. I guess it was a little longer than I originally intended, but there was a good deal to say, I guess.

OFF TO KNIT! You know, it strikes me quite funny that I could rant on and on about that, then suddenly decide to go or do elsewhere, and the mood just shifts immediately. Go figure!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Long Awaited...

Okay, I've promised and promised, and now it's Saturday, and I still haven't blogged about it, nor have I posted pictures--but here goes nuthin'.

Remember I talked about this contest sweater--well of course, it's all top secret, so I can't tell you (or show you) yet about it. Yes, I cast on. Then I find out I have two VASTLY different dye lots, and well, it was a mess. I did, however, find more of one of the dye lots at Hobby Lobby, and bought all they had of it--FIVE more skeins. Then it was rip city, all the way back to the lace, and then re-knit in the new colorway. Project is moving along smoothly now, and I have but one decrease to go before I can knit even to the underarm. I have approximately 7 inches knit so far, and it looks quite lovely.

Today, (and tomorrow) I'm teaching another child sweater. I purchased some variegated cream/brown and ruby red Deborah Norville yarn for this project. I'll be making the middle size this time for my granddaughter. I'll make the sweater a bit differently than the instructions tell me to, but that's sort of my way these days. I get these ideas, you know? How to do it faster. Easier. Perhaps makes it look a LOT nicer--basic finishing type stuff. I also got some cream and green, and plan to make an MSU sweater. I'll have to find some Spartan buttons, but otherwise, it's a project in my mind. Not even on PAPER yet.

Tomorrow, after class, I'm driving to Howell to pick up a rug hook. My girlfriend has finally talked me into trying it. I found a supplier for wool at Keen's in Mason, and so I'm going to take the plunge.

I got a new television for the bedroom the other day. Hubby has to study, and having the television on in the livingroom is simply an invitation to watch (sound or no), so I can't watch in there. The television in the livingroom is too big to cart from room to room, so I got a small one for the bedroom. I knit most of the night in bed. Not very comfy, quite honestly, and I might have to move things around to get some sort of chair in here...or not. There's not a lot of room in here once you consider the bed takes up more than half the room!

I sold the multi-colored baby sweater to a friend for her great-granddaughter. That will go in the mail, oh, probably at some point today. UPS is just down the block from work, so I'll get a box and package it up and UPS it out.

Last week, my friend Ray and I went to a concert at the MSU Wharton Auditorium. Of course, it had to do with bagpipes, drums and brass. The Irish and the Scottish Guards of the Queen's Own Highlanders. Some pictures (very blurry because it's a camera phone and not meant for dark rooms!)


Here's with the drummers just coming to the front for the drummer's fanfare--which was EXCELLENT, and really had my toes tapping and my heart skipping. There was lots of tricky stuff--backsticking, passing the sticks back and forth between players and more. They would change to a different manner of play in the middle and I was shouting "Yeah! Go, boys, go!" Practically the entire time. Hey, it was DARK! Who's gonna recognize me in daylight? OH! HUSH!


A very blurry bagpipe band--the tune was ending, and I was trying to get a picture with the drum major (the guy in front with what looks to be holding a golden bow) lifting his mace to end the tune-so I was in a bit of a hurry--and hence the blurry--but I did get the action of the mace, which surprises me.


Handsome, isn't he? Even with Red-Eye! This is one of the tenor drummers--he tells me that they use Tyler Fry's drumsticks, but cut them down shorter to reduce the vibration of the stick shaft which carries into the wrist and forearm and causes tendinitis. Well there you go. Almost of year of physical therapy could have been avoided with a Saws-All. Go figure. The look of him makes me consider...well, maybe not. He's probably half my age. But he was very kind, very nice, soft-spoken and sweet. Not too bad on the eyes, either.

There were more pics, but these were the best of the lot. I hope that you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed the show.

Now, off to take a shower and prepare for work, then I can sit and knit on the contest piece.

Friday, February 12, 2010

In Search Of...

The perfect cup of coffee?

Well, if you like flavored coffee, I can whole-heartedly recommend this stuff--it's pretty great!

I'm making a standard cup of Folger's coffee (yes, you read that correctly), add 2 packages Equal, and this stuff...

International Delight Chocolate Mint Truffle

Found in the dairy case at Kroger's.

The name says it all. This stuff is DECADENT!

Have been so busy--and so sorry for delays etc., but I have moved pics from Camera and Camera Phone to the computer and will post tonight after editing. Must go to the office now.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There's Snow Day like Snow Day!

Like no day I know!

Okay, day off due to excessive snow, and I'm knitting happily away on my contest tank because I FINALLY found the right pattern for the trellis in one of my Sandra magazines, and graphed it from the English version to the American standard symbols, and I'm currently half way through the knitting of it. Things are looking very good.

Hubby blew the snow out of the driveway, which took him about an hour to do, due to the fact that there was about 6" of it in the driveway. Which is a lot of snow. I do think I could have made it to work this morning, but it would have been messy, and with the other crazy drivers out there also trying to get through--well, it just seemed a bit too much to ask--especially considering that I had all the openings done by the end of the day yesterday, and was looking at extra work this morning that I'm not really fond of--so staying home seemed to be a good idea at the time.

I got our dishes done, too, which is great! I can finally see the countertop again!

In the meanwhile, I'm headed back for the knitting needles. See you soon!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Storm Warning!

I woke this morning, thinking I'd best get to work early, but here I am, it's 6:30am, and there's nobody else here, so thought I would get in a little blogging before people start showing up.

My rationale for coming in so early was to beat the storm that's coming. Sure, there was nary a flake at home at the hour when even the BIRDS are still asleep, but by golly, I wasn't going to end up stuck in a blizzard on the way to work.

Going home might be a different story, however, as the weather advisor (read that weatherman, because as in other areas, I'm sure, our weathermen are truly men)is claiming a foot of snow by the time it's all over tomorrow afternoon.

Well, I have news for you.

If the snow gets to be 3" deep, I'm headed for the foothills! Going home!

Last year, I got stuck in a storm that dumped only 8" on the ground. I couldn't get through to get home. Travel on the main roads was horrific, and I was consumed by the concern of people who simply do not know how to drive in deep snow! Of course, most of them, I waved at as I passed at 20-30 miles per hour while they were digging themselves out of ditches or doing donuts into the median. Safety first. My new mantra.

And IF the snow gets any higher than 3", and I'm able to get home without too much trouble, that's where I'm staying until the plow comes through--and that could be a while.

So get a clue, supervisor. I'm going to be knitting for the next few days.

Or crocheting...or spinning...or weaving.

Whatever floats my boat, I suppose.

On knitting:
Sox, of course, by Kroy-standard, run of the mill stuff. I have about half of the leg done. I'm using size 1 Addi Turbos 40" cable needles, and the sock is going to wear like iron. I just hope it doesn't feel like I'm wearing iron on my feet! They are VERY heavy. The yarn is a little firmer than fingering, wool/nylon blend. It should last forever.

The Contest Tank:
I have the hem done, and like it, got several rows into the pattern, and when I began the lace panel, I decided I didn't like it. So now, I'm in search of a different lace panel that I can use AROUND my body, that will look reasonably fashionable, without drawing too much attention to my hips--(Why no, Marvin, I am NOT a hippopotomus!) So I will stop at Threadbear on my way home to find a lace and eyelet book. It seems that there are dozens of books that offer vertical lace insertions, but not so many for horizontal lace insertions. Whatever were they thinking?

Princess Shawl:
Still languishing in the WIP pile until the size 0 Addi Turbo Lace Needle comes from Skacel. Sigh.

Cat Bed:
Coming along nicely in crochet, and looking cooler than I deserve. Sometimes a happy coincidence that evolves from stupidity is almost a no-brainer. Here I am, crocheting a circular, and get this idea to make it in the school colors of the local college football team (GO MSU!), and suddenly, things are spiralling. The look is fantastic, and it gave me an idea for that Baby Sweater that I'm making for JoAnn's. Which means a trip to JoAnn's for more yarn.

More Yarn? As if I needed more! I'm trying to get rid of my stash! Not add to it!

Sigh. Such is the life. Anyway, the cat bed...I'm nearly to the end of the bottom, and thought I would make a small wall (no more than 2" high). The cat will love it, and then I have to make another one (different colors) for the other cat, who usually sleeps in bed with me, and for that reason, he gets his own bed, including a little blanket. We'll see how that works out.

Felted flowers:
I have done 3 now--one is on the wall at JoAnn's. The other two are in the laundry pending felting. One is a poinsettia, the other a green-eyed susan. I like how the 'susan' turned out, and can't wait to see what felting does to it. I'm going to try my hand at a rose, and felt it also. We'll see how that works out. Leftover yarn to the max, so I'm going to make a project bag for carrying...what else...sox.

Then, I'm going to sew the felted flowers to the felted bag. I don't know. It's sounds good on paper. We'll see how it looks in reality--green, red and a yellow-orange? Should be an eye-popper.

All in all, that's the story. Hubby's doing well in school and I'm getting lots of work done here at the office (yes, I'll bet). On my way!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spin All sleep

Sleep, and dream good dreams about spinning.

More and more bright lime green yarn.
More and more roving.

It never ends.
Thank goodness my dreams aren't about green yarn.

No, lately, dreams have been about ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands, and stress has been my middle name the last few days (or should I say "nights"?).

So I'm hoping that it's good dreams tonight, and that my past relationships stay OUT of where they surely don't belong...or that at least they stay "in the past", and never darken my doorstep again. Because there is a reason why I am having these dreams. I am not certain why, but I will surely find out soon.

And so goodnight.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Two Sweaters!




And the dishcloth for December 2009:


Oh, I wish I was a little bar of soap (bar of soap!)!

And the felted Flower:

Felted flower

As you can see, I've been pretty busy!
I started a cat bed, but have to wait for the yarn to come available. Cost is going to be more than expected, because JoAnn's is apparently out of the colorway I need (Pristine), and everyone else wants a lot more for their ball of yarn! (Whine)So I will wait and see if JoAnn's is planning to get more in, and if they are, then I will get more and resume the making of the cat bed.

In the meanwhile, must check my queue to see what's available to knit or crochet on, because SHE'S ON A ROLL! Well, sort of, anyway.