Sunday, October 31, 2010

Selling The Property

Today, we are meeting with a farmer to sell our old property in Fowlerville (25 acres) to a farmer who lives in the area. It's a good thing, I suppose, because most of the property won't perk for a house, and we're both a little tired of hanging onto it. There was a point where I'd hoped to put a house on it, and fence around it, and the sheep could just graze all day all around the house--and trees--there could be lots of trees. I'm supposed to go with hubby to meet the man and set things up for the sale, but I really don't want to attend this. Somehow, I think that the guy is going to screw my husband every which way but loose--and cheat him out of that property. Call it a gut feeling, since my gut is hurting this morning, it doesn't bode well.

But dreams change. All I can think about now is getting heat in the house. The temps dipped down below freezing last night, and we still haven't turned on the stove. We tried to light it, but the flue is plugged. We have to sweep it sometime today. Plugged so badly that the smoke had no place to go except out through the fire-stripping on the door and the ash box. I'm more than a little concerned, since the chimney may need to be replaced. The boys ordered a new chimney for a stove downstairs, and it's been three weeks now since it was ordered, and they said it would be in within a week.

With colder temps, we really need to get these fireplaces started! Since November 1 is tomorrow, I told hubby, happily, we get to start the stove, and tomorrow is the first day of heat in the house! Yay!

I didn't do any knitting on Rhiannon yesterday, having done work on the socks at JoAnn's. I'm told that I don't have any more classes until the 14th of November. That's a long time! I'm hoping all of that changes. A cup of warmish coffee. A fuzzy robe. Slippers on my feet. I'm considering crawling back in bed with all of it on me when I finish the coffee. What's that? Hmm. I hear Rhiannon calling me. I think I will need to get dressed so that I don't freeze while I work on her.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home Again, Home Again


Just spent half a day at JoAnn's, chatting with other knitters and crocheters. I actually taught one lady how to crochet in 5 minutes.

It was pretty amazing.

I worked on the vanilla socks. The heels are done. I used a little different style of short row heel this time, learned from another pattern used for some sort of potholder with a hole for the thumb...but I digress. A short row heel, where all you do is knit along the back of your sock to the last stitch, turn and slip 1 purl back up to the last stitch, turn, slip 1 knitwise, knit across to the slipped purl, turn and so on until you get to slip 1, purl 9.

Here's were it gets a little spooky (Halloween theme, right?). When you knit back across, knit the slipped stitch, and then pick up the grandmother in the gap, slip knitwise, slip the next stitch purlwise, then knit those 2 together--aka an SSK, turn, slip 1, purl across to the gap, pick up the grandmother purl and purl 2 together, turn, and repeat in that way, until all the stitches are used up.

My BFF in California told me about the mystery pattern in Holiday Knitting Group on Yahoo...and I knew immediately that one could adapt it to a sock heel. No idea how well it wears at the stress points, and I may have to add a bit of stitching there, but so far, so good.

The only thing I can't figure out, is that after knitting the heels, my color repeat is off by nearly an entire row, and I'm not certain how it happened! I'll get the colors back in line, even if I have to fudge it, but you know, it's on the foot part, and no one but me is going to see it anyway, so I'm thinking I'll just leave it alone, and allow the yarn to knit up any which way it would like.

The beauty of this short row, is that there are NO WRAPS. It's practically mistake proof--well, except for the yarn repeat being off, but that could be gauge--so I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. It's possible that I made a mistake on the first sock, and didn't on the second, but that's entirely my fault for trying to turn a heel in the middle of a store! I'm surprised I didn't put a purl row in where it shouldn't be!

So I'm going to chalk it up to gauge and keep going until I can try the sock on to see if the stress points are able to deal without making huge holes. Then I might just rip out the whole darn thing and try again with a different heel.

You see, I'm really trying hard to find a heel that I can make without having to always have a pattern at my side--something I can do from MEMORY that works every time, without fail, no matter how many stitches I am using and how big a needle I have. Before you say it....already have that book. It's a good book, no doubt, but it's not what I'm hunting.

The elusive sock heel-easy to make, easy to memorize, and mistake proof--meaning you can't go wrong. This one is close...but it may need a little modification--we shall see.

Friday, October 29, 2010

It Was the Best of Times...

Sadly, over, much too soon.

Hubby returned home from work last night to tell me he'd gotten a raise. Now, that woke me up! So soon? Not that you don't deserve it, but what did you do to get it?

"I switched to the Midnight shift."

I'm sorry. Was that groan AUDIBLE?

This is a disappointment WAY off the charts. Not only do I have to come home and make supper every night again, but he's home all evening until he leaves for work, and usually in a surly mood because he has to GO to work (I'm that way in the morning, so it stands to reason, really.). Which means less time in the knitting chair!

The only good thing about it is that I get the bed all to myself, all week. The covers are ALL MINE. And then get no sleep at all on the weekend.

I won't explain that to you. If you don't know why, ask your mommy.

Not just that, but I get sort of scared home alone at night. It was the reason for buying a dog. Dog sounds the alarm, and I slip out the back window--but that's only if I get enough of an alarm. Mandy tends to be a heavier sleeper than *I* am!

And to make this completely unselfish, (ha! right!) he can't drive in the dark. He falls asleep at the wheel. So everyone

OFF THE ROAD from 9pm to midnight and 4am to 6am so that he can drive on the road uncontested.

Of course, there's always the deer he can't see, and the ditches that he finds when he nods off. (sigh) This was the reason we got him into a carpool. The option worked really well, too, until they kicked him out of his job. I guess that the carpool is still running people back and forth.

Naturally, I tried to be supportive. Yay! A raise! Cool! You're the most!

Until he tells me it's midnights. That was sort of a downer. Never mind that now he can take two of his classes and only has to drop one. Makes for a long day and night of 24 hour wakefulness. Remember--stay off the road.

So I bought pizza tonight, and he tells me that he's only going to buy pizza OR take me to Denny's, but not both. This is another piece of hard cheese. So tonight, when I brought the pizza home, I then ate mine, called his step son for his, and put the rest in the oven for when hubby returns from his shift. Then I went into the bedroom closet and put clothing away. Hang ups that were lying on the floor from sometime this summer, and got things organized a little bit in there, so that we can put the air conditioner away. Yes, friends. It's October, and the air conditioner was still in the window. When Step son came to eat, I asked if he might assist with the air conditioner, and he helped put it away in the closet, and then I locked up the window.

But instead of getting warmer in here, it's getting cooler. I think I'm going to go around and lock down all the windows now.

Before snow flies.

All this, on perhaps 5 hours of sleep last night. I'm exhausted. Burning off fumes from the gas tank of wakefulness. If I should begin typing b's and v's, you know I've fallen asleep at my keyboard....

I haven't really worked on Rhiannon for a couple of days now. I need to get back to her. I will likely get some time after I finish this blog, and will stop to watch Medium, and then I will go to bed. I will go directly to bed. I will not stop in the kitchen for a snack. I will not snitch a cup of milk.

I have to be firm and resolute with myself, take my sleeping pill, lie down and fall asleep like a normal person.

I hope that I have a sleeping pill.

Monday, October 25, 2010

It was A Dark and Stormy Night...

Snoopy (of  Charlie Brown fame, not the Rap guy), used to put his typewriter on top of his dog house and type out the beginning of his book this way. Snoopy was forever "starting" the book, and never finishing. It usually began with these words, and then devolved into the stories of the Red Baron and flying in a dogfight during the German occupation of France.Image via Wikipedia

It was a dark and stormy night.

Thunder and lightning here all night long, and there is still some vestiges remaining. I guess it's not going to stop until late morning, according to the local weather service. Ah, well, rainy fall day.

My father and I used to buy books by the late Charles Schultz that included strips of the artist's earlier works when Charlie was a much younger boy. He grew during Charles' life, had many missed punt kicks of the darn football (the one Lucy was forever pulling out of the way just before toe to leather), and couldn't make a kite fly to save his life. I remember Linus' blanket and Pig Pen's dust from the rocks of millions of years before. Schroeder's piano and Beethoven's bust were also there, and Lucy's unrequited love for Schroeder---even though she tried every trick in the book to manipulate him, he never succumbed.

Charlie Brown kisses the Little Red-Haired Girl.Image via Wikipedia

Charlie's love was the "Little Red Haired Girl", which he finally met (after much angst) in the later days of his creator's life, on a made for television show. It was one of my favorites.

Cover of Cover of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie BrownBut my favorite Charlie Brown show "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", where Linus talks Charlie Brown into staying all night in the pumpkin patch, waiting for the "Great Pumpkin" who will dispense all the candy to those faithful enough to wait in the patch for Him. But the reason I love this one the most is because Snoopy slinks off to war to fight the good fight, and there is shooting and noise of war all around, and Snoopy is shot down!

And wouldn't you know? The show will likely be on tv this week. I'm going to try to catch it, now that hubby is working, I can watch what I want, without having to appease him because he's trying to study. It's going to be a great week. Just in time to watch my all-time favorite Charlie Brown tv show!

Dark and Stormy nights are great for staying in and taking trips down memory lane.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


He's snoring.
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Cheater, cheater mobius

Here's the start to my cheater mobius. This is Bernat mosaic yarn-very scratchy because of all the dye. I'm working 44 stitches on size 9 needles.

When I'm finished knitting, I'll twist and sew ends together and wear like a necklace. Very easy to make.

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Little Sheepy Bag and...

Five repeats on Rhiannon...she's coming along...slowly, because I was busy all weekend, and I haven't stopped except to take a little afternoon siesta today. The biggest issue, is that I'm running out of places to take pictures of her, and so you see her here, stretched across the back of my husband's car. She takes up the whole back end--you are only seeing a portion of her. She's just too big to get a picture of without destroying the detail in the design.

The sheepy bag purchased from Roseland Bags--it's a sock project bag, and I think it's just the cats meow. Sock project sold separately.

And I started a new project at JoAnn's yesterday--a cheater mobius cowl to wear around my neck on the mornings when I wash my hair so that my neck doesn't freeze. This one will take a while. Pictures later, but the yarn is really cool in the way it self stripes--Bernat Mosiac is the yarn. It's mostly wool, and very scratchy due to all the dye processing, but it will be warm.

Tomorrow is spinning day, and since I dyed some merino Saturday at a workshop, I have a little spinning to do. This will maybe make a hat, and will spin up into something resembling watermelon (my favorite fruit!). Then on Tuesday, I have my regular knit night in Lake Odessa. So I'm looking forward to some spinning and knitting, and a little extra time off for good behavior from the workplace, as I am taking my mother to the doctor on Tuesday and I have a doctor appointment on Monday before spinning.

I'm washing dishes and cleaning the stove--well, in all reality, the machines are doing that while I blog. Hubby wants me to find him some clothing and wash his pants. I want to get busy on Rhiannon again and start that 6th repeat--as there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's already 7pm!

I can't believe how fast this weekend flew by! I wish it were longer.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Don't Get This...

When I began working for the private sector, I thought that a job would be hard work, yes, but that employers would treat you fairly and that if you were good at your job you would get regular pay raises and recognition--and that it would be ALL you had to do.

Well, come to find out that most employers will take advantage of you if you are an exceptional employee. They also will mistreat you if they don't particularly like you on a personal standpoint. They will treat you well, AND PAY YOU WELL if you are exceptionally attractive, however they will and do mistreat you in other ways if you are exceptionally beautiful--I mean, it goes both ways.

This really surprised me when I started working. I thought all I had to do was be good at my job AND at other people's jobs, and it wouldn't matter that I had buck-teeth and bad hair days.

But apparently, it does matter. Clothes? Who knew? I work best in T-shirt and jeans. It doesn't get you very far in an office. No one will respect you.

Even so, I worked hard in the private sector, and never really got ahead. I remember always striving for better and better pay, never realizing that goal. The top pay I received in the private sector was pretty low by today's standards, but if I were to go BACK into the private sector at this point in my life, I doubt seriously that I would get much more than what I got then--since I'm not beautiful and while people seem to like me well enough, they simply don't seem to like me enough to compensate me for my worth. A boyfriend once told me that once he got past my dentition, I was really nice to know. Um, thanks for nothing.

And it's not that I have an over-developed sense of worth, either--before you get your angst up in a tizzy--but I would prefer that employers NOTICE me and compensate me MONETARILY, rather than with a pat on the back or a "good job" statement. Money talks, BS walks.

So it was with open arms that I accepted a job in the public sector, starting at twice what I was making in the private sector (which I admit wasn't much at the time), and doing half the work, and a fourth the responsibility.

I was still miserable. The raises came often enough in good economy, and THAT was inspiring, but there was still no RECOGNITION in the form of PROMOTION. So, I started looking for better and better with more difficulty/responsibility and a boss that would recognize me for the quality, speed and efficiency of my work, and compensate me with promotion (and more of the green stuff, of course).

Instead, I am now doing the work of 6 people in a bad economy. I am over-stressed at a time when I need to be taking care of myself and slowing down a little--meaning the cold and flu season. My sinuses are starting to plug up in the morning, and last night, I told my husband that today, he MUST get his step son to help take out the air conditioner. MUST. It's cold in the house, and we have no intention of starting up the corn stove until November 1. No matter how cold the house is.

Consequently, I am wearing clothing right now. It's still dark outside and nearly 6:30am! I'm also wearing a shawl over my shoulders to keep away the chill. I have on wool socks and shoes. In short, I'm almost ready for work--except that it's Saturday, and I haven't much to do except take out the dog and head for the grocery store for some hamburger buns, then over to a friend's house for a hand-dying party.

But all of that is not what I don't get.

I am about 8 years from retirement. I have worked hard and diligently all of my life, and I am proud of all my achievements--even if the boss didn't give me that promotion. Even if I didn't get the recognition I feel I deserve (sometimes it embarrasses me if I get verbal recognition, you know what I mean?). I am a talented, exceptional person. So when retirement comes, I believe that I will accept it and wrap my arms around it and say..

"Yes. This is what I've been waiting for all these years. Somebody to take my hand and say 'Job well Done!', and then pay me back for all those years I worked so hard by paying me for doing nothing."

Retirement looks like it's just on the horizon I'm heading for--and I believe that I will reach that horizon and literally touch the sun when I get there. When *I* retire, I will have knitting and quilting and spinning and crochet and my animals and my house and my car and the rest of my life ahead of me--and maybe that teaching job at JoAnn's that is so part-time. I have a life of fun waiting for me. Hopefully, I last long enough to get there and enjoy some of it.

My husband? There's the part I don't get.

My husband worked at General Motors his entire life. He retired when the economy tanked because he felt he just couldn't move to a different state AND he felt that it was the only way that he could come away, retire and get the most money in the effort. So he retired. He wasn't happy about it. He likes working. It's his identity and it's his hobby.

So he went to school and started the remodel on the basement. I thought that would be plenty to keep him busy--something for his mind and something for his body--but of course, he's not making money, and that's what he wants. More money.

So he continued to look for employment in the worst Michigan economy since 1977. Go figure.

I knew the day was coming. Yesterday, his employer of choice offered him a job.

Yes, my retired husband has a job in the private sector. He is happy and unhappy at the same time.

And of course, you knew that I would know this, right?

First off, the job is NOT at General Motors. So the pay scale is about 1/3 his skilled trade. Even so, this is not why he's unhappy.

Secondly, the job is afternoons. This bothers him more than me. *I* am tickled with the idea. I can come home in the afternoons, and don't have to make dinner until I'm really hungry. Then I can make supper at my leisure, put something in the frig for him, and go about my own retirement for the day--knit, spin--whatever I want to do! This is the best thing for my stressful daily life. I see this as the best coping mechanism that I could offer myself. Hubby on afternoon shift! Wonder of wonders! Maybe I'm a little too happy about it, but I don't care. I need the relief.

Thirdly, and what he doesn't know yet, so it's really not part of his "unhappy" yet, but *I* know that he will not be union, and therefore pretty much unprotected by the hateful bottom line (read that "the ones who look for profit, rather than loss on the income statement) readers who are more likely to be unreasonable when he loses his temper--of course, the fact that he could be considered mentally challenged (and I mean that in a NICE way) won't do him any favors either.

In any case, I expect he'll be let go (or quit) in short order, and by the time it happens, which I expect will be sometime between Monday and Tuesday, he will be more than happy to embrace retirement--and this time with a smile on his face.

Which doesn't bode well for *my* happy that he'll be on afternoon shift!

Therefore, I am opting for a "we'll see" sort of attitude. I hope the best for him, but I really think a job in the private sector will be his undoing. Even so, I think inactivity will kill him just as quickly. I suppose that work of any kind is preferable to sitting in a chair, inactive, and dying from congestive heart failure due to having no hobbies.

Of course, this is going to play havoc with this school schedule this term. He intends to continue with one of the classes--but unless he can reschedule his other two for a different time of day, he's going to have to withdraw from two classes that are already paid. THIS of course, turns that frown into an even deeper frown. He enjoyed learning new things (not going to class, but the learning). He hates wasting money. He needs to wake up early on Monday afternoon (well, that sounds weird) and get his classes in order, and then GO to class, then to work.

And he will be expected to do more than he ever did at General Motors, and I doubt that they will allow him to sit and read a book while he waits for a die to crash.

Perish the thought!

No, he will be asked to push a broom or sort nuts and washers before he'll be allowed to sit on his collective for even a moment's time. Private sector doesn't understand the word "breaktime".

I expect his first day, he will arrive at home EXHAUSTED, and tell me that he's never worked so hard in his whole life at GM.

Um, yeah. I knew that was coming. I will then have to remind him...yes, but aren't you so proud of yourself? To which he'll reply...yeah, but I'm not paid enough and I get no recognition for all the "other" stuff I took on that went WAY beyond my responsibility and experience.

Um, yeah. I think I saw that one coming, too.

So I sit here in the early morning, blogging, thinking about all these things, and Rhiannon is waiting in the wings--13 more rows to do before another repeat is done. I just couldn't bring myself to stay up another second last night at 9:30pm. You see, I'm getting older, and I want so much to slow down, but the employer and the economy have a different plan for me, I guess. I have been working hard, taking breaks after completing every difficult task (difficult only because there is SO MUCH TO BE DONE.), going to lunch and going home--all these taking a toll on my health.

I have a sinus headache now. I will be at the doctor's by Monday. Life is too busy for me right now. I am turning into a "gee, can't I just sit here and knit?" sort of person. I want the world to slow down so that I can hop off. So I don't get this "I'd rather be working" mentality that my husband has. He's actually happy he got a job, and he doesn't even NEED one, other than to satisfy his identity problem. And with so many people out there unemployed, who could really use that job to care for their family? I don't know. I suppose that the real reason that I don't get it is that I don't have such identity issues. I work and play far too hard to have identity problems. Maybe when I retire, I will have similar issues, because I've worked all my life--but women are different from men, in that they get their identity from home and family...and I am no exception. So I guess all this means is that I'm on the fence about his new job. I hope it's satisfying for him. I hope he doesn't lose it the first week. That would be demoralizing for him. On the other hand, if he does, can I support his decisions in the long run.

I mean, considering the freedom I'll lose when he's home again? Sigh.

I sure hope so. In the meanwhile, enough with deep thinking. I'm going to grab something to eat, then get busy on Rhiannon and finish that repeat.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Almost Friday!

It's almost Friday.

That's about it--all I can really think to say at this very moment, since it's 10:50 and well past my bedtime.

Card for the day is the Two of Swords Reversed.

Swords generally mean contention and strife in some point--get it? I was being a little punny there.

The card is entitled Opposition, and right side up would mean just that--that things don't seem to go as planned--something/someone opposes the movement (since swords are air cards). The next card drawn is the 5 of pentacles, entitled Restriction, also reversed. Last card 5 of swords, also reversed, titled Defeat.

And basically, in a nutshell, nothing can stop me, nothing can touch my 409, 409... I'm hoping these cards are telling me that tomorrow will go off without a hitch. I'll get everything done that I want to get done and then some, nothing and no one will be able to stop me.

You know what I have to say about that?

The cards are DREAMING! And that's where I should be at this hour of the night...dreaming.

So perhaps I should call it a night and get some rest.

Mouse Issues

My mouse is having "hiccups".

Every now and again, the mouse won't move--or the mouse won't click on what I click on--even when I click on the link several times.

It can be very frustrating.

Now, I could use the Laptop mouse, but I prefer mice I hold with my hand that don't bite.

So I'm preparing for work at the office. It takes a full hour to do this. I have a Woolgatherer's meeting tonight, so I'm planning on taking socks to knit. I'm hoping that the meeting doesn't take all night so I can come home and knit on Rhiannon. We got videos from Netflix last night, and watched those, so I got 4 rows done on Rhiannon last night, which is not my usual way--still, I got SOME done, but was hoping for more. By the time the movies were done, I was tired and ready for bed. The eyes just wouldn't deal with much.

Work has gotten a bit busy, and I'm starting to feel the strain. It's not good--I think I might be coming down with something, and there's something going around the office again. I suppose that I should get something to support my system, but you know how it is. One person in the office gets sick from their kids coming home from school with it, and it just sucks up into the "community air", then everyone's exposed.

Well, I have to load the car--I might take Rhiannon with me, but it's a lot to carry around--maybe I'll go downstairs and get my rollie cart? That might help matters--of course, I'll need to mark my place on the pattern, elsewise I'll lose my place again and start knitting at the wrong place.

Guess I'll stop at Best Buy and get a new mouse and see how that works. It's too bad, too, because I really like this mouse. I just think that the laser is giving up the ghost.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rhiannon Update

I was able to finish about 20 something rows last night.

And, since you're asking, yes--yesterday was a perfect day. At the office, I had lots of work to do during the morning--which kept me so busy that the time just flew. I was done by noon, and had lunch with a friend.

Then back to the office to work on other duties until the quitting whistle blew, and then I was screaming "YABBA DABBA DOOOOO!" all the way down the brontosaurus' back, jumped into my car and headed for home--"courtesy of Fred's two feet" as it were.

My friend brought in my crystal ball, and we set it up in my office for the day. I did manage to get it home, although I haven't set it up yet. It's still in the car. It weighs a ton! The ball is not perfect, though. It has a flat spot in it--perhaps to help keep it from rolling away--although it has it's own stand. But it's lovely, and I can hardly wait to get it inside and set,

Where to put it?

Sigh. Running out of places for THAT.

Today is cold. Really screaming cold. Not cold enough for a coat, but cold enough for a sweater. Guess what I'm wearing to the office? Yes, you guessed it--the Celtic Blue Jumper. I can hardly wait to get to the office for everyone to see it on my person. I think that they are just going to FREAK!

I rather hope that today will run like yesterday, where I have a super busy morning. Since I'm leaving at noon to take my mother to the doctor, I will have lots of time to knit. I am taking Rhiannon with me to knit at Knit night, but at the doctor, I'm opting for socks--which I started at the office yesterday using Magic Loop. I can't seem to get the hang or the rhythm of doing two at once, one inside the other--I keep JOINING them together, and it's too frustrating for me to have to concentrate THAT hard on a project so small and simple. So I frogged the technique and started over again on Magic Loop. Things are going much smoother now. So I am expecting a knitterly day--which is always nice. The best thing about the socks, however, is that my sock knitting back came from Roseland Bags--

So pictures of the new sock knitting bag and the crystal ball will be posted tomorrow when there's more time. Right now, I've drank my coffee and it's time to head off for the office to see what mayhem I can manage there. Oh, I also found a sheepy cup for coffee, too. Perhaps a picture of that as well.

Until tomorrow then!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Things Are Finally Looking Up Again!

For Tarot Cards today, I drew
The Sun, The Four of Wands and The Star Reversed.
This usually means a fantastic day--especially at the office (Wands being associated with work), and I think that maybe my boss will have considered his actions on Friday, and remember that an open case is the Specialist's problem, and take back that filing--since he KNOWS that I'm not going to do it.

And while I may not get my wish, perfectly, things will go well in the evening as well.

This means that I may finally get some real work done.

Of course, first, I have to feed my cats. I have one in my lap, that usually isn't there. This might mean something.

In the meanwile, I thought I'd dash off a few lines--even though the day has just started and I really have nothing to say except that I'm really HAPPY to have Rhiannon back. I just don't know what project I'm going to take to the office with me, because I don't think Rhiannon is a good choice.

I will let you know later how my day has gone.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fourth Repeat Complete!

I have finally fixed the error on Rhiannon, and completed the 4th repeat. It took some concentration and some quiet time, but I finally got to it.

I begin the 5th repeat tonight. I'm so excited that I was able to fix my mistake. I think what may have happened is that my magnet slipped in transit, and I worked one row twice.  Fortunately for me, things are all worked out now. Picture:

Gorgeous, huh?


A friend at the office is retiring, and she told me that she had a glass "crystal" ball at home that she wanted to get rid of--

Well, you know that I jumped at it. She offered for $25. It's also an item that I've been hunting for years, and because it's hers and she'll be gone soon, it's sort of nice to have something of hers to remember see where I'm going with this?
The next day, she let me know that she'd talked with a friend of hers, who indicated that it was not some cheap piece of glass, but Austrian Crystal--and probably worth $175 and that he would gladly give it to her.

At which point, I told her that I wasn't interested in something quite so nice, and that she should sell it to him. But I was clearly disappointed. It didn't matter to me if it was made of cheap glass--I just wanted it for some decoration in my house--maybe for some divining--who knows what an old "gifted" glass ball can do? I just know that my rock ball doesn't quite offer the clarity of glass. Glass offers clarity. Boy, do I need some of that!

Later, my friend wrote me to let me know that her other friend was no longer interested, and if I wanted the crystal ball, I could have it for the agreed upon price. You've never seen anybody so elated! Not just because I'll have a crystal ball, but because it's something I can have to remember her by, and I am going to miss her in a big way--I taught her knitting--I taught her quilting--she and I had a connection all through this thing called work.

She's bringing it in tomorrow. I can barely wait to take it home.

Socks That Rocked My World

I have found a pattern on Ravelry, that I just love and I can't wait to make them. After the disappointment with Rhiannon, I needed the big, easy Grannie. Success with that has given me new juice to go forward with it, but when I saw these socks, my resolve sort of "wandered".

I have much work to do on my car, first, however. I have organizing to do. The whole house is a mess, but when it comes to my car, a mess is REALLY visible. Lately, it's been the "carry all" for classes, and so the back seat looks like a demonstration took place there recently. Coffee cups on the floor, and then my collection of crochet hooks (which are in a small, tin box that came open on a quick stop) have spilled out and are in various places on the floor and seat. I have to collect them.

Then, I thought I might continue my attempt to save Rhiannon. Hubby is also complaining that he's not getting enough attention. I have been such a busy gal lately, that I haven't been able to knit much. And there are so many projects that I would love to complete! It's just not fair that there are so many good designers!

I'm also at a point where I would love to make a cowl to wear around my neck. I have shorter hair and my neck is exposed to colder air. A scarf is too long. I have a cowl pattern, called "Pretty Thing" designed by Yarn Harlot, that I purchased last year. The cashmere I bought for it is in my bedroom. I'm thinking that I need to get started on that. There's also a quick, easy knit strip cowl that has a twist in it (not a true mobius, but the simple one that you just twist the end and sew together) that I want to make. It may take all of a few hours.

There's also the Wonderful Wallaby--

There are just too many good patterns out there that I'm dying to make! It's like I'm on pattern overload. This is what stress does to me. If I didn't have the local yarn shop on Tuesday nights for knit night, and the Monday afternoon every other two weeks, plus THERAPY--I think I would go absolutely nuts.

Oh, and what do you think of those socks up there?

Latest Project...

I demo'ed all day at JoAnn's, since my student didn't show up.

I demo'ed a Grannie Square, made with Lion Brand Thick N' Quick--the pattern calls for only 3 repeats, but I was able to get in almost 6--the end result appears to be the same, but it is quite different than the pattern. I just didn't quite have enough to finish that 24th round!!'s the end result. I really like it and the color is just fantastic--MUCH different from the picture in the leaflet (which simply didn't do it much justice). I learned a lot from this project--not to trust the color representation in the JoAnn flyers.

I just think it looks so much more "floral" in real life. The JoAnn's flyer makes the green look too summer green, almost gold, and the raspberry is really raspberry--not the red in the flyer. The blue in the flyer is a little off the sky blue in my picture.

Of course, your computer might have different settings, and your view of my picture might be just as bad as the flyer. Trust me. This one is worth making.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


I really don't have much to say today--except that work has been--well--work, and I've been so busy that I haven't had much in the way of time to do ANY knitting--beyond that, it would seem that the knitting gods are angry with me, and everything I touch seems to turn into doggie doo. I have been trialling with failed projects since the problem with Rhiannon. I don't mean to whine about it all. It just seems like things are not going well for me knitting-wise or work-wise. I suppose if I had to seriously hunt for the "silver liner" and count my blessings, I suppose it would have something to do with JoAnn's fabrics and the fact that my classes there seem to have picked up of late, and I am working there a bit more than usual. This is a good thing, because I feel that I do have something of a gift in teaching people, and you know what they say...

Those who can't do...teach!

And my students are successful, even if I'm not quite as successful of late as I would like.

Today, I have a class teaching a grannie square, and I know several of them by heart. This will be a quick class.

Another good thing--one of my friends at the office is retiring, and she has a real Austrian crystal crystal ball on a stand that was given to her. She told me she'd like $25 for it, at the time, she thought it was just a piece of glass--a friend of hers offered $175 for it, but then couldn't come through with the cash. And when I bowed out at that price, she changed her mind and sold it to me anyway for the $25 she originally offered for it.

I mean, not much call for crystal ball, right? But I've wanted one for several years, and currently have a rock ball that I use--but a crystal ball would be much better. I've been hunting in the catalogs, too, and can't find one that I like that's as large as I want. The one I would like to have is the size of the one in the Wizard of Oz, but I doubt I'll ever see one that big. Ah, Hollywood, right?

We had a party on Friday for Bosses Day. I came up with a Happy Bosses Day song, and everyone sang it. Things turned out really well, and all of us were well fed.

The song was a take off of Happy Anniversary, as sung by Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble when Fred and Wilma's anniversary came up.

"OH! Happy Anniversary. Happy Anniversary. Happy Anniversary. HAAAA Ppy anniversary!"

Second, verse, same as the first.

Except you substitute Happy, Happy Bosses Day! And you have the same song. It turned out cute, and I'm surprised that everyone else sang it with me! (I'm smiling as I write this, because now people think I'm an idiot--what they don't know is that I still have the brain of a 6-year old--and I like to have fun moments--especially when things are so stressful that I can't seem to keep my head on my shoulders--little songs like that help me keep my sanity.)

So, today, I have kitchen cleaning and demo at JoAnn's then the class, then home. I might work on laundry, but I might also be so wiped out as to just simply watch some television and head for bed. I've been having strange dreams all night, which don't come when I take a sleeping pill--the dreams however, are good for my brain, I think, and the reason I opt to not take them on the weekend. Usually I get a good night's sleep if I can allow myself to sleep in and rest. This morning, however, I woke up at 6:30am--an hour after normal wake up time. I suppose that's just going to have to do.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping that Hubby will take me to breakfast, and then we will work on the downstairs remodel (perhaps). It's going slowly down there, because Hubby wanted the deck stained before winter hit. He had a lot of help, even without me, since last time, I worked so hard that I could barely move the next day. I think he finally finished it, and it's STILL drying because our days are getting colder and stain doesn't dry well in the cooler temps. Lots of work to be done around the house, I guess. There is never a lack of something to do.

The ice has flowed off the barn in the last couple years and has brought down all of the eaves. Those will need to be replaced with something, although I'm not sure what. It's a gable barn, and when the winter thaw comes, the snowfall comes off in huge sheets, and no eave will stand up to all that, quite sudden, weight. It would be good if we could figure out a way to get the snow off the barn in smaller sections, the eaves are great at protecting the barn and taking water away, protecting the foundation--but when it comes to the spring thaw, they are horribly inadequate. Even the eaves on the house have difficulty maintaining the weight. However, the ones on the house are protected by a 30-year warranty...the ones on the barn are not. After chatting with Hubby, I guess he plans to not put the eaves back up. I think it's a mistake, but there you go.

Must start my day now. Later!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Which stands for "Big Bang Theory". It's a show about a young, genius man, Sheldon, who teaches at the local university, and lives with another young, genius man who also teaches, but the two of them are on opposite sides of the theoretical coin. They have two genius friends, one is of Indian descent, the other is of Jewish descent, and both are rather what some might call "geeks".

They are all friends with the girl next door, Penny, who is entirely female and nowhere near the IQ level as the men--however she has the experience level from a social standpoint that none of them have, and so all of them go to her at one point or the other to get advice on dating, etc.

Sheldon doesn't drive because it's too dangerous, and he wants to live forever. He has tried several times to create a facsimile of himself a la robot, always failing, but the activities that just don't work out are what makes the show quite humorous.

So after my class tonight (Socks, part 2) I am coming home to watch this show. After that, I will likely watch another and then go to bed. I've been staying up later the last couple of nights, trying to keep my mind off Rhiannon, since I really can't work on it when I'm stressed, and today intends to be a busy day.

I did, however, finally finish the cds for the women who are retiring, and an extra one for the manager of the office who will be leaving at some point--then there's the main manager, and I'm pretty sure she's going to be leaving soon, too. Trouble is, she's a lot like me, in that she'll leave, not letting anyone else know--doesn't want a party or a fuss--just wants to go and be done with it. I can understand that mentality, but others in the office are of the type that will miss their co-worker--so the party sort of gives a bit of closure--rather like someone dying, or divorce. We try to keep the parties we have for the retirees happy, fun occasions, and most of the time, we are successful at that. The Cd is a cool reminder of all the fun times we've had, and it might be a good idea to take pictures of all of our "fun times" for future retirees.

Of course, I'll be there for the next 8 years or so, and my memory cd will have a fair amount of pictures on it if I start keeping track of all these fun times. Heck, it might even run over into two cds!

Knitting-wise, I need to get a heel and a toe made, then I can run to the class and show the "how to do it", which of course, will be forgotten by the time the students get to that point. Most people are busy and don't have time to knit like I do, and probably don't really have the time to "please get to 'this point' before you take class 2" knitting. Then when they ARE there, the class has been dropped and they won't remember how to do that part. There are some tricky things to making socks--especially on double pointed needles, and the first tricky thing is the cast on. Then the heel and the toe. Everything else is knit. Around and around and around--endlessly. But at the end, you have a sock. Then you start the second.

And that, friends, is why I am doing two socks on double pointed needles. Just to see if I can do it, for one, but so that I don't have to keep track of how many rows to knit for this part and that part, and also so that at the end, I have two socks--ready to wear. For busy folks like me, it's the only way to knit socks. I prefer Magic Loop, but I am trying to do one sock inside the other this time, and let me tell you--it is challenging!!! And as I've said before, I love a challenge.

Rhiannon be hanged until Friday! I'm going to work on these socks for a while.

Everyone have a good day, and I'll see you again soon!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Just terrible. To the point where I can't even look at it.

It stares at me through the zip lock baggie. It longs to be worked upon. But I can't do it to myself. I have to wait for stress-less hours to fix this.

If I could drink alcohol, I would consume lots of it just to silence the voices taunting me to work on it.

I have a sock class tomorrow night, and some cds to make tonight. It looks like Friday is going to be the soonest that I can do this. I need to prepare a piece to demo "how to pick up stitches on the side of a heel" and how to kitchener. So I'm looking at making some samples ahead of time.

I'm totally swamped with classes suddenly. And I still have to put together a syllibus for Magic Loop.

I wish I had my manager's email. But come to think of it--I am not so sure that she has one! Next project is to call her to find out.

In the meanwhile, I'm knitless-which is sort of like witless, but no one else knows-until you open your mouth. (Grin)
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Rhiannon-Oh No! Continued...

I frogged about 24 rows. Now right side and left side are on different rows.

No idea how that could have possibly happened.

So I'm going to frog another couple of rows, and try again. This I will attempt on Thursday when I have a bit of extra time.

For now, I have to edit pictures from the retirement parties, and make the cds for the people who are leaving so that they have a memory disk to play on their computers at home to remember us by.

I wish I could retire and knit full time for money. It's just not a feasible option for me.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Git Er Done...or My Day with Larry the Cable Guy

Well, I didn't spend the day with Larry, but the way I seem to be getting jobs done today, it sure seems like it.

I just finished boxing up 3 big boxes of files into 4 smaller storage boxes. They are ready to head to the records center.

I got one sock cast on-I tried to cast on two at a time on a pair of dpns, but the stitches were just too tight to join them on together, so I ripped out (after dropping a stitch) and re-cast for a single add finished a row. It's okay, as this goes to JoAnns for a class tonight. I figure I'll bring in some extra needles tomorrow and transfer to a single set once I've got a few rows on the needles for the pair. Hopefully, the stitches will be somewhat more giving than the cast on was.

In the meanwhile, back to work!
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Rhiannon-Three Repeats and a few rows--

I promised a pic but I wasn't in a place where I could take it (at Knit Night in a relatively dark room, and there was just too much going on besides).

Even here the light isn't all that great. It's on the ironing board, and I didn't knit at all last night due to stresses of the day. My dog got loose again and rolled in something that smelled like a doggie cesspool. So she got a bath and somewhat scolded (since that's what dogs do in their natural surroundings). Still, between that and supper, there was no time to relax and take on a complicated pattern.

Tonight, I have a sock class on double pointed needles. *I* want to make a pair inside each other, but the class is one at a time and I am a horrible second sock syndrome sufferer!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cloth Finished

I have been working on easy projects at the office. Keeping them in the office so that I am not tempted to work on them at home.

This is the first cloth totally done at the office on breaks and lunchtimes. It's a little hard to see-but it's a maple leaf.

The pattern was created by Emily Jagos on 10-7-2008 and was sent to me as a knit along (KAL) 12 rows at a time.
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Rhainnon, Rhiannon, Rhiannon, socks...

Weren't you tired of me saying Rhiannon?

Seems like it's all I talk about these days.

I finished another motif at Knit night in Lake O last night, forgot to take a picture until darkness set in, and continued on to the next repeat of the motif. Tonight, when I get home, I will clear off a bit of table, and take a pic to show you. This thing is a monster.

But it does not take up all of my time.

Had great fun at Knit night. We had a group of about 20 people, and to be honest, we really seem to deserve the name "Cackle Shack". We all had a wonderful time, and even in all the confusion, I was able to knit about 10 rows. Then I came home and knit another few--

What gets me is why this particular article takes so long to knit a motif? I mean, it's only a 72 row repeat over 130 stitches! I should be able to do this in my sleep by now. If I can put out a dishcloth of 45 stitches and 60 rows out in an evening, I should be able to do this 72 row repeat in a little over 2 times the time...

And I suppose that's how it's working out, really. In two and a bit evenings, I can get that motif done. It just SEEMS like it goes slower, I guess. I'd just like to see it go WAY faster, so that I could get on to other more advanced (listen to me!) projects, like an estonian shawl--perhaps the Princess Shawl...maybe finish the fair-isle sweater--which would come in really handy right now (It's dipped down into the low 30's the last couple of nights, and hubby is adamant about not turning on the heat until November.), or some socks..yes, something easy like plain jane, ordinary stockinette socks--perhaps for my next work project after this dishcloth.

Yes, folks, I have started a stash at the office...a project stash of 1--the Lake O Knit night has a weekly dishcloth knit along, and this particular project is a maple leaf (fall themed). I'm doing the cloth in white, and thinking that I might dye it somehow in fall colors--maybe a batik-resist--because I only want to dye the leaf--not the whole cloth. It's something that I have to think about.

In the other times, I blog, I work, I do a little housework here and there, let the dog outside, feed the cats, feed the dog, and occasionally, I take a shower whether I need to or not. And while hubby is snoring, a star in the daytime drama, The OLD and the SENSELESS, I am carrying on. In my snuggie, I type my blog thinking about preparing for a trip to the office to make myself crazy.

And then I sigh and type a line or two more, because I'm really not interested in getting ready for work.

Funny thing happened yesterday..not funny "haha" but funny strange--I woke up at 3am to the sound of a cat screaming not just once but three times! Is it time for kitty heat? It didn't scream again, but I couldn't sleep after that. So I got up and knit again--you guessed it--on Rhiannon.

I'm hoping that it was just Gabby and the little guy--that maybe my step son brought the little kitten in so that he wouldn't freeze to death. Sadly, that would have been something of a mistake on his part, but kittens could be in his future if he did. However, I'm hesitant to call and ask, because if he did, it was a really bad decision, and if he didn't, it is a really bad decision. He has to get Gabby spayed and he has to get little guy neutered. It's only $25 to get him done down at the Humane Society, and only $50 to have her done. I think it's the BEST BUY of the CENTURY!

So I'm hoping that he gets it done soon. Little guy will freeze out in the barn. I'm so worried about him these days that have been so darn cold!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Weekend-Rhiannon Progress

No pic today, since I didn't finish the central motif like I had hoped. I don't know how I did it, but I dropped a stitch--probably when I woke up from the nap and couldn't quite see straight. Lucky for me it didn't drop down very far--

Only 9 rows.

And the cable is one of those traveling types that crosses 14 stitches, so I had to unravel over 100 sts to get to this dropped stitch, pick it up and re-knit the cable.

I got it done, then went to the kitchen for chocolate. I knit quite a few rows, but since I didn't finish the central panel, you don't get a picture. I just wanted to let you know why and tell you of my harrowing experience. I now consider myself a cable master, and let me tell you--if you get to the point where you have to unravel 100 stitches to fix a cable and you're successful in doing in, you can be a cable master, too.

Guess I'll have to design a trophy or something for this.

Or maybe just a button.

Well, you all have a good day. I'm going to fix myself some cereal.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rhiannon Progress

I feel as if I've been knitting all day! I've only done about 1/3 of the larger middle motif! Although, the length has grown considerably!

I took it to JoAnn's with me to demo, and the customers just went crazy over it. Even one fellow talked with me at length about it, and said it reminded him of his grandmother! I laid it out, as often as possible, without losing the pattern (and where I was at within it).

I even purchased a music stand to put the pattern on, so that I didn't have to continually bend over or decline my head to look--the pattern is now at eye level, very ergonomic, and the knitting is going faster this way. I'm going to suggest the music stand to the knitters in the KAL on Ravelry.

Beyond all of that, my hands are tired.

I've been looking for an ex-boyfriend. His name is Thomas Dean Walls. He's 57 year old. His mother's name is Mary. He has a brother named Charles. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Tom, get back to me--his son wants to meet him.

And so concludes the blog entry for today. I think I want to rest for a little while. A picture, perhaps tomorrow, after I have finished the middle motif again...that is to say, IF I finish the middle motif again.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Blogger Statistics

It's a little mind boggling, really, to think that other people read your blog. I mean, I'm not quite that intriguing. Sometimes I'm funny--sometimes I'm dramatic, sometimes I'm a real bugger!!

Today lasted the whole day as far as work was concerned. I didn't even see my first break--what with all the work I had to accomplish. I simply missed it. Which also means that I didn't knit my 12 rows on my dishcloth today--I think I'm up to row 26--which is no where near where I should be. I didn't bring it home with me, either, so it languishes at the office until Monday.

At lunch, my best friend and I went to Arby's for lunch. Seems it's the best place to go for food that gives you heartburn and talks back to you later in the day. And if you don't know what that means, I'm NOT going to explain it to you.

The afternoon sped by, and before I knew it, I was speeding along the highways headed for a pizza joint, locally owned and has the best pizza in town. When I arrived home, we ate the pizza, then discussed a variety of topics with the step-son, then into my room to blog all about it.

What in the world could anyone find so interesting in all of that? Because my TUESDAY was so much more dramatic! Sadly, I can't discuss it. Sigh. Wish I could share it. But no. There are some lines a body just don't cross.

So now, I'm home.

I did find a very very cool pattern on Ravelry that I'm really excited about. I wrote the designer to see if I can link to her picture, I want all of you to see this really cool pattern that I can't wait to work on.

Beyond that, Rhiannon lurks in the other room, singing to me.

And I considered going to church this weekend. Not sure how I can merge church with Tarot--in fact, I believe they are diametrically opposed one to the other. Quite honestly, I don't see what the hubbub is all about. I used to go to church religiously...every Wednesday and every Sunday (sometimes twice on Sunday). Not because I thought I needed to do it, but because I love to sing.

And let me tell you what.

The Baptist church likes to sing. They like to sing a lot. And all the old standards (if much of the congregation is older, like me)--I love those old hymnals. Of course, if I go, someone's going to comment on how good a singer I am, and why don't I come and sing in their choir, and then it will be all responsibility, sigh. But I was referencing the hubbub about the Tarot cards. They don't so much tell the future, although I suppose that they can be used for such--but time, while we think of it in linear terms (meaning the sun rises, the sun sets, the sun get the idea), whereas time is really and truly three or four dimensional. Always changing. Never static. Now you could say that "if you do this, that will happen", for instance...if you turn on the water, the tap will dispense water--but it might not be DRINKABLE water. It might be rusty water. It might not come on at all if there's a clog in the system somewhere. You might opt not to drink at all, but to wash your hands. See? So one thing can lead to a lot of different optional points in the course of time.

Tarot is very much dimensional. I mean that you can pull cards for a question one minute, then the next minute, things have changed somewhere along the way, and so a different card is pulled--and just because the two cards might have completely different meanings, doesn't necessarily mean that the first card was completely wrong. It may have been completely correct, based on the world's activities at that particular moment. It's called "The Butterfly Effect". Step on a Butterfly and it might change the complete outcome for the distant future.

However, there have been times, when I have asked a question, put a card or three on the table, read them and then put them back in the deck, reshuffled, respread, and get the SAME three cards in the SAME orientation.

That's when it's freaky town.

It doesn't happen often, but it does happen enough to be pretty creepy.

And Halloween is coming.

So I draw a couple cards tonight with no particular idea what I need to know for the rest of my day...

I pull

9 swords reversed
2 wands
The Moon reversed

The hardships of the last few days are coming to an end, but it will take courage and fortitude to take on the next few weeks.

So am I up to the task?

I draw the King of Pentacles--that's usually the card I reserve for my husband. Doesn't look like he's going to be very supportive during this time, as he's reversed. Maybe I'll try to lean on his shoulder a little too much and he'll get resentful? So what might be his difficulty during this time? What do I need to watch out for? I pull the Lovers reversed. He's trying to make a decision about something, and it's not going well in his own head.

Time to go talk to my husband for a minute.