Saturday, November 16, 2013

Knitting, Again...and Again

I know. I talk about my knitting quite a little bit. I suppose it's not all I know, but I get so worked up about other things.

I'm almost finished with a bright orange hat to wear during deer season. I have to sew the seam and make the pom. Nothing too critical.

I'm almost done with the afghan. I just needed something completely different, small, and a completely different color. Well, purple to orange is different all right.

Now I have to decide what to do next. Perhaps I should get out one of my UFO's?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back at School

Learning new things has never been an issue with me. I like doing it. I love a good challenge. I'm not easily persuaded to quit while I'm behind.

In walks Joomla.

Joomla is a web "experience". It allows you to created websites from pretty much scratch, except all the colors, borders and fonts are hard coded in there like a collage in a picture frame, just not as messy.

The modules are like bubbles of pictures--the main one being like an 8x10 of your daughter in her senior class, and then the other pictures of her are, say...from the yearbook that feature her in different situations in high school. The entire thing is matted and put in a frame, and that is Joomla.

It is seriously difficult. I even considered getting a book about it, except that the only books out there are from when it was in it's infancy--it's now in version 3.x. Since I didn't start on the ground floor, there's a lot to learn!

But I've come  a long way, I must admit to myself this one thing. The fellow who is helping me, and probably thinks I'm an idiot at this point, is quite nice, but wants me to learn it on my own, which I can appreciate. But my desire is to throttle him about now....even though it's not his fault--you can play on a computer, but if you don't know how to turn it on, you're screwed.

Such is the point of my "feeling" at the moment. At the end of the day, I finally figured out what was going on! The laptop was loading the website from the cache--even though I told it specifically NOT to do so.

You did know that sometimes computers have minds of their own, right?

So I switched computers. I thought perhaps a larger computer (desktop) with a bigger computing capacity might just get the job done--if nothing else, perhaps it would load the page correctly to let me see if what I have done so far is actually working or not, because the laptop just isn't cutting the mustard--so to speak. It does a good job. Don't get me wrong. It's just older and cantankerous and needs some tlc.

So I'm going to try here, and see what gives. Make a few changes. It can't hurt.

Can it?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Progress on the Afghan

I've been working pretty hard on the afghan. I have about 1/2 skein of the second skein left, and I think it needs to be longer, so I'm glad that I bought more yarn.

One can never have too much yarn. You can fill that sentence with lots of objects---fabric, sewing machines, life, love, just to name a few.

My dental hygenist just obtained American citizenship. I'm hoping that she enjoys that. She's married to a good friend of mine--a great guy and a good man.

I had a sewing class at JoAnn's last night--it was a striped pillow. Pretty easy, except that the participants got fabric, instead of fabric TRIM, and so they didn't finish the pillow at the class, but they got all the instruction on how to make it, made a few trims for themselves out of the fabric they bought, and pinned them to the front. They got started, and the project ended up a take-home type thing. The class went well, and they were all very enthused about it. It was a fun class. I learned things, too.

Have I ever said that I love to knit? Actually, if you look over the years of blogging, you'll see lots of different things. It's almost time to get out my sewing machine and make quilts again. Blankets are always in high demand at our house. I have a ton of unfinished projects, which I'll begin to tackle once I retire.

Oh, and did I tell you I made a purchase at JoAnn's? Another one of those buy it, tie it blanket/throws--they were 50% off. I couldn't resist. I got a blue one (favorite color) and almost bought a second one, but couldn't find another one I liked as much. Of course, you know I still have the one I bought last year with lilacs all over it that hasn't been completed either because I couldn't find a table big enough to lay it all out in order to cut both pieces to the same size. Now you see the usefulness of my purchase, right? I have to find a table big enough to hold them. I think that I'll locate the lilac one, the yarn to finish off the edges, my ginghers and bring it all into the office and cut on the big conference room table next week--or maybe Sunday. That sounds like a plan forming.

In any case, it is Halloween. Sadly, it's supposed to rain all day and into dark. Bad for trick or treaters. We're having a meeting/party at the office with lots of great snacks. Stay dry and inside, trick or treaters. There are lots of places for you to go. I understand that one of the local malls is having an indoor trick or treat, and some folks have taken to calling it "Trunk or Treat", filling the trunk of their cars with candy, but I think that might set a bad precedent...

So have a great Halloween, any way you can!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Little Oddity

Ok. Last night, something strange happened. Along with all the normal stuff.

After I went to knit night, I stopped to see my mother. Still normal so far.

She has "sometimers" which is the same as Alzheimer's, except, just not all the time...even though it seems like it.

She was telling me a story about her sister, who is an incessant gossip, and, it would seem, so is my mom, but I digress. This is still so far normal as far as normal runs in my family....but again, I digress.

My abut starts telling her about this man who has (and here's where strange begins) oh, not schizophrenia...but, oh what is it...? Darn it I hate it when this happens.

"Bi-polar?" I offer.

Resounding yes.

And he has three....oh what is the word I'm trying to say?

"Testicles?" I offer.

And she looks at me as if I just grew 2 new heads on my shoulders and says 

"Yes! How did you get that? Did I tell you this story before?"

She believes I can read minds now.

And I suppose it's true to some extent, but, truly, they were incredibly easy guesses.

Just thought you should know that I can see you, even after all this time, and I know what you're doing at all times.

Sufficiently worried. If not, I'll tell you the truth. 

I am.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Definitely not Procrastinating

I've been here a half hour. At work. I'm still trying to wake up and there's a ton of work to do, since I was off for 2 days in training, the software we are supposed to use has been delayed indefinitely, and we are moving to a new floor.

So not only can I not do the work today, I can't even get started...of course, there is coffee to consider, as well.

I have a class after work at the office. I have this plan, but I'm not sure it will work. Tonight's class is about comfy pants, which are pretty easy, with only 2 seams and a casing for elastic.

My friend tells me that I should do a book about making simple things to wear. What she doesn't know is that this type of thing has been done to death. There is nothing new under the sun. It's all a variation on a theme, and if you can sew on a button, there are lots of variations for this button or that button....for instance, did you know that many years ago, buttons only had one hole?

But I digress.

What I thought was 2 boxes of new files to make labels for, turned out to be files that have to go to records center. Definitely a relief there, but there are 4 boxes of bills to put I to the computer, and I must get going if I'm to get them done today....

See you soon.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Flu Shot

So much for all that, right?

I got my flu shot today. I'll be sick in a week, just watch and see. This always happens when I get a flu shot, and they laugh and say that it's not possible, but I know better. They say it's a dead virus, but I know that it's not possible to kill a virus. They might be alive, but not in the way we think they are alive. It's not like they are bacteria. They are more like Stargate's replicators...tiny machines that invade the body and replicate.

That is a picture from the web of a replicator. Notice how it looks like a bug? Anyway these were creatures from the 10-year series named "Stargate"-a fictional show which is in DVD everywhere. Some of the episodes drew heavily from Greek and Roman mythology, some from theories with regard to the pyramids, and other mythologies. It was an interesting show. I digress.

But in truth, a virus looks more like a radio tower or a squid..

Sorry it's blurry...another image from the web. I assume you can relate the commonalities....

And this is what will overtake me in 7 or less days. It doesn't take very long, actually.

Some say that bacteria or virus will take over someday. I imagine that if we stay on the road we're on, something will wipe most of us out, simply due to overpopulation. There's getting to be too many of us, and with crowding comes the aggravation of disease and the spread of it. There is no escape, because these little buggers can get into most anything...since they are pretty much microscopic. So don't count on Area 51 to save you. Chances are they'll get it first!

And with that, I leave you, with the only hope you really have left is that you die here and go to heaven. This is not a problem if you believe in the saving power of the blood Christ shed on the cross. Otherwise, you might be doomed. Your choice, I suppose. Glad I've got all my bases covered.

And with al that said, I bid you adieu.


I have to upload a picture of myself. Sorry for breaking your computer...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Another FO!

The shawl is done. I was a few yards short of a full roast row, so there was a small amount of waste, but I think the resulting finished project is pretty fabulous!

You will never guess. I just posted this blog, and someone came by my office and asked if I'd sell it!

Guess I'll be making another very soon!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Something Old....




That's all folks! As if that weren't enough.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

And a Howdy Do, To You, Too!

  I've been trying all weekend to download the drivers for my printer. Of course, there's more software involved, but for whatever reason, I can't just download the driver and be done with it.

So now, 177 mb later, I'm still waiting for the finish of the 190 mb involved. However, this time, it's different. I can even see the speed has gone up 100%, and I've only been online today for about 30 minutes for this software. I can't believe it. After more than 50 tries during the week, it's finally going to load.

Amazing sometimes how persistent I can be--even down to waking up at 2:30am just to check the download (it cancelled). I think Hewlett-Packard must have a "you get one hour on our server, then we CUT YOU OFF AT THE KNEES!"

Today, I'm not experiencing that. It's Sunday. Everyone is asleep today.


As an aside, I dreamed about the end of the world last night. Not so much about the actual event, but that there were people left to wander and try to find others so that they could support each other and maybe "get through it". What can I say? I have strange dreams when I don't take my sleeping pills.


And the install is going far.


I haven't done any knitting or crocheting. I've been on Pinterest most of the weekend. I did, however, locate a recipe for Cheddar, Potato and Ham Soup. We made a big kettle full of it, and the taste is out of this world! PHC is probably the best soup in the world for this time of year. Unless you make White Bean Soup or Chili. They're good for autumn-time, too.

And speaking of Autumn, the trees around here are just starting to change colors--even the oak trees are getting into the act, with oranges and golds, which don't usually appear on oaks--they generally just turn brown and fall off in the spring...but it's nice to see them with a little color on them.

In short, it's a misty, chilly fall morning, and I just finished my second cup of coffee. You all need to try the Cheddar/Ham/Potato Soup I posted to Facebook. It's really good!

Friday, September 27, 2013

When Exhaustion is Your Middle Name.

  I'm starting this blog today with tired eyes and a sleeping disposition. I'm completely exhausted. Why? Because network television decided to run all my favorite shows last night on CBS. All the new fall premiers. I was awake until 11pm, and it has played havoc with my functioning this morning--even after 2 16 ounce cups of coffee!

This is a bad thing.

I've done a lot this morning as far as work, but have nothing to show for it, really.

What do you do when all you want to do is close your eyes and ...we'll never mind the and. I just want to close my eyes. I think the rest will just come naturally.

I finished the wrap yesterday, and I put it on, but it's either too big, or I have sloping shoulders that just won't maintain it where it belongs..somewhere in the vicinity of my shoulders, rather than down around my knees.

I'll give it a go-round in my washer/dryer, just to see if it shrinks a bit...not a lot. I don't want to felt it too a size 2. I just want to full it a tiny bit...maybe one size smaller so that it hugs me closer...rather than squeeze the stuffin' out of me.

I'll be working on Elton tonight after my nap. I will likely finish him. Then it's time to decide on a new project...maybe a möbius cowl, which perked me up a little just now. I have some things I'd like to try, you see.

Ah, well. Guess I picked the wrong day to quit those 6 hour energy shots.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Flower Power Wrap

  Well, the world stands still....

I ran out of Red Heart Buff---about 1/4 the way into leg #4. So, while I wait for the chance to run into JoAnn's for another skein, I'm repairing my laptop, and knitting a wrap to wear this fall.

It's a wrap from Lion Brand yarn, using some discontinued yarn that I was able to snap up on Ebay. I'm already into the second skein, when hubby decides he wants some Apple Crisp.

And so, after making apple crisp, after eating apple crisp, after dinner and a "Bond" movie, I'm blogging about it all. Hubby doesn't think it was an eventful day, but we did manage to locate and dig up our potatoes. I think we got about 20 pounds--which isn't really much in the grand scheme of things,  but will give us some fresh potatoes for a while.

I suppose you want to see a pic of what's been done on the wrap, instead, I'll provide a link to the wrap itself, if I can.

The pattern is free, but as I said, the yarn is discontinued. You can use Homespun
yarn instead.

Friday, September 20, 2013

What is It?

  I know, I know. It looks like a turkey leg. It's actually a foreleg for Elton, just need to add a few rounds of white loops, then a second leg, of the same sort. Then the tail, a little sewing, and the finished project can be revealed.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Elton, the Scary..

  The legs are on. They went much easier than expected.  The back legs anyway. He does look slightly unfinished, but I have a class to teach tonight, so I can't make the forelegs until tomorrow. Don't forget his tail, too.

Meet Elton, Everyone!

  Moving right along. Both of the rear legs are almost finished...just have a tiny bit of sewing to do. Then I can attach to the body.

We took this last night. He's so shy.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Continuing with a Broken Brain

This evening is knit night.

It is so sad, because I have a broken brain.

How do I know this?

Because in the first place, I know, deep down in my subconsciousness, that Tuesday night is knit night. In the second place, I know that I have to stop in Lowell to buy some rats for Sneaky Snake from a person I found on Craig's List. In the third place, I got all of my stuff around this morning to take to knit night.

All that is, except the crochet hook which is fundamentally required in order to crochet on Elton.

I suppose I could blame it on the darkness of the room.

I suppose that I should have prepared items the night before.

Of course you know that I didn't do either of these things, and since I was working on Elton last night, I set my crochet hook down on my foot rest. I know it's still there because I called my husband in a panic, and he went to look and yes, there it was.

But the panic was unfounded.

Why, you ask?

I'll tell you.

I get out of work today at noon for a dentist appointment. Then I'll hit McDonald's. Then, I'll go HOME and get my crochet hook. Then, I'll drive to Lowell and get the rats. Then, I'll head to knit night.

Getting out early from the office makes EVERYTHING WORK OUT just right.

In the meanwhile, I have just about finished Elton's second back leg. I may get to sew his back legs on this evening--at least that's my hope.

Just as soon as I fix my broken brain.

Monday, September 16, 2013

More On Elton

  Moving right along on the sheep. I mean Elton. The first leg of lamb is done.

I hope to get the second leg done tonight, and them I'll sew them to the body so he can sit up.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pattern Errata

I don't care much for pattern errata. The reason is because you're well into the project, and find that either you've followed the pattern wrong, or the pattern is not quite right somehow, and you don't find out about the issue until you've actually found the issue! Then you have to run around looking for the creator, who then tells you

"Oh, there was errata for that!"

Such appears to be the case with Elton--I'm working on the leg--mind you, I read this area over 6 times to make sure that I was doing what the pattern determined I should do, because to my 40 year crochet experience, it seemed a little odd--and against my better judgement, but I carried on, nonetheless, and then came to another snag later down the "pattern highway". Don't ask me how my intuition told me, but it screamed at me when I got to the section where I was changing from the brown to the white.

And so now, I have to bug the creator of the pattern again. I'm hoping that this project doesn't become a UFO, because I really like Elton, and he'll go so well with my other stuffed toys.

What other stuffed toys, you ask. Well, I have three bears, several sheep, and a couple of dolls. I'll have to show you sometime. First, however, I have to find them. Some have been packed away to make room for newer friends.

But for now, I must go make sure there's no errata for the pattern.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How Hot Is It?

It is unbearable outside.

I took a short walk (a short block away) to get a refill on my diet cola, and when I stepped out of the door, the heat index hit me with a brick all over my sad body.

Sad, because it's not little. There's a lot of me to go around. I do mean "around"! And therefore, a lot of area to get hot and sweaty, and I don't mean that in a good way. By the time I returned from my walk I was dripping.

No advances on my sheep last night because "American Ninja Warrior", "The Big Bang Theory" and "The Dome" were all on last night, and therefore I was glued to the television after I woke up from my late afternoon nap.

Nap, because when I got out of work, I had another migraine coming on, so I took 3 Advil to kick it and lay down again with the pillow across my face.

And that's the story.

Tonight I will be heading for knit night, and I will work on him there. Pictures possible tomorrow to show some progress...stay tuned.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Good Day for Crochet

I've been working on Elton, the sheep. I was halted because I thought perhaps the connection between the head and body was a mite too sloppy/floppy.

But carry on...and working on a foot.  It's taking longer than I thought it would. Of course, the picture of the project is not much help, and I'm having difficulty figuring out how to work Google+ and my blogspot here, which is underneath my yahoo address. And occasionally, things just don't seem to go my way. Today is a big one of those.

I believe that I've uploaded this picture 14 times, and I don't see it when I go to uploads, but it's on the Google account, or it's supposed to be.

So perhaps I should just sit down and work on Elton's foot for a while, and not worry about this, and things will work themselves out whenever my guru can get over here.

Ah ha! Success! I finally found my photos. They are on the Google account, and the blog is on the Yahoo! Account. I have to find a way to link them. That should be where'd I hide the hammer?

Friday, September 6, 2013

On Waking

I'm still trying to manage keeping my eyes open. It's 8am, and I've accomplished nearly nothing. Well, that is if you think that linking my gmail account to my work account so that I can join a work list serv counts. That took a little thought, actually, but things should work out from here. I'm sucking down coffee in hopes that the brew will be strong enough, if not to wake me, to help me remain seated in my chair and not puddled around my feet on the floor snoring. Methinks I am expecting too much out of a cup of coffee. Be aware--there are 24 oz of hazelnut caffeine in this cup. If that doesn't wake me, nothing will. So's been good, but hope for success is failing. Gulp. I have a friend who is experiencing a life changing event. It's not the greatest event, and I'm sad for her, but I suppose I'm not much help or support. I believe too much in the committment of being married, and feel that my own divorces were just too much of a loss of myself. Yes, you saw a plural there. I know you guys are sharp. You wouldn't miss that. I see both sides of the issues, and realize that people often will stick sometimes, much too hard to their ideas of what married life should be like--and they forget that things/times/people change, and that they grow, and that they need opportunity to bring them satisfaction. Anything that stands in the way of that is going to bring feelings of being trapped, unable to do what you want. The best marriages are marriages where both partners realize these things and are able to reach agreements based on respect for the other, and basically go with the flow. When things get too rigid, one person feels controlled. And that's not a good thing. But each one has to understand the other's needs and desires, and love them enough and trust them enough to be able to discuss the matter and come to a conclusion where everyone wins. Sometimes, that's not possible, I suppose. It's sad when it's not possible. Because I believe anything is possible. Except bungie jumping. And jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. Or finding gold at the other end of the rainbow. Stupid rainbow keeps moving. How can I wax so philosophic when I'm only half awake? Oh, I don't know. I suppose it's because I've picked up the pieces so many times that I can do it in my sleep now. One can only hope that anything is possible.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How the Day Began...

Wake up with thunder and lightning, and the ztttp of the power going out for hundredths of a second, then coming back on with the beep of the microwave. The crack of thunder afterward was enough to wake the dead. Sadly, I wasn't dead. Okay, maybe not so sadly, but I decided that I needed to get up and head for the bathroom . I carefully walk around the land mines (covers tossed off the bed when it's too hot, clothing and shoes removed and discarded where they lay, and a lamp, that isn't as bright as the overhead, which you can see with your eyes closed due to the 100 watt bulbs <4 of them>). Now, I'm on hubby's side of the bed, and manage to miss the chair where I usually stub my toe in the darkness. In fact, I don't even think I opened my eyes-- Then suddenly, WHAM. No, not the chair. The door. I'd forgotten we'd closed the door to hold in the cold air in our room due to the A/C . I woke up hubby. My nose was throbbing. The dog barked. Alright. Everybody wake up and ridicule the idiot who just tried to cram her nose into a solid object . "Did you forget we closed the door?" That's my husband, laughing behind his hand. "No, I just thought I'd wake up the whole house trying to put a dent in the's your sign." I expect it will be a bad day today.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mission Impossible (Apparently), Part II

Well, it was mission impossible all right. I didn't get my shower. I wasn't on time. My friend was late, and the venue was so totally different... I would say it was a disappointment, except that I was outdoors with my spinning, and therefore, it was a good day, all in all. But I forgot to charge my camera the night before, and ran out of juice before the day even started. Poor planning. Guess I should have put it on the list, eh? No phone means no camera. No camera means no pictures. And, so mission failed pretty miserably...except for being a perfect day. A nice breeze that kept my roving falling off my arm (I was spinning on the trindle), and the tent was sufficiently large to hold the whole group without anyone getting too much sun. And then my sugar levels dropped--quickly and suddenly. One spinner gave me a cookie. Another gave me a dark chocolate disk. My friend bought me lunch. Things settled down, and I started to ply my yarn. It was strange, because I found out that the other venue had been cancelled at the last minute, and the smaller park required the committee to scale everything back. There were no vendors, no border collies, no booths for buying scottish goods, and only one bagpipe band. But the coolest thing happened. My friend gave me the dvd of my interview with the local PBS about my spinning when I was at Alma! I had completely forgotten about it! This made me even more tickled. And you know how much I love to be tickled. I was on television in the Alma, Mt. Pleasant and Clare area! One thing I noticed when I got home and slid the dvd into my television was that my voice sounds JUST LIKE MY SISTER. She and I aren't related at sirree. When I got home, I realized that I wasn't really hungry, and so I waited until 9pm before I felt that I really should eat something (although I still wasn't hungry). So I went to town and bought some bread and chips and dip, and while I was at it, I bought some glucose tablets to carry. I'm hoping never to shake like I did at the festival. It was pretty scary. I'm alright now. Today, my hubby came home, and he took me to see the dinosaurs at the Lansing Center. It wasn't REAL dinosaurs, and that was disappointing, but we really loved watching the kids, and the information was really interesting. We decided that we had a good time, but that it wasn't what we expected. After we left there, I showed him the piece of the twin towers that Lansing purchased and placed on display in the middle of town. He looked at it, and said it was just so much twisted metal, but I touched it and closed my eyes, and realized that the folks who died that day found peace with God, and that all was well in the universe again. Come September 11, the whole crew will congregate at that "so much twisted metal" and pay tribute in memory of the lives lost that day. The bagpipes will play Amazing Grace, and we'll all remember once again, to never forget. So I have a little bit of yarn to start knitting. I'd love a longer weekend--they just go by so quickly.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mission Impossible

Your mission, should you decide to accept it... Is to wake up in the morning at 6am sharp. The alarm has been set for you. At this point, you must rise, take medication that has been loaded into the medication box, and then take a shower from which you must emerge damp, but clean. You will then towel dry and stand under the ceiling fan until you can actually pull clothing over your head and down onto your torso. Once dressed, you will clean your ears, brush your teeth and gather together your supplies: 1. Folding chair 2. Spinning wheel 3. Spinning fiber 4. Sock yarn, wrist yarn holder, sock pattern and needles for when you get tired of spinning 5. Keys 6. Purse 7. Cash 8. Medication 9. Trindle for when you get tired of knitting 10. Camera/cell phone and lastly, brush your hair and lock it up in a comb, so that you don't die from the heat. At this point, you will sit in your chair and wait for your friend to show up. You will drive his car to Kalamazoo, based on the directions he has purloined from the world wide web on a secret server based somewhere in space. You will use the directions and arrive at the festival fairgrounds in one hour (no more, no less), and you will set up your gear and wait for the festival to begin. At this point, you may see people. (ACK!) Don't be afraid, because they are there as a distraction, so you must make sure that you stay on task and get your mission complete. You will smile. Invite people (ACK!) into the tent you share, and spin with them. There may be many. There may be few. Either way, don your best attitude and smile frequently. (ACK!) Before evening rolls around, and at various times during the day, there will be games. There will be music. There will even be bagpipes and drums. These last are for terrifying the neighborhood dogs. Enjoy what you can. Eat festival food. Watch the cabre toss. Take pictures. You will be required to report on the happenings in Sunday's blog. As people (ACK!) start leaving, you can gather your things, your associate, his car and his gear, and drive back home. This blog will disintegrate in 5 seconds. 4,3,2,1......................

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Michigan Fiber Festival

This last weekend was the Michigan Fiber Festival, and once again, I bent the credit card in half. I bought 2 small batts of mixed fibers--one in sunset shades, one in fairy shades, and 3, yes, I said it, THREE trindle pin sets--2 in Jade and one in a black tiger eye. All three are just beautiful. When I came home, I didn't have much to revel in, and it was something of a let down. I'm spinning some fiber already on the trindle I purchased at Stitches, and my husband asked me "Why don't you use your wheel for that!" Typical. Just typical of a man who simply doesn't understand fiber things. He doesn't understand why I have so much yarn (and he hasn't see the half of it yet, but he doesn't know, so don't tell!). He doesn't understand why I need so much fabric. He doesn't get that this is my retirement! I plan to live 2 more lifetimes! The weather at Fiber Festival was perfect. Lots of animals to pet, including lots of bunnies. I almost walked away with a lilac bunny, but I slapped my own hand and moved on to the alpacas... And of course, they hummed their worry about me. I don't know what it is about them. They are only social with each other or their owners. Usually most animals will come right to me! Then, there was a mother and her cria. And the cria was so little! And the cria was so cute! Cream color with deep brown eyes. That one will be a head turner! Of course, the sheep were being sheared in the back of the barn and I watched for a couple of minutes while the shearer went about his business with one sheep, while the rest of the herd stood at the other end of the "corral" with worried looks on their faces knowing that one of them would be next to feel the coolness of no hair--and it's supposed to be a wicked Indian summer (in the 90's!), so a late shearing this year might be a good thing. Don't worry, they will have enough hair again by snowfall! Several of the show sheep reminded me of PeeWee, and one of them allowed me to scratch her brisket. Sheep love that, but PeeWee used to shake her tail in happiness when I did it. She was such a lovely girl! In other news, I signed up for retirement today. I have no idea if I'll rescind it or not, and if not, my retirement goes into effect on February 1. It means I will have to drive in the snow and walk in the most extreme cold, but then, just as it's REALLY getting cold, I'll be home, and then spring will come with new opportunities. I'm looking forward to that. Spring will bring new beginnings. Hubby and I plan to do some camping, and maybe a bit of traveling. Nothing set in stone, but it sounds like there's going to be some fun in the future. So wish me luck!

Stitches Midwest!

I'm not usually one to go ape over a trade show, but this one--holy cow! Keep in mind that I've never been to a "Stitches" trade show, but when I walked in through the doors, my chin literally hit the floor, and dollar signs shot out of my eyes. This thing was huge. All the colors! All the yarn! All the doo-dads! (This is the stuff I can really get into.) It all started with a trip to my mother's the night before. Since we were all getting up really early to take the bus, but first had to drive to Delton to pick up friends. So, 5:30am, I am up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, rolled up my bed roll and ate breakfast. When the clock hit 6am, I was in my car, and on my way. I drove to my friend's house, where she was running around like a chicken with her head cut off, looking for her glasses (which were on top of her head, but no one noticed THAT.) I finally went to my car for my extra pair, and handed them to her. She put them on. Another friend asked why she was wearing two pair of glasses. After much laughter and embarassment, she gave me back my glasses, and the last rider showed up. We loaded up the van and headed for Delton. When we arrived in Delton, we unloaded the van and loaded the bus. There were several people on the bus already. I sat with one of my friends, and the other sat up front with her sister. The bus took off and headed for Kalamazoo to pick up more folks. Then the long trek to Chicago, boredom staved off by good, friendly conversation, lots of laughter, bus-door prizes, snacks and sock knitting. We all got goodie bags with coupons, snacks and yarn. SCORE! When we arrived, there was a lady outside with a camera (from the newspaper?) and we all gathered around for a picture. We all smiled and waved! Then we were finally allowed inside. And that's when my chin fell on the floor. I had to drag it along for a little while--wanting to keep my hands free to touch all the pretty yarn and fiber and yarn, and did I say "yarn"? There were project bags everywhere. And yarn. Shawls and shawlettes are coming into vogue BIG TIME and there were dozens, if not hundreds of them scattered all over the place, many made with self-striping yarn that was soft as a baby's bottom. And yarn. My first purchase was a project bag, red, with black and white sheeps on it to hold the coupons and whatever else I might buy. (I should say now that I did bend the credit card clean in half. My hubby is not going to be happy about it when he finds out, and so I'm keeping it a secret for now.) I walked all over the place, the last booth was #933...that alone should give you an idea of how big the place was, and I walked the whole of it--at least 12 times. And then I started bending the credit card. My next purchase was some rosy red and pink sock yarn. Then I found the booth with the Signature Needles. Well, you know that I *had* to have some! I bought a set of size 1 dpn's with stilletto points. I can't wait to try them out, and I considered really casting on the pink yarn, but decided to wait until I got home. Hubby can buy more of these for me for Christmas. They are so pretty! Then I bought a knitting abacus--which is a bead bracelet that helps count your rows. Then I found the contraption that holds your yarn on your wrist, and I bought that, too. Then, a yarn store had a 50% off sale, and I bought some novelty yarn for a shawl. And then, late in the day, I found the spindles. Now normally, I would wait until the Fiber Festival for things sheepy, but I couldn't pass these up. I kept coming back to the booth and drooling over this nice walnut lace spindle. I tried it, and it spun like a Golden. On the last trip through the arena, I finally bought it. Then, while walking around with my friends, I found a Trindleman spindle. I tested this out, and just about died and went to know I didn't escape. After all of this buying spree, I thought..."Gee, I really don't need to go to Fiber Festival....NOT!" and laughed at myself. How silly of me! I need another set of arms for the Trindleman spindle for normal fiber, right? We ate sometime during the day, and shared our goodies, each of us jealous of the others good deals. We ooo'd and ahhh'd appropriately, and smiled about our good fortune. I found some cakes of yarn going for $70. I thought it was a little too much, and told them so. It was sad, because I really did want to make that shawl, but not with that yarn! In the end, we closed the show, and put our purchases under the bus so that we had room to sit down. The sky started to darken, the bus lit up, and we all got out our socks to knit. I didn't quite finish mine, but my friend finished hers up to the kitchner. I finished mine on Sunday. They are ready for kitchner, which I'll finish tonight after I get home from the office, or perhaps I'll take them with me to the hospital while I wait for my husband. Or perhaps I'll start a new project or finish another? Goodness only knows. I just know that I have a lot to do, and I'm going to have so much fun when I retire.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Perils of Guttony!

Erg! I ate too much at lunchtime, and I simply ache.

Of course eating that chocolate muffin after lunch helped matters not one bit.

I should be more careful. I have a banana here too, but there's just no way. I peer in it's direction only to become aware that my stomach is turning flip flops at the thought of ingesting it.

"No, no, no!" Saith the gastric monster. "Thou art already splitting the seams of thy pantlings, and 'tis assurance that thy gluteus Maximus is already Maximus enough!"

So much for my Shakespearean belly. Or would that be rubenesque? Probably the latter, since I resemble neither a shake nor spear.

Elton is coming along. His head is finished, and I'm working on his body now. I figure that I'm about half done with it. I won't be able to work on him much tonight because I have a quilting class. All this and a bellyache, too. I think I'll say no to McDonald's tonight. That's a first, right?

I have 10 minutes to go. I want to lie down and take a nap. Cya!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Great Notions!

I volunteered to help with a project at the office. It's all non-profit stuff, and while I was thinking about it, I had this epiphany.

I could teach kids to knit, crochet, sew--all sorts of things! Like having a "home ec" teacher.

And then maybe have a weekly "knit night"!

So I talked about it with the "boss", and he thought it was a GREAT idea.

So at some point, I'm going to be in charge of a "group knit", and I can barely wait to start. Something neat to do with my retirement, too.

For now, though, I'll do the liaison stuff and help create stuff for the website. Can you believe it? I was asked if I would like to do that! Of course, I accepted. What cool padding for my resume! Not that I'm considering working that much longer. When I retire, I want to be able to have a little fun, work on my house and garden, help my husband remodel the basement, and other assorted things.

Tomorrow, we're taking the air conditioner in to be worked on--it didn't cool us last year very well. I hope we can get it back before the heat gets back into the red zone.

But today, we're just lazy around the house. Hubby has been burning lawn waste and limbs from the pine trees (don't worry, we started early in the morning before the grass even considered accepting dew drops). Firing off the blaze was hotter than hot, and it was hours before we could get close enough to it to rake up the tinder around the main fire. It's all down now, and smoking still, but there's no open flames. We're keeping our eyes on it.

Later, when the sun starts to go down, we might do a little weeding in the garden. It certainly could use it.

Elton is not coming along very fast. When weather starts to heat up, my need to be close to yarn goes way down. Even with smaller projects.

And while I was sitting in my chair this morning, I saw a doe and her twin fawns! That was really cool.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This is Elton. This is the picture I borrowed to show you the end result of what I'm working on, since what I actually HAVE done doesn't look like much just yet. That is to say, I've done the curly mop on the top of his head, and the snout. No ears, so he can't hear. No eyes, so he has no real personality yet. I haven't even sewn his lips, so he's not talking much either. So I used Paola Novarro's picture, so you could see that he's at least going to be extremely cute and cuddly. 

You can find the pattern on Delicious Crochet and he is one of a great many patterns that you can buy there, each one is cuter than the last, and Paola is going strong, putting out about 5 or 6 new creations in a year! I think that's awesome. You have no idea how long it takes to plan these patterns, and my hat is off and I'm bowing low in homage to this designer.

So head on over to Paola's site and check out the creations there. There's an adorable caveman...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And The Beat Goes On....

Things have been rolling around and along so nicely (except for the heat--can't take the heat), that I've forgotten many things...

Such as the kitchen needs a good scrub down--

Oh well, we spent a good deal of time over the weekend cleaning the grill after a starling decided that it would become her favorite nesting place. We finally ended up cleaning it out and disinfecting the entire thing, and moving it to the front of the house where we can put it in the garage--safe from birds, but not from the mice.

We have a shrew in the house that's squeeking. You can't see the durn thing, but it keeps moving from side to side in the water heat distributor. The cats are too well fed, and bored with trying to reach up inside there, and still.not.quite.get.that.little.squeeker.

I finished an English Sheepdog, and it turned out really cute. Almost done with the second one--just some sewing and cutting of the loops and then Ralph is done. Pictures when I have a chance to post them...well, what do you know. The chance.

This is Sam. Cute, yes?

Ralph is a bit different. Here's his face.

As you can see, both ears are grey, while Sam's ears are white and grey. I wasn't too fond of the one ear being so much smaller than the other due to the yarns being different weights. Apparently, this adds to Sam's charm, but I think Ralph is older anyway (even though he's younger).

After this, the plan is to start working on my sweater again. It's been languishing in the WIP pile for a long while, and if I want to wear it this fall, I need to get going.

So, there you have it. Some of the doings for our household and my projects in process.

Oh, and one more thing....I'll be going to the Kalamazoo Highland Festival and the Detroit St. Andrews games in August. It's okay if my ex shows up to either or both...and this time he doesn't have to walk past me and say nothing with his nose in the air like he did at Alma.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Latest (or What's Going On...)

I am <--> this close to being done with one of the English Sheepdogs. I've been working on it, albeit slowly, for some time. I have to sew things, stuff things, sew it all together, then I have to snip all those loops.

And since I'm not fond of hand sewing, you understand now, why I'm dragging my feet in finishing up.

These amigurimi things are just adorable, but my right wrist has been screaming at me again...which generally happens when I over work. I should really learn to crochet left handed. Perhaps I'll try that--then I can switch hands when one wrist starts complaining.

My next project, I believe will be Kate Middleton's Shawl. I am going to need a break on these dogs, and a knitted shawl would be perfect! It's herringbone, and I'm not certain how to make the stitch, but I'll figure it out. Once started, I think I'll be able to get things going pretty quickly. I might make it out of my own handspun, as I have quite a bit of it going on the wheel. It's a little heavier than the laceweight the pattern is calling for, but I think it will be fine.

This weekend is tied up with Demo's at JoAnn's, weeding the garden and a sewing class at JoAnn's. First class I've had in about 2 months. Notice it's not my regular crochet or knitting class, but the sewing class. Now there's a humdinger. Something new to do. I'm looking forward to it, but which machine should I take??

I only have 6 or 7 machines...

I suppose that I should put them on Craigslist or something along those lines. We'll see. The machines I would never let go of are my featherweight, the quilting machine and the White treadle. So old, I can't find needles for it anymore. It needs a little TLC, though.

Well, on to bigger and better things.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Weekend

My grand daughter turned six yesterday, but we all threw a party for her the day before. I think she liked her gifts, although, I'm pretty sure she liked the ice cream cake better. I think we both did.

Then, on Sunday, hubby and I planted our garden. Lots of plants and lots of seeds. We're hoping really hard that the corn "makes" this year. We both like corn on the cob.

A pic to come when the weeds have taken over. Sigh.

Knitting wise, not much to talk about. The weather has turned suddenly to almost too hot to breathe (at least for me), and even though I love the warmer weather, there is such a thing as too warm. I used to pray for 70 degrees year, I'd be okay with 50. I am overheated most of the time these days, and praying that I survive menopause without killing somebody (including myself). I'm pretty sure I'm make it, but only just by the skin of my teeth.

Why yes, I do have a fair amount of plaque on my teeth.

Crochet-wise I've got an English Sheepdog on the hook. I didn't bring him to the office today, because I haven't got his body stuffed yet. Tonight, I think, will be a good time for that.

It's a busy week this week, and when the weekend comes, it's the Alma Highland Festival again. Amazing how quickly this time of year has come around. Anyway, I'll be wearing my "garb", and will be taking my wheel with me to demo--I'll have to remember to take some sunscreen this year. Even under the trees, you can get burned VERY quickly. I'll see if I can't get somebody to snap a picture of me in my new outfit.

Sunday, I'll probably be in the garden pulling weeds. Truly, it doesn't take them long, trust me.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bird Feeder Time Again

This evening, after filling the bird feeder for the third time, I decided to look out the window from my "blind" (between the halves of the curtains) and got the shock of my life.

Okay, maybe not the biggest shock of my life, but quite a surprise.

There was a robin at my feeder eating seeds.


I thought they mostly ate worms!?

Now, I know that they eat berries in the wintertime, so I was aware that they didn't ONLY eat worms. I mean, worms don't come out to play in the winter, right? But to see a robin at the bird feeder was unusual--especially during their nesting time.

So how do worms keep from freezing in winter? Or do they just die? Nevermind. It's one of those questions that you just kind of ponder on when you have nothing else to ponder on--like "Why is there a robin in my bird feeder instead of on the ground eating worms?"

Now, there's a well-known visitor--a redwing blackbird. It's a really pretty male, and he sings his little heart out. I don't think he has a mate yet. There are several in the vicinity protecting their "property". A couple of purple finches and a blue jay and a pair of cardinals, with a pair of mourning doves rounding out the bunch. In all, they seem to eat the feed pretty quickly, and so far, I haven't seen any raccoons, but I have seen a couple of cats.

Speaking of cats, mine are curled up in the blankets at the moment, but this morning, were staring at a spot near my dryer. Then my border collie, Mandy got in on the act. I had to put her into her pen and lay a trap for the mouse that is OBVIOUSLY hiding in there. I expect it to be full of mouse by morning.

I watched a pair of bunnies jump around the other night in the yard, just before nightfall. Later that evening, I could hear the coyotes yipping about something. Mandy didn't want to go outdoors. I wonder how she might have some fear of coyotes--since I don't believe she's had any sort of contact with them. She's never been off the leash, because she'd run off, but she has no reason to fear coyotes--could it be my concern over them that she's picking up? Unknowable.

But spring has hit the area, and birds are all nesting--including the one in my grill that I had to force to vacate--not a popular decision in the bird's opinion, I'm sure. The grill is mine, and I will be using it. The starling can find another place to hatch eggs. Baby birds in the grill tend to die anyway--mostly from heat stroke. Note: The grill is black. In the heat of summer, baby birds die in the grill ANYWAY. Lest PETA come knocking on my door.

Socks are finished, if I haven't told you. I'm gearing up to start a new project--probably an English Sheepdog. I just haven't gotten up the ambition to start it. Or anything else, for that matter, but it's time to start thinking seriously about the whole thing.

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy a drink and maybe plant some tulips before the bulbs die.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Take on Boston

I am blogging today about recent news in the's fine if you don't agree with me, but honestly, I have my own thoughts on the matter, and this venue is sort of my journaling. If I bore you, just close the window, okay??

First off, the bombing in Boston. Messy. Unprofessional. Not thought out very well. Inept. Let's just say that who ever is responsible, they should fry or get the needle, or maybe spend the rest of their lives in a hole in the ground in Pakistan with lots of ants and no water. I'm not sure I could make the punishment any more severe.  I know all about how I'm not to judge, but there are limits to what I can put through this traumatised heart.

Put it this way. If the bomber had thought it out better, in other words, if he/she had MEANT to kill people, rather than just make a "statement", the bomb would have gone off when people were standing 10 deep on the sidewalk, instead of only 4 deep. Yet, as bad as it turned out to be, it could have been MUCH MUCH WORSE. 

Don't even think that law enforcement/FBI don't know "who done it". The Saudi national that was questioned? Rich parents that apparently want him home RIGHT NOW. Not that he was involved, you understand. He was just in the WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME. A victim of racial profiling. Imagine yourself in his shoes. You're brown, there's a bomb goes off, and someone sees you, and eyes you with a "just what do you think you're doing?" stare, and yes, I think I'd run the other way, too.

Force of habit, fight or flight is going to take hold--instinct made him run. Had he fought first, things might have been very different for him. Imagine the fear? I sure can.

My take on the whole matter is that it was a homegrown terrorist group, but only a couple maximum of people willing to shed a little blood for their cause. I don't know which cause, you understand, but I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with racism on some level. And because "these two perps" were alone in their credo's (meaning that their group didn't agree with their views) they decided to go off on their own and create a little mayhem. It's also very possible that they didn't intend to kill anyone, or they would have used a more lethal weapon. I had some concern in the beginning that there might have been a biological inside the bomb. Not that I want to give anybody ideas. That would make things much, much worse, later on down the road. Frankly, those folks in the hospital need to be quarantined, just to make sure. Nothing's been done on that score, and so it's possible that, further down the road, there could be more. Just sayin'.

I tend to think the perps are black, not brown or white. I don't know why that is, but the "hoodie" business is my clue.

Does it tie into the Treyvon Martin thing? Who knows?

Someone does, and they aren't talking.

The "We got him!" and the subsequent "We don't have him..." was a total CNN FAIL. But you know, truth is more often told in the first 20 minutes of a disaster, after that, everyone is covering up, and CMA becomes the catchphrase of the day.

Final analysis? Sad. Just very, very sad. And CNN asks "Is man evil or good?" All I can say is "Only God can judge the heart." One day, He will.

Monday, April 15, 2013

More Progress...

  More progress.

From the blue line on Sunday.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


  Good news! The pair finally found their way to their destination! Almost 3 weeks from the mail date. I have no idea what took them so long. Perhaps everyone who touched the package, opened it to see if it was safe, and then admired them for a while, then sent them back on their way? 

I believe they took that left turn at Alburquerque.

I also finished the pink pair, and have them put away for the next need.

And I began a pair of socks for myself...I'm doing an afterthought heel, so it's just hours and hours of knitting, therefore, I am trying a new technique.

I'm lever knitting. This is the way Yarn Harlot knits, and she is so darn fast, it's not funny! But I'm getting there, slow but sure. I have the first sock finished, and the second is on the needles-the square ones I mentioned in my last post. I find them no different than round needles, but because they are square and some sort of wood, the stitches don't flee on me, making practice on this new technique just a bit easier.

So with that, I go back to my knitting.

Monday, March 25, 2013

More Baby Socks

  I am so bummed out.

Those little socks I made two weeks ago?

They are lost in the postal service.

So I am making another pair, but this time in pink. They will be too big to bring home on the baby, but maybe the right size for when the child is a bit older. I've already finished one....

So I guess that's the half of it.

It's very likely that I'll deal with the second sock tonight, but believe it or not, I'm having second sock syndrome with this little one!

The difficulty is that I have a sock on some square needles for me...which aren't getting done. I found the square needles at Sticks N Strings, and thought I would try them out. I'm not sure I care one way or the other about them being square. The shop says that people who switch back and forth find that they LOVE the square needles. Honestly, I don't see much of a difference.

Well, back to the office.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Saga Continues

This morning, I received a Facebook message from a newly favorited author by the name of Angela White. She's written several books, but the series I'm most interested in is the "After the War..." series, of which she has 5 books so far, and expects more.

I had emailed her because I had read Book 1, found it entirely enthralling, and asked her about Book 2. Mainly because Amazon and Barnes & Noble both said Book 2 was out of print.

Being out of print causes me great stress, and therefore a frantic note was dashed off to Ms. White in hopes of procuring said book.

This morning she informed me that book 1 and 2 were merged some time ago, and that I'd possibly read them both. She asked me where I was in the story, and I replied....

Just after Angela and Marc had an, um, interlude?

And she let me know that I had already read book 2. That I needed book 3, which I obtained quickly, and I'm about to settle down and start reading, when I realize that I'm still at the office, and have no benefit of wifi there. So I opted to wait until I returned home.

But first, I had to get some groceries--not a major shop, just pick up a few things.

Then I intended to Blog...which is what you're seeing here.

Then I intended to do my mother's taxes, which I've been putting off for a couple of weeks, thinking maybe my hubby would take them in with ours and have them done, but no dice. So now, I have to do them myself.

Somewhere in there is supposed to be dinner, but I think that's going to be a quick and dirty sandwich, rather than a big "todo".

And I received my doll pattern in the email today, so I'm printing her out. This is the plan, to get an idea how to make my own doll's body--so that it looks decent and, well, DOLL-LIKE. I can't have her with a fish body--and I don't want her to look like a balloon. Neither do I want her to have skinny arms. And so I bought this pattern with the intent that I would use it to help fashion the body on my doll.

Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Beyond that, I got to thinking about my book, as well, and wondered what I might do about it, considering that I haven't written anything in it for ages. It's something I'll have to think about and get back to, obviously.

Well, I have a busy night ahead, so I better close for now. Here's a quick peek at the pattern I purchased for the doll. I think she's adorable, too, and might make a second one according to the pattern, but another time, I think.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Happenings

It's morning. I don't suppose you'd know that unless I told you. I'm still in my flannel nightgown, and my hubby put his shirt on inside out this morning. We are both stuffy nosed and bleary eyed, but once again alive with two feet on the floor--although some of us are not as coordinated as we could be. I just ran into the bedroom door jam trying to bring in coffee. Hello. Can you say warm feeling?

Anyway, as I drink my coffee and try to finish waking up, I listen to the rain pitter-pat on the roof and windows. We've had a warming "trend" with the weather and, you guessed it, lots of MUD. It's everywhere. The only good thing about snow is that you can't see the dog poop on the ground. Once the snow melts, it's poop and mud everywhere. It stinks and you have to wait for a dry day to clean it all up with a rake before the grass gets too tall. I won't bore you with the nasty pictures. I think words are worth one picture--at least in this case.

Hubby likes to teach himself how to do things. Right now, he's working on a game--just a simple game, really, but he really likes to make changes to these things to make the programming do something slightly different. Then, when it doesn't work anymore, and he hasn't saved a single backup, he frets.

And frets. And it's like his mind is consumed with thoughts ONLY for this piece of software.

Who me? Jealous? I think not. I just have no appreciation for his fretting. He tends to tell me all about why it's bothering him. Although, to be honest, I don't understand a word he says when he's talking programming--it's more like he's just sounding off and trying to sort it out in his own head, which is too small, and therefore he has to sort things out by talking so that his ears can hear it and he can then suss it out by himself. It's a version of talking to yourself, I guess. Surely, he's not talking to me. Except that he calls my name when he does it.

But when he's fretting, he's not much fun. He doesn't talk about anything OTHER than the software, unless it's absolutely necessary, and he can be pretty ornery if he's cornered to discuss something else that has relevance to his own EATING. Such is the practice in our home.

But things get done, and pretty soon he's humming along. As I pass by his computer desk, he asks--

"Hey, want to see what my program can do now?"

This has happened only 15 times in the last 5 days, 14 of them result in--

"Oh. It wasn't supposed to do that. I can fix that."

And I walk away with a bemused grin on my face. This "learning" thing has taken over, and I'm allowed to knit and crochet to my heart's content.

The latest? Something for my friend Mary, who has a niece in Georgia who is preggers--

I shipped these out yesterday. They're adorable. I'll admit it. But they go a lot faster with worsted weight yarn. These were made with baby yarn called Jamie in coral, rather than pink. I must tell you that while the end result is cuter than cute, making them is only possible with double pointed needles, and the only problem for me with double pointed needles is the points on each end of each of the 4 needles that hold the stitches. These poke me in the's like trying to carefully handle a baby porcupine. The result is worth it, but getting there can be interesting to say the least. My husband comments:

"You're handling that dead baby octopus again, aren't you?"


A bird sings outdoors. I wonder for a minute if it's a redwing blackbird...but sadly, I know it's just a starling.

So. The computer is working now, too. I just downloaded a copy of the newest Microsoft Office, which will be good only until I retire or otherwise leave my employment, which could happen any day, really--but likely not until I've got my 30 years in. Everything depends on my health these days, and it's altogether possible that something could happen that would take me out of the picture. I try to keep on top of things like that, but you're never prepared for disaster. So yes, Microsoft Office 2013 is on my computer, and I'm just about to install it on my husband's computer as well.

That will teach him. HA!

More coffee required.

Yesterday, we all celebrated birthdays in his family--his mother, sister and daughter all have birthdays around this time of year, and so we all go out to supper. I was told we were going to Chinese, but at the last moment, his sister changed her mind for Country Buffet. We were just in time for the lunch buffet, where you can get the advantage of the lunch price and stay for the dinner menu. It saves you $3 per person, and since we had 10 people, there was quite a savings! I learned this from my computer guru, Chris, who told me that he often goes here, so when I learned that the family had changed plans, I wondered if I'd run into him.

But I told myself the chances were slim at best. The next thing I know, as I'm seated and starting to eat, here he comes and seats himself in front of me. Never in a million years. I didn't see it coming---er, HIM coming. Just suddenly he was there. I thought it might be him, but I convinced myself that it would be weird if it was, so I determined that it wasn't...until he sat right down in front of me. Smiling.

I felt like a stalker, even though going there hadn't been my decision--or even my offering. Surprised and befuddled, he reminded me that I'd told him that I'd be in town--but I never expected to run into him. I had no idea what to say, so I introduced him to my in laws (he already knows my hubby). It was strange, because I was with the family. It wouldn't have been any trouble if it had been just Hubby and I. We talked about computers for a little while, and then he returned to his family's table, which, by the way, was directly in front of our table. So every time I looked up in that direction, there he was, looking right back at me. It was completely unnerving, as I immersed myself into family chatter.

Later, my mother-in-law commented that the family had sat there the entire time reading the Bible. Now, I know Chris to be something of an Agnostic--rather than a believer, but he's a very tolerant person. He spent hours and hours teaching me what I needed to know about computers. Everything I know, I learned from him, pretty much by observing. So it seemed a little strange that he would occupy his time that way--not that I'm dwelling on it.

Well, it appears that hubby has achieved part of his mission for the morning. I suppose I should get to crocheting before he decides to make me his next mission.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Latest News!

  It's a new blog post, and I have something so cute, that I'm having trouble starting the second one.

Yes, it's a sock...

It's no bigger than my palm. A pair to come for a friend at the office who is having a baby girl!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Brioche Anyone?

  Hello, again.

Yes, I realize that I've been blogging pretty sparsely. The reason is because I'm doing a new job, and it takes up all my time, what with learning, building and organizing. It's really been a drain on my entire body, but I'm getting there.

I decided to play a little bit with brioche. I found some multicolored yarn with a short color rotation, and decided to do some standard brioche with it. I'm just making a knit scarf (or would that be a BARK scarf?) with 16 cast on.

It's Red Heart "With Love" in the Autumn colorway. As if you couldn't tell.

I'm actually much further along than this, as this was taken on Saturday, and I kept on knitting through Sunday. I haven't been able to work on it today at all, as I opted rather to catch everyone up with what's been happening.

Tomorrow, I have knit night. I'm not sure I'll be able to go. I've run out of money (not due to the job change, but because of the increase in federal taxes), and so I'm pretty much borrowing money from the bank just to buy lunch and a few things here and there.  I suppose I could go, but it costs me almost $12 just to drive. Then there's the time that I'm on the road, and I can't get to sleep when I'm hyped up on driving. I also have to buy a supper on the road, and that's another $ we're talking close to $20 now. If I go every week, it's $80 a month, or $960 a year! Think of all the yarn I could buy!!!

One of the ladies at knit night has been working hard at getting in shape, and she is looking so FINE! I am SO JEALOUS! She can run and do all these workouts, and it seems her husband is okay with it...mine would have a fit! But she is looking so good, and HEALTHY, too. I would say I hate her, but I really don't. I'm just jealous. I honestly wish that I could do everything she's doing, but it would take a ton of discipline, and I've been pretty hard on the discipline at the by the time I get home, I am wiped out. Of course, I am about 25 years older than she is, too. Which MIGHT have something to do with all of that...

So I've just been twittering about, getting things around so that I can do this job, and it's coming along really well. We'll see how things go.

More another day. So long, now!

Brioche Anyone?

  Hello, again.

Yes, I realize that I've been blogging pretty sparsely. The reason is because I'm doing a new job, and it takes up all my time, what with learning, building and organizing. It's really been a drain on my entire body, but I'm getting there.

I decided to play a little bit with brioche. I found some multicolored yarn with a short color rotation, and decided to do some standard brioche with it. I'm just making a knit scarf (or would that be a BARK scarf?) with 16 cast on.

It's Red Heart "With Love" in the Autumn colorway. As if you couldn't tell.

I'm actually much further along than this, as this was taken on Saturday, and I kept on knitting through Sunday. I haven't been able to work on it today at all, as I opted rather to catch everyone up with what's been happening.

Tomorrow, I have knit night. I'm not sure I'll be able to go. I've run out of money (not due to the job change, but because of the increase in federal taxes), and so I'm pretty much borrowing money from the bank just to buy lunch and a few things here and there.  I suppose I could go, but it costs me almost $12 just to drive. Then there's the time that I'm on the road, and I can't get to sleep when I'm hyped up on driving. I also have to buy a supper on the road, and that's another $ we're talking close to $20 now. If I go every week, it's $80 a month, or $960 a year! Think of all the yarn I could buy!!!

One of the ladies at knit night has been working hard at getting in shape, and she is looking so FINE! I am SO JEALOUS! She can run and do all these workouts, and it seems her husband is okay with it...mine would have a fit! But she is looking so good, and HEALTHY, too. I would say I hate her, but I really don't. I'm just jealous. I honestly wish that I could do everything she's doing, but it would take a ton of discipline, and I've been pretty hard on the discipline at the by the time I get home, I am wiped out. Of course, I am about 25 years older than she is, too. Which MIGHT have something to do with all of that...

So I've just been twittering about, getting things around so that I can do this job, and it's coming along really well. We'll see how things go.

More another day. So long, now!