Saturday, April 13, 2013


  Good news! The pair finally found their way to their destination! Almost 3 weeks from the mail date. I have no idea what took them so long. Perhaps everyone who touched the package, opened it to see if it was safe, and then admired them for a while, then sent them back on their way? 

I believe they took that left turn at Alburquerque.

I also finished the pink pair, and have them put away for the next need.

And I began a pair of socks for myself...I'm doing an afterthought heel, so it's just hours and hours of knitting, therefore, I am trying a new technique.

I'm lever knitting. This is the way Yarn Harlot knits, and she is so darn fast, it's not funny! But I'm getting there, slow but sure. I have the first sock finished, and the second is on the needles-the square ones I mentioned in my last post. I find them no different than round needles, but because they are square and some sort of wood, the stitches don't flee on me, making practice on this new technique just a bit easier.

So with that, I go back to my knitting.

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