Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cleaning the Kitchen

If there is one thing I hate, it's housework. Housework is work, the same way that diet means you're gonna die! (get it? Die-t)

In any case, I tend to reserve kitchen cleaning to the house elves, and let me tell you, they are


I had a sink full of dirty dishes, mold growing on some watermelon rind and we won't even discuss the refrigerator--just the large moldy penal colony in there.

Well, no more.

My step-son's girlfriend took their newer, used frig outdoors and power washed it. While I watched her, I thought of the family in my own frig, and thought to myself...I should really evict those people! There aren't adding value to the food in there--

And so became Sunday a day of House Work.

Now Housework isn't really work. If it was work, I'd get paid for it, and believe me, I don't. Since the house elves have been apparently on vacation all summer, I figure it fell to me to "git er done" (I just love Larry the Cable Guy! Did you know he's never worked for a cable company, and that his name isn't Larry?) But even if I DID get paid for housework, I still wouldn't do it but once a week. I figure that's plenty of time--at least to get the dishes in the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, vacuum the floors and sweep up those little pieces of grit that stick to the bottom of your feet. I call it


And thus began my day--toss laundry into the wash, make coffee, gather dishes from around the house, pick up pop cans and bag them for the car, thaw mice for the snake, draw water into the sink for the really badly soiled pans and utensils that will not come clean in the dishwasher, no matter how hot it gets, wake husband to help with the refrigerator, who, once he figured that the piece I wanted taken apart didn't come apart, returned to bed and fell immediately into another bout of raptured snoring...oh yeah...this man helps with house work like Jimmy Durante needs a nose job.

And then..

The frig.

And yes, I did get it clean. Sparkling even. So clean you could eat off it!

Now I have to fold and hang laundry. Excuse me for a minute or two. I have just 4 laundry baskets full of clothing that must be put away.

Oh, the heck with that. I'm hungry!

Maybe hubby will help?

Ah, maybe not. I think he's somehow related to my house elves, actually. Rather odd, as he's SO MUCH BIGGER than a house elf.

Well, he finally got up and helped with the hang up clothing--nevermind that I had already finished up 2 baskets by myself. Now he's preparing to take me to breakfast (yay!) and then to his mother's to put up a hand railing--I'm taking my crocheting with me, along with sewing thread and needle. I'll be busy most of the day on that.

In other knitterly/crafterly news, I finished crocheting some parts to the Santa Fe Rug, and now must sew them to the parts already sewn together to finish up the center section. Then I can start crocheting around the perimeter--which I am really looking forward to--as it means that I am nearly done with the rug and I can then go back to knitterly things.

So for now, adios! I'm off to my Mother in Law's house!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finally The Perfect Picture!

I am so proud! My new baby has come to life right before my eyes. After locating the buttons, I found time to sew them on while my hubby drove for pizza, and then it was ready for a picture. I can't believe it's finished.

My Blue Celtic Jumper

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blue Celtic Jumper Is Done!

And that pretty much sums up my week this week--it's been really boring.

You can see my project file on Ravelry here

I hate the way my cell phone really skews the color and can't take a good shot to save it's life. I'm considering a different Blackberry with a better resolution--the color on my Ravelry page for previous pics of the sweater turned out pretty good. Those were taken with my camera at 8 megapixels. The Blackberry is only 3, and it doesn't have Smart-Shake--which maintains the camera "still" even if you tremble--Most of the cameras have it now--especially the SLR's and that is why my next camera will be an SLR.

In the meanwhile, I decided to play with a little crochet--switching things up a bit. I'm working on the Santa Fe Rug (Actually called the Desert Star Rug on Lion Brand's website, but I think it has decidedly south-western flavors, so I renamed it...sue me! On second thought, don't do that--I'm having a bad hair day.), and I have one of the stars completed. It isn't going together very well--but I'm trying.

One of my office comrades is retiring, so I put together a montage of pictures on CD for her going away present. It turned out really well. I think I still have the best one...let me see if I can find it. There 'tis! This is a silver pitcher with a picture of our building super-imposed upon it.
I think it turned out quite well!

I also had a commission to work on a flyer for a charity--didn't charge for it. It turned out pretty cute, though.

This weekend is the Kalamazoo Highland Games. I'm not much looking forward to it--and I'm almost thinking of not going--opting for the Jackson Civil War Re-Enactment--I can choose one or the other. There's a certain person I do not wish to bump into--at either function--so I'm going to flip a coin at the start of the day, and decide on the fly. Either will give me lots of time to spin and demo. Both have aspects that I would like to be able to attend both--but that's not really feasible. I prefer to go to the Kalamazoo Show, because I don't hear bagpipes much anymore, and I do love them. I love how the bands all get together at the end of the day and do Kitchen Piping. It's the best part of the day!

Well I'm off to look into cell phones. I want one that will run the Kindle application, I think.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Doings Today

We are going to be out and about working on the house and helping hubby's mom with her yard. Of course, I'll be finishing up my sweater, and might begin sewing it together, which is possible, but not the way I had wanted to work it. I wanted to block the pieces first to make them easier to sew together, but that might not be an option.

From there, I may decide to work on Rhiannon again, or I might work on the swirl scarf. There are lots of things I could do, but right now, the only thing on my mind is EAT--it's early, so breakfast is in order. I'm thinking COFFEE! Hubby is saying he's not hungry yet. Sadly, it my body that he has to listen to--we can't put me into a diabetic coma!

So I guess decisions are in order. What those might be, I leave to the ethos--since at the moment I am unable to think about anything. Perhaps I'll draw cards...

9 Swords Reversed
The Chariot Reversed
8 of Wands Reversed

This is telling me that the sewing/getting around the blocking part, just isn't going to work to my satisfaction. So maybe it's not a good idea to take it along?

And then for a question in addition--which I will save for my own knowing--

7 of Pents Reversed
10 of Pents
9 of Wands Reversed

A lack of good decisions with respect to finances, but things are looking up. Recovery will be slow.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Michigan Fiber Festival

This is the event for knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners and lovers of fiber! The only thing that outdoes it is one of the Stitches events--but I'm not going to any of those anytime soon (although I'd love to--anybody want to stash me away in their suitcase?)

This year, it rained, but that didn't stop anybody--I only came away with a few things--some cute purple sheep earrings and a book.

But what a book!

Haapsulu Shawl!!!!

Yes! Yes! It's mine! All mine!

I can't wait to look through it!

On the way home, I stopped off at a bead place in Grand Rapids, then turned around and headed for the Threadbender Yarn Store. I bought 4 skeins of yarn for a scarf (Yarn Harlot'sThe Yarn HarlotImage via Wikipedia Swirl Scarf. Actually not her "pattern", just she knit it and there's the picture. I can't wait to start. I also got a newer sock book--Outside the Sox (or something like that). You will have to excuse me. I have this horrible sinus headache, and the brain is REALLY fuzzy!

It's hot and humid, and my fingers are sticking together.

I have two rows left on the neckband for the Blue Celtic Jumper and then all the pieces are done! I will probably finish tomorrow morning.

I didn't find the blocking boards at Fiber festival, so I will have to order from Knitpicks, I guess. I hate to do it--especially when my hubby could make me a sweater blocking form quite easily!

Well, it's simply too hot to blog, and my eyes are starting to droop from the Benedryl--so I better head for nap time.

I had a pretty good day except for the headache....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today's the Day

And I am taking today off to take my mother to the surgeon's office to determine what needs to be done and what the risks might be.

It's going to be a long day. I'm taking my knitting with me.

Oh, and that underarm? It was a stinker, but I finally got there. The next rows are bind off rows, and I start on the "home stretch".

The remodel is coming along slowly, but it's coming along--there are a lot of "pieces" to the project, considering that we are putting up green board half way up the wall to help with mold and mildew--then regular sheetrock on the top. Plus the rooms are smaller, so there's more "art" to it--cutting out the electrical boxes and that sort of thing. There are only six more pieces to put up. Hubby says they are small, yet it's going to take two more days to put those up? Frankly, I think that their dyslexia interferes with the part about taking a measurement from one room outside to the board, but that could be just me.

The other night, some of my step-son's friends came over and they had a sheetrock hanging party. But it was slow going until the professional got there--he knew how to do it--fast and easy, and what crack wouldn't be such a big deal. My hubby says if you could pass a hair through it, it's too big a crack. I knew that carpentry isn't that exact a science, but you can't argue with an engineer/toolmaker. It just doesn't work.

But there seems to be a little trouble in paradise--and of course, step son is handling it just like his father--shut up and don't say anything. Hopefully it will all blow over.

The trouble is, women don't get that behavior (especially me). I sit and I stew over it, mulling over what I might have done wrong to make him angry...finally, after

"Okay, was it THIS?"


"You aren't mad about THAT are you?"'s

things finally get ironed out. And yes, I do have to think about it for HOURS. It would be so much easier if he'd just TELL me what it is that was wrong!

But like I said, trouble in paradise--and step's apple didn't fall far from the tree. He basically ignored 4 text messages while we were sitting together chatting last night. So I told him about how much Jeff's behavior ticks me off. That I basically have to figure it out for myself when it would be so much easier and we'd get over it so much faster if he would JUST OPEN HIS F****** MOUTH AND SAY SOMETHING. Step says it's a long story. I think it might be, but I also think he's just making it longer.

He wanted to know what made hubby and I last so long--apparently, he didn't figure that we would last as long as we have. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised myself. We started talking about our anniversary and the discussion dissolved, but I do wonder the same thing. I think it's more a testament to hubby's realization that he's not the easiest man to get along with, and my own as well. And before you think I'm agreeing with him that he's the problem--think again. I am just as much at fault. However, he recognizes that I do care for him--that I am not a flighty, get even kind of gal. And he cares for me, too. When the chips are really down, he's been there for me. I guess we stay together because we both realize that we are basically "good people", and if some small "tiff" rises up, it's not going to last long. We know how to go to our separate corners and have some "time out". And I think that knitting has saved me from walking away more than once.

I don't know how you tell a kid that. Step isn't a "kid" so much anymore, and has quite a bit of experience with long-term relationships (just not marriage). I think that he'll survive just fine, even though he seems to love her more than vice-versa. This isn't to say that I don't think she loves him at all--I do--just I wonder sometimes if her connection to commitment is as deep as his seems to be. Hubby agrees with me. It's not easy to find someone who is as committed to the relationship as we seem to be. We know that commitment to the institution of marriage means that you don't just quit when the going gets a little tough, and that there are two rules in marriage.

Don't sweat the small stuff.
It's all small stuff.

And it's meant to be forever, by the way--too many people think that it can be temporary, especially if "I'm" unhappy for too long. For a while, there was a little hope that things would turn around during the AIDS scare--but it's devolving back to it's original selfishness.

My French teacher in high school, Mr. LaBrie would say "Hot love grows cold!".

Yes, that's true. Sometimes, if you choose someone who thinks like you do, is good with conversation, and has some decent sensibilities--when the hot love fire turns into a pilot light, you can still keep things going at a steady pace. If you snag somebody who thinks being married is EASY as long as things are all "lovey, dovey" AKA newlywed period and never has a rock in the road--well, if you're not up to helping to move that rock together, then you're not going to last--of course, some people just take a different road--but if you take the different road together, you can make it last.

And that's my thought for the day--If you can't budge the rock together, make sure you take that other person's hand and walk down a different road together, because walking alone is horribly lonely.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nearing the Underarm...

I'm getting closer to being done with the sweater. I am nearly to the underarm, resting my right wrist, which has begun to give me fits due to all the knitting.

We are waiting for the kids to wake up. We would like to get started again on the basement. I want to teach my step-son's girlfriend how to knit--unless she brought her needlepoint. Or I could teach her how to crochet. It really doesn't matter much which one she learns, as long as it's something we can do while the boys are at it in the basement.

I bought me another case to hold a project--and I bought some more yarn. In fact, I bought all the cream that they had--this has sequins in it. I thought it will make a nice gift for somebody for Christmas, although I am not sure who's going to get it.

My son is going to get a flame double knit scarf, I think--matching the hat and gloves that I made for him. That should be a quick knit.

My husband gets a double knit hat--his ears get cold in winter. I figure a nice wool hat would be very nice--but might shrink right onto his head until it pops off--POP! Not his head....THE HAT! Silly you.

He also gets a new pair of gloves. I think somebody filched his wool gloves that I made him two years ago. That's a shame. He really liked them. They are easy to make, though a little fiddly.

My mother gets cross stitch fabric and I'll have to take her to Hobby Lobby to get whatever she wants for floss. And of course, her birthday is coming up as well. I have a couple of little things for her to put in her house--all piggie related.

Then there's the grandkids...there's a no-brainer. I'm thinking quick, in the round sweaters to help keep them warm. Something with intarsia--not too intricate--maybe something with camouflage and green and then pink and green for the other. I think that will work out really well.

So there's a lot of knitting to do. First have to finish this sweater, and I am so close I can taste it. I really want to get it done. Cheer me on with a few comments.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Long Day

Coupled with that, the supervisor thinks I continued to do something after she told me not to do it anymore.

And I haven't done it, since she told me that it was pointless to do it--and that's that.

Her supervisor is breathing down her neck--and of course, she's stuck doing all this EXTRA crap that she shouldn't have to be doing, and if she could move me into a better position, then she could give some of that work to me to do...

But will she do that?

Probably not.

The woman needs to learn that she can't do it all or she's going to end up in the hospital like her predecessor did...and then on the block for retirement. Not a good idea at this point to have to train a new supervisor. She's just trying to do too much, and isn't working at getting people the access that they need in order to do the job and do it right.

And the further behind things get, the more people complain, and the more the word gets to her supervisor...and then of course, she gets all stressed out.

But I'm all stressed out now, because...

Well, forget about it.

The memory came in for my computer and I just finished installing. Of course, you don't see a difference, but *I* sure do--just in the way it behaves! I think that I might head back to Best Buy and pick up a laptop cooler, too. The bottom of this thing gets REALLY hot.

It's time to make dinner. I'm in my bedroom, sweating in the air conditioning, because it hasn't quite yet cooled the room sufficiently for me to breathe.

I have to cook in this heat? You betcha. Any man worth his salt would take me to dinner! Perhaps I should hand the man the pepper shaker tonight?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Getting To Be That Time of Year...

I'm probably going to need to get a new(er) laptop. The one I have is starting to act up. The poor thing needs more memory (coming, soon I hope), a new power cable (wire broken in the old one), and it could use a new battery, but since I never take it anywhere...

Okay, so maybe it's acting up because I never take it anywhere?

The boys are working on the downstairs bathroom, putting in green-board to help cut down on the mildew and mold. I've been "shooed" out twice. Guess I'll blog about it.

I was really tired when I got home tonight. That might have something to do with the fact that I was not the slightest bit tired LAST night, and stayed up and watched Letterman in order to see Joan Rivers.

My GOODNESS! How she has changed her appearance! Here's how I remember her from the 50's and 60'sAnd here's how she looks NOW! Did you know that she's 77!? That's older than my MOTHER! Not by a lot, mind you, but look at how good she looks in this pic.

Listen, I know it's Botox and facial surgery. I'm sure she went through a lot of hell to look like this, but I have to wonder. Will her face fall off her head someday?

Monday, August 9, 2010

And Going and Coming

And always too soon!

(I'm So) Tired..from Dr. Frankenstein with Gene Wilder.

It was a long, long, too long day today.
Did I say it was a long day?

Not much knitting done today. I have to finish up with a project for the office party, and it's hot. My memory didn't come in the UPS truck I am


missing my memory!

It will come in a day or so...I hope.

Tomorrow, I have part of the day off to take my hubby in to the hospital for his procedure. You should see the clorox-sized bottle of crap he's got to drink to prepare for the "procedure". You want to know something--I surely don't want one of those "procedures" if I have to drink all that crud! I had one just before they took the "good stuff" off the market. I don't have to have the "procedure" again for 10 years...THANK GOD FOR THAT! And maybe by that time, they will have come up with an easier, less water to make me slosh about all night, technique for this procedure.

I think you know which one I mean.

My poor hubby had polyps--and the doctor removed those and called him back in--by tomorrow morning, he will be (pardon the pun) "clean as a whistle". Of course, most of his "whistling" will be through the night, whilst seated on the thunder throne, I suppose.

My "exit", where no man had gone before, was just fine, last checked. And I've been trying to keep things "moving" properly by eating my fiber (no, my quilt fabric and spinning wool remain unscathed) and, knock on wood--I haven't had any troubles since my diverticulitis attack. I still have diverticulosis, but it's been pretty harmless.

I'm sure you wanted to read about all this--just be glad I don't post pictures!

I had a really hard cramp in my calf a couple nights ago, and it's still quite painful. I've got to get my weight under control and by so doing, get my diabetes under control, so that I don't have anymore of these stupid leg cramps. Because they HURT! And for a long time! And they make walking anyplace darn near impossible!

Well, guess I'll get started on that project for the office. Yak at ya'll later!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Coming and Going--

Today, I have, quite literally accomplished nothing except waking up.

I had a class today that was a no-show.
I had a chance to knit, but decided to nap instead.
I bought some beading supplies, but haven't put my hand to that yet, either.

It sounds like my step son is back from his girlfriend's house, which means that hubby is busy working on the basement, and which also means that it will be late before he can pay any attention to me. Of course, it also leaves me time to put off making supper, too, so perhaps I'll just take another nap.

It's worth a thought.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Progress on Blue Celtic Jumper

Sleeves-One repeat done-about 7" long.

We just had the strangest thing happen! We were all in the basement, getting ready to take out the tub, and suddenly, the lights flickered--I think we lost power for a minute or two, because when I came upstairs, my computer had turned off again.

But then, the closet door started to rattle, and I don't mean just a little, either. It was leaning up against a cupboard, and it was rattling enough that it actually was making quite a bit of noise.

Keep in mind that there was no was only raining lightly, and just as soon as it started, it stopped. When I came upstairs, I turned on my computer again, so the fuse didn't blow, but I could hear clicking going on in the fuse box...which doesn't bode well for the boy's electrical work. I'm going to have them check it in just a minute.

I wonder if we didn't just have an earthquake somewhere nearby? I'm going to have to check into it. I sure hope we aren't headed for an earthquake!!!

Blogger Designer

Well, I have spent a little time with Blogger Designer, and there is not one background that looks good with my header--which I love, and don't want to part with, so I'm tabling the idea of changing my blog at this time.

It's very late, after 1am, and I'm still awake. A little "tithered" since I was able to get some work done around the house, and my guru showed up and fixed my printer problem AND got my husband's machine working right. We ran a few programs and decided that I needed more ram--then found out that the fan was REALLY crammed up with a bunch of dust. He blew the dust out with his handy, dandy air compressor, and TADA! Instantly works MUCH better. So I guess that I have to do some maintenance on the fan now and then to keep this machine running in it's tip top. And with the extra ram, I should have a nicely fast machine again! I can't wait for it to come.

And yes. Guru showed me how to put it in the slots, so I'm doing really well, and think that I can handle it without issue.

I'm going to check a little more into this Blogger thing, though. I think there's a way that I can add whatever image I want, and quite honestly, what more could a girl ask for?

But now, I'm tired. It's been a long day. I'm glad that I was able to get my guru out here to fix the printer issue. I think that if I had blown out the fan 3 months ago, my printer issue wouldn't have BEEN an issue. But it's over now, and everything is rosy.

I can rest easy tonight. But first...I need a sandwich.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Main is Down

Power is out while the boys play with the electric.

I'm bored. I can't do anything right now that I planned to do--such as vacuum the floors, do the dishes, thaw out the roast and run the dishwasher or the washer/dryer.

Even internet/blog has to be done by cellie, and good for me that I have that option or I'd go bananas!

It's true, I could go outside and knit, but I took off all my clothing--as I generally do on Friday night in order to do housework--and why yes, I do my housework in the semi-nude fashion--prepping for laundry--I would have to get dressed again! Perish the thought! Even though I live in the country, we have neighbors that are close enough to see the blush on my cheeks--and I really don't want to frighten them.

And of course I asked my guru to come tonight--so it will be hotter than Hades in the house when and if he arrives--not to mention all the dog and cat hair all over that I can't vacuum right now.

I'm doomed. Guess I'll get dressed. I have no other options.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sleeves Begun!

I've got the cuffs done.

There's supposed to be an aurora borealis tonight, so I have set my alarm to fire at midnight, and I will check the skies. Right now, they are partly cloudy, but there's supposed to be a pretty spectacular show tonight. So much so, that I've considered getting out my tripod and setting up my camera, but I think it's down in my sewing room, and it's late, and there are no walls, and I do worry about my step son's privacy (or lack thereof).

So I'm hoping for a good display tonight.

My Border Collie, Mandy got loose from her rope again chasing a rabbit. She was gone for 5 whole agonizing minutes. I finally was able to call her to the back onto the deck, and I hauled her into the house, scolding her the entire way! Darn rabbits! They tease her because they think she's only got so much rope, and then when the rope breaks, she gets a bunny supper...midnight snack. Now, I have to get more rope to fix the line. Tomorrow, I have to walk her around outside to potty, since I'm sure she hasn't done so tonight!

So excitement around the house.

A good movie tip? The Last Castle, with Robert Redford. REALLY good movie! Of course, almost anything with Robert in it is a good movie, right?

Right Front Fixed

I got the right front fixed, but forgot to take in 2 balls of yarn to start the sleeves, so the afternoon break was VERY boring.

But the earlier part of the day was quite productive, knitting-wise. I fixed the right front shoulder and also fixed a cable that I missed two rows below the beginning of the bind off--which I had missed earlier.

Now the front, left and right shoulders look exactly the same, and I'm a much happier camper.

Now, I have to cast on for the sleeves--50 stitches each, which means ribbing over 100 stitches again, every time across. It will go about as fast as the front/back did, except for one thing--I'm only going to use ONE of the cable patterns, simply because it works best. I also plan to make the mirror image of the ONE cable pattern, and the two will cross each other in a quickie braid down the middle of the sleeve--there is some planning to this, so I am going to open my knitting program and set some things up to make it work out. Then I will print my graph and then I will be ready to knit. But for now, I'm going to rib for 17 rows.

If I'm not back before the end of the evening, send someone in to get me.

Front Right Shoulder...Arms!

Well, not quite.

I finished the front last night, only to find out that I got confused and made the Right Front Shoulder different from the left front shoulder, and it's enough that I will need to rip it out and re-do it.

So much for that. It's only 14 rows! How could I get so confused?

So today, I'm going to chart the shoulder out the way I need it to look, then re-knit.

I had so hoped to start the sleeves today. I want to get back to Rhiannon!!!

And these cute little booties!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Long Day at the Salt Mines...

I took a sleeping pill last night, and it didn't hit me until after midnight--at which time, I slept like a baby, right through my alarm into the next few hours.

I arrived at the office an hour and a half late. But no use in trying to drive when I'm only half awake--that's only a good idea if you're driving in your dreams.

But I finally arrived to find...nothing to do.

So I sat back and thought about what I might do. I worked on some old work and sort of neatened it up a little, but there's only so much "neatening" a person can do. So I got bored.

And because the supervisor sort of snapped at me earlier, I offered to give her a hand with whatever she needed to get done.

So she gave me a special project and told me that she needed screen dumps for the eligibility unit.

This is not helping HER per se, but helping out the unit. I rather wanted to take some of the load off HER, but apparently, she's willing to carry the load, hang onto every pie, and/or at least have a finger in everyone else's pies, and snap at the hired help!

I hate people like that.

So on the way home, I decided to snag some egg roll wrappers, some shrimps and some donuts for dinner.

I know, egg rolls and donuts for dinner. Not a real menu bonanza, but I had this leftover sauerkraut from last night's kraut and Italian sausages...

My sauerkraut (Vlasic) had salt, pepper, horseradish, beef bouillon, Worcestershire sauce in it. To that, I added soy sauce and salad shrimps. I stir fried all of it, drained off all the liquid, added to the egg roll wrapper, folded, sealed and delivered to a hot pot of canola oil and fried 10 of those puppies.

Yum. I made up some cocktail sauce from catchup mustard and horseradish, stir well. Dipped the egg roll in that, and wow!


I wanted more than the two I ate but had to leave some for the boys. They've apparently been working on the wiring downstairs. My hubby is so hot and sweaty that his shirt is shiny as a piece of rubber wet suit! He doesn't need to take a bath--he *IS* a bath! A walking shower!

I haven't been knitting at all today--first because I was late to the office. Second because we had a meeting for the party planning for one of the office gals who is retiring on the 24th of this month. Which reminds me. I have to get busy on the flier.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm Pretty Sure I'm Awake...

I don't sleep in often--but on weekends, I am more apt to do so than during the week when I have to get up and go to the office. But this weekend has been more unusual than most, in that I have slept, both days for at least 12 hour nights.

This morning, I didn't get up until 10:30am, having gone to bed and literally dropped into sleep practically immediately. When I woke up, I was groggy, my jaw hurts and my throat hurts as if one of my glands is swollen. I may have been snoring, but I can't be sure.

The dog barked once during the night, and I woke my husband out of a sound sleep to put her out. He swore up and down that she hadn't barked (he was snoring at the time) and that he'd been awake ALL NIGHT.

Um, right.

But she barked to go out again, and he got up and put her outdoors. Wonderful man I have there.

Hubby had a class yesterday, and I went in to Joann's to demo. I got tired of knitting yesterday-I mean, a sweater takes a while, and if you've been knitting straight for a time, you find you need a little diversion--hence the sweet corn bag and this little project that turned into a test of my perseverance...

Introducing...Little Mirabelle, the glow worm!

Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer.