Saturday, August 27, 2011

It Was Monday ALL WEEK!

A famous "Garfield" saying, but it was true enough for me. I think it is possible that I worked off TWO butts. But Friday finally came, and I was able to walk out the door, still alive, mind you, and get into my car and drive away. Only to return a few hours later looking for mounting hardware for our outdoor antenna and a "booster" from Best Buy. We also ate out at Fire Mountain; however, the food just wasn't very good last night.

On the way to the office, I snapped this pic...

Which was indicative of my foul mood for most of the day. Foggy, foggy day. In places, it was so foggy that coming up to it, the "cloud" was DARK. Sort of weird when you were driving up to it.

When finally I got home, I knit my most difficult row on the shawl, and happened to get up for a glass of water, and looked outside, and in the darkness..was..

THE BOOGIE MAN...well, no, actually not.

But rather, THIS:

And I asked my husband to get up and come look. The neighbors had cut down some of the fir trees on their property and lit the pile on fire last night. Being the shutterbug that I am, I had to get my camera and take a picture. The flames shot up 50 feet into the air. You can see that they go higher than the phone pole in the foreground. The fiery soot blew up another 20 feet higher than the top of the pole. My husband's statement was

"That's impressive!"

So let this be a lesson to you little children. When the fire ranger tells you there's a wildfire coming, you need to get out of there FAST. Pine trees burn fast and hot. This small pile of brush burned down to almost nothing in the seconds it took to get my camera, yet it was still a 50 foot column. It was much larger just seconds before when my hubby finally got off his butt out of his chair to take a look.

So now, it's Saturday, and only 6:10am. I am waiting for my friend Ray to arrive so that we can head to the Kalamazoo Highland Festival. I am taking wheel and Woolie Winder, some fleece, my knitting, and a chair to sit in. The cards weren't on the ball yesterday. My credit card didn't arrive. I contacted the bank, and they said a week to 10 days, so I have a while to wait. Darn. I was hoping to get that card. So all I have is $20 to get me through the day because I had to buy gas last night for all the running around we did. I would have had less, if I hadn't returned pop bottles.

So I asked the cards if "he who must not be named" would be at the festival, and drew the Ace of Cups reversed. Which doesn't make a lot of sense with relation to the question, but perhaps it means he wants to, but cannot. The next card was the Knight of Wands, Adventure. So it looks like he's got other, more interesting plans. So that's cool.

It's too bad that my friend can't make it. She tells me that the father of a close friend of hers died, and she's been asked to attend the funeral. Well, it's hard to believe she'd rather go to a funeral than with me. I guess I make it sound like she doesn't care for me a bit--but she wanted to get out of the house, and I offered to take her to the festival with me. Maybe she decided it would be boring, all day, doing nothing but knitting and listening to bagpipes play, but that's MY KIND OF DAY!

Hard to believe it wouldn't be everyone's, but you can't please everyone, right?

Oh, and last night? Skunk outside my bedroom window! Ew. Stink. Makes you wonder how they reproduce. Makes your eyes water. Makes you wish you had no sense of smell, just for a few hours. It woke me up long enough to look at the clock and turn over and go back to sleep. These animals (and I use that term loosely) come spring and fall to pass through the yard, and some say it's how you know you live in the country. You know what I say? I'd rather smell a dog fart--close up! I mean, BLOW THE FLOOR! (Dating myself there.). I truly dislike hate skunks.

Well, I managed to spend a few moments telling you about my Friday. I'll tell you about my Saturday when I return. Hope for pictures, because I hope to take quite a few. See you later!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

To the Nines...

Because I drew the 9 of Swords today for my daily card. Yesterday, I drew the 5 of wands, and I got my woolie winder and 4 bobbins--meaning 5 pieces of wood. The 9 of swords reversed means an "end to the suffering". I hope that means that my supervisor is going to be too busy to give me more work, and I'll be able to get something accomplished today. I've been working like a dog these last two weeks. The Nines are not quite, but almost completion (10's complete things), so it sounds like I'll get really close, and then she'll hand me another task that I don't have time to do.

At least I have Saturday to look forward to.

It could also mean that the end is nearing for the debacle that was the Michigan Fiber Festival versus my credit card. I got an email from the Vendor chair for the festival telling me that she would pass the issue on to the Festival president, but that was ALL she wrote. Nevermind that we were friends for 8 years and she still sends me chain email and jokes every now and again. I suppose that life is really starting to get her into a sad place. I thought I might run into her at the Fiber Festival, and I did obsess about it a little, but I never saw her. Even though I went through things twice. Ah, well. The absurdity of life sometimes surprises me.

But I think that the nine has to do with my credit card, because the next card I drew, in asking "suffering according to what circumstance", I got the Knight of Swords reversed, titled "Change". Well, the bank is changing my credit card number. Then I have to go all over the internet and change my account information. That could be pretty hairy--because besides places like Paypal, Amazon, Ebay, Barnes and Noble, and other assorted places, I'm not sure WHERE else my old # might be. But whoever perpetrated this fiasco for me can't get any more money because the card is no longer any good. And fraud investigation has returned my cash to me, and I have enough to cover me until I get a new card. So I'm okay for now.

In the meanwhile, it's time to take off for the office, again. I truly hope that my boss gives me a break today. I could surely use one.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Know It's not Much...

But it's the best I can get right now. Lace doesn't look like much more than a bunch of yarn in this state. It gets it's best viewing when it's stretched out as far as it will go--called blocking. For this article, it will take some very radical blocking, and I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to do it, but I'm going to need a lot of room to handle it all. It's going to be huge. Right now, it hangs in my lap a lot like my boobs do.

Too much information?

Okay, well, here's the pic.

Good news! My Woolie Winder for my Sonata came today, along with 3 extra bobbins, so I will be able to take it with me to the Kalamazoo Highland Festival to spin. Word has it that we're going to have rain in the morning hours, but that it should clear off by noon and be a really nice day. That would be good, because a highland festival isn't very fun in the rain. Wool smells when it gets wet, and adds to the discomfort. But the Woolie Winder is just the best thing. If you don't know what a Woolie Winder is, well, Google. If you're a spinner, I bet you know. They are so cool, because they wind your yarn onto the bobbin evenly, making it easier to put more yarn on the bobbin. The bobbins are bigger, too, which is even better. I'll be spinning a lot this weekend, but I'm going to save the teal merino combed top for spinning at home. At Festival, I will spin ordinary cream colored Romney (from my Princess). Or I could take some other stuff with some mohair in it for interest--there's a lot of different things I could do now that I have my Woolie Winder.

Tomorrow, I have a knitting class at JoAnn's with two students, and then on Sunday, another class, but have to listen to the voice mail message again to figure out which class I'm teaching. Not sure right at the moment.

For now, I'm thinking "COME ON WEEKEND", while I swelter and melt in my chair. I'm thinking about heading back into the main room to do more knitting on the shawl. Can someone invent a clear powder for your hands? Like Baby Powder, but clear (not white). I think it would sell like hotcakes.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm About HOT

Last night we had a good, hard rain. A low and a cold front came through lickety split, and things cooled right down.

Today, however, is another story.

It is semi-sunny and muggy, but only if you're working, which we have been doing for the last two hours. I'm taking a break because I couldn't take the sweat running into my eyes.

"It burns, It Burns!" says I.

And hubby says "You're quitting already?"

But I just don't feel much like overdoing it today. We were able to clean up the downstairs mess that my step son left us, and we can now see the floor and what needs to be done; however, it's going to be a lesson in futility to get the floor to lie back down. While the dehumidifier is helping some, it's not a permanent fix. We both know that. Once a bow is in the floor, it's either going to bust a seam (which it has now, and that's an impossible fix without tearing up most of the floor) or it will need water and SLIGHT pressure to bow it back. Hubby thought "cement blocks" and I answered "too much weight--a wet towel would be enough if we had some sun in here". And just as soon as hubby fires up the boiler, that bow in the floor is going to get even matter how much we chop off the ends. My idea to put down ceramic tile was the best idea, but hubby thought "cold floors" and I answered "throw rugs" and he replied with "cat hair magnets". Well, I'm too hot to argue.

So I'm going for a cold drink. I had coffee earlier, and it has dehydrated me. I also need to work on my knitting. I started at breakfast, but it's slow going on this row. VERY slow. I simply cannot see the stitches. It bugs me that the lighting in this house is insufficient for a house this size. We thought by putting in ceiling fans, with lights in the fixture that it would help some, and it has, but what is truly needed is natural "white" light. A sunroof perhaps--which hubby would strongly protest. Time for that drink. A stiff one.

Plum Tuckered Out

I remember hearing this phrase in the movies, usually associated with children that had played all day long outside, running, kicking, playing ball, chasing, doing chores and just generally being kids.

After my day at the fiber festival, I FELT FINE, but at about 5pm, I was feeling a little nausea, so I went to bed to lie down for a while.

A while turned out to be 7 hours. It's midnight. And my husband TRIED to wake me several times during the evening, telling me that I'd slept long enough, but I guess my body just needed the rest! However, now, I am pretty much wide awake. I ate a tuna sandwich and a cup of milk. I took my evening medications. There's a stray hair pestering the middle of my back in the breeze generated by the ceiling fan. I'll be tired again in a few minutes, but I thought I would jot down the fact that I was just plum tuckered out, and apparently did not know it at the time.

However, now I am upside down in my sleep patterns again.

Don't you just hate when that happens?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Michigan Fiber Festival

Hubby and I just returned from the Michigan Fiber Festival. As usual, I spent a lot of money, but thanks to the little conversation we had before he left with me, the trip was pleasant, and he didn't say a thing about my purchases. He saw some things he thought were pretty interesting, and I asked him if he could make a triangle loom for me, to which he gave me a "Yes" answer. The fact is that if he does make one for me, it would cost a lot less---in that the ones for sale at the festival were a mere $320, and the easel to hold it up a paltry $189. For that kind of money, I can buy a Hitchhiker wheel!

Which I didn't do, but I could have. There was one there.

There was also a lot of other things there that drew my intrigue, but the man with the Woolee Winder wasn't. So I ordered it online just now. I'm hoping that it will come in a week so that I can take it to the Kalamazoo Festival for spinning.

In the meanwhile, I purchased a cone of chenille to crochet onto a blanket, two skeins of a beautifully dyed cotton/rayon yarn and some teal merino top--

Oh, I see those eyeballs out there, rolling to the sky. Yes. it is my plan to make my sweater again. This time, I'll try to keep it away from my husband and the regular laundry. Perhaps I'll put it in with the hand knit socks when it needs a good soak.

But at the moment, it is storming outside, and the worst of it isn't even here yet. The wind kicked up for a half second as the front roared through, but now things have calmed down. There's been chatter about this one containing hail, but I haven't laid an eyeball on it.

I also bought a set of size 4 dpns for my shawl to correct the error. I think a combination of a dropped stitch and trying to make up for it. I'll find out when I get better light. Right now, with the storm and all, there's no light to get. Things are pretty dark, and it's only 2:38pm! I'm going to need some really good light and a pair of clean glasses to make this repair. But do I look worried? Certainly not.

I had a good time at the festival. I need to purchase some purple dye from JoAnn's for the chenille, and I have to take it out of the cone and into a skein to dye it. I'll need a really good purple dye. Perhaps I'll visit Dharma Trading Co for it. I can probably get any color of the rainbow from there. I'll also need a fixative--Cotton doesn't dye the same as wool either. It was really nice that hubby went and he seemed to have a good time. If he didn't, he didn't mention it, more to his credit than not. You know how hard it can be to be with someone someplace they don't want to be? Well, he wasn't like that at all, and we covered nearly every inch of the festival twice. He deserves a prize, and I have a good idea which one he's shooting for.

In the meanwhile, I believe that I will head over to Ravelry and take a look around. We can't really do much of anything with the rain coming down so hard. So it's mostly an indoor day, I guess. I don't want to begin spinning my merino tonight. I want to wait until I have the woolee winder. If it was just a little bit lighter outside!!!

Oh well. Guess I'll find something else to do.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Moving Right Along

The Circular Shawl that I've been working on, that is.

Of course, sometime a couple of nights ago, I was tired (admitting that), and I forced myself to work at least two rows.

Never mind that one of those rows was full of yarn overs.
Never mind that I was exhausted due to work at the office.
I was going to do that row as if my life depended on it.
And of course, you know, that I really should have waited until the weekend when I could be rested and fresh, but NO. Not me.

So I did the row, then did another--and I counted to make sure everything was there, and the count "came out".

So how is it that I missed a yarn over?

So I tinked back on the knit row, and looked VERY carefully, found it, and marked it with a pin.

And what did I do then?
I went home from the office, completely exhausted and tried to fix it. Did it work?

I think I made it worse.

How can you make it worse? Well, I think I zigged, when I should have zagged, so I'm leaving it to take with me on Saturday to the Allegan Fiber Festival, and I will sit in a chair and hunt down the error in the yarn over row--which means tinking back ALMOST to the beginning of the row where I made the boo boo.

Now I am not a stupid knitter. I am not so stupid that I can't count to at least 10, and there were only 8 stitches in the repeat, so I figured I was good to go. Therefore, naturally, I did not use a lifeline. I have lots of life left in me (at least I like to THINK so), and I rarely use lifelines, because I can usually drop down with a bamboo needle, even on lace, and fix any boo boos that I make. However, making a yarn over boo boo (or in this case, perhaps an sk2p boo boo) makes a small, small hole, (or a big mess) instead of a medium hole (or a larger one if you happen to work it incorrectly), which is to tight, and the shawl is such a pretty color that I didn't want to ruin things by making this mistake in the first place (hence the constant counting 1-8...over and over, ad infinitum, until my husband finally cries "ENOUGH ALREADY!" Note to self: He is not a knitter, and does not understand these things.)

He is considering going to the fiber festival with me. This might not be a bad thing. I don't think he's ever been to one. I think it would be nice if he shared my love for knitting. But I fear that he's going because he knows I just got my paycheck, and I think he believes I'm going to spend it all on frivolous trash that I (according to him) already have. Last year, I came home with very little--I think I purchased some roving--but that was all. For a while, I thought I might come home with a bunny, but I didn't find the color I wanted. And I thought I might get an Alpaca, but you really have to buy two of those or they get lonely (kind of like sheep, they are herding animals). But since hubby has torn all my fenced area down, I figured that wouldn't do. But anything I can buy there, I can buy on the web. I also saw some brand new baby cashmere goats being born, which I thought was just the coolest thing--but again, I have no place to graze them, either. So I sighed and went back through the yarn and fiber and patterns and tools and people and gathered up the fiber, tossed it into the car and left for the gas station, where I would buy my favorite drink and head for home.

If he goes, and tries to stop me from spending, it will make me angry. I want him to support me. But there's only so much support one man can give. I have an entire room devoted to yarn and fiber and patterns and fabric and books and tools and, and, and...I just don't think he can carry all that, and the fiber festival too.

Whatever was I thinking when I invited him to go with me? The last time he went, he ruined it for me, right from the beginning on the drive down. See? I just remembered it! I did have him go with me one other time. I must have blocked it out because it was such a disaster! When I go to these things, I like to SHOP. He is not a shopper. I like to browse. He is not a browser. I like to touch and feel things. He has carpal tunnel--so "feeling" is not even in the equation. Maybe I can put him back in the sheep competitions, and let him SMELL. The sheep dog exhibition is pretty neat, too. I've watched that a dozen or so times. There's just so much to do and see, that it's hard to do and see everything all at once.

And since I'm already going to have to deal with someone there, I really don't want to have to deal with anything else that's being nasty and mean. So I'm going to talk with him. Not to talk him out of it, but only to let him know that he needs to be on his best behavior and support me and have fun. Otherwise, I might leave him there to walk home.

(really evil grin)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sore Doesn't Quite Describe It

After two weekends working in the garages (we have 3), the barn, the yard and inside the house, I am one big, throbbing ache. Even the ends of my hair ache. I should know, I just took a shower, and when I combed my hair it was a new experience in pain. Not only could I not keep my neck in one place, I dropped my comb and had to stoop at the knees (which I must have done 15,000 squats this weekend alone), and then I had to use the vanity to get back up.

Pain? Holy Cow. We just took a quick trip to India.

So I'm going to the Chiropractor today to see if there's anything she can do. I feel a little better after the shower, but I'm exhausted due to lack of guessed it--even with 4 Advil and a sleeping pill at 9pm, I didn't actually "sleep" until 2am, and even then, every time I MOVED, I thought I was going to fall apart.

There was even a point at 5:30am, when I wondered if I was having a heart attack, but then dismissed it.

And this is going to be a VERY long week. I have about 100 cases to go through at the office today, which I probably won't get to until Tuesday--especially if the Chiropractor puts me on ice the rest of the day--then on Tuesday and Wednesday, I have classes after the office that won't get me home until 9pm or later. Then this weekend is the Allegan Fiber Festival. And you know that I have no intention of missing that.

But Saturday is a long LONG way away. I view it wistfully from my chair in front of my blog. I've been saving for a few months for this trip, and figure I'll be coming back with something that will zero out the savings account, but I'm not entirely sure what that might be. Probably gobs and gobs of laceweight yarn will end up in my bag, and maybe even a charkra--book style. Maybe a woolie winder for my Sonata. Maybe several pounds of fine merino top? There are lots of things that could catch my eye--including the beautiful hand turned wheels that spin like buttah--but I think that would set me back quite a bit more than I am prepared to shell out.

In the meanwhile, I have to put up with this back pain, and get through the week without hurting somebody. Hubby had best stay out of my way, because I am a grumpy old witch when I hurt. He might find himself waking in the frog pond if he's not careful.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oscar Mayer Weiner....

When I was a kid (showing my age here), I used to sing that song on the farm while feeding the baby geese. The geese are long gone (and the kid, too--well, almost) and the song still makes me smile a little--even when I feel a little under the weather.

And we've been having a little weather the last couple of days, which has played havoc with cleaning the garage out, but we did manage to get all the shelves put together and stood up. They are "ready" for more disorganization. Mainly because my husband doesn't know how to put tools away. He passed that trait down to his son, by the way. His daughter, however, got her mother's "clean and tidy" gene. Well, at least cleaner and tidier that the gene my husband passed down. It's unusual, though, because he claims that his ex lived out of boxes for a long while after the divorce. I was never introduced until many years later, when Christmas and grandkids came along...another story.

But we got the shelves up, and we're ready to start putting "things" on those shelves so that we can tidy up the garage. That's going to take some doing, and probably another weekend, as this one is nearly over, and I think hubby has given up. He's in the shower at the moment, and I'm going to scrub his back in a few minutes. We have a lot of stuff in the house which will end up on those shelves, in tidy storage, until the chance happenstance that we manage to get a pickup over here to load with trash for the dump. We live in high anticipation around here.

It didn't help that halfway through the building of one of the units, I fell ill--well, not so much fell as stumbled, and I had to take a short nap. After the nap, I rose, still feeling peeked, but managed to take a few things from the upstairs garage to the downstairs great room (table leaves for the table there), and then came back upstairs and immediately got sick again. I'm breathing a little better now, and the feeling of rising bile has subsided, but it's still there in the background, so I'm taking it easy, writing a blog post.

And having done all of those things, I'm thinking that an Oscar Mayer Weiner doesn't sound all that appetizing, if you get my reasoning...but the song still makes me smile. Of course, I can't walk more than the few steps to my chair without feeling like an "erp" is on the way, but I'll try to manage. Perhaps I'll call in sick on Monday so that I can work with hubby out in the garage sifting through the tools and giving them a place to belong. At the moment, the tools can wait while I try to sort out my dining room area. The dining room table is a "catch all" for things that really don't have a place right now, and I need the table to sew together the curtain panels. There's also the matter of a complete Windows XP computer on the floor (my older pc that still has stuff on it that I want), and other things--such as a scanner, a tablet, and printer that likely no longer works.

But right now, I feel the need to slow down and knit. Perhaps I will do just that. I am quite far in my circular shawl, and I think that I will trade out the circular cable I'm using for a larger one, now that the stitches are getting cramped on the 16" cable. There are almost 600 stitches on that needle. Maybe I'm not up to that much counting?

In any case, I feel like sitting down and decompressing for a while. Knitting would be just the thing. Maybe that sock I was working on a few weeks ago? It's at the heel, and just an ordinary sock.

Well, I had hoped to use a pair of needle nose pliers to fix a little wire that hooked my thumb drive to a lanyard and a little hook to my keychain, but the little spring went "sproing" and off into space, and I didn't hear it fall. It's called eyes going, ears going, getting old and decrepit. I neither saw which way it went, nor did I hear it going "ping" on the floor (since it's carpet, I wouldn't expect it to make a LOT of noise--the floor is dirty, but it's not HARD yet). I did, however, find a quarter.

So I have to put the tools away. Guess I'll go read.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Recap on the Weekend

I managed to get some knitting in during the weekend, but not nearly as much as I'd hoped. The garage took up the lion's share of the entire time--that, and eating and sleeping--which of course requires cooking and taking medications and all the rest of it--just managing daily living.

Today, I'm exhausted, and while in the shower preparing for Monday at the office, I considered staying home, not feeling especially like going to work, and pretty much talked myself into this nauseated feeling that really promised to become a "yes, perhaps I should stay home--call in sick", that sort of thing. Just not on top of my game, sort of feeling.

So it didn't surprise me any, when I pulled the 3 of wands from my tarot deck. The card that indicates home, hearth and family. It's telling me that maybe I should stay home today. God knows, that if I don't, I will be swamped with calls from people wanting their monthly stipend--and I'm just not up to that today. Even so, if I stay home, my husband will put me to work spreading bark--another hot job, and we're still not finished with the garage.

And it's 6:30--time for me to be in my car and headed down the road, and I'm so sticky from humidity that I can't even get my clothing ON, let alone go work. In short, I'm a goner! I don't know how I'm going to get my clothes on! What's worse, is that the air conditioning is on--and I'm still sticky! There's still a towel around my head! I'm going to be late anyway.

I'm trying really hard to talk myself into staying home another day. I'm too old for this crap. Getting up at 5:30 in the morning and getting ready to go to the office and "be happy". In fact, I'm a little worried that first person who calls about their check is going to get a pretty surly remark.

My husband, he's no help at all. He just covers up his head and goes back to sleep. I'm in serious need of a cheerleader, here.

Okay, sticky or not, here I come.

Oh, and I bought these crazy looking socks...maybe they will brighten my day.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tarot Draw...

Last night, before going to bed, I drew the following cards...

Page of Pentacles (reversed)
9 of Swords
4 of Cups

I read this to mean that my sugar would spike a bit while I slept, that I would have a nightmare, that would cause me to be unahppy.

Well, I did have a nightmare, just before I woke up to go to work, and in my dream, I was crying. I went and checked my sugar, and while it was a little on the higher side, it wasn't horribly so.

Just now, I drew another set...and it's nearly the same cards..

Page of Pentacles (reversed)
4 of Cups
The High Priest

This says "You are still concerned about your health. Maybe you should contact the doctor." This is something I've been thinking about all week, but really haven't gotten a round to it. I will call on Monday.

But I really need to know about my son, who was recently fired from his job...

Well, I drew

Five of Pentacles (reversed)
3 of Cups

Freedom and Change will Resolve it...Well, he got fired from his job...that gave him all sorts of freedom...but Death as the "change" card doesn't fit. I've long said that my son won't change until my mother dies. But when I ask "when is my mother going to pass?" I get Death reversed--and since it's a major, I figure it's going to be a long while--and it's my hope that should she pass on soon, that she would stick around and do whatever needs to be done to help my son get another job. AND SOON. Not that I want my mother to pass SOON, but I have the notion that even the cards know that this issue more or less revolves around the passing of my mother. But when I draw a couple more cards, the SAME CARDS COME UP, but in different orientation...and thusly meaning something altogether different:

Death reversed
3 of Cups reversed
5 of Pentacles.

Change cannot occur. If things stay the same, the restriction will continue.

Sigh. The end result is the same...stuck in the mud. So I drew on a high school chum...

I drew:

High Priest (reversed)
4 of Cups (reversed)
2 of Pentacles

Well, that's quite interesting...
Looks to me like she isn't dissatisfied with with her job (meaning she's okay with it, but there are things about it she'd like changed), but that things are coming to a boiling point, and she's going to have to juggle some finances to keep things on the level. I do know that she was talking with a realtor at the reunion, and I wonder if the realtor succeeded in making her think about the prospect of buying a home....I did warn her about large outlays of $$ at the party--so I hope that if she decides to buy a home, that she gets a warranty AND has it checked by a professional.

On the matter of another classmate....
Who was in the process of selling her home to move with her boyfriend/fiancee....I drew:

The Sun
The Underworld reversed
The World Tree

Major things going on there! Looks like smooth sailing, even though the underworld is in there, it's reversed, between two VERY BIG POSITIVE CARDS. I think it's all going to go on for my classmate here. Full Steam Ahead. That she has the Bull by the horns as it were, and well equipped to take the World by Storm if necessary. It's funny, because she has no real idea that she's in the cat bird seat right now. And it looks like for her, things are going to go her way for a long while.

So I ask about my ex-husband...

I draw:

4 of Wands Reversed
Initiation (16 major)
The Warrior (reversed)

Not much going on here. Looks like he's trying to get something going, but doesn't have the strength to deal with it...either mentally or physically, but mostly physically. I wonder if he's in his "planning stages" to divorce his wife? So I draw another card...the 8 of Wands. Entitled Action, means he's going to take some steps to Initiate something, but they will perhaps be only half-hearted attempts at getting what he wants. Interesting.

Well, that was my evening. I've been doing quite a bit of knitting on a circular shawl, and I'm past the central motif, and into the (what I call) snow. This is a span of about 6" that is not really "motif", but more "filler". Usually I prefer something exciting to go on with shawls, and I have to repeat this 8 row "all over pattern" 6 times. It's pretty boring right now. That's why I stopped to pull some cards. I was really hoping to draw something good for my son. He could sure use a bit of change for the good in his life. It really is about time something good happened to him. No word about nightmares tonight, so I suppose I am good to go as well.

In the meanwhile, be well.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Celina's Body Found

And yes, deceased. There will be an autopsy. She was found in the Connecticut River. There is a car missing from the home. The father is making statements, and they do not seem "grief stricken". I'm concerned.

The 4 of cups was a water card--obviously, since she was found in the water--but could still mean a faucet on all four sides of the house. I'd like to know if what I saw in the cards is correct.

Time will tell. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday, And Home...

You know, at the the end of every happy weekend is this awful day they call Monday.

Yes, I've been through another Monday.

A friend of mine had some "in-laws" murdered in this little bitty town called Onondaga--my mother-in-law lives just down the street from there, and so I called her to let her know. She's going to turn on the local news so that she can find out all about it, since it could well be someone she knows.

The food in my refrigerator is frozen. I turned up the freezer to make ice, and today, when I came home to make my supper, I found it frozen solid in the pan! I had to go to McD's to get something to eat, which wasn't really something I was looking forward to doing. It's pay week, and I'm a little on the short side financially. I suppose I could have fried the frozen food on the burner, but I really didn't want to cook in the 90 degree heat.

And I've also run across some old friends of mine on Facebook.

And my son's car's brakes have failed. I think it was a brake line. Hubby says those cost quite a bit to replace. It could be the caliper--which would cost even more. We'll see.

Like I said. It's been quite a Monday for lots of people.

It also seems that there is a full moon, as friend is having family difficulties with lots of drama, that she just can't deal with.

Another friend got some good news today. The biopsy came back Negative for her mother. So she has hopped back on her motorcycle and headed for the Carolinas.

And I'm off to Facebook to check out my wall and my messages.

Oh, and the police are dragging a nearby pond. Could that be what the 4 of cups was referring to? I wonder if there's any news on I'll have to check later. Earlier, there was nothing new. We'll see.