Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Half Mile...

Okay, this is cause for celebration--however, the pic is so big, I had to edit in photoshop, or it would have taken up the entire page and then some.

It's getting difficult to take the picture, too, because the shawl is so big and so heavy--it takes several minutes to lay it out! And I know--it looks finished, or nearly there, but it's not--there's another whole half of the edging to do!

Isn't it pretty????? Now imagine it in crimson red!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sundayth Cometh, Sundayth Go..

I've been working on my CWS almost all day. I now have 31 points done on the edging. I am taking a break to rest my eyes. If I continue to do 3 repeats a day, I will definitely get the shawl done by Alma, even with my miscount on the # of days left.

I pulled a card today, the 5 of pentacles, reversed.

The card is titled Restriction. The Pentacles are all wired up in bramble and barbs--Right side up, it means that things simply go no where fast, because something "in the air" is restricting the change/movement/happiness etc. Reversed, it means that things are going much better than expected, the way is wide open for all sorts of possibilities.

And it's been a pretty great day. Before the end of the day, I will have finished 4 total points on my shawl, and I figure if I can get to 32 points, with only 50 to go, and I am able to do 3 daily until done, it will take only 17 days or so to finish, giving me lots of time to block it for wearing at Alma. This is a goal, but I also have other projects that I will need to work on--for instance, I will likely be testing another dishcloth pattern for the Monthly Dishcloth. I think I do like doing this, because not only do I get to see the pattern before anybody else, it also stretches my skill and understanding of how knitted things go together. I can play with the pattern, make it mine, I can change it--for my own use, so that it isn't the same as everyone else's. I can use different yarn. I can throw it in the trash if I don't like it and make another that I do like. The possibilities are a little more open for me.

Therefore, I need to get my shawl done. I am happy and satisfied in my life as it is now. I can go forward from here with confidence and without fear. Alma is going to be great, whether my ex shows up or not.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am on Twitter!

Well, I finally broke down and logged in to Twitter--not that I'm desperate for friends, but because I think it will be pretty neat to try out.

I'm hoping for some knitterly friends! Maybe I'll see if Ravelry has a Twitter forum! Wouldn't that be overkill?????

In any case, I'm getting some followers, and I have absolutely no idea how they found me so quickly, but they are--perhaps someone is sending out a shout out, since I have no idea how to find people out her in cyberland. It's an interesting prospect.

Anyway, I am 28 repeats into the edging now, speeding right along on the Civil War Shawl. I hope to get another 4 or 5 tomorrow, depending on whether it rains and we are unable to do yard work--a girl can hope, right?

Other than that, it's time for bed. CUL8r!

Starting My Saturday...

At 3:30am when a thunder boomer went through and zapped the wiring--lights went out--no worries--computer is fine--I was in the process of shutting down when the lights went out, but because I'm on a laptop, it just switched over to the battery long enough to finish shutting down. Then I unplugged and all was well with the world again..

Of course, sleep simply escaped me after all that, and the poor dog was hiding beneath my chair, shivering with fright over all the loud noise outdoors. There didn't seem to be a lot of rain, but it was a heck of a light show!

Since I couldn't get back to sleep, I sat in my chair and knit for about two hours, until I was tired again, went back to bed and slept until 10.

When we decided to rise and shine, my honey took me to breakfast (he's good for that on the weekend) and then we opted to work on the yard a little--some raking and some running about in the rain showers that lasted most of the day. Fun. When he came in, he was literally dripping from humidity--and I told him to take a shower and have a lie down--to which he replied

"Why? I'm already wet!"

And so it would appear, dear...but take one anyway...WHEW!

It's rained off and on most of the day since, and the flowers are all coming out in profusion. I have hyacinths and daffodils and violets coming out. The peonies have sprouted, and the trees are beginning to turn green--that lovely limey yellow green that speaks SPRING to me. And I think "Time to get out the limon green yarn and make socks!!! Save for my desire to have the Civil War Shawl done by Memorial Day, I would do that, but I think that's nearly flash in the pan...I didn't realize that Memorial Day isn't the 30th this year, it's the 25th--so it comes earlier, and now I have to move my schedule up quite a bit to reach my goal and have time to block and so forth...I was thinking I had 40 days...sorry Charlie...only 30--so now, every waking moment is spent knit knit knit. The eyes are crossing. I have to rest after every repeat. It's taking forever.

I'll let you know when I get to the halfway point on the edging...

So we finished the lion's share of the raking--there's still a bit to do around the barn, but some things have to be moved before we can continue, and we have sticks to pick up from the high winds dropping dead branches into the yard. Nature's pruning, I suppose, but it makes a mess in the yard.

And I just finished watching Haywood Banks (below) again. I can't seem to get enough of the guy! I hope you enjoy him too.

In the meanwhile, it's time to get back working on the shawl. Rest my weary bones in my knitting chair. Pet my doggie and tell her that it's okay, it's just noise...

Poor dog.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I just think this is split your gut funny, and want you to see it.

The Quarter Mile

And now, the pictures promised of the birthday party for my grandson--This is my grandson, and his other Gramma--affectionately known as "Gramma Flash". I am Gramma Tenna. Great Gramma is Gramma Sutfin. I think when all is said and done, I will end up Gramma Sutfin someday. I hope it isn't too soon! Look at all those freakin' presents!!!

This is Gramma Flash, our grandson and our granddaughter, Megan in the foreground

Gramma Flash, the kids, Megan, opening her present (she's too young to understand that the presents aren't for her, so we got her a little something), and Auntie Jennie!

Here she is! Miss America!Look at the big surprise!

A ride around the living room...Great Gramma and Grampa Sutfin watch. (Isn't my husband handsome?)

And some of the family again. Don't you just dig family pics?

And now for the quarter mile...Well, I don't mean that I'm going to don my tennies and run a quarter mile (though it would probably do me some good if I did!) --what I mean is that I have reached, attained, passed, the first quarter on CWS--and here's the pic to prove it...

I've been very out of sorts this week, and felt that I needed a day off, so I took today to give me a three-day weekend. I've been outdoors in the beautiful, balmy weather, and have been raking up pine cones--you know the little ones that seem to maneuver their way under the grass from last year that slip so easily through the tines on the rake? Yep, those kind. I've been out picking up sticks, too, and simply enjoying the day. I'm sad, however, in that it's nearly half over, but I intend to get outside in a little while with my knitting to do at least one more, if not two more repeats of the edging.

Ya'll have a good Friday!

For my Ex: Feel free to email me if you like, since I know that you have my email, and I have Yahoo Messenger, which uses my email address, and you can contact me that way. I note that you have not been online yet today, but I do expect it.

Ball now in your court.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Progress on CWS

I now have 14, count em! Fourteen repeats on my edging. I am burning up the knitting needles! I am almost 1/4 the way done with the edging!!! I can see that little bead hanging there, and knowing that it's "so close" is driving me nuts--rather like a finish line, without being the finish line, but says--okay, you're 110 yards into the 440!

What can I say? It's a marker. But it does mean that I am at least 50% done with my CWS, if not more.

I'm excited. I'm going to get done before the Alma Highland Games! I'll even have time to block it!

And I only work half a day today, so I'll have time to knit perhaps 4 repeats today! Can you say "thrilled"? I knew you could.

On the right, you see a link for "So the Thing Is" blog. I want you to go there and watch the U-Tube video from yesterday. This woman has a crazy streak similar to mine. This video is really, really funny, and the guy is after my own heart. If he wasn't nuts.

So beyond that, I have to run over to Old Mill Yarn to get the last of my CWS yarn and then to Barnes and Noble to see if my magazine is in the stands..then I can head home.

It's going to be a lovely day, too.

See you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

When Imagination Overrides Reason

I spent the earlier hours of my sleep time trying to GET to sleep. I didn't succeed very well due to having a lot of worry and concern about the email that was mailed to me from my ex--and today, because os said "fretting" I am pretty well suffering in the restroom from stress related IBS--let the reader understand--those who don't--well you don't really want to know, quite honestly.

Critical systems are down again today, so I am working the new software training. This is actually a good thing--even though I'm not a case worker. God knows that might change one day. I sure hope not.

At break time I got 9 rows done on a repeat--and it's possible that I'll get another full repeat done today before going home. If that happens, I may also get a repeat done at Spin Night--and another when I get home while watching Medium. In the meanwhile, I need to check the cards to find out what may be going on in the background here and there.

My hubby's cousin has ALS, and she's not doing very well. Poppa said shed be gone by next Fall, and considering how quickly she's going downhill, I believe he may have been right. Time will tell.

My grandson's 5th birthday was yesterday, and we had quite a party! Pics to come soon inside this post.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday Recap and Sunday

Well, yes, I did in fact, get everything done that I was hoping to get done, AND as an added plus, I got 3 repeats done on my shawl. Of course, the 3rd repeat was a little tricky for some reason (probably just tired, to be honest, and one should never knit lace when you're tired....), and I had to tink it SEVERAL times before I could finally say AHA! Done!

This morning I grocery shopped, since I wasn't able to do it yesterday. Hubby wanted to work on his mother's yard again. My entire day was knitting and resting. Just a lovely day outdoors as well.

Oh, and the joke that I sent my ex hubby? I got an email back. I have mood watch on my email client, and there were THREE RED CHILI PEPPERS next to this email (which basically means, you really don't want to read this), so I didn't. I just deleted it. Not really. It's in my junk folder. I sent it to Ray, though, who will read it and report. With 3 chili peppers, I'm not taking any chances.

So I took a quick pick of my shawl...

See? Seven repeats! Only 42 days to the Alma Highland Games. If I can get those two repeats in every day (more on the weekend, if possible), I will make it with time to spare spent blocking! I am literally in heaven over this.

Or maybe it's the fact that things are really turning green outside, and coming back to life?

Today is my grandson's birthday, and we are having a party for him at his great-grandmother's house (at my hubby's mother's), and I can't wait! I got him a cool book about Earth and Space, and a kite with Spiderman on it, as he likes everything with Spiderman, Batman, Wolverine (okay, you get the idea) on it. I could have made a Spiderman Blanket, but there was just not enough time, and I could have made a Batman Illusion Cloth (pattern even in hand), but ran out of time for that as well, and with the deadline for the shawl looming--well, frankly I thought his birthday was farther along in the year. I won't forget that again! It's in my day planner now on my Blackberry! The light of my life!

Tomorrow is my step-son's birthday. He will be 29. I got him some of those Sham Wow's, although I think he would have appreciated shop rags more--he's a mechanic, and always has a need for those cloths for wiping off this or that greasy, oily thing, including his hands. Maybe next year.

I've done fairly well by my hubby's family this year, and haven't forgotten anybody. I'm hoping that when my birthday rolls around, I will have lots of presents, but being that it falls right around Christmas time, I'll be pleased if I get Christmas presents what with the economy and all that. We will see.

In the meantime, I am going to work on re-writing the pattern for the Civil War Shawl. I think that it could be tons easier--especially a bigger font, and shortening up the directions a little--make them easier to read. Times New Roman font isn't my best loved font for some reason.

In any case, after, I hope to work another 3 repeats of the shawl, and then go to my grandson's birthday party. And that will be my day!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Saturday!

And a day off for me, meaning that I don't go in to the office--but I DO work here at the homestead! I've got plenty to do today. Let me see...

I have to gather up all the pop bottles and cans, and put them in the car.
I have to gather up all the dirty dishes.
I have to empty the dishwasher of clean dishes (see I have plenty of cupboard space, but I wait until I need the dishwasher to put clean dishes away--go figure).
I have to fill the dishwasher with dirty dishes and turn it on. (Funny how that "turning on" thing has sometimes escaped me--and the following weekend, I find the dishwasher still full of dirty dishes? Oh, wait, I suppose I should have blamed that one on my husband, who forgot to turn it on, right?)
I have to run nails for my husband so he can start weaving wicker plantstands.
I have to go on a grocery run because Mandy has run out of food...and we're running out of some things around here, too. While there, I can turn in the pop bottles! Imagine that?

And I have to work on my shawl. I'm not sure how I'm going to fit it in--as I'm sure that my husband will want to do two runs at the very least, if not 3--and I will be busy all day putting nails in the forms for him, which has been my job for going on 9 years. He offered for me to work on my shawl in the barn, which yes, I can sit down and knit in the barn--and I did just that a few days ago on a dishcloth, however, I'm not taking chances of fiberglass resin getting on my shawl, as the stuff does not come out in the wash, sticks forever to anything fabric, and there's also the hay to think about. Were I to drop the shawl, even once, it would be RUINED. So, the answer to that was

"unless you can come up with a 95% clean room out here, the answer to that one is a flat *NO*"

And that was that.

And so, at present, I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and blogging.

There is something funny that I want to share, however. I got an email from my friend and ex-sister in law, which had my ex-husband's email on it. Apparently, he (or perhaps his wife) sent a joke to her, and she forwarded it to me without deleting the addresses from it, which is something she does pretty regularly. In any case, it told me that he still has that old yarhoo address. So when a funny one came MY way from another source that made me laugh from my toes all the way to my lips, I forwarded it to my friends and to my ex. (Notice how I left him separate from my friends? Freud slips up again.)

I have been watching to see if he checks his email, and I haven't seen him online at all recently, so it will likely be a while before he sees it, but when he does, it's very likely he'll delete it out of hand, IF he sees it at all, and it's too bad, because it's REALLY FUNNY.

I'll relay it here, for your pleasure, editted a bit, as I don't remember exactly how it goes, but the ending is the same.

Setting: Courtroom, judge, jury, defendant and lawyers. A little old lady is on the stand answering questions.

Lawyer: Would you state your name for the court please?
Lady: My name is Edith Hill.
Lawyer: Thank you Edith. How old are you?
Edith: I am 85 years old next month!
Lawyer: Yes Ma'am, and can you tell us the events that occurred on the day in question?

Well, I was at home, on my front porch swing, on a nice warm spring evening, enjoying the sound of the chirping frogs, when I saw a young man lurking about in my yard behind the bushes. I didn't think much of it, boys like to play in my yard sometimes to try and scare me sometimes, but this time was very different!

Lawyer: And how was it different, Edith?

Edith: Well, eventually, this boy got up enough nerve, and next thing I know, he's sitting with me, right there on my swing! I was shocked! He startled me so!

Lawyer: What happened then?

Edith: Well he leaned over and he said things in my ear that I haven't heard in decades--my Harold died early in his 60's and I've been alone all these years. Why, I haven't heard that sort of language in quite a long time! But the memory of Harold was so strong, that I just couldn't help myself, and I started to get a little excited, and he was a nice looking boy, so...

Lawyer: Go on...

Edith: Well, then he started stroking my leg, first on the top of my thigh, and then he reached in between, and started to touch my inner thighs. Well, I just couldn't help myself! Before I knew it I was laying on my back in the swing screaming "I can't take it anymore, young man! Take me now!"

Lawyer: Oh my god, Edith! Then what happened?

Edith: Well, then he said "April Fool". So I shot him.

Now that's funny right there.

Here's a pic of my husband in the wicker room in our barn. He's hard at work weaving a plant stand.

And here's a pic of the final product,

although it looks much better with a Boston Fern in the basket--

And a view from my flower garden...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A friend of mine and I took a long walk this morning just to get out of the office for a bit--that was really nice to get away. I felt pretty good afterward. It was a short day, too, because I had a doctor appointment.

In the meanwhile....

Somebody has noticed that I can knit pretty good!

I did my first test on a dishcloth!

Having no idea what the cloth looked like beforehand, but even so, I was able to diagnose what was wrong about the pattern and relay the information to the list owner, and

Here it is!

Beautimus, isn't it?

Tonight when I arrived at the house, Hubby was in the barn making his plantstands again--it's that time of year, I suppose.

So I knit in the barn until he needed my help. I got pretty messy helping, but cleaned up and continued my knitting. I found several errors in the pattern that way. It's a good thing that my brain can work on two things at the same time.


I've been asking the cards whether my ex will be at the Alma Highland Games. The answer was "not bloody likely!"

This is great news!

I'm still working on my Civil War Shawl. It's probably NOT going to be done in time for the Alma Highland Games, sad to say, but I think that it might be ready for some other festivals that I plan to attend this summer. I'm pretty excited about it.

I am working on the edging now, and I got one repeat done on the shawl for the edging. The center of the shawl took 7 weeks to complete on the KAL. I took about half that time--of course, I did work on it every waking hour--I can't put forth that much effort on the edging because the edging is 34 rows, nothing is repeated--so I can't memorize any of it, but I am planning to get the pattern laminated, so that I can use dry erase on it--then I can repeat all I want, and mark off the rows as I knit them with a dry erase marker. I've used this plan before on another shawl, and it works well for me.

Beyond that, there's not much to report, other than the weather, which was SPLENDIFOROUS today.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting OUT of WORK early!

Friday, I get out of work early, because some idiot decided that I can't work overtime in one week and take it off for a doctor's appointment in the next. Makes it damn difficult to shore up hours to make up for time you're going to have to take mid week another time.

What is the point of this behavior?

It's called being controlling, and I hate it.

Nuf said.

I worked 3 row on CWS today. I feel like I didn't get much done, but in reality, I knit over 3,000 stitches today--and that in only a few hours.

Wasn't the weather beautiful today? Some of the staff and I took a walk outside at lunch time today. I only wore my sweater, and I was DRIPPING when I got back to the office! One of my friends wanted to take another walk at breaktime, but I had already used my break for knitting, so oh well, another time-- I asked my friend if we could walk after 4, but my friend got busy and involved in work, and declined.

Oh well. There will be plenty more where this day came from!

Is everyone ready for the Easter Bunny?

My hubby has Good Friday off, and Monday for good measure. I don't get any days off--save for Saturday and Sunday, which I suppose is just fine with me. I'll get lots of knitting done this weekend, as long as I can knit, since there's a family party on Sunday, which will cut into that precious knitting time.

I am on row 142, having just finished 141. I have 20 rows left to do on the centerpiece. If I only do 3 rows per day, I will have it done in another week (considering I should then be able to get at least 6 rows done on the weekend, perhaps a few days less), and then comes the grinding task of the edging, which naturally takes longest--because you only work off one stitch, all the way around for every two rows, and the last row has nearly 1500 stitches on it.

I intend to give it my best go-ahee, and have it done by June. It would be GREAT to have it done by the end of May however, when I go to the Alma Highland Festival--and show it off to anyone who will come close enough to take a look at it. I can imagine the drooling--the ooos and the ahhhhs. I might even go dancing! Just to allow it to float around me. I know that when the time comes, I will be the belle of the tartan ball.

I might even wear makeup! Good heaven's! TART!

Another Cloth Done!

I fixed the row and fell asleep in my chair when I finished the cloth. Result

And I now feel justified that I have given this cloth the best treatment that I can. I used Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Cotton Yarn" with this cloth, and found that I had to go down a needle size from my normal size 6 to a size 5, in order to get the correct "fabric" for the yarn. This is a different "feel" for my cloths, not significantly 'smaller' by any means, but it firmed up the edges very nicely, and I was able to hide the color changes VERY well, if I do say so myself.

And I do.

I was online yesterday, and I found my ex there on Yahoo Messenger just for a short while. Most likely checking his email, which I don't think he gets much--as he was only online for a short minute or two.

Perhaps I scared him? LOL!

So I knit my buns off last night to get this cloth done, and ended up falling asleep in my chair afterwards, because it was late, well past my bedtime. I'll have to get to sleep early tonight if I intend to catch up on what I've missed.

And lastly, the scene outside my livingroom window, with the full moon in full evidence.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday--Can you Spell S-U-C-K-Y?

Actually, things aren't THAT bad--I finished another dishcloth last night, but I guess I'm not really happy with it. It will make a good utility cloth, but there is a bit of work into it, and I'm a little miffed that one row...

Did you read that?

One wrong. That one wrong row sets off the whole cloth, and well, being this long eared perfectionist, I simply can't live with it.

So I put the cloth in the bathroom to be used as a bathroom cloth (which will get all sorts of uses-including as a household dustrag), and make another, for pictures and for pretty.

I'm also going to make it differently--as the first one I picked up stitches all the way around and knit on a border, which worked fine, but took too long. The next one, I will simply knit on a border and carry another ball of yarn on the opposite side. It means a little extra fiddling, but the cloth is just so much nicer in the end...I'll also make the border a k1, p1 moss stitch, rather than the k4--of course, I reserve the right to change that decision if it becomes even more fiddly.

The cloth itself is cute. I think it's Easter Eggs in the Grass, but here's what I mean about the one wrong row...or, how a set of directions can go seriously awry...

the only problem is row 14 on the Monthly Dishcloth for April--it should read as for Row 46. I changed it on my copy, and will reknit on a smaller needle for my picture for the website.

Did you know that cold coffee tastes really bad when you're hoping that last drop in the cup is still warm? I know that there are people who swear by iced coffee--even drink it. I am not one of them.

My friend Ray tells me that the Alma Highland Festival Program Committee would like to do a layout of me in my garb, along with wheel, sheep and border collie and an interview for the local paper for next year's Festival Program--a booklet that is archived and becomes part of the Festival's historical record!

To be sure, I am ecstatic about the prospect. I can hardly wait for things to shape up for that...imagine what my ex husband will say!

So, I have to go to work now, and that, I suppose, is what is making today so sucky, but I'll get over it. Time to be off. Thanks for listening!

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Fool's Joke

The weather decided to pull a fast one on Michigan today--they are expecting 6" of snow...

In April?

Yes, in April. My CROCUS came up--that means spring and no more snow!!!

But I suppose Mother Nature has it in for us and was just a few days late with the April Fool's Joke.

In the meantime, I have finished several rows on CWS, and now stand at row 139--my friend Mary tells me that I have nearly 30% done, which figures since I am on my 3rd skein of yarn. I'm not really sure how the percentage part works, but we will soon find out. I am hoping that I didn't buy too much yarn--

In the meantime, life goes on. I've been thinking about a boy from Junior High lately, as I do every spring--wondering what my life would have been like had he decided to treat me in a more honorable fashion at the time, but what can you expect from a geeky 13 year old boy? The counterpart to that is the 13-year old hormone crazed girl...sigh. Would that I could have just talked to him about the entire affair, but even though I have contacted him via Classmates, he does not contact me back to simply chatter and work out all the angst that remains from that time in my life.

Well, I need to be getting on the road, as they are slick, and get to the office to see if I can work today. Ya'll have a splendiforous time!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Shocker of Shockers

No sleeping pill the night before, means sleepless night the second day. Awake at 2:30am. Still awake at 3:33 am (there's that infamous 3:33 again!) and so I'm just up.

To add to the misery, I'm also nauseous--so I'm considering writing my supervisor to let him know that I won't be in today. It's the worst day to be sick, really, because it's the day I have to turn in my time sheet, and I'm in no shape to go in to do that--so I'll have to submit from home.

Reminder to self--put the payroll document in my documents file for my email program at the office.

In the meantime, I'll just have to submit a corrected one on Monday.

I feel like crap (listen to me whine, whine whine!). I hope ya'll have a good day today. I think I'll spend mine in bed NOT sleeping.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boredom, Thy Name is Work...

Today, we found out that our computers were being upgraded/updated and that some of our software might not get installed completely on the first day...

Well, that was today.

I ended up leaving the office at 10:30, coming back at Noon--only to find out that I really can't do any work, because the software that I need didn't install--so at 1:30, I left the office again, this time for the day.

Oh, sure--they could have had me do something interesting--like filing--and anybody who doesn't realize the sarcasm in that statement should be shot--which is the main reason why I didn't stay. I detest "idiot" work...

Now, that's not to say that only an idiot can file, because a true idiot can REALLY foul up a filing cabinet, but to foul up the entire works, as you know, requires a computer. So I was unable to do my job today--murder, madness and mayhem, my work here is done..

So I came home to find out the the rows for the Monthy Dishcloth aren't correct--too bad that I had already knit 4 rows--I won't pull them out--I'll just keep knitting on. After I get today's rows done, I will work on CWS--and a sock pattern that is my next project, found here....

Now those I can really wrap my needle around.

So, I'm off to check the daily rows!
Oh, wait, I wanted to say one more thing....

Today, I got an email from my friend Ray--I've blogged about him before, and there's usually no trouble, but this email just had a totally different flavor, and I took HUGE offense to it, and wrote him back, including the email he sent me, and told him that under no circumstances was he to EVER write me at the office again, and that further emails WILL be rejected and denied delivery with an explanation that he is to only email me at my home address.

I also stated that his last comment in the email was COMPLETELY inappropriate for a business computer, and if he ever wrote that sort of thing to me in an email again I would sever our friendship and shut down my account at yahoo, change my email address and never reveal it to him.

Sufficiently hot?

Let's just say that his last comment on the email was something about licking and tasting good--and it was enough to send me over the edge on the angry scale. Other people have been FIRED for such language--and it came across as a secsual come on--and this man has no business carrying on that way over me--a married person--HAVE SOME DISCRETION, for Pete's sake, and keep your fantasies to yourself! BOY was I mad, and he GOT it, both barrels.

So now, having said all that, I can shut down, and let you drool over my next sock project.

Good Morning?

I got up this morning feeling all cheery and perky, wide awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed...

Half hour later, I'm gloomy Gus--hungry, but don't want cereal this morning, so I'll have some quiche at the office--I don't know what the devil is up.

I am wearing my sweater, which should make me feel very glad--it needs more blocking, I think--which is a job I will tackle when I get home tonight, but I want to show it off to people at the office, and I know they're going to love it as much as I do. I just wish I was in a better mood.

I feel like growling at the whole world. So don't get too close!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Finished Project!!

The Entrelac Sweater is done. Unfortunately, the body has to lose some more weight before the sweater will look halfway decent on her...

I had my husband take a picture of me, but he was half asleep, cut off the top of my head, and I looked something like a psychopathic serial I won't be showing you that one--

This is the pic of the sweater on the table, and it's hanging in my closet now, pending the loss of, oh, about 50 more pounds.