Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Morning

Up with the crack of dawn and back to busy with housework.

Dishes in the dishwasher.
Another load from the washer to the dryer (and that task is done except for folding/hanging and putting away!)
Washed the floor in the laundry room. Someone (3 guesses, and the first 2 don't count) dropped a container of soap on the floor, which broke, and left soap spreading from here to there. It was a mess. I cleaned up as best as I could, but apparently left some residue. Three days later, the cat and dog hairs had migrated to the spot--and it was ugly. Well, it isn't there anymore. All cleaned up.

I cleared off the bathroom vanity and Windexed the mirror and used Scrubbing Bubbles to clean off the vanity. I had various types of stuff growing on my husband's side, because he doesn't clean up very well after shaving. There was only a little bit of dust on MY SIDE.
This man puts up with a lot of filth. I can't take it after a while. I think he needs to hire me a maid!

Then it was time for Ghost Whisperer. I was hoping that it was another episode of her and her husband AFTER he got shot, died and occupied another guy's dead body. (Hey, that sounds like material for a soap opera if ever I heard one!) But sadly and alas, it was about a previous time. Next week, I suppose, they will show another episode of "After the Gunshot". Also next Monday, is a new episode of Medium, which I haven't seen in quite a long while, and I sort of miss it.

I considered getting out my knitting, but didn't want it to distract from watching the show, so I declined knitting for the evening. Then I dropped into bed and read another chapter in my book. I fell fast asleep soon after, and I don't remember my husband coming in last night, which is unusual.

He told me the other day that it could be as little as two months and he would be laid off from GM. This man has over 30 years with the company, and he's getting laid off? That should tell you something, friends. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that he wants to open communication doors, but when he says things like that, I'm not sure what to say--especially when it's on the phone and I'm at the office. It's not like I can drop everything right now to talk about it, you know? It is so frustrating sometimes, because then, when he's home, he doesn't want to talk. It's as if it's too close quarters--like I'm going to reach out and hit him if he says it again. I have no idea.

But the whole concept worries me. I was hoping that he would merge my credit card to the refinance of the house. Instead, he wants me to tell him the amount on the card, plus what is left to pay on my car, plus any other credit balances I might have...and I have a small overdraft balance, which I've been paying off bit by bit until I get my car paid off, then I was going to pay off the overdraft, then start on the credit card, and get them done and over with, hopefully before we refinanced the house. Unfortunately, with the layoff, he's got to move on things, or the bank won't give us the GREAT interest rate that's out right now. And so his move. But on the other hand, I'm sure that he's going to want me to pay part of the house payment when it's recalculated, and then his money is basically scott free-and my money is paying all the bills. I worry that I won't be able to buy a skein of yarn when I want to, or to purchase a pattern online--without asking for a few dollars to cover it, and being told "NO" all the time. He is VERY tightfisted with his money, and while I'm not the opposite, I am more of a spender than he is.

What he doesn't understand, however, is that someday, *I* will retire. I won't have the extra dollars then that I have now. I won't be able to go to the yarn store and buy that special yarn that I know I will just love, in fact, I'll probably stay home most of the time just to avoid the temptation--although the internet may still be around. So I am collecting, and saving for retirement--not in dollars and cents which will eventually be gone due to robbery by the government, but in yarn that will basically last forever if the moths don't get to it first.

And all the fabric that I bought years ago? It will become quilts that will keep us warm in the cold winters that come. For that matter, we could tow a fifth-wheel and move around, live life on the road (sounds so romantic, but I would probably kill him in the first week in such close quarters.).

So I have my ducks lined up early. I have my retirement project list, and figure that I'll be able to better keep a handle on the house once retired. I can hardly wait.

Wow, all the thoughts in my head this morning!

My single card draw this morning..."what should I be aware of today:" is:

The 8 of Pentacles. Entitled Skill, but in reversed formation.

It's telling me that I need to start spending more wisely, and stop trying to economize on the small stuff, while I'm still spending a lot on the bigger stuff. Well imagine that! The cards see right through my blog post! Sometimes, these cards can be scary!

Friday, January 30, 2009

And for the Evening...

Introducing the workaholic-ME!
Seriously, after a long day working at the office, the LAST thing I really want to do is housework.

When I got home, most of the stuff that I'd done a few nights ago had been undone, and I found my hubby's mail---

All over the table that I just finished clearing off and how dare you mess up my house again after all the work I've put into it you uncaring piece of husband don't you care....(there was more, but I didn't want to bore you with the expletives..)

After my temper tantrum, because indeed, he wasn't there to yell at anyway (and it's a good thing too!), I neatened his mail piles, tossed some greeting cards and went about the house.

I washed down the wood floor in the kitchen.
I finished cleaning the countertops.
I cleaned off the salt and pepper shakers (dusty).
I pulled the clean laundry from the dryer and tossed the whites into the washer and started them.
I thawed a roast, cut it into tiny bits and boiled it in wine and orange juice with a little oil tossed in there, and started a soup base in the slow cooker. When the meat was sufficiently braised and tenderized, I tossed it into the soup base...
I boiled the fat from the roast. I usually give this as treats to the dog or cats, whichever will actually eat it.
Then I sat down and finished the gusset decreases on my Flower Patch Socks (no pics at this time, but will post when the foot/toe is done).
When the roast/soup began to boil, I added shells (instead of taters), turned on low and went to bed.

I am reading a book "Wizards First Rule", which is a sort of fantasy fiction. The only reason I bought it was because it's a thick paperback, and I like to read thick paperbacks. If it's less than 1 1/2" thick, it's not worth my time.

Here we have our hero, a hunter/gatherer young man in his 20's to 30's. Tall, handsome and very woods-wise and protective of the enjeaneau (perhaps that's not spelled right--but I mean the female main character), who is a witch from the wrong side of the mountains. Together, they are in search of a great wizard, who needs to come back to "society" to help protect the people from both sides of the mountain (as it were, it's actually more like two different countries) from a third party king who's a real pain in the arse.

Apparently, the great wizard is hiding because the people didn't like how he meted out justice, and so he basically left them to their own devices, and now society is falling apart at the seams and this bad-guy king is trying to take over...but there's more (there always is). To find out "what more" you have to buy the book or get it at the local library. So far, it's been a good read--lots of action and suspense to keep me rivetted but not enough to keep me from going to bed at a proper hour, so after reading another chapter last night, I turned out the lights and investigated the inside of my eyelids.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gettin' it Done!

It's amazing to me, but everytime I put dishes in the dishwasher and start it going, I seem to find another dish, cup, glass, spoon or some other piece of "thing" that should have gone in there with the rest, ELSEWHERE in the house.

As in, where it really shouldn't be...

But there it is.

And it mocks me.

I hate housework. There is no "catch up" to housework! What was I thinking?

So last night, I cleaned off the rest of the sink counter, loaded the dishwasher and made supper. Then I sat down for a scary evening of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, and knitting on my socks.

I am past the heel turn and working on the gusset decreases. I've made a mistake 3 rows back, and have to tink.

Do you know how hard it is to tink in two colors? Do you know the error is on the bottom of my foot, but I don't care? I know it's there, and it will bother me, because I want these socks to be perfect and without blemish. So I will tink back.

Have you noticed how tink is knit-backwards?

But it's only 3 rows, right?

That's doable. I just hope I don't drop of of those decreases.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did I say "spring"?

HO! I meant WINTER!!! Holy cow. We got snow last night--only tons of it. How could I have thought it was spring just around the corner??????

I am, however, in keeping with my "spring cleaning" affect, working on the house and getting some real progress going here.

I put away the clean dishes, and loaded the good china in the dishwasher and washed it. Started dinner. Burned the trash (about 2 weeks worth, so it was a substantial amount). Found a place to put the china when it was clean. Cleaned out the cabinet and stashed its contents in other places to be put back in order at another time. Put away the china. Ate dinner. Cleared part of the kitchen counter. Watched a tiny bit of tv. *Put the dog out. Let her in. Repeat from *. Then I put my nylons in the sink to soak with my woolie socks.

Then I made the bed. Then I took my medication and went to bed. Then I tossed and turned until the light in the hallway came on (Jeff home), then tossed and turned some more until 4am-ish.

I got up at 5am. Repeat from * to *. Found out that it was snowing. HARD. Showered. Made Jeff's lunch. Made coffee. Drank my coffee and took my medication. Ate breakfast. Read a little email...other various snips of "what shall I do now". Rinsed and hung my socks/nylons up to dry. Donned my coat. Repeat from * to *. Dog came in looking like a snowman. Donned my hat and gloves. Pushed the snow off my car. Drove (SLOWLY) to work, stopping for gas and taking backroads because I was afraid the highways would be a mess. I was right. Many many slide-offs this morning, including a screwball in a 4-wheel-drive pickup that nearly sideswiped me in the middle of the road.

No one can say I've been idle for the last 24 hours. Absolutely no one. Double dog dare you.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It Must be Spring

You know how people generally get that huge urge to go whirlwind on you, and do spring cleaning?

Well, since Hubby is on Afternoon shift, I have lots of time with nothing to do, so I decided to go clean my computer area and the table before spin night last night.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to housekeeping, but if I get a bug in my butt to make my house look nice (since I'm the only one living here it would seem to the casual observer), I like to get jiggy widit and off I go! The table was covered in about a foot of unopened mail-mostly junk mail and bills that I don't really need to give any serious consideration to, and other some such--but it had to be gone through to give hubby his mail, and throw away most of mine.

Oh, lookit here! My 401K went down $20K, does that make it a 381K now?

And I don't have to pay another $60 for my car insurance, since I'm already overpaid--how about that-I'll be getting a $40 refund. Oh, and a gift certificate for $25 from Threadbear. COOL! And the W2's for the tax return. Well, I'll put that in Jeff's pile for tax time (coming soon to a theater near you!)

So, good news, bad news--I hate the mail. I let my bank do all my banking for me these days.

So I'm sure that when hubby came home last night, he likely thought he was in the wrong house. Heck! There's a TABLE THERE? Who'd a thunk it?

And cleaning jeanie isn't stopping there. Tonight, I find a place for some really nice china that he picked up at a garbage sale, and run the stairs a dozen times taking down books, yarn, fleece and spinning wheels to simply hide them for now while I clean.clean.clean.

Spring must be just around the corner. I'm still praying for 60 degrees year 'round.

Oh, and last night, there was a little bit of aurora in the northern/northwestern skies. Very pretty. Yessirree. Spring starts TOMORROW, so you'd best get out your shorts and sunglasses because it's coming quick! I wouldn't want you to blink and miss it!

Oh, and I finished the heel flap. So far, a very easy sock to do. Now I'm on the heel turn, and I'm going to follow the written instructions. It looks more complicated, so I'm going to do it at a time when I can really relax and concentrate, because I don't want to mess it up.

Lunchtime sounds good.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Now have begun the heel flap

I've begun the heel flap. I'll have to post a pic tomorrow. This is turning out so cute.

But in my travels, I found something completely ingenious and outrageous, and a MUST KNIT for my dog...check it out. So easy, and how come I can't think up this stuff?

I figure I can double knit the paws, and that will help insulate. This, after buying Mutt Luks for my dog, and she just shakes them off most of the time. Check out the price of those someday!

But some folks are just plain brainy and creative when it comes to needful knitting. I can't wait to make one for Mandy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Progress on Flower Patch Socks

Just a quickie...I've done 2 rows of flowers so far, and they are so cute, I just had to show you!

One Weird Day...

Well, the ominous predictions of yesterday didn't materialize, however, I didn't spend all day at my friend's house--however, had I told my husband that I was angry for going up there when in fact, all that was wrong was that the web server was down at his cable company--well, that would have made hubby upset.

So there was some regret on my part, plus the roads (well, the side roads anyway) were VERY icy. But after checking over my friend's system, I was able to determine that he did not have a problem, and so we went to Saginaw for some fearsome shopping experience and a tasty lunch at Applebees.

As we were returning, and I started thinking hard about going home, I developed an upset stomach and a serious case of gastro blastitis--my term for projectile vomitting at the other end--AHEM--and the bubbles were serious enough to make me stop 3 or 4 times before getting home. So I read the cards wrong--so sue me!

I myself am looking for a new phone with some neater gadgets. I would like a blackberry--I'm not sure I need one since I don't text worth a tiddlee poot, but if I had a correct keyboard, I might possibly use it, as there are several family members that I would text if I had the opportunity. Also, in February, the contract with Sprint is up, so I can change providers--so I'm considering moving to Verizon--even though they are stingy a$$holes when it comes to billing and getting their payments on time. I have my broadband card through them, and I think that their policies have mellowed some since I last did business with them. Plus I'm looking to save some dollars on a package deal.

But back to the new phone, as I'd like a blackberry, but I'd also like one of those that you use the screen to click--and it has a keyboard that clicks, but I would worry that the screen would eventually break with use, and the keys may eventually stick with the blackberry. It's probably better to get a phone like the one I already have.

I finished another dishcloth this morning. This one, I waited until the yahoo group finished posting it, and then knit, row after row, while watching television. It didn't take long, and you'll note that my knit meter has some information on it. The dishcloth is cute, but not very "special", in so far as patterns go. Had I to knit it again, I would put in fewer fillers and more of the diamonds, but there you go.

I have about 1/3 of the leg done on one of the flower patch socks. I want to get back to it, but the knitting of it makes my hand hurt--so I have to work on it in measured doses. The business of using both hands to knit makes me hold the needles and thread more--which irritates the tendinitis. I will work on it more this evening.

In the meantime, hubby is starting to work on his new schedule, which means he's still awake at 2am, and still asleep at 10am. His eating schedule is off too. I still run on 6/12/6 schedule. He'll be on 10/4/11 eating schedule, which means I make dinner still, but he eats leftovers for his supper, and eats lunch from a lunchbox. So I have to make up sandwiches and wrap them and refrigerate them--days ahead of time so that I'm not making them daily.

It's hard for me to plan things like that, but there you go.

Today, I pulled the Page of Discs, entitled Health, reversed. This means that somebody's going to get sick, and the last couple of days, it's been me, what with my gastro-blastitis. Plus my sugar has been slightly elevated--not impossible, but definitely higher--and I've been napping again in the afternoons. I think that each has to do with the other, and I'm just taking in too many carbs. The result is an upset tummy. For instance, Friday, my friend and I went to a Coney dog place and I ate a plate full of chili cheese fries. Last night, my sugar was at 132 (should be around 70-140), and I was just awake from a long nap. Today, I can tell that my sugar is elevated again (because of Applebees buffalo wings in barbeque sauce, not because I ate too much, but because I had too much sugar in my system from the bbq sauce), and so I'm sleeping again today; however, I am not afflicted with gastro-blastitis--thank god--yet. I had a sandwich for lunch (as cold as it is today!), and now feel better with something substantial on my tummy, but I think a small bowl of soup would have fared better.

I have directions for my hubby's cousin who lives in Grand Rapids. It would seem that she is offering to let Jeff stay with her in exchange for some help here or there--so that he's not driving at 11pm trying to get home in crappy weather. This is a boon for me! I can hardly wait! I know that it will be difficult for me to sleep thinking of him on the roadways at night. Plus, my evenings will be free, so I can come home and relax, or I can stay out with my girlfriends, or I can take a class at the LYS--my life will open right up!

So the change will have it's upside and downside. Right now, he's playing chess, and not doing very well at it today. Poor bubba.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life goes on

And so now, all the people have gone home. Poppa is safely in a jar at mom's house, and with that exception, she is alone now.

She called Jeff 3 times yesterday. She's worried about him, and so am I.

While on bereavement, his boss moved him to the afternoon shift.

Now, my hubby tends to fall asleep at the wheel, so days is the best choice for him, since there doesn't seem to be a carpool that goes to the other side of the state for the afternoon shift. So all you drivers out there that run the I-96 corridor, best watch your booties! Until there's a carpool for him, he'll be driving home in the dark, and neither his mom nor I like that idea.

I'm considering having him take a disability retirement--even though that's not what he wants--but who am I to horn in on his life, right?

Today, I'm heading for my friend's house. I'm going there to fix his computer. It died on him again. Since the weather didn't turn nasty last night (only a little snow and blow--not much damage according to my car's rooftop), I should be able to make it with no problem, but I'll check the cards to see what they say..and I draw...

Three of Cups (Regret)
5 of Wands (Grounding)
2 of cups reversed (Harmony)

Hmm...this seems to say that I should stay home. I'll regret going and disrupt the harmony of my home. That doesn't sound really good. Perhaps I'll only stay for a little while, and keep in touch with Jeff during the day as to my activities.

I should also contact Ray to let him know I'm coming--it's early yet, so he shouldn't have taken off anywhere.

I just called. It's only 7am--and he's unavailable. I suppose he might be sleeping. I don't think he can get to the phone in time--not realizing that there's a phone right beside his bed!!! Go figure. I'll try again in a few minutes before leaving, so that I don't miss him, as it's quite a trip there, and I don't want to make it for nothing if he's not going to be home.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

While the world watches...

Soon, we'll have a new president. The jokes abound. The last I heard was that finally, proof at last that aliens have landed on Earth. Exiting the spacecraft, it says

"Take me to your leader."

And the man who saw the craft land says...

"Um, can you wait a week?"

So there you go. The Bush Bashing Begins Anew.

I dreamed last night that my husband left me for his ex-wife. Scary stuff there--but then his dad came into the dream and said that it wasn't true, that Jeff wouldn't leave me, and it was so comforting, that I had to accept it. When I woke up, I asked Jeff if his dad had come in his dreams, and he said no. I would have expected both of us to dream about dad, since I figure that when you dream about someone who has passed, they really are in the room with you, influencing your subconscious--another scary thought, but there you go.

Today, I pull the 9 of swords. This for me is a really bad card--it's the nightmare card--and means that all sorts of fears and scary things come to the fore--entitled suffering, it can also mean that someone is or will be in trouble, crying, gnashing of teeth--wakefulness with tears at night. It could also mean an illness--sometimes the flu--and we all know what that means--wakefulness, getting up in the middle of the night to pay homage to the porcelain god...

So I'm wary of facing this day. I, or someone close to me, will have a seriously bad day. The weather is pretty snotty outdoors, and someone (me, since I'll be driving today) could end up in the ditch (that concept frightens me nowadays) or with a wrecked car. Maybe I should stay home?

Hubby is saying that he'd like to come home a bit earlier today--frankly, I think he should stay there and be ready for the memorial, and I'll tell him so--when he's done with his snow-blowing. And I have stuff in the trunk that needs to come into the house...there's some things to do here before we can go, but otherwise, the slate has been cleared to spend the entire weekend with the family--except for my dog.

My poor dog Mandy--she's had to stay home alone through all of this. I miss her, and I'm sure she misses me. Right now, she's resting in the bathroom, but earlier, she was looking/hunting for her ball. I'm not sure were it is. It's likely under the bed.

I finally finished the remake of Jeff's socks. I have to tie up some loose ends, but then, FINI, and I can begin another pair for MOI! I'll be making the Flower Patch socks by Terry Liann Morris-Sailing Knitter. She makes up some great patterns. Aren't they so pretty? The pattern isn't free, but I think it's worth the price. I can hardly wait to start them!

Well, enough for now, must empty the trunk of my car and bring things indoors. The cat is sitting at my side, waiting for his kibble.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tarot Card for the Day

Asking: Is Poppa okay?

Believe it or not, I pull the Page of Wands, entitled Potential. It would seem he's more than okay--he's, in the words of my voice mail at the office "super-splendiforous"!

And that's pretty good.

I have another ear-worm this morning that has been jangling in my head most of the morning--sing it with me:

"You can trust your car to the man who wears the star. The big, bright Texaco Star." okay, you can stop singing now...

This was an advertisement for a gas station cum auto repair shop from long ago in Poppa's generation. They would check the air in your tires, check your oil, wash your windshield and PUMP YOUR GAS FOR YOU. And with the exception of the gas, it was ALL FOR FREE.

Ah, gone are the days....right?

I mean, people used to care a little more about you personally back then, I think. And I don't believe for a minute that people have stopped caring so much as I believe that the hustle and bustle of daily life, along with the stresses and strains and broken bones and maybe even the sadness and longing and loneliness has given rise to a generation that doesn't care so much for fear of being hurt. There just isn't time anymore to deal with those sorts of feelings, I guess.

Today Jeff and I are going shopping. I purchased a new outfit, for which I need some shoes and some nylon stockings to How depressing. I hate shopping, and that just adds to the pressure. It's not like I don't have outfits that I could wear, you understand, but I will take every opportunity when my husband says "Go buy something nice and I'll pay for it." TADA! Magic words!

I also found out from my sister in law that there is a special "bra place" in East Lansing, where they actually FIT the brazziere to you. Now THERE is something I could really use--a bra that fits. I am (read this carefully and slowly) sodarntiredofbrasthatdon'tfit!

Add to that, the fact that I've gained about 100 extra pounds, and well, bras don't fit ladies that are sorta big around, but small in depth--if you get my drift...I don't need a 48 EEE--I NEED a 48 C, I figure, but the store brazzieres in those sizes look like "old lady bras"--you know the type--just plain un-sexy. I want something that will be functional and make me look like Brittney Spears--and I'm coming to the realization that it's just not happ'nin!

But if you even find a 48C that I LIKE--for instance it's somewhat sexy and doesn't require a team of professionals to get it put on my body--the C part of the brazziere is TOO DEEP. And I've got all this extra fabric folded over my front that has no place to go, except to stand at attention under my clothing and makes me look like my boobs are folded over sideways.

In other words: It.Ain't.Pretty.

I also like Front Closures--there was a brazziere that I was easily able to get into--it was underwire, and I wore them exclusively when I was a svelte 130#--and made me look VERY sexy. I liked them because I could unsnap, unhook and walk out of them at the end of the day. Best brazziere I've ever known. They don't come in the size I am now. What was weird about them is that the clasp NEVER gave way--but the underwire always broke long before the brazziere was worn out. That silly underwire might break within two weeks of purchase, which made bra buying a rather expensive deal...but they were the style I LOVED. I haven't seen that type of bra since I can't remember when, and well..where was I--oh yeah, about this bra place in East Lansing....

So I am going there--my sister in law will show me where it is, and I will finally know, with a professional's assist, what my bra size really is...and then I will buy one--maybe two.

Well, hubby is finally awake. Maybe we'll be able to get lots done today, even if it is snowing and blowing and cold and just generally messy outside. I still need those shoes and nylons (not a problem, as I expect I can get both at Meijer's). Must pick up his suit at the cleaners. Iron his shirt and hang it up. Fill the cornstove again and clean it out. Pick up some cat food. Get an Anniversary card for Jeff's sister. It seems like there was something else we needed to do, but it's not coming to me now...oh yes, head over to his mother's again.

I'm going to knit today, and work on Jeff's socks. I wish I had some blue grey to work with to make a pair to match his suit, but there's no way that I could get them done in time for the funeral on Monday, so we'll scratch that idea for now. In the meantime....

Well, the keister is cold on this hard leather chair I use for computering, so I'm going to go over to the cornstove and warm it up. Have a blessed day everyone.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tarot Card for the day

Death Reversed-from the Druidcraft Tarot deck.

Now, death upright, would mean a drastic change--a passing of the old into something new--

The card shows a crone, very old and likely of magical background, holding a skull and wearing a handscythe on a thong on her belt, which is wrapped around her robes. She's indoors by the window, standing in front of the cauldron, which is steaming. There's a snake winding it's way down the shelving, checking out her body heat, and a couple of jars on the shelf, as well as a small dark mask. Outside, the sky is overcast, with something of a sunrise on the horizon, enough to light up the stones standing which are similar to Stonehenge. There are herbs hanging from the ceiling.

The general attitude of the card is the combination of dark and light, bright and dull, good and evil--basically the way that life generally is ying and yang all over the place, but Death in Tarot has been said does not mean "Death" per se. Most readers will try to tell you it doesn't necessarily mean that somebody's gonna die! I'm NOT one of those readers. Death is no end in itself. It's just passing into a different existence, if you believe in some sort of religion. If not, then it's still a big change...from matter that lives and breathes to the bits of star dust that remain after the bugs, worms and rot have done their thing--you poor buggers!

But death reversed to me, would mean a return to the norm--after the change/pain has passed, a rather peaceful disposition and acceptance that is relatively transcendant to things that have come to pass from it's upright cousin. A return to the natural flow of things for the living and those left behind after death has touched a family.

By the way, I should add here, that I've been seeing 3:33 on the clock again, and since Poppa's gone, it can only mean that there is someone else on the docket. And of course, death always comes in threes--Jeff's ex's mom died at Christmas Eve. Jeff's dad died January 13--there will be another soon, but I'm not sure who or exactly when. My mother and mother-in-law are all in pretty good health--and so far, the deaths have been connected to Jeff. I hate for him to have to go through a lot of death and funeral stuff, but there you go. It could be anybody, I suppose. I'll keep you posted.

It is so cold in my office this morning. I understand that it's 25 degrees below zero outside in the windchill--and 9 below is the temp. Man, it's cold out there too! I ran my car for about 20 minutes before getting inside it, and the heater never did spit out warm air--but when I got out of the car, I realized how wrong I was!

Thank goodness spring is on it's way.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

On the Third Day..

It always sort of astounds me, how Jesus talks about his death and resurrection. I'm pretty sure that his friends and companions wondered what he meant by it. Religious Apologists (that's those folks who debate the information in the Bible and it's historicity--or lack of it, whichever way you'd prefer to go)but the ones on the pro side say that he rose BODILY and literally LEFT the grave. Others claim that his body was "spirited away" (AHEM! No pun intended there!) by his followers. Another claims that the girls got lost and looked around for his tomb in the wrong end of town...or something to that effect, and then claimed his body was gone. Another group will tell you a different thing--you know how it says "what their itching ears want to hear" kind of thing.

I myself am of the group that thinks he was truly dead, and he rose--the only one who COULD, both body and spirit--maybe leaving behind a skid mark or two...some ash mingled in with the Frankenscense and Myrrh spices to keep his body from stinking up the place--I mean, let's face it--after 3 days ALIVE men simply REEK!

Nuf said.

My father in law spent 3 days in the hospital, barely able to breath, let alone say much. He said a lot with his eyes, I think, as he passed in and out of consciousness and in and out of being able to hear what was being said. Most of his family was there--his children, who run the full spectrum of emotion--from darn near emotionless (my hubby, Jeff, who couldn't hold back that trembling lower lip when his daughter let fly with a pouring out of sadness that never did quit, but himself remained TEARLESS for all I know). Jeff's brother, who held everybody when they arrived and cried right along with them, saved his best tears for alone-time driving to our house on Wednesday--and the roads were pretty treacherous--but I must say, God's been with us to some degree protecting us from ourselves from driving too fast on bad roads simply because we must. Jeff's sister, who has similar afflictions as Jeff has, was nearest to me in tearful grief, and cried when others cried, suffering along and beside while jousting with our own muddled minds. And then, the youngest daughter, who cried endlessly for DAYS, held onto her mother and then held onto her father of failing health. My husband's son (and well, I guess my son too, but somehow I make the mistake of calling him a son-in-law), who never took the news of Poppa's cancer very well, seemed somehow to be able to withstand this--perhaps because his grandmother on his mother's side had just passed Christmas Eve, and so he had been holding up his mother, and just simply had no more tears left to cry.

Dad's twin brother (and wife) were there off and on--started to drive home, then turned around and started heading back! When his wife asked, he told her that he was going to give his brother one of his lungs. WHAT A GUY! Unfortunately, even if that had been done, the result would not have brought Poppa back.

And I've been thinking all day of the spirited, competitive Canasta games the four of us used to play, and how we really need to locate another couple to play cards with.

And my mother in law--one of the bigger than life sort of people that I've ever known--stayed in the room, sat by his side-sat on the bed-sat in the chair, but never strayed far, and didn't go home for clean clothing even--for the entire time. She would startle every time Poppa's breathing would start up again after a brief pause when she would think "This is it..." and I'd be standing behind her waiting to be able to say "Well, I guess that's it then," which I never did get to say, probably for the best actually, because people might think it totally inappropriate for me to say something like that--but it would be uncharacteristic for me to not say SOMETHING--because that's how *I* deal with it. A piece of humor in a difficult situation.

There were more family than that, of course--and it was pretty much like an ant following a sugar trail of the last ant for 3 days, as all of us trekked our way back into the outside world and away from the grief that stunned our lives and took our Poppa away. Ouch.

So then, buck up and get some work done at the office. Yesterday's card was the two of swords, entitled Opposition--and we all went to the funeral director's office to make arrangements--and it wasn't opposition so much as it was a lot of tough choices--what to leave in, what to leave out, and just like my blog, I'd be willing to bet that someone or something was left out or forgotten, without intention...

Today's Card is the Hanged Man. It generally stands for when there's a decision to make and everything hangs on the results of one other decision--or that the entire process is hung up with difficulties and problems--rather like the estate being tied up in Probate, but that's not what's being said here. It means that I'm feeling rather "blocked" today (true story) and like there's nothing I can do except to let things take their course, grieve and then hold onto the memories. So I'll get some work done for now, and I'll write more later.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hubby's Dad Died

And my favorite father in law, yesterday at 6:30. It's almost like he was waiting for me to leave so that he would only have family present...even though a few days ago he said that I *was* one of his kids.

So as you might guess, I'm pretty well grieving--hubby stayed with his mom last night, as did the rest of the children in the family, and I'm sure he was VERY lonely. But I'm awake at 4am, and NOT considering leaving our home until a reasonable hour--I'm doing my regular morning routine, and making a cup of coffee as I write this. Oops! There goes the microwave DING!

I've spent most of the night thinking about how he and Jeff worked so hard to get the upstairs done--including a full week of work on a 30 foot deck that runs the length of the back of our house. I've got his handiwork all over the place...even the shelf where my computer sits was planned and built with the help of Jeff and his father in law. Like I said--his handiwork is everywhere. I just hope that at some point, Jeff will finish the downstairs...

It was a bitterly cold night last night. The house got down to 50, and I could occasionally hear the water pipes knocking downstairs. I left the cornstove at the first setting, which in retrospect was probably not a good idea, but now, it's on the third setting to try to build the temperature inside the house--at least for a while anyway.

My best friend Linda finally came and got my sheep. I had asked her to do so months ago (as in when the weather was NICE and it wouldn't have been a problem to get it arranged...). She came over one evening to feed them for me because I was stuck in town and couldn't get home. She did, and made a decision to take them. Mainly because they have no straw in their barn because I couldn't get in there by myself to do what needed to be done. I feel horrible that I don't have my sheep anymore. It's not like I'll never see them again, and it's for the best right NOW because I am impossibly up to my ears in crying family. Doing little sermonettes for those who are troubled and grieving and suffering with the loss of a very special man.

The card drawn yesterday was the Knight of Swords. Entitled "Change", I took it to mean that there would be no change in his condition other than the downward spiral...Actually, I expected Poppa to go much faster than he did, all things considered.

So this morning, I drew The Lady, Ace of Cups (Spirituality) and Knight of Discs (Husbandry)
All upright and staring me in the face. I'm needed for some spiritual guidance and my husband needs me. I think that about sums it up. I best get going, as it's going on 7am.

Must turn the cornstove down to 2 first, though.

More later.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Guardian Angel

Okay, I suppose I'm going to have to subscribe to this realm of possibility, I suppose. The thought that prayer changes things, and that there really are angels hanging about, fighting crime and stuff like that.

I think my Father in Law is dying.

This is really tough. He's got a big family, and they sort of spill out into the hallway at the hospital. Getting them all inside at the same time to say any sort of small prayer is next to impossible, but it did happen.

And everytime I've gone to the elevator, up or down, I'm picking up the right elevator--granted, it's a 1 in 3 chance, but I've been right every time but one--when I told my guardian angel to stay with dad.

The rest of the family thinks I'm nuts, but there it is.

So on Saturday, I pulled the 10 of wands, Sacred Circle tarot, entitled "Force". This card is reasonably dark, with lots of fire, and I read this to mean that dad was really going to have to fight to get through this, but even if he fought and won, the doctor's say that he will be impossibly sick from everything that's gone on in the last 48--more on that later...

In fact, dad "woke up" at one point to tell us that he'd been fighting with a couple guys--to which mom asked him if he won, and dad said no. I figure he'd been fighting with the angels. I don't figure it was a physical fight, but probably more like a verbal one, and he just wasn't gonna win that one.

Then on Sunday, I pulled the Sun, entitled Rebirth, and I thought of caterpillars and butterflies, and I knew. That which I figured was going to happen on Saturday, but I prayed hard that it could hold off until the family got there (he has one daughter in Florida and a son in North Carolina, who arrived about 2am Sunday Morning), and he has hung on so far, though not really well.

Okay, he started with a smoker's cancer in his lung, which is sort of wrapped around his esophagus--which causes him to cough. The coughing put out a couple ribs. Then he got pneumonia (again) which he'd just gotten over a month or less ago. Then fluid started to build up around his heart and in his lungs, which put pressure on them, and when his heart couldn't function effeciently, he developed pulmonary hypertension, which means that part of his heart basically isn't functioning as well as it should, and it's the part that brings the oxygenated blood in--which I could be wrong about--the doctor said "the right side of his heart". Anyway, the side that pumps out/pushes, seems to work just fine and very strong.

Bottom line, yesterday, the doctor came in around noon, and couldn't even wake him. The entire family is crying. I'm crying. There's my husband. Mr. I-MUST-BE-A-ROCK Sutfin. And no one has called for any sort of I'm the one that's been doing much of the family prayer support.

And leaving my guardian angel with dad to watch over him and keep the evil one away until such time as God takes him home, which could be any time, really.

Today, I drew the Page of Swords, entitled "Thought". Pages generally mean a message is coming. Keep Trying, says the learn tarot website. Keep fighting. Keep praying. Keep on keeping on.

I suppose that's the best I can do.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


For those in the know, no explanation is required, but Blogger is having a hiccup today, so I can't show you HERE, but if you look along the side at my Ravelry projects, you'll find My Dishcloths done WAY DOWN AT THE BOTTOM, and the pic is of the January 09 KAL for Monthly Dishcloths Yahoo Group.

Prince and Wubby are taking a photo op.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh Rachel?????????

I'm not certain whether she reads my blogline or not, but I have another reading for her, which, quite astonishingly EXACTLY the same cards in EXACTLY the same order as the last draw...

You should know that I asked the cards about Rachel the other day, and never drew the cards...then when I asked what I should know for the day, I drew these cards...Now, I'm not certain whether the cards are telling me that I should have drawn for the question about Rachel a couple of days ago...and answered, and so now keep on answering the same thing because they are "confused" now.

So, The lovers reversed
The 8 of wands reversed
the Ace of Pents reversed.

Choices are made, whether action is taken or not, resulting in the beginnings of financial disasters...see how the meaning changes, depending on who I'm talking about? The 8 of wands also has arrows in it, which are falling to the ground in the reversed position, indicating that the action taken (or not taken) is going to have very negative consequences.

I just tried to contact her, but the phone just rang off the hook. Perhaps she's gone to the library to read email.

So it was a busy day today, and I don't feel like I got a lot done, but really, I did get quite a lot done. I still have a ton of work to do, unfortunately, and so it doesn't feel like I'm accomplishing much.

I drove to the hospital to see my father-in-law. He has pneumonia, and he has put out a rib with all the coughing. He's not getting any phlegm, which is troubling. The only good side to all this is that he's finally getting some sleep! However, mom has been awake all night with him--up and down until finally, he couldn't even stand on his feet anymore!

I got 2 books in the mail today from Amazon--both are sock books--

Knitting socks with handpainted yarns and
Socks A La Carte

The former is a newer book, that has lots of patterns designed especially for multi-colored yarn and to keep it from pooling, which is a boon, if you're of the crowd that hates pooling. I don't mind it so much, but I do like the way these designs help to make the yarn flow in a more "pleasing to the eye" type of way.

The latter book is taking sock bits apart and putting them back together again. It gives several cuffs, legs, heels and toes, and you get the opportunity to put them "together" in a flip book, to make literally thousands of designs. And the book tells you how to make all the "bits" turn into a sock of your own design--I mean, it's really very simple. From there, you can take your stitch dictionaries and use those designs on the leg as well! So it opens up a whole new world of possibility. I see vistas with socks on them, now.

A few days ago, I got an older book from Amazon called Hip Graphic Knits...this is a book specifically on color-knitting--fair isle, intarsia...those sorts of things. Lots of older patterns in the book, many are time-honored and still fashionable today! Of course, I wanted this to help me with my frustrations with intarsia, but I'm thinking that's over with now. I just have to practice with thicker yarn, and perhaps it will come.

It snowed a little bit today, but it melted quickly, and I was able to park in my own driveway this evening. Nothing like that, believe me. However, the night is fading fast, and I have lots of email to read, so I'm going to close for now, and get some knitting done after I read a bit of email.


Phone Calls at 5AM

You know, I am learning to hate phone calls at 5am.


Because they are ALWAYS bad news---very much like the telegram used to be, a phone call that early means that things are not right with the world.

This morning, Jeff's mother called. She's very frightened, and she's taking Jeff's dad to the hospital again today. He can't breathe, and he can't walk (which doesn't seem to fit at all, but I suppose that if something is off chemically, he might be DIZZY), so she's taking him to the hospital.

I plan to head over there at noon to check things out and make sure he's okay. I asked Jeff's sister if this was the "Big Kahuna". She tells me no, but that mom was concerned about taking dad to the hospital which would push back the chemo-therapy.

I figure these things happen for a reason. Dad isn't eating right because the chemo leaves a metallic taste in his mouth, and nothing tastes good. So when he can have the chemo, the result is things go seriously off-kilter.

But when the phone rings at 5am--and don't get me wrong--I'd rather they call at all hours of the day than to wait and not let us know until a reasonable time, and the person is long-since DEAD, for instance--my stomach goes flip flop.

I feel sick to my stomach. When things happen like this, horrible things happen, and I simply can't imagine having something growing inside that prevents me from breathing--for instance, asthma. Especially the severe stuff..imagine not being able to breathe? I mean, that's a very scarey thing--you lose consciousness and could DIE from that stuff.

So I drew I usually do in times like this...

"What's going on with Dad?"

Lovers reversed
8 of Wands reversed
Ace of Pents reversed

You have no choice. A lack of action results in a lost opportunity.

That's what they are saying. I have no idea how it ties in!

Now those of you who read tarot professionally will say "Oh, that's not what they say at all!" Trust me. I know what I'm talking about. If the cards can tell me exactly where Caylee Anthony is buried--if they can tell me when someone's life is in danger (yes, they most certainly did!)--then, this is the correct reading for this particular issue. I sometimes don't understand the tie in--and that can be a problem--it's as if there's a foggy vision between reading the cards and understanding. Now it could mean that I really should go at noon to the hospital. That failing to do so will result in something lost--in other words--dad could die and I wouldn't be able to see him this one last time! That would be catastrophic!! What if he stopped breathing at 12:15 or something. SURE! He's in the hospital, and they would likely put him on a respirator but THEN WHAT?

No, it's telling me to go to the hospital today. PANIC sets in.

Just like getting a phone call at 5am.

Monday, January 5, 2009

It had to happen, right?

The vacation is over.
I'm back at work.
But what I thought was going to be a mess, really isn't so much...and I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty happy about it, and thanking God that things didn't get too out of hand....although the supervisor tried to put some things ahead of me, and it's caused me a bit of consternation....but I'll get over that.

I chatted a bit on the Cloth a Week chat website, and everyone was really glad to see me there. I've been knitting so hard for Christmas, that I nearly gave up everything! But now, Christmas is past, and I can get back to the normal weekly all day, work all evening, sleep all night (well, MOST of it anyway--for some reason I had trouble sleeping--couldn't have been the fact that I was waiting for the alarm to go off could it?), play on the weekend (except for housework), and knit.

I caught up on a lot of knitting email--I think I'm involved in too many groups. Frankly, I'd rather that the Ravelry forum stuff would come directly to my box at home...I've considered talking to the programmers about would sure free me up to discuss things with people, instead of going back and forth to grab the email/forum posts.

Well, that's all for now. The lunch is over, and I need another Diet Pepsi.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today's Draw

Call it what you will, but this looks like a continuation of, not yesterday's cards, but the day before when I was offered a wish....It's almost as if I'm being asked to choose between an active life (which requires an active body), or an abundance--money?????????? HO! Can certainly use money...

Imagine that--the cards are irritated with me for not actually making a wish! Although the Addi Clicks were a wish from long ago...maybe the cards didn't mean that was the sort of wish (in other words, too shortsighted) the cards were looking for in my instance...frankly, I could use both! I don't WANNA choose. I want both--health and money. You can't have one without the I right?

If I had an unending supply of money I would pay off my bills, including the house, and would buy a new car for me, my husband and my son (in that order, but I don't suppose it matters much, does it?). Then I would buy my mother a new house. Then I would sell this house and move to another town where I can have more property--with a smaller house, and build a house next door for my mom to live in, and then probably my mother in law....but I can't move far, because I don't want to be far away from my spin group...can't forget them.

Oh let's see...I've always wanted to do something for the local adoption agency, too....for instance a financial grant for kids to go to camp--someone who excels at music or singing--to go to Interlochen--sigh...I always wanted to go to choir camp when I was a kid.

I would buy myself a new laptop. I think I might someday format the drive on this one--it's getting really slow and sloppy--probably because I keep putting so many pictures on it...but there you go.

Still--there's something to be said for being able to maintain an active keeps the mind alert, and no amount of money can buy an alert mind.

Or it could mean simply thus:
Work hard-the money will come so that you can have choices.

I think it's probably telling me the latter. Means I have to go to work tomorrow. POOH!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Today's Draw---

4 of Wands
2 of Wands reversed
9 of Swords

The cards are labelled thus--

I drove to my mother's today in order to take her grocery shopping, but thought I would kill two birds with one stone once I got there, and decided to install the new printer I purchased for my son for Christmas--the only gift I didn't make.

I had actually hoped that he would download the drivers and install them himself, but a week passes and he's still not done so...I suppose those German gals he talks to on the internet (wouldn't he freak out if he found out that usually, it's prison inmates?) hold a bit too much of his interest with their cybersex Click click click.

Anyway, he had to go to work, so I downloaded the drivers and the software, and then took my mother shopping. It took 4 hours. Mom was exhausted. I was exhausted.

Mental note: never attempt software installation in an exhausted state of mind...

I walked into his room, and opened the file. I was impressed at how slow his computer is compared to mine--the benefit of a Pentium III versus a Pentium II, I suppose, but I didn't think it would take THIS long....tapping foot...still waiting...hmmm....still waiting...banging on the top of the monitor (mental note-this does not help)...still waiting.

So I left the room, and finished another row on a pair of socks I'm re-knitting for Jeff. I returned...still waiting.

I left the room and helped my mother put away some of the groceries. I returned to the room...still waiting. I finally got disgusted and saved the file I wanted my son to print to a word-pad document in rtf format and left! Frustrated to the max....

Only to come home and find out that my registry was corrupted for my cdrom driver--WHAT? So I call my guru. He said "google, you'll find the answer" know I can't find an ear of corn in a cornfield, but somehow I managed, and I editted my registry (don't attempt this is you aren't adept at editting your registry--you can corrupt your entire system this way)--

Mental note: hmm..maybe should have done a backup...

So I editted my registry, restarted, and all was fine after that. I found the cd that I wanted with the files on it that I wanted. I installed a program and now I have to restart again.

How's that?

So's how the cards read--

A new project develops during the day, but because of your lack of confidence, it ends in suffering (frustration). And let me tell you, it was HOURS of the last item. HOURS.

Just like Yosemite Sam who hates rabbits....gee, you think?

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Stuff

Well, today has been a very good day, as the cards predicted. I found out that Threadbear was buying sets of addi-clicks, which are interchangable needles, and they are Addi Turbo's. There are 3 different cables, size 4-15 for needles, one "extender" also can be used as a stitch holder, a needle sizer and a pin to make you look pretty.

Of course, you know I bought the set sight unseen. I drove to Threadbear at breakneck speeds, had I gotten stopped, I would have had one heck of a ticket, because

Guess what?

I left my purse at home. I set it down to put my snow boots on, and forgot it.

So how did I pay for my purchase? I had my ATM card in my pocket! Eureka!

So there was one wish granted...which I wished for a long time ago--that addi's would come out in interchangeables--now, I just need the smaller sizes, and I'm all set! Maybe 7 or 8 of the 40" cable--who knows? I could have 6 pair on the needles and not bat an eyelash...

After Threadbear, I did some grocery shopping. I bought some Dibs (ice cream in a ball of chocolate) some carmel corn rice cakes (a real treat at the end of the day) and the normal, milk, bread--you know the drill.

I also got some cookies to bake in the oven. They are Oatmeal and cranberry, and they are REALLY good. I ate one for my bedtime snack. Only 21 carbs (okay, it's a little over my allowed amount, but I ate fewer carbs at dinner, and I felt fine!), and so freaking tasty. I wanted more than one, but one is all I ate. It was almost too decadent to write about.

After groceries, I stopped to my friend's house--she hostesses the spin night, and she had called me earlier to ask me about a few things, and she told me that she had some things at her house for me. We made plans to meet tomorrow morning, but since I'm pretty busy Saturday, and so is she, I decided that tonight was a better option, and called her when I was only 2 minutes away.

She was in her jammies.

Anyway, she gave me 3 skeins of wool that Bill Davis had spun. Bill Davis died this summer, and some of his yarn was being distributed between his friends. The yarn is WONDERFUL and SOFT and BULKY and hand spun is always nice to get.

She gave me a pair of socks with a cool cat...hmmm, might have to take a picture of them on...well, okay, perhaps not...these are them--ain't they so special? I really like them. I can't wait to put them on--and I might wear them tomorrow to my mom's just to show them off!

Then she gave me, for my birthday, something smelly...notice I talked about the socks first, because they weren't the "smelly" thing...haha! No, this was the bestest of everything--she got me a room this is really cool, because she got me lavender, which is my favorite "smelly thing" in the world. The sticks in the jar wick the "smell" into the air, and it's like walking into a field of lavender. I can't smell it all over the house YET, but I know it's coming!

In the meantime, I knit 8 more rows on Jeff's socks, and installed a new printer program on my computer, plus updated my Snag-It software, which is wonderful software, let me tell you!

Well, I have to close for now, as it's tomorrow, and I have to sleep sometime.

Wasted Away Again...

Hubby and I made a small turkey a few days ago. We are finally all "sandwiched" out. I took what leftovers I could and put them in a stewpot/slowcooker, and some water and spices, potatoes, peas, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, plus a few elbow macaronis, and it's turkey soup (in about another hour) for lunch at about 4pm...I suppose we *could* call it dinner instead, right?

We also made a ham, and the bone will make bean soup in a day or so. I just love crockpot soups.

So many patterns, though, and so little time.

Crystal Palace has a new yarn coming out in January, and a sock pattern that is just to die for...check them out..They will soon be on my todo list...although I don't know when. I've written to one of the bosses at Threadbear to find out if they plan to stock the item--if not, I'll be ordering online several of the colors. They are all so nice.

Monthly Dishcloths has started a new year of KAL's, and I've gotten 19 rows done of the latest dishcloth--so I'll be following that for the next several days...

My friend, Ray is talking about getting a new band started--I don't know where he's going to draw the pipers, but at the moment we're just trying to gel out the drum section. I've got plans for that--but not this winter. There's just been too much ice and snow. I am thinking of getting together with him in the next few days--perhaps after I take my mother grocery shopping tomorrow, perhaps Sunday.

So I drew cards for the day...this is just a general draw--What do I need to know for the day?

3 of swords, reversed
Tower reversed
The star

A very stable day, no arguments, no unhappiness, everything stays together, nothing falls apart, the ground is beneath my feet, and the sky's the limit. Time to make a wish to maybe come true. Maybe I should wish to win the lottery?

You'll note that I added a new website/blogsite to my blog--another one that I read occassionally. You might remember that I worked on a sweater from the Am Kamin book, totally written in Japanese? Well, this site/group decided to carry on with the process, and has grown into quite a following. I have several japanese books now. The patterns are simply gorgeous! I don't think there's anything that can come close in American magazines/books. I really wish I could afford to have both, but something had to give, and to be honest, I don't want it to be my wallet...

So, I keep to my lys most of the time, unless they don't have what I want, which isn't normally the case, and I carry on with whatever I want to knit at the time. These days, however, I'm catching up on my email, and the email from the japanese group reminded me of this site, and so I added it here so that I can track what happens there. Simply because I love these Japanese patterns!

So then, on the needles...
The dishcloth from Monthly dishcloths
Jeff's socks
The Fair Isle Sweater
The Swing Sweater
The Princess Shawl

seems like a lot, but really it's not. I just have to get back to it, and that means determination. I'm going to need that Turkey soup soon if I'm to knit at all anymore today.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thursday: And so very boring...

Still working on Jeff's socks--I can't believe how boring they are to knit. It must be that there's simply nothing to them--even a standard knit over and over would at least go faster. I do 4 rows, and I'm ready to put them down! I probably need to work on something else, but the things I have on the needles are all things I don't want to work on.

This happened when I was quilting. I got all the latest gadgets. I bought all the newest books, and after while, I got REALLY BORED with it. None of the new books or mags had patterns I really wanted to do--none of the old books and patterns had stuff in them that I wanted to do--even going to the fabric store got old--I call it a rut, and that's where I was.

And now am, only this time with knitting.

So I turned to my Tarot cards. Since my husband's job is sort of failing, I asked the Tarot what was going to happen with my husband's job.

And there you have it. Change but not immediately, then a huge move--transfer? But he'll hate it. Notice the water card vs the fire card--that's where I get hate it--fire and water don't mix. The move won't be a good fit for him, and he'll be really unhappy with the option.

He's been saying that it's likely he'll probably retire if there's something offered to him as an incentive to give up his job--otherwise, his plan is to stick with it until he can't work it anymore.

I just hope we have the house paid off before then.