Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekend Doings

Today we are working on the motorhome--well, we are working on the tv antenna for the motorhome--
I cleaned it off with a damp cloth, then started putting videos away. 
Wait a minute. Perhaps I should back up an entire day.
Yesterday, we were supposed to go to the campground, but ended up not going. We went garage sale hopping instead. We bought a ton of stuff for JB's House--a rug to lay on the ground outside the place, some drink holders that stick into the ground near your chair, a tiki pole. 
The big buy was a bedroom set. I've always wanted a set that had big wooden balls on the posts--and now I have it.

And the matching dresser
And a bunch..
of videos.
And that's not all of them--there are still 2 boxes inside the house that have to be incorporated in here. Some GREAT titles, too. Some of them are for kids, but I'll get a kick out of those once or twice. Especially after watching Christine or Saw 2. Yes, those are in there.
We managed to find a VCR/DVD player that will fit in the cubby above the passenger side...

And a CD carrier to hold all the favorite CD's for general listening while we boogie down the roadways...
We found some fishing poles, but hubby thought they were asking too much for them. I thought it was a great buy, but the man was FIRM on the price--since he really wanted to keep them anyway. So hubby passed them up. When we stopped there later in the day, they were gone.
So now, I'm hoping to get the antenna fixed. We are waiting for glue to dry.
And so far, that's how far we've gotten on getting things back together.
We have determined that our power is working fine. Our antenna head works fine. The cables work fine INSIDE the camper. We have determined that the problem is the outside cable. Today, the plan is to hook up the antenna to the outside cable--we are pretty sure it won't work--becauses we already tried things with the antenna earllier--but we need to make sure it's the outside cable or the connectors--depending on what it is will determine how we proceed from here. At present, the whole thing is in pieces on our table. 
We will have to return the antenna we purchased and the amplifier we got for it--to the tune of $100, which means a trip to Jackson in our future.
But for now, things are going fairly smoothly, albeit HOT inside JB's House. It's mostly cloudy with a chance of rain, I believe--every so often, the sun casts a weak shadow. Otherwise, things are going smoothly. Hopefully it doesn't rain anytime soon...we have the door open.

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