Saturday, September 1, 2012

Taking It ALL In!

Well, today, my mother and son are coming over and we are going to the Hobby Lobby, and perhaps to JoAnn's where I have a couple of coupons...not that I plan to buy anything. I just have a few things to drop off.

I've been insanely busy this morning cleaning up. Wen my mother comes, I can still see the queer look in her eye when she walks in as if to say " don't you EVER run a sweeper in here?"


So this morning, I burned the trash, picked up all of the plastic bags in the kitchen, put the groceries away, cleaned up around my chair, got the cross stitch stuff ready for my mom, put the stuff for JoAnn's in the car, swept and vacuumed the floors, cleaned the toilet and I restocked my pill box.

It took me 2 hours.

If I had another plastic tub, I could clear off the dining room table, and run all the stuff  for downstairs, but I thought I'd wait for hubby to get up for all that. Besides, I need another tub.

The only bad thing about tubs is that you have to inventory, otherwise you don't know whaT you have. I have probably 60 tubs. Not one is inventoried.

The other side of the equation is that when you pop into your inventory, you might forget to update the tub, or you might add something there "on the fly" because you don't have time to inventory right at that very moment.

It's a vicious cycle, and one that I'm not looking forward to changing. But I really must if I'm to survive after retirement.

I also have 4 bags of clothing to go through. This might get done today, if I can get them all to the bedroom. So I ask my hubby to handle that part of it. He's balking, of course, until HE feels like doing it. Far be it for a man to take orders from a woman, right?

Oops! There's the tree guy. Hubby has him over to cut down the black walnut tree. Pretty soon we won't have any trees on our property, if my hubby has any say in it.

Bye tree.

Well, I think I might get back into busy mode and try to straighten up my dining room table. Maybe I'll pick up a plastic tub on my travels today...who knows what might happen?

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