Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In Which We Kidnap My Mother In Law

The weekend was a bit of a blur, and I was quite busy the entire time, consequently, I am completely exhausted. And this hasn't abated whatsoever since it began!

Saturday, I was at JoAnn's all day--a Kid's knitting in the morning, demos in the afternoon, and a crochet class in the evening. By the time I got home, my dog was crossing her legs in the bathroom.

(No, she doesn't use my bathroom for that...but I think after being cooped up in there all day, she was probably wishing.)

Then on Sunday, my husband woke me up at 8 am (and I was so hoping for a sleep in!), and ordered me to get dressed.

"Because we're going to see my mother."
"Well, why do we have to go so early?"

Well, that didn't get answered. On the way, he told me his "plan". After having back surgery, his mother elected to be installed in a nursing home for her rehab, rather than inconvenience her local children. This was accomplished at 6pm on Saturday. He said,

"she called me this morning. The nurse has not been in to see her. They have not given her any medication for her pain, and she is in miserable pain--so we're taking her to the hospital."

"Oh. Okay."

Little did I know that the rest of his plan involved kidnapping his mother from the rehab facility without letting anybody know. We took her to Sparrow hospital, and they got her pain the meanwhile....

My hubby's sister had no idea that this was the "plan", so she went to the rehab facility, and found out that nobody knew where mom was. Jen found the nurse sleeping in the job, and found out that they did not have her medications--even though they had reported the night before that they DID have her meds. So his sister smoothed some feathers, and made phone calls and decided to make sure that somebody bought a ticket to the unemployment line. Then she called me on her mother's phone, and I told her where we were.

Who knew?

So then my step daughter called and wanted to know where we were, and when she got there, she was crying because no one knew where mom was! Finally, after working out all the paperwork, Jen arrived. We all stayed with mom, until she was able to ride again, and after 2 shots of Delauded, we got her in the car and headed to her house.

Once we got there, it was confusion after confusion, phone call after phone call, and never once did the rehab facility call us. We were busy until about 8, when I finally had a chance to sit down and ask my husband if he was going home with me. He didn't know until half hour later that he was going to stay, so at 8:30 pm, I headed for home.

Then Monday was BSF, and Tuesday was Knit Night, and tonight, I'm supposed to trek to mom's again to hand over the rest of the things that Jeff needs in order to survive and take care of his mother.

Needless to say, it's been a busy few days. I'm really ready for a rest. I'll be there in time for dinner.

Due to all the prayer and thoughts from friends and acquaintances alike, my mother in law is doing great, and she's incredibly happy to be home. She's sleeping better, and she's getting the rest she needs in order to heal up, and the healing up is taking less time than originally planned, because she's more comfortable and rested.

So that's about all. Sorry I don't have pictures, but trust me. Just like you don't want to ride an angry bull, you would not want to see my cross husband....ain't it the truth!

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