Monday, May 20, 2013

The Weekend

My grand daughter turned six yesterday, but we all threw a party for her the day before. I think she liked her gifts, although, I'm pretty sure she liked the ice cream cake better. I think we both did.

Then, on Sunday, hubby and I planted our garden. Lots of plants and lots of seeds. We're hoping really hard that the corn "makes" this year. We both like corn on the cob.

A pic to come when the weeds have taken over. Sigh.

Knitting wise, not much to talk about. The weather has turned suddenly to almost too hot to breathe (at least for me), and even though I love the warmer weather, there is such a thing as too warm. I used to pray for 70 degrees year, I'd be okay with 50. I am overheated most of the time these days, and praying that I survive menopause without killing somebody (including myself). I'm pretty sure I'm make it, but only just by the skin of my teeth.

Why yes, I do have a fair amount of plaque on my teeth.

Crochet-wise I've got an English Sheepdog on the hook. I didn't bring him to the office today, because I haven't got his body stuffed yet. Tonight, I think, will be a good time for that.

It's a busy week this week, and when the weekend comes, it's the Alma Highland Festival again. Amazing how quickly this time of year has come around. Anyway, I'll be wearing my "garb", and will be taking my wheel with me to demo--I'll have to remember to take some sunscreen this year. Even under the trees, you can get burned VERY quickly. I'll see if I can't get somebody to snap a picture of me in my new outfit.

Sunday, I'll probably be in the garden pulling weeds. Truly, it doesn't take them long, trust me.

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