Friday, June 7, 2013

The Latest (or What's Going On...)

I am <--> this close to being done with one of the English Sheepdogs. I've been working on it, albeit slowly, for some time. I have to sew things, stuff things, sew it all together, then I have to snip all those loops.

And since I'm not fond of hand sewing, you understand now, why I'm dragging my feet in finishing up.

These amigurimi things are just adorable, but my right wrist has been screaming at me again...which generally happens when I over work. I should really learn to crochet left handed. Perhaps I'll try that--then I can switch hands when one wrist starts complaining.

My next project, I believe will be Kate Middleton's Shawl. I am going to need a break on these dogs, and a knitted shawl would be perfect! It's herringbone, and I'm not certain how to make the stitch, but I'll figure it out. Once started, I think I'll be able to get things going pretty quickly. I might make it out of my own handspun, as I have quite a bit of it going on the wheel. It's a little heavier than the laceweight the pattern is calling for, but I think it will be fine.

This weekend is tied up with Demo's at JoAnn's, weeding the garden and a sewing class at JoAnn's. First class I've had in about 2 months. Notice it's not my regular crochet or knitting class, but the sewing class. Now there's a humdinger. Something new to do. I'm looking forward to it, but which machine should I take??

I only have 6 or 7 machines...

I suppose that I should put them on Craigslist or something along those lines. We'll see. The machines I would never let go of are my featherweight, the quilting machine and the White treadle. So old, I can't find needles for it anymore. It needs a little TLC, though.

Well, on to bigger and better things.

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