Friday, January 10, 2014

Finally! Back to Blogging Time!

No one needs to tell me that I've been away forever. To my followers and readership, I apologize. Things have been crazy around here, and I've been busy...and

Oh, who am I kidding? I've just been too lazy to post.

There was the ice storm, in which we lost power for a few days, and the house temperature dropped to 40 degrees. On the day we decided to get a generator, none could be found. Then sometime during the day, the electric came on again.

And we still don't own a generator.

I've been telling hubby for years that we need one for just such emergencies. He is equally adamant that we don't need one.

Then after the ice storm was a snowstorm that socked us in for 3 days. I just looked at my husband and said: "Let's just hope our electric doesn't go out again."

Which would have been tragic, actually, and I would have been totally miffed.

And now, I'm sitting here blogging and trying to decide what to say about what's been going on, and you know what? I can't think of anything to tell you.

Oh, then the plow came through, and while he did an excellent job on the roadway, he didn't do so well on our mailbox. That poor mailbox. Between teenagers using a bat against it in the summertime, to the plow this winter, it has never really seen better days. I think when we get our January thaw (put in a prayer for me, will ya?) we'll have to replace our broken down one. Poor thing is laying on the snow berm in our front yard.

Needless to say, we aren't getting mail. No news is good news, right?

But when the plow came through, the snow socked us in again, after hubby spent half a day blowing the snow out of the drive with our snow blower. So of course you know that when he went out to blow the drive after the plow went through, our dependable machine of 14 years decided to break.

No, I don't mean break-down. I mean it broke. Into pieces that fell all over the driveway.

Might be time to get a new snow blower? Hubby plans to if we get anymore sizable snowfall. The thing is, how will we get out to buy one?


I've been doing a fair bit of sewing. During the ice storm, my mother's electric went out for a day or two, and she came to live with us. Now, she doesn't like cat or dog hair, which I have plenty of, and so she was miserable the entire time, but we all tried to make the best of it. I made up her pajama pants, and she just loves them. I need to still make a top for my husband, but that's on the back burner for now, since the blistering cold has moved back to the artic circle for the time being. I'm crocheting a blanket in the round, which is turning out very nice. I finished a few projects over the holidays, and I've purchased some fabric to make a pillow and a handbag for my knitting stuff.

One can never have enough project bags, and the plastic Meijer bags are getting a little old.

I made a fleece blanket and gave it away at Christmas. It was really pretty. Blue. My favorite color. I hated to do it, but didn't have a lot of goods to give away at Christmas, since the ice storm took all of our shopping time (you know--I'm a last minute Christmas shopper) away while we stayed at my in-laws house. Everyday, we came home and let the dog out, fed the animals, cleaned out the cat litter, and then we were "off" again. We only had one car, since we loaned the other one to visiting family over the holidays. Then came the snowstorm, and it took a while to get it back. We finally did. It's been a great week, having my vehicle back. Instead of tying the strips, I just used a blanket stitch around the fleece, then crocheted a shell in every other strand. It turned out really nice, if I do say so (and you know I do). I'm not sure the recipient appreciated it. In fact, I'm not sure who I gave it to anymore.

But all of this chatter leads me back to the ice storm. I stopped at the bank to deposit a check, and hubby calls me asking if I finished cleaning out the car to give to family, and I put my alumawallet on top of the ATM so I could hold the phone. I made my deposit, got pretty frustrated and stressed with my husband's demanding that I head for his mother's post haste, and left my alumawallet on top of the ATM.

Three hours later, I realized that I'd forgotten it (and where), and we were almost home (five miles away), and the ice storm was starting (and it was starting to get slick), and I turned about on the off ramp and headed back to town to see if my alumawallet was still on top of the ATM (It wasn't.)

We drove back home, more carefully this time, since it was now VERY icy. I was angry at my husband for calling me and stressing me out so badly that I forgot my credit cards and banking information, INDEED, even my driver's license, and when I told him about this, he asked me

"How is this MY fault?"


Back home, I had to call on all my cards, cancel them and all of that, but when I got hold of the Lost/Stolen cardmember services personnel, I was told that my husband had just called it in.

To which I replied, that I didn't think so, since he'd been with me all day, and therefore, was more likely that it was the perp who took my alumawallet off the ATM!

There have been no outstanding charges on my cards, and after the holidays, the bank called to tell me that some fellow had dropped off my alumawallet there, and would I like to retrieve it.

Insert resounding "yes" here.

So all cards have been replaced, Alumawallet is back in my pocket, and life is pretty much back to normalcy.

At least for the next two weeks, will things be normal. I'll be retiring at the end of the month, and I'm so excited about it that I can barely breathe. I have a lot to finish up in these next two weeks, so you might not see me, but after that, I should be posting normally again.

So I'm sorry for not posting, Please forgive and we'll see you again in a couple of weeks. I'll have pictures for you.

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