Monday, January 13, 2014


My sister is in the hospital.

It's nothing extremely serious, just that she needs a gall bladder removed because it's causing her pain. The poor things! Both sis and the gall bladder. Mainly because she has a condition that causes her blood pressure to rise under anesthesia, and I hope to heck that they don't give her ketamine.

The gall bladder because she tends to eat a lot of high fat foods, very rich with quite a lot of salt. She's overweight, and should probably have a gastric bypass. But then, who am I to talk, right?

And yes, I'm worried about her. I'll head out at noon to check up on her.

Now none of this would be especially mind shattering, except that I only met my sister when I turned 24. I was adopted, you see, and my adopted mom always told me that I had a sister somewhere. Come to find out that until she was 10, she was right there in St. John's. She just went to a different school. All the while thinking that she was an oops! Baby. The last of the troop. And wasn't she surprised when she learned she had a younger sister?

Meeting her was odd, because I'd spent the last, oh, perhaps 13 to 15 years looking for her, only to find out that all I had to do was contact the judge who did the adoption. Come to find out, he was a personal friend of the family, and he let the family know first. Her dad was all for it, but her mother was skeptical.

Still, it was her choice, and after two weeks, she did call me, and we made a date to meet. We decided to bring our spouses, too, in case we ran out of things to talk about.

But we didn't. Not for the last 30 years or so, although there was a period of time when we did not speak, because she got married, and had my ex-husband walk her down the aisle. This ticked me off to no end, and I tried to keep in touch, but felt so betrayed over it, that I just couldn't.

It took a long while, but I finally resolved that the sorry excuse for a man didn't deserve to have my sister. And so she and I started speaking again...slowly at first, and now we talk all the time. I still haven't talked about my feelings about my ex with her, and her choice to have him walk her down the aisle at her wedding, but I will someday, and then she and I will be free to be sisters again, as we should be. I don't think she sees my ex anymore and that is just fine with me. Because I never want to run into that person again. Not ever.

In the meanwhile, she's all I can think about. I'll keep you all posted about things. Battery on my Ipad is about to run out, so I best go.

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