Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Driving Miss Daisy Around the Block

Okay, so I didn't drive Judy around today, but I did go visit, and what a pleasant visit we had. Next time, I'm going to take some nail polish and do her nails in a nice pink color--I think she'll feel very pretty!

Also talked with my ex's SIL today (after my visit with her MIL), and let her know how things went, gave her the rundown of all the things she mentioned that she feels she needs, this and that.

And we talked about my ex...we talked about my sister...we talked about some people in the bagpipe band...but mostly about my ex.

She also told me that I could take my tiger cat, Chat in a carrier to see her! Now, this would be (pardon the pun) the cat's meow. So at some point, I'm going to take my Chat, who looks exactly like her Tiger, and let him visit with her. I'm sure she would really like that.

Another brick in the wall, frankly, as my ex hasn't seen fit to bring her cat to see her, and hasn't seen fit to take her to see her cat. So she and I will make DO with what we have. I just hope that my cat doesn't simply run under her bed and hide. LOL! He's not really good with unfamiliar people and places.

Another thought was to take her on a short excursion to her old church--she's Catholic, and my ex's SIL knows which one to take her to. The only issue that I would have is that I'd need someone with me who could pick her up if she should fall down. My friend thought that would be a marvelous idea, since Mom apparently goes to Mass every Saturday.

So I've got some plans in the making.

In the meantime, the bagpipe band is having some growing pains, and I'm pretty well right in the middle of it somehow, thanks to the loose lips of one person who shall remain nameless, who betrayed a confidence. Ever hear of the saying "Loose lips sink ships"? Well, this one could very well sink, but I'm hoping to get the opportunity to work things out and go forward with a newly obtained respect within the confines of the band. If I can manage this, it will be a huge feather in my bonnet, and might well remove the respect from one person to me, and prove my ability and qualifications as a leader. At least this is what I'm hoping for.

I bought some new yarn today and two new 40" skacel addi turbos--circular needles in size 0 and 1--to add to my collection. I believe that now I have every size you can have up to size 15, and while I know there are 17's and broomsticks yet to have, I'm in no hurry to get those, since I don't usually take the time to knit up scarves. Still, there might be a couple of people who get scarves this year for Christmas presents. They work up quick. They're easy, and

Something is knocking at my window.

I have a light on in the living room, and can't see "outside" (it's pretty dark out there)...oooo...and it's not even Halloween!

Oh, it's just a moth. HA! Were you worried at all for my safety? No? Well, okay, then.

Chat is very interested in this moth. He likes crickets, too.

I think that this year, I am going to tell my husband that we've been invited to a Halloween party--and work something up with my ex's SIL (because she's really bonkers over Halloween) to throw a big party with all the cool stuff while we hand out candy. I live way out in the boon-docks, so I don't get any kids out this way. I think it would be loads of fun--

Oh, and hoping to meet up with the ex's brother and SIL (hubby and wife) with my ex's mom to play cribbage one of these nights, too. That should make her VERY happy, as she loves to play cards.

All in all, a really positive day, all things considered. I did wake up really hard this morning, and I got to work over 1.5 hours late--but stayed two hours beyond what I usually do, so all is well, and I got done what I expected to get done. Tomorrow is another day, with lots of things to do, not the least of which is take my car in to the insurance adjuster's to get checked out from the guy who side-swiped me in the parking lot at the hospital, and a followup doctor's visit for my stress test, which, according to the cardiologist, I passed with flying colors. (I think that they should consult my legs, which nearly fell off, and my heart, which beat a mile a minute for at least 10 minutes while I recovered from the extra exercise. Holy cow! Something hit the window big time! I should check this one out....wait...wait...

Well, what sounded like it might have been a bat...maybe not...there's nothing on the deck except for a lot of night life. I have turned off the indoor lights now, and I'm working only with the computer light, so I won't be too much longer, as it's nearly time for bed. I do have to check my email, however, to see if there's anything in there that I can't leave for tomorrow.

Oh, and hubby wants me to stay home tomorrow to stain the deck. I don't know. I've got so much to do, and only so much time to do it in. I have the car appt, dr appt, and band practice after work. Since car and dr are both near where I work, I might just as well go in. No sense making two trips to the biggest hole above ground--a phrase that my ex was fond of saying.

No knitterly stuff today, as I didn't unball the 2-50 gram balls into 4-25 gram balls--before going to work, so I couldn't start on the project that I had in mind, although, yesterday, I sewed on a button, made dinner, patched a pair of jeans and then watched GemsTV and World Wrestling Entertainment RAW until 10:30. Then, I lay in bed, arguing with somebody in the band until 11, took a Xanax to relax these anxieties, and fell asleep soon afterward, into a dreamless sleep, that I had difficulty waking from. I had intended to finish the jeans (my hubby has a habit of bring home work pants with holes in them that are L-shaped. In order to patch these properly, you have to undo the seam nearest to the hole, because you can't mend an L-shaped rip on a free-arm sewing machine--at least not so it looks halfway decent.

I also pulled out the neckline in my red sweater. It took some time, because I'd woven in some loose ends from sewing up the raglan sleeves, but I got the job done, and the extra yarn is on a niddy-noddy. I will put the stitches and the ends on holders another day--perhaps Thursday, and then I will bind off all the stitches that had not been previously. Then I will pick up neckline stitches all the way around, and k1,p1 around long enough that I can fold it over and weave it into the bottom stitches, rather than put the cable in where it's supposed to go. It's been a long time, and I don't remember how to do the pattern, and I want to wear the sweater again soon, as things outdoors are starting to get a bit of a chill in the air. I hope that it still fits.

We shall see.

Well, I need to put my purchases away, and I need to check out my email. I need to check out the activities I thought I was going to do today but didn't, reschedule them for another day, and then I can retire to the boudoir.

Au'revoir, mes amies! Voix-tu a demain?

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