Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Sox and Busy Lives

I just wrote down all the things I have planned to do.

I don't think I can live that long.

I did finish some more of the Tiger sox. This pair for yours truly, and they fit like gloves. The kitchner stitch turned out great too, I might add, and many thanks to Queen Kahuna--who apparently is having difficulty with her web server--seems they've "gone down" and taken off to who knows where. Poor MAB--when her site comes up again, I'll post it here.

So here's a couple pics of my new footie sox.

I cleaned out the pet's water dish (they all use the same dish, dogs and cats), and while I cleaned it, they were all around it, patiently waiting for a cool drink. So I got out my camera....quick take the picture! Notice there's only one cat? LOL! They all "got away" before I could snap the picture! I also cleaned the litter box, sewed velcro on Ray's shirt (since he's coming in an hour, I figured it would be a good time to do it), and reloaded the dishwasher. I've got some trash to burn. I've got to pick up some frozen mouses at the pet store. And a ton of projects in line to do...hmm...which one shall I start on?

I had thought originally that we were to have pipe band practice today, but apparently it's been cancelled in favor of Wednesday night, which is FINE by me. This means that I can stay home and take care of more of the little things that need to be done around,, I guess there's nothing at all to do for housework! Cool Beans! Means I can work on some of my UFO's. First, pull out the red cabled sweater from Heirloom Knitting (Japanese book). Knitting Beyond the Hebrides worked this model up in a knit a long, and the knitting went much too fast. I put the sweater together, a little too eager to wear it, and the neckline sort of pulls the sweater--a more advanced sweater knitter told me that I should take the neckline out, and bind off the stitches on the body pieces--THEN pick up my stitches around the neckline, and the neckline will hold better. Sounded like a good idea to me, so that's what I've been planning to do now for at least a year. Since then, I' some? So now, I'm sure the sweater won't fit me at all. It's a good thing it's a cardigan, but the arms were snug to begin with, so I'm sure that it won't fit me at all now. I suppose that's what's holding me back, so to force myself to actually pull it out of the closet, I insert here pictures of the finished project...well, maybe not-so-finished, but this shows it off, and then I'll HAVE to fix the neckline! The Am Kamin is made out of Cranberry Cascade 220. The sweater is very soft and I like it very much (except for the darn neckline). I think that I'm going to give it a firmer neckline this time...considering...

Okay, it's out, it's dehaired (cats love wool, did you know that?), and it's ready to unravel, but Ray will be here soon, the guys doing the roof are here to finish things up (and hopefully will sweep the deck, because they left a grainy mess EVERYWHERE!), and soon, I'll have to head over to my mother's house to practice drumming with my son and Ray, due to the cancellation of practice, so unravelling will have to wait until later. This could be a good time to show off construction techniques, but since I'm lousy at it...maybe not. I hate finishing. They say that you should spend as much time finishing as you do knitting the garment. WHAT? How is that Immediate Gratification? I want to wear this article, and I want to wear it right now! So sometimes, my finishing isn't the greatest, but I'm getting better at it!

I think I need to diet. I know, I we go again! I do this to myself. Angry with myself for getting this big in the first place, and upset that I couldn't wear a bathing suit all summer long, I finally decide to go on some sort of diet...only to have Christmas show up on my doorstep. Now why is it that there is so much good food at Christmastime? Why is it that I have, not just one, but THREE Christmas parties to at the office, one at my mother's, one at my mother-in-law's, and probably one for the expanded family...wait...that's FOUR! No wonder I get fat and lose all control over my diet at this time of year. It's frustrating, because I can lose about 60 pounds in 3 months, only to gain it back again when Christmas comes. Because when Christmas arrives, all bets are off. The body loves those fattening foods, and once they get another taste of them, it realizes "Hey, I LIKE this food!" Then, it begs for it for weeks before I finally succumb to the incredible urges and make myself a dozen cookies--or eat an entire half-gallon of chocolate ice cream--or head to McDonald's again "just for one more french fry".

Okay, I admit. I have a problem with food sometimes. McDonald's is my comfort food. Usually, if there are no cookies in the house, I won't crave them. Most times, even when there ARE cookies in the house, it's my husband who eats them all, leaving me with maybe two or three. I think he does that out of guilt. What do you think? :) Anyway, I'm not really much of a SWEET eater. I crave SALTY snacks. French Fries, Potatoe Chips and dip, CheezeIts, GoldFish. I also like double chocolate muffins (the store where I work sells them, and they are wonderful!). Otherwise, I eat fairly healthy, although perhaps a bit carby--maybe a little too much food at one sitting. For drink, I have Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi (I finally was able to wean myself off the Regular version) or water. I will drink a cup of milk before bed or with a peanut butter on toast sandwich, but only when milk is in the house...otherwise, the milk sits in the frig and goes solid on me.

Well, the roofers are here, and Ray just drove up. Time to go to work.

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