Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This N That.

My mother is having what I can only term as "spells". She is "browning out", not fainting, but pretty close to it. This last "spell" was much more extended that the last 2, and it was scarier, at least for her. The doctors said she had a slight infection (for which they gave her some pennicillin), and that she was slightly dehydrated, for which they gave her saline.

She was home before 4 o'clock, and I kept a watch on her. She is slowing down significantly. The next time she has one of these spells, she's going to Sparrow or to Ann Arbor--they will find out what's wrong, because to me, it sounds more neurological. Frankly, I think that Pennock hospital is missing something.

So afterward, I went to knit night, and did some crocheting on the poncho. I have one "side" done, and have begun to start the other side. I may end up adding to it because I'm a big girl, as you are aware.

One of the knitters brought in a little joke, so I took a picture and uploaded it to facebook, and to here.

I just think this is funny. It's something that I would probably do....or simply think about doing.

In the meantime, I'm pretty exhausted. I stayed up to watch AGT, because my favorite singer, this Goth fellow who wears some crazy contacts and sings like a girl, but sings well enough to give me tingles---he is just that good. I'm going to see if I can find a pic of this guy and post here....

Now this guy can sing. Find him on YouTube--Andrew DeLeon. Terrific singer. And you wouldn't believe that he has never, with the exception of AGT, sang before any kind of audience. Live or otherwise, but only in front of the mirror in his bathroom.

Hard to believe, but seems to be true. He's my hope for the show.

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