Monday, August 20, 2012


Alright, I forgot to bring my crochet project in with me. So sue me!

My day is going along quite well. It's about 15 minutes until I can go to lunch, and this is pretty upsetting, really, because I can't afford to go to lunch.

All because I spent too much money at the Fiber Festival. I blame that, although there's more places where my money was spent. I suppose that I could spend the money I've been trying to save, but what would be fun about that?

There is nothing downtown that is dirt cheap anymore, and I'm fairly starving, so I'm not sure which way to go. Then too, my brain isn't working well, because it's starving.

Did I say I was starving?

Okay, so I can go, get my car and rush over to McDonald's and get something cheap there. To do that, I'll have to pass Wendy's. Do you know how hard it is to walk past Wendy's when you're hungry? It's darn near impossible!

Or I could head over to the pizza joint and have a piece of pizza. You know, the kind that they bake out of old pizza dough that's stretched a bit too thinly and has a taste of...oh, how to describe taste? Cardboard? I think if I complained about it, they would do something about it...but I just really don't want pizza, to be honest.

So we're back to McDonald's.

But nah. Ended up having pizza cardboard.

Tonight, I'm dropping off some zucchini (yes, they are still breeding!) to a friend of mine, and she's going to give me some more magazines. They are fun to look through, and some even have projects in them that I'd like to  make someday.

What am I saying? I already have enough "stuff" to last well into 2045, at which point, I will be just shy of my 100th birthday. You get the idea.

When I get home, I'll have something to eat, and then I'll get back on my poncho. I'll take a pic of my progress and upload it to my Ravelry account. I expect that it will go quickly. I just hope that I have enough yarn, and that my gauge doesn't end up so tight that I can't get the thing on my body! That would NOT be good.

So for now, finish getting some work done, and then take off. 

I'm also thinking about taking off Friday, but I haven't firmed it up in my mind yet.

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