Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And The Beat Goes On....

Things have been rolling around and along so nicely (except for the heat--can't take the heat), that I've forgotten many things...

Such as the kitchen needs a good scrub down--

Oh well, we spent a good deal of time over the weekend cleaning the grill after a starling decided that it would become her favorite nesting place. We finally ended up cleaning it out and disinfecting the entire thing, and moving it to the front of the house where we can put it in the garage--safe from birds, but not from the mice.

We have a shrew in the house that's squeeking. You can't see the durn thing, but it keeps moving from side to side in the water heat distributor. The cats are too well fed, and bored with trying to reach up inside there, and still.not.quite.get.that.little.squeeker.

I finished an English Sheepdog, and it turned out really cute. Almost done with the second one--just some sewing and cutting of the loops and then Ralph is done. Pictures when I have a chance to post them...well, what do you know. The chance.

This is Sam. Cute, yes?

Ralph is a bit different. Here's his face.

As you can see, both ears are grey, while Sam's ears are white and grey. I wasn't too fond of the one ear being so much smaller than the other due to the yarns being different weights. Apparently, this adds to Sam's charm, but I think Ralph is older anyway (even though he's younger).

After this, the plan is to start working on my sweater again. It's been languishing in the WIP pile for a long while, and if I want to wear it this fall, I need to get going.

So, there you have it. Some of the doings for our household and my projects in process.

Oh, and one more thing....I'll be going to the Kalamazoo Highland Festival and the Detroit St. Andrews games in August. It's okay if my ex shows up to either or both...and this time he doesn't have to walk past me and say nothing with his nose in the air like he did at Alma.

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