Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This is Elton. This is the picture I borrowed to show you the end result of what I'm working on, since what I actually HAVE done doesn't look like much just yet. That is to say, I've done the curly mop on the top of his head, and the snout. No ears, so he can't hear. No eyes, so he has no real personality yet. I haven't even sewn his lips, so he's not talking much either. So I used Paola Novarro's picture, so you could see that he's at least going to be extremely cute and cuddly. 

You can find the pattern on Delicious Crochet and he is one of a great many patterns that you can buy there, each one is cuter than the last, and Paola is going strong, putting out about 5 or 6 new creations in a year! I think that's awesome. You have no idea how long it takes to plan these patterns, and my hat is off and I'm bowing low in homage to this designer.

So head on over to Paola's site and check out the creations there. There's an adorable caveman...

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