Sunday, May 24, 2015


Hubby and I Have a MotorHome!
Funny how that turned out, by the way, in that we were at this auction...and there was a motorhome there, along with other "stuff" my husband wanted to bid on--namely a tractor and a truck and a few assorted miscellany--
He asked me how much I would pay for the thing. I said,
"Not a dime over $8,000."
So we walked outside with all the other bidders. Hubby started things off with $5,000. I was shocked! HE WANTS A TRACTOR! I said to myself. WHY IS HE REALLY BIDDING ON THIS BEHEMOTH OF A CAR? A MOBILE HOME WANNABE?
The next thing I know, the bidding is over and we own a 37' motorhome.
So now, you see, there is planning to do, and places to go, people to see! She's already been on a maiden voyage--we drove to the parking lot at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and parked there while his mother had surgery (another story). We had things to do at home, and so we left, but ended up coming right back again, because
Well, as free as two people with a dog and two cats are concerned.
And what of those animals? We are hoping to take them with us on our adventures, but the cats are something of a questionable issue that needs resolution. When trips are short, they can stay home, but should the trip last longer, they might have to go with us, and while the dog is easy to take along, my cats are not car friendly--let alone motorhome. But you never know--they might surprise us. The biggest question is where to house them.

Oh, yeah. I had to back up 30 feet to get it all into the picture!
And so we are on our way. I had dinner, and I'm just about to head in to the hospital to see my mother-in-law. Food is on the stove waiting for hubby to return for dinner, and I have knitting (a sweater) going, which I'm on the sleeves, doing both at the same time.

Sorry about the lighting, but it's getting dark outside.
So, with that, I'm going to sign off for the moment. Update on my MIL tomorrow!

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