Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mission Impossible (Apparently), Part II

Well, it was mission impossible all right. I didn't get my shower. I wasn't on time. My friend was late, and the venue was so totally different... I would say it was a disappointment, except that I was outdoors with my spinning, and therefore, it was a good day, all in all. But I forgot to charge my camera the night before, and ran out of juice before the day even started. Poor planning. Guess I should have put it on the list, eh? No phone means no camera. No camera means no pictures. And, so mission failed pretty miserably...except for being a perfect day. A nice breeze that kept my roving falling off my arm (I was spinning on the trindle), and the tent was sufficiently large to hold the whole group without anyone getting too much sun. And then my sugar levels dropped--quickly and suddenly. One spinner gave me a cookie. Another gave me a dark chocolate disk. My friend bought me lunch. Things settled down, and I started to ply my yarn. It was strange, because I found out that the other venue had been cancelled at the last minute, and the smaller park required the committee to scale everything back. There were no vendors, no border collies, no booths for buying scottish goods, and only one bagpipe band. But the coolest thing happened. My friend gave me the dvd of my interview with the local PBS about my spinning when I was at Alma! I had completely forgotten about it! This made me even more tickled. And you know how much I love to be tickled. I was on television in the Alma, Mt. Pleasant and Clare area! One thing I noticed when I got home and slid the dvd into my television was that my voice sounds JUST LIKE MY SISTER. She and I aren't related at sirree. When I got home, I realized that I wasn't really hungry, and so I waited until 9pm before I felt that I really should eat something (although I still wasn't hungry). So I went to town and bought some bread and chips and dip, and while I was at it, I bought some glucose tablets to carry. I'm hoping never to shake like I did at the festival. It was pretty scary. I'm alright now. Today, my hubby came home, and he took me to see the dinosaurs at the Lansing Center. It wasn't REAL dinosaurs, and that was disappointing, but we really loved watching the kids, and the information was really interesting. We decided that we had a good time, but that it wasn't what we expected. After we left there, I showed him the piece of the twin towers that Lansing purchased and placed on display in the middle of town. He looked at it, and said it was just so much twisted metal, but I touched it and closed my eyes, and realized that the folks who died that day found peace with God, and that all was well in the universe again. Come September 11, the whole crew will congregate at that "so much twisted metal" and pay tribute in memory of the lives lost that day. The bagpipes will play Amazing Grace, and we'll all remember once again, to never forget. So I have a little bit of yarn to start knitting. I'd love a longer weekend--they just go by so quickly.

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