Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How the Day Began...

Wake up with thunder and lightning, and the ztttp of the power going out for hundredths of a second, then coming back on with the beep of the microwave. The crack of thunder afterward was enough to wake the dead. Sadly, I wasn't dead. Okay, maybe not so sadly, but I decided that I needed to get up and head for the bathroom . I carefully walk around the land mines (covers tossed off the bed when it's too hot, clothing and shoes removed and discarded where they lay, and a lamp, that isn't as bright as the overhead, which you can see with your eyes closed due to the 100 watt bulbs <4 of them>). Now, I'm on hubby's side of the bed, and manage to miss the chair where I usually stub my toe in the darkness. In fact, I don't even think I opened my eyes-- Then suddenly, WHAM. No, not the chair. The door. I'd forgotten we'd closed the door to hold in the cold air in our room due to the A/C . I woke up hubby. My nose was throbbing. The dog barked. Alright. Everybody wake up and ridicule the idiot who just tried to cram her nose into a solid object . "Did you forget we closed the door?" That's my husband, laughing behind his hand. "No, I just thought I'd wake up the whole house trying to put a dent in the's your sign." I expect it will be a bad day today.

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