Monday, August 19, 2013

The Michigan Fiber Festival

This last weekend was the Michigan Fiber Festival, and once again, I bent the credit card in half. I bought 2 small batts of mixed fibers--one in sunset shades, one in fairy shades, and 3, yes, I said it, THREE trindle pin sets--2 in Jade and one in a black tiger eye. All three are just beautiful. When I came home, I didn't have much to revel in, and it was something of a let down. I'm spinning some fiber already on the trindle I purchased at Stitches, and my husband asked me "Why don't you use your wheel for that!" Typical. Just typical of a man who simply doesn't understand fiber things. He doesn't understand why I have so much yarn (and he hasn't see the half of it yet, but he doesn't know, so don't tell!). He doesn't understand why I need so much fabric. He doesn't get that this is my retirement! I plan to live 2 more lifetimes! The weather at Fiber Festival was perfect. Lots of animals to pet, including lots of bunnies. I almost walked away with a lilac bunny, but I slapped my own hand and moved on to the alpacas... And of course, they hummed their worry about me. I don't know what it is about them. They are only social with each other or their owners. Usually most animals will come right to me! Then, there was a mother and her cria. And the cria was so little! And the cria was so cute! Cream color with deep brown eyes. That one will be a head turner! Of course, the sheep were being sheared in the back of the barn and I watched for a couple of minutes while the shearer went about his business with one sheep, while the rest of the herd stood at the other end of the "corral" with worried looks on their faces knowing that one of them would be next to feel the coolness of no hair--and it's supposed to be a wicked Indian summer (in the 90's!), so a late shearing this year might be a good thing. Don't worry, they will have enough hair again by snowfall! Several of the show sheep reminded me of PeeWee, and one of them allowed me to scratch her brisket. Sheep love that, but PeeWee used to shake her tail in happiness when I did it. She was such a lovely girl! In other news, I signed up for retirement today. I have no idea if I'll rescind it or not, and if not, my retirement goes into effect on February 1. It means I will have to drive in the snow and walk in the most extreme cold, but then, just as it's REALLY getting cold, I'll be home, and then spring will come with new opportunities. I'm looking forward to that. Spring will bring new beginnings. Hubby and I plan to do some camping, and maybe a bit of traveling. Nothing set in stone, but it sounds like there's going to be some fun in the future. So wish me luck!

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