Friday, August 23, 2013

Mission Impossible

Your mission, should you decide to accept it... Is to wake up in the morning at 6am sharp. The alarm has been set for you. At this point, you must rise, take medication that has been loaded into the medication box, and then take a shower from which you must emerge damp, but clean. You will then towel dry and stand under the ceiling fan until you can actually pull clothing over your head and down onto your torso. Once dressed, you will clean your ears, brush your teeth and gather together your supplies: 1. Folding chair 2. Spinning wheel 3. Spinning fiber 4. Sock yarn, wrist yarn holder, sock pattern and needles for when you get tired of spinning 5. Keys 6. Purse 7. Cash 8. Medication 9. Trindle for when you get tired of knitting 10. Camera/cell phone and lastly, brush your hair and lock it up in a comb, so that you don't die from the heat. At this point, you will sit in your chair and wait for your friend to show up. You will drive his car to Kalamazoo, based on the directions he has purloined from the world wide web on a secret server based somewhere in space. You will use the directions and arrive at the festival fairgrounds in one hour (no more, no less), and you will set up your gear and wait for the festival to begin. At this point, you may see people. (ACK!) Don't be afraid, because they are there as a distraction, so you must make sure that you stay on task and get your mission complete. You will smile. Invite people (ACK!) into the tent you share, and spin with them. There may be many. There may be few. Either way, don your best attitude and smile frequently. (ACK!) Before evening rolls around, and at various times during the day, there will be games. There will be music. There will even be bagpipes and drums. These last are for terrifying the neighborhood dogs. Enjoy what you can. Eat festival food. Watch the cabre toss. Take pictures. You will be required to report on the happenings in Sunday's blog. As people (ACK!) start leaving, you can gather your things, your associate, his car and his gear, and drive back home. This blog will disintegrate in 5 seconds. 4,3,2,1......................

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