Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Little Oddity

Ok. Last night, something strange happened. Along with all the normal stuff.

After I went to knit night, I stopped to see my mother. Still normal so far.

She has "sometimers" which is the same as Alzheimer's, except, just not all the time...even though it seems like it.

She was telling me a story about her sister, who is an incessant gossip, and, it would seem, so is my mom, but I digress. This is still so far normal as far as normal runs in my family....but again, I digress.

My abut starts telling her about this man who has (and here's where strange begins) oh, not schizophrenia...but, oh what is it...? Darn it I hate it when this happens.

"Bi-polar?" I offer.

Resounding yes.

And he has three....oh what is the word I'm trying to say?

"Testicles?" I offer.

And she looks at me as if I just grew 2 new heads on my shoulders and says 

"Yes! How did you get that? Did I tell you this story before?"

She believes I can read minds now.

And I suppose it's true to some extent, but, truly, they were incredibly easy guesses.

Just thought you should know that I can see you, even after all this time, and I know what you're doing at all times.

Sufficiently worried. If not, I'll tell you the truth. 

I am.

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