Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Flu Shot

So much for all that, right?

I got my flu shot today. I'll be sick in a week, just watch and see. This always happens when I get a flu shot, and they laugh and say that it's not possible, but I know better. They say it's a dead virus, but I know that it's not possible to kill a virus. They might be alive, but not in the way we think they are alive. It's not like they are bacteria. They are more like Stargate's replicators...tiny machines that invade the body and replicate.

That is a picture from the web of a replicator. Notice how it looks like a bug? Anyway these were creatures from the 10-year series named "Stargate"-a fictional show which is in DVD everywhere. Some of the episodes drew heavily from Greek and Roman mythology, some from theories with regard to the pyramids, and other mythologies. It was an interesting show. I digress.

But in truth, a virus looks more like a radio tower or a squid..

Sorry it's blurry...another image from the web. I assume you can relate the commonalities....

And this is what will overtake me in 7 or less days. It doesn't take very long, actually.

Some say that bacteria or virus will take over someday. I imagine that if we stay on the road we're on, something will wipe most of us out, simply due to overpopulation. There's getting to be too many of us, and with crowding comes the aggravation of disease and the spread of it. There is no escape, because these little buggers can get into most anything...since they are pretty much microscopic. So don't count on Area 51 to save you. Chances are they'll get it first!

And with that, I leave you, with the only hope you really have left is that you die here and go to heaven. This is not a problem if you believe in the saving power of the blood Christ shed on the cross. Otherwise, you might be doomed. Your choice, I suppose. Glad I've got all my bases covered.

And with al that said, I bid you adieu.

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