Monday, September 7, 2009

Fishing Gone Awry..

Well, Hubby and I fished our brains out this weekend.

I caught a little AOI (that's the pronunciation, I have no clue how it's really spelled) which is an inedible fishy for humans, but very tasty to salmon, I suppose, because many people on the pier were fishing with them. Poor little thing--I must have snagged him somehow--he was too little to actually take the hook in his mouth. He's salmon fodder now.

Then on Saturday, I caught a big catfish, but since I have no clue how to prepare them, I tossed him back into the water as well.

Monday morning, there was not a nibble--but lots of fishes splashing around laughing at us!
Hubby's children, both son and daughter came along for the ride, and regaled us with stories that made our sides ache from laughing. It was a good time.

I came home, to one empty snake cage.
That's right.
Another escapee.
No idea where she's gotten off to, but I suspect she's downstairs. If so, I will never find her. There are simply too many places there to hide.

So I am distraught. I have but one snake left. So I sadly fed my last remaining snake. The whole affair was entirely my own fault, as I forgot to lock the cage after feeding her the last time. She's been gone at most a week. I've considered leaving out her hide during the night, with a dead mouse underneath--to see if it tempts her. It might bring her out of hiding, and then to feed and stay beneath her safety--I will try. In the meanwhile, my remaining snake happily feasts on the two mice I thawed one for each.

And tonight I begin preparations for going to the hospital. I am undone. I am scared. I want to knit, but need to eat, but my fear has taken away my appetite. Even so, I must eat something, I just have no idea what to fix. Some sort of sandwich, I suppose. So I will get out the tuna.

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