Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I had an interview for a promotion today. I did well in the interview, even as nervous as I was, but tried to be confident and get across my abilities and told them about my upcoming surgery--well, let's just say I don't think I was ever really in the running, but if I was...it would be so nice to feel like I'm getting someplace. I have been so long feeling like I'm getting no where.

The surgery plans are coming together, slowly. I still need documentation from the doctor, and have a couple of questions yet about the preparations...but otherwise, I think I'm just about set to go.

Work is going the same, hectic and stressful. The supervisor is discussing my job duties with the team, and I know that there will be questions. All I've got to say about it is that it's a good thing that my surgery is coming now, when all the counties are up and running on the software, rather than several months ago, when we were still working out of the old system.

That would have been painful!

Anyway, it's time to get back at it, and I have a meeting in a minute or so.

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