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Been A While...

I woke up this morning, having read the entire novel newest of Dan Brown "The Lost Symbol", yesterday. I swear this guy really writes stories that keep me riveted--as mysteries and suspense usually do. I read the entire book in one sitting--unable to take my eyes off it. Start to finish, it took me about 8 hours to read--no mean feat when you consider the book is just over 500 pages long.

The only trouble I see with the book is that when the end comes, there is much further writing which seemingly hopes to lure the reader back from the precipice and bring a sense of peaceful tranquility and resolution--maybe even grace? to the reader, and I found myself reading, but not feeling the relief that I believed the book was trying to bestow on my 3 am mind. I had the most difficult time getting to sleep that night with all the strange images flowing through my head and the attempts to juxtapose what was written within with what I knew about things religion.

Sucks to be me. The book is a great read, but the last 10-15 pages felt like fluff that was from a completely different world, and not well thought out. I wouldn't recommend the book to anyone who hadn't had at least some experience in theology and apologetics--things which I have studied a time or two. A background in many different religions--because just one background may leave the reader lost and confused. Someone who is searching may not recognise what's really going on, and I stop now to ponder...

What faith is Dan Brown?

A personal question for sure, but I don't see his path as being one that brings him to any Christian church--meaning one of the mainline churches--that being--Baptist, Methodist or Lutheran. This is not to say that there is no Christianity in other churches, but simply that these are the mainline churches that broke off from the Church of Roman Catholicism, and returned to the study of the Bible, renouncing much of the doctrines and activities of the "management" of the "head church"--that being Roman Catholicism. Still, pagan influences are rife in the church. The songs have been changed to gain more converts so the church can make more money--alas, the church isn't what it used to be, and more and more people are looking for answers--many turning to their own minds or to the internet, and looking for something that either entertains their fancy, or tells them what they want to hear.

Sadly, the book ended in a very predictable way--right down to the last letter--which somehow disappointed me. Perhaps it's the Knowledge of Good and Evil within me that made it possible for me to see how things were going to end? And that was my final thought, as I lay awake in bed at 3am--the Fall--what exactly transpired there?

I mean, let's face it...if God created Man in his own image--then man was very like "God"--with all the traits and so forth--why then, the need for the trees and the "Don't" command. Why the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Why the tree of everlasting life? Weren't we created "like God"? Doesn't that imply that we already had those attributes before the Fall? And why did Man choose of the tree of wisdom? Okay, granted, there was a serpent. But take him out of the equation, and you're asking yourself "Why not choose to live forever, first?" If Man was created in God's image, why then was he so dang stupid? I realize that I'm not saying much about God there. Perhaps it wasn't a tree at all--but something that, when "stepped into" would pervade every aspect of a person's life--much like the tree of life indicates--and didn't Jesus and the Apostles talk about trees and grafting and fruit--I suppose I'm getting away from my original premise--but I'm sure you catch my drift. A good tree bears good fruit--a bad tree bears bad fruit--

We have an apple tree in our backyard. We don't use pesticide on the tree, and so the apples are wormy. Not a big deal, since we don't eat the apples, but this doesn't make the tree bad-it just means we aren't very good gardenkeepers to use the pesticide. But even a bad tree, (allegorically) sometimes will bring forth good fruit, if it serves it's purpose, depending what that tree's purpose might be.

Even further, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of everlasting life...well, you could say that these "trees" may be the archetypical male and female---male being "knowledge" and female being "life" because of the womb, but now I'm really stretching.

I don't know if I told you but I finished the Path of Flowers Stole. I still have not blocked it. The keyboard on the laptop is acting up, so I figure that I will go and continue with my queries within my own head. CYA!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Surgery Went Fine..

Surgery went fine. Lots of nausea after, but by the 2nd day (which means that it's not really so much "outpatient" surgery), I was ready to be back home. They sent me home with two pain killers--both were pretty strong, but by the 5th day, I was pretty much pain free, with just a twinge here and there.

Hubby has been worried about me, but even that has sort of fallen off--he's mad at me right now, and of course, I have no freaking idea why, since he likes to play "silent treatment". I had a doctor appointment yesterday, and after that was spin group--and thought I'd told him all of that, but apparently not, because when I got home he was in one of those "moods", and even though I apologized for not reminding him that I'd told him that spin time was during the day now, since Linda changed it, he clearly forgot that I *HAD* told him. So my apology for "being gone so long" and "making him worry" was basically for nothing. He was PO'd all night.

Then he complained that I'd used up all the milk for my breakfast (wrong again--I had milk for dinner), and no cereal, and so late last night, I went to the store to get some. I got cereal for me and bottled water and yogurt--and asked him to bring stuff in from the car, that I was pretty wiped out. And no, I didn't come in empty handed--but apparently that didn't matter. He said he'd do it during commercial time, which was fine, then came in all PO'd telling me that he wouldn't bring in my water, that I made him miss "House" (television) show, which the commercial had JUST turned off (he hadn't missed anything), and threw a hissy fit for the balance of the evening that has continued to this morning.

So much for getting his breakfast. I didn't have any bleeding all day yesterday, until after getting those groceries, which, come to find out, he couldn't have anyway, because he has to have blood drawn today! And apparently, it's up to me to make sure that he's got cereal--since I don't eat his type of cereal (he eats shredded wheat, which makes me gag), I sort of leave it to him to let me know when he's out. It's hard enough for me to keep track of my own "stuff".

So basically, I'm getting the silent treatment, and he's being a big freaking BABY-all the while telling me that he's tired of me being a baby--

Somebody tell me that I'm not dreaming--I DID JUST HAVE SURGERY A FEW DAYS AGO! So I suppose that he's tired of feeling like he has to take care of me? So we're fighting--all because he believes that I didn't tell him about spinning time. I know that I did tell him--in fact, I remember the conversation! Sadly, he does not. And I have to put up with his BS, and frankly, I am not up to the task at the moment.

So I get my keys this morning to move my car so he can leave for his appointment, and I'm in my nightie (We live in the country, so no one to see.) and he's asking me, "Where the H*** are YOU going?" And I reply that I'm just moving my car so he can get out--like I'd go somewhere in my nightie--and he motions to me to pop the trunk, and he takes in my water (having listened to me hack and cough all morning). Go figure! I don't understand this man!

But the water is in, and he's gone to his appointment. I'm here alone in the house with the animals who are acting just as weird--seems like they all want to be on my lap at once, which can't happen. I think I need a Benedryl to dry up my sinuses.

I'm cosidering contacting Ray to work out his problems with email, although I did notice that he had sent me a test message this morning that made it's way to my inbox here at the household, so perhaps the problems have worked out.

Still working on Path Of Flowers, even though I want to work on a pair of Socks. My friend in California has gone another 16 rows ahead on the Summer Shawl, and have to catch up with her on that. The weather is cooling off. The morning has been extremely foggy. I've been putting away laundry. Normal stuff.

I guess I will get back to Path, and see if I can't finish it this week.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Path of Flowers Progress

As promised--


Home from the Hospital

For what it's worth, I got home yesterday--too tired and sore to knit, watch tv or blog, but I'm feeling better today--still sore, mind you, but I managed to get some knitting done in between pain killer inspired naps. I've done two repeats on Path of Flowers today--while watching television. I should know better than to do lace while watching tv--I make some real bonehead errors when I try to multitask while knitting.

I'm only eating quickly made meals to keep from having to get up and down some. Trying hard to take it easy. My husband isn't being very cooperative right now, so I'm pretty ticked off at him--he doesn't like playing nursemaid--at least not for me, so I am pretty much on my own--this goes on for four weeks? He will drive me nuts!

Things are still relatively sore, but I can tell that I am on the mend. I have to contact the doctor's office to schedule a followup--perhaps tomorrow, since it is nearly 11pm. Yes, you guessed it. I've slept so much today that it will be difficult to sleep tonight. So perhaps I will take an 8 hour pain pill with a sandwich and my regular daily meds before I pop myself into this night of toss n turn.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the store to pick up some bottled water--for whatever reason, our water isn't very palatable right now, and it tastes funny. It's probably the pain medication. Not that I take a great deal of it--I don't. I take it when I simply cannot stand it anymore. Right now--pain level is about a 1 on a scale to 10 being a pain you'd sooner die of than go on--so there really isn't much call for a pain pill at the moment. So I may not take one before bed and instead opt for a sleeping pill? It's a thought.
Well I'm going to see if I can get a pic uploaded to flickr for the Stole, then I'll sign off. Bye for now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today is the Day...

Tho I say that with a little trepidation in my is surgery day. Stress over it woke me ever hour on the hour, and three alarms this morning--one at 5:30am, one at 6 and one at 7am--God only knows why I need so many alarms, but there you go.

I have knitting packed in the car in case my stay lengthens to more than a few hours--although I doubt I'll have good light there. I almost wish I was having the surgery at the Ionia Hospital with Dr. Joyce--rather than at Sparrow, but again, there you go. I actually got my rings taken off and put away. My hands feel strange without them. I'm dressed in loose clothing, and have flip flops on my feet, rather than shoes--per the hospital instructions.

I hope that my bed is comfortable. I hate to be uncomfortable. I can be a real pain if I'm uncomfortable. Beyond the knitting, however, I packed nothing. I've done everything expected of me, except take my thyroid medication, which I felt would just upset my empty stomach, and they told me I couldn't even take a sip of water--so how am I going to take a pill that has no coating? It's a tough one.

Anyway, Hubby is going to drive me in of course. Mother-in-law wants to be called when I'm in Recovery, and of course, I'll call my own mother and son when I can speak intelligently. I have my purse, although I won't be allowed to take it in with me. Hubby will have to hold it in the waiting room. Imagine--I'm halfway through surgery, and my cellie rings? I did have dreams about that very thing last night. My cellie hasn't been far from my side since it's purchase--so it will be interesting to see how long I last without it.

Beyond that, nothing goes in with me except for my BOD, and that's quite enough--never mind that it's coming out with fewer parts than it goes in, but there you have it.

So now, I stew for an hour or so, waiting to go. What shall I do?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fishing Gone Awry..

Well, Hubby and I fished our brains out this weekend.

I caught a little AOI (that's the pronunciation, I have no clue how it's really spelled) which is an inedible fishy for humans, but very tasty to salmon, I suppose, because many people on the pier were fishing with them. Poor little thing--I must have snagged him somehow--he was too little to actually take the hook in his mouth. He's salmon fodder now.

Then on Saturday, I caught a big catfish, but since I have no clue how to prepare them, I tossed him back into the water as well.

Monday morning, there was not a nibble--but lots of fishes splashing around laughing at us!
Hubby's children, both son and daughter came along for the ride, and regaled us with stories that made our sides ache from laughing. It was a good time.

I came home, to one empty snake cage.
That's right.
Another escapee.
No idea where she's gotten off to, but I suspect she's downstairs. If so, I will never find her. There are simply too many places there to hide.

So I am distraught. I have but one snake left. So I sadly fed my last remaining snake. The whole affair was entirely my own fault, as I forgot to lock the cage after feeding her the last time. She's been gone at most a week. I've considered leaving out her hide during the night, with a dead mouse underneath--to see if it tempts her. It might bring her out of hiding, and then to feed and stay beneath her safety--I will try. In the meanwhile, my remaining snake happily feasts on the two mice I thawed one for each.

And tonight I begin preparations for going to the hospital. I am undone. I am scared. I want to knit, but need to eat, but my fear has taken away my appetite. Even so, I must eat something, I just have no idea what to fix. Some sort of sandwich, I suppose. So I will get out the tuna.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Before Surgery

Friday before surgery, Hubby took me Salmon Fishing at the Montague Pier. Other people caught salmon, but we only caught one tiny fishy--apparently inedible, which we tossed back into the water.

We're going back, just to a different spot, which will likely have a ton of people--even though I tried to convince my hubby to take us to a more northern spot, he decided to be totally contrary, which he's been ALL FREAKING AFTERNOON....and INSISTED on having his way.

So everyone head to the Grand Haven pier and go salmon fishing so I can be Mrs. Right...since I told him that the pier would be swamped on the southern side.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I had an interview for a promotion today. I did well in the interview, even as nervous as I was, but tried to be confident and get across my abilities and told them about my upcoming surgery--well, let's just say I don't think I was ever really in the running, but if I would be so nice to feel like I'm getting someplace. I have been so long feeling like I'm getting no where.

The surgery plans are coming together, slowly. I still need documentation from the doctor, and have a couple of questions yet about the preparations...but otherwise, I think I'm just about set to go.

Work is going the same, hectic and stressful. The supervisor is discussing my job duties with the team, and I know that there will be questions. All I've got to say about it is that it's a good thing that my surgery is coming now, when all the counties are up and running on the software, rather than several months ago, when we were still working out of the old system.

That would have been painful!

Anyway, it's time to get back at it, and I have a meeting in a minute or so.