Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm Broke Again...

I finally broke down and did it.

I bought my Ipad. It will arrive on Monday or Tuesday. I'm hoping for Tuesday so that I can play with it at Knit night.

We think that hubby got fired from his job today. He's not doing very well in that regard--they asked him to rotate and work on a different machine while the first one cooled off, and because the parts were a whole lot heavier, his carpal tunnel started to flare up again. When he mentioned it, they sent him home, and called the temp agency. Sigh. He's just not finding himself a good fit.

Otherwise, nothing is new on the home front. Other than the drain flooding, and getting soaked driving to McDonald's for dinner. It's odd, really, how before I left, there was hardly any water in the drain, and now it's just about crested the bank. If we get anymore rain...

Oh, and the lawn developed a puddle and the puddle was BUBBLING. Like a spring, except there were 5 or 6 of them in the puddle, just blowing air--and I put my finger down to where the bubbling was, and actually put my finger over a small hole/opening in the earth, and stopped the bubbles temporarily. It may have been a night crawler hole--it could have been an ant hill, recently having a global flood with miles and miles of water--well, no one survived. There was no ark in the puddle, either.

It was sort of odd, actually. The puddle eventually dissolved into the earth, but I'm curious what made the puddle bubble. Say that three times real fast.

And then go to bed. Yes, it's time. Goodnight.

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