Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spending Money Like...

I am crazy. This morning, my computer wouldn't start. So I call my guru, and he asks me

"Did you put in that bad memory stick I told you was bad and that you probably shouldn't use it? Why not try taking that out, and try to restart."

And so, my guru, being the best, I look out the ram, and sure enough, started RIGHT UP. The guy who put this thing together for me told me that he tested it like crazy. Well, he's nuts, because not long and it's gone bad and refuses to let my machine start.

So I had to go out and buy new ram, so that I can have the 4 gig I want. Two gig just doesn't cut it when I'm working with pictures that are I found a site online (which is more expensive than Ebay by about $10 and bought my ram for $63.

Next week, I need to buy a keyboard for my ipad. That's going to run about $100. Maybe I'll wait on that, since I also need a new brazziere. What?! TMI?

I also have to ask the office to let me use a laptop for meetings--because writing down the meetings takes an ungodly time, and then I have to take it to the computer and basically "transcribe" when I could just cut and paste with the computer. I don't know how that will go, but there's no sense of me going to 4 meetings a week unless I have the right tools for the job. So I'm going to ask. Then I'm going to keep it a secret.

The Ipad is up and running, although I can't play with it yet in the house. I have to work things out, although I think hubby suspects that I own one now. I've been downloading apps like there was no tomorrow. I sat at Barnes & Noble using their wifi.

Later today, I have a class, so I'm going to go to the living room now, eat some chips and dip and maybe watch a movie. Waiting for the ram is going to be impossible for me, but I guess I'll survive. So much is going on, and I need a break. Must also start laundry. See you.

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