Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kittens, Kittens, Kittens

Once in a while, I have strange dreams, and last night's dreaming was no exception to that rule. It's not the first time I've had dreams about kittens, and I don't mean just a few, I mean LOTS of kittens. This time, however, none of them were blue or lavender. In fact, most of them were some variation of white--there was a long-haired white with blue eyes that was quite a bit larger than the rest, but still, essentially a kitten.

The whole thing happened at my mom and dad's house on Forest Hill, where I finished "growing up". There were hundreds of kittens, and my brother (still a little boy) and I were trying to scoop them up and take them into the house to "domesticate" them, as they were still quite wild. There were some with seal points and other Siamese type markings. We put a litter box in my mom and dad's bedroom (I'm sure that dad just loved that, although he slept through most of it.). Then suddenly, the kittens started disappearing.

I found that a snake had  gotten loose in the house, and when I found the snake, I found it had brought together some friends, and one of the snakes was eating one of the kittens, still crying out--so I grabbed the snake and pulled out the kitten. But poor thing died soon afterward. I banished the snakes to the outdoors, and went back to the kittens and started to gather them up and put them in my car. This was no mean task, because everytime I opened the car door, one kitten would jump out. It was a mad house.

Then I woke up, and my cat, Chat, was sleeping with me by my feet, and I thought "Whew. Still only 2 cats!"

I guess oddness runs in my family.

I'm on row 152 on the afghan. I didn't think it would be big enough, and everyone else seemed to have a bigger afghan than mine was turning out to be, but now that I'm in the final laps, I see that mine is going to be a fair size--and with the ruffle that I plan to put on it, I figure it will be plenty big. With only 40 rows to go, I'm looking at finishing in the next few days, so the ruffle will probably be on by next Saturday/Sunday, or at least the very beginning of it.

And it's Mother's Day. So Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there, and to me, too.

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