Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You're Not Going to Believe This....

A friend of mine from WAY BACK IN THE mid to late 60's got hold of me on Facebook today. I used to ride my bike to her house. We had play dates. We would play softball, pool, and talk all day long about Donny Osmond! Heart throb. Heart throb.

Anyway, she tells me there are two yarn stores in Williamston, and they are having some sort of shin-dig on Saturday, so you know where I'll be--I suppose that's a gimme.

I'm quite worried about my mum. As I was going by her house on the way to knit night, I had this premonition--but decided she was fine and I'd see her in a couple of hours. Well, when I got there, she started telling me about how she'd been at the emergency room, that her heart wasn't apparently pumping enough oxygen to her brain, and that she thought she'd had a stroke, and I had to stop her, tell her to BACK UP and regroup, because obviously, this wasn't what I was expecting, and it was just a little bit much.

Come to find out when she got up to do her morning exercises, she got dizzy, then lost her vision, and had a bit of a brown out. So she called my son, and the two of them went to the hospital where the doctors promptly gave her all kinds of tests to figure out what was going wrong. Well, she thought it was a stroke, so she was pretty scared, which elevated her blood pressure, which was already plenty high enough, thank you very much.

And yes, she's on medication for that.

They had pretty much decided that she didn't have a stroke, although it COULD have been a TIA, which is sort of a mini-stroke that pretty much leaves no evidence of a stroke...but also means a BIGGER stroke could be just around the corner. I know this because of my hubby's friend, Bud, who had one over dinner one night. You want to talk scary? He couldn't pick up his fork. He got mad as a hatter, and we sat there in shock while he recovered from it. You betcha, scary.

So she's got more tests on the 8th, and you know where I'll be? I suppose that's another gimme, yes?

They took her off her beta blockers and are weaning her off her blood pressure medications to see if perhaps she'll have a normal stroke that they can actually TREAT (dumb doctor!). They also put her on an aspirin regimen (easy enough to do). So we're basically running about with our fingers crossed that something bigger DOESN'T HAPPEN, before she goes to get the rest of her tests.

The worst part of the entire story, is that my son never contacted me to let me know. My response to all this was something like...

"Why the (bleep-ety bleep bleep) didn't my (bleep-ety bleep) son contact me and let me know what was (bleep-ing) going on!"

I'm good in a crisis, no?

Her response was that perhaps he forgot.

FORGOT? How can you forget your umbilical cord to life itself? How can you forget about something like that? I mean, you get on the phone, scared to death, and call everyone you know for support!

So I called my brother in Kentucky.

And he was NOT PLEASED. Well, same as me, but he's the type to take care of matters...if you know what I mean.

So he called my mum, and asked her why my son didn't call me, and then asked what happened, and then he and I compared notes. Because you see, she tells each of us things like this, in different ways. She wants me to worry, so she tells me the worst of it. She doesn't want him to worry, because he's far away and can't come at a moment's notice, so she tells him that she's fine and that it was just a dizzy spell.

Dizzy spell my left (bleepy).

Anyway, I had to get some of my worry and frustration out on a page, and so here's where it goes. My life in something of a nutshell, spaced out over many, many nuts. I now feel like a squirrel, tucking little bits here and there for reading sometime later. Maybe making my book--my memoirs--something that will never make the bookstore shelves.

Although my therapist thinks I'd make a fine writer. She's good like that. :)

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