Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Scary Thought...

I'm at the office, and I'm pretty much freaking out. Why? Because I have 2 bills to pay, 8 bills to pull, 3 of which I won't be able to find. NO closed files left to do, mail is done, files have been created for my side of the alphabet YESTERDAY, and I quite literally have no much left to do for the entire day until the mail comes in again.

I know that I shouldn't open my mouth about it, but it's kind of surprising--the first time I've been, for the most part, caught up since I was ill just after my vacation! Hard to believe, I know.

I finished the booties, and forgot to take a picture of them. They are blue with a red button, and they are simply adorable. You'll just have to take my word for it for now.

Last night's class was a crochet 101 AND 202. Same person/same night. We ended up at McDonald's so that I could get a bite to eat, and pretty much finished up there, although the student still had two rows left to the pattern, plus the flower, which I went over--then I brought it in to the office with me, and finished it up before work started. I just have to weave in the ends, and it's finished. Pic later, perhaps, since it's the second one I've done.

After that's done, I have a poncho to make for a sample. I'm doing it in different shades of pink, rose and red. It should turn out quite nice.

After that's done, I have two blocks to work up, and then I can get back to the lap robe. My friend in California is probably done with hers. She was on row 130 last I knew, and I'm only on row 89...other commitments, you know?

It's May Day today, and there are flowers everywhere. Even my calendar has Tulips in a Row for the crochet calendar, and Tulip Lace for the knitting calendar. I suppose it's Tulip Time in Holland, too.

Well, everyone have a great day. I'm going to hunt down something to take up some time.

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