Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Time in the John

It's what everyone wants, right?

Right now, hubby is showering, having had the entire upper half of his body inside the sewage tank.

Yummy, right?

We're putting in additives and trying to kill the roots inside the tank. Yes, I know it takes some time. I think hubby thought it would happen immediately. We've got a big plastic bag to put this stuff in. Only God knows where the baggie came from, but I think you could actually roll a body up inside it.

Not that you (or I) should worry, right?

And now he's talking about how next time, we're selling the house. The septic is FINE. It's just the previous owners (who shall remain nameless) grew a pine tree right next to it. Then there's a nice round maple tree about 8 feet away--maybe 10. It had grown a root the size of my wrist over the top of the front line...Hubby had to chop it out to be able to get to the front of the line.

And the tub doesn't drain well. Hair gets down in the "U". I have to treat that now and then. It takes a half bottle of Liquid Plumr.

And I, dutiful wife, Lysol mopped the floor, and sweat for the next hour, holding his legs down so he didn't fall head first into the septic tank while he pulled out roots.

Sounds like a lot of fun, huh?

So now, we're indoors, soaking up some air conditioning. I have no idea if hubby plans to go back out there, but I have my doubts. He might go out and set up our new sprinkler in the garden. Now that would be nice for the garden.

There apparently an aurora last night, but all I saw was in my dreams....

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