Friday, July 13, 2012

We Are So Blessed!

Hubby called me today to let me know that the tree grew into our septic, and he had to clean it out today (He had Rothschild Sewage and Septic Sucking Services come--you may have seen them on the Red Green Show/Possum Lodge.) In any case, the Septic backed up in the downstairs when our electric went out. He tells me that there is two inches of sewage caked on the toilet and a broken cleanout valve.

He asked me to bring home a mop with a sponge head, some sponges, rubber gloves and clorox.


You want to use a SPONGE to clean all that up? Imagine the smell?

On second thought, don't imagine the smell. It's enough that there's a skunk that runs past our house every now and then at night. It makes my dog whine. It can and has wakened me from sound slumber.

But this? I have to get up close and personal with THIS?

We are so blessed.

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