Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Scrunchie, A Go-Go

The folks at the office think I've lost my mind.

In an effort to keep my long, long hair from wilting me into a puddle of sweat at my shoes, I've elected to wear my hair in pigtails, using my scrunchies.

I've been hearing a few snickers as I pass by, but I just tell myself that I don't care. I'm COOL!

I haven't quite got an unlimited supply of these. At present, there are only two pair. These and the multicolored ones that look like fireworks, which is fortunate that today is July 4--I can wear them and not get snickers. Maybe. I'm working on another pair of green and white for samples for JoAnn's for a trend class. While the two colored are slightly more difficult, they are not impossible. Still, using multi colored yarn makes for an easier to execute a crochet scrunchie. I'm working on building a pattern for these, which is difficult for me to figure out the words to use, let alone show. Expert crocheters would figure it out in no time. You just carry the yarn in back and switch back and forth. It's not impossible. But the yarn "carried" tends to hide the back loop of the single crochet, so you just use the loop of "carried yarn" instead. No biggie. And for those of you who can figure out what I just said--more power to ya. Make all the two color scrunchies you like in school colors or whatnot. Green and White happens to be the colors of the local college, and I think they'll go over like CRAZY come fall.

The bad part about my scrunchies is that my dog, Mandy, thinks them an endless supply of incredible fun, and I've found one of the multicolored scrunchies on the floor, covered in dog spit. Ick. No way I'm putting it in my hair until it's had a good wash in the laundry. So it will be a while before I can wear them, and it's possible they won't be dry by the time it's time for fireworks tonight...if we have any.

Lots of places have cancelled or postponed fireworks due to the hot, hot, hot weather with no rain in sight for the next 40 days and 40 nights. The lack of rain is positively revelationary. Notice I didn't type revolutionary. I realize it's not a real word, but just a mash-up to use instead of Biblical, since people tend to frown on that word a lot these days. Frankly, I don't appreciate being frowned upon.

Good things may be happening at the office, and I'm looking forward to some possible changes. The person who relegated me to idiot work has transferred, leaving a wake of suspicion between all of our friends and co-workers. It's been discovered that she was pretty mean (and that's being KIND), and caused all sorts of difficulty, not only for ME, but for EVERYONE, and it would appear that most of us are happy about her absence. I determined that she didn't like me pretty much right away, and so I did my best to steer clear of her, but I was a constant source of her chatter with others. She told my co-worker, who is one of my friends, to unfriend me on Facebook, and then told her that the people she thought were her friends, weren't.

That's pretty harsh, yes?

The discussion of her behavior at recent meetings has revealed her to be a troublemaker, because she turned everyone against each other. Not one of us was happy, but we all put these little fake smiles on as she passed by, ignorant of our feelings toward her. Still, we couldn't discuss her while she was there--because her long arm of the law was, in a word, fearsome. She shook things up that she didn't understand and left us all angry at each other. She was NOT a good fit. I'm really trying to be nice here. Her predecessor was no less unkind to me, since when she transferred out, she told everyone that I was the "black hole" into which cases were disappearing.

It was her final act of defiance against me. Everyone else knew who the black hole really was. But there was no time to pat Tenna on the back and say, "There, there." Since right after that attack, Attila moved in. Notice that I'm not defaming the Hun's when I name her? Yeah, that's kind of how I feel about the whole mess.

But now, we seem to have a much nicer manager. We don't have to sign in and out anymore, and people are being allowed to have flex time, as long as their work gets done, and so far, things have been MUCH more relaxed and most of the stress is gone. Now if we could just get more staff to help take care of the stress of too much work--then we'd be good to go.

But such is the life of a public employee, I suppose. Perhaps now, people will realize the sort of asset they have in my experience and work ethic. I'm hoping for the best of course (promotion), but it's a little too soon to tell.

Hubby has a new job. So far, he's not feeling very confident in his ability. I have to keep telling him not to be so hard on himself. It is, after all, only his first week! Apparently, he got some things worked out yesterday, and he was able to get some things done. Now all we have to hope for is that the company doesn't go under like so many small business manufacturing jobs have over the last 20 years or so. The new job means that I'm taking my mother to her doctor's appointment on Friday. That's not a complaint, by the way--even though it sounds something like a complaint, I guess. I'm really not that sort of person, I just say things the way I say them because it's short and sweet and to the point. I'm like that most of the time. Don't bother me with that politically correct stuff. You can say &^%$*%(__&^%#@ to me or at me if you want. I have pretty thick skin...I'll just climb in my car and yell to the hood the same thing about you. I'm funny that way, I guess. But Hubby has this new job, so he's not really "around" for me to cry on his shoulder. Plus, he sort of needs me to be the strong one for a little while, taking care of matters that MUST be done. Such as the dishes, which he told me I should do this morning, which I didn't in favor of writing you a blog.

And now it's 84 outside and we don't have central air. So I'm staying here, at my computer, where there is a window air conditioner. It's about the only place in the house where I can still breathe. Take that, you nasty hot weather.

And whatever happened to my 70 degrees year 'round? Well, maybe God's working on that, but for whatever reason, the sun isn't cooperating? One never understands these things, but the corn is crinkling, and if we don't get rain soon, there will be no corn crop. Things must be done about this lack of rain stuff.

Well, enough, I suppose. Don't mean to bore you. Lastly, a pic of my stash of scrunchies...while a little dust fleck flies across my computer screen.

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