Monday, August 31, 2009

More on the Muster

I forgot to say, in my haste to post about the Muster, that a newsperson stopped and made inquiries about spinning wheels and got our names, both Ray and I when the muster was about to begin.

From the Jackson Citizen Patriot, Sunday, August 30, 2009: Quote "Just before the battle Tenna Sutfin of Lansing sat in the shade feeding thread into a spinning wheel. Sutfin was dressed in a long purple dress and he companion, Ray Croisant, wore plaid pants, a navy blue coat and a navy blue kepi-style hat.

The re-enactors greeted curious muster-goers , and Sutfin spouted knowledge about all things knitting from the Civil War era. "All it takes is just a smooth motion," she said as a spool of thread spun into a bobbin.

Not far behind Sutfin, women in hoop skirts and bonnets ordered roasted chicken from a stand alongside families in jeans ant t-shirts." Unquote.

No picture, but I am so excited about it that I can bearly contain myself.

This, after my spin group decides it's more convenient for them to meet on Monday afternoons than Monday evenings making it impossible for me to go. I am the only one of the group who isn't retired. So while they have fun Monday afternoons--I still have to work! So I reconnoitered my every two week doctor appointment to Monday at 11:15, and then I will just go home afterward, and have the rest of the day off so I can go. This works out a little better for me, as I won't feel like I'm abusing the privilege of having vacation days.

In the meanwhile, scared to death about my upcoming surgery. Scared to death about my interview tomorrow for a promotion--especially now that Granholm has approved Layoffs if the budget doesn't get done! It's just a "I have good news and I have bad news" sort of day. And it's Monday. Nuff said?

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