Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Holidays!

There's some really busy times coming!

Yesterday was spin day, where I all but finished the blankie  in yesterday's post. Today is Knit Night in Lake O, and before I go to Lake O, I'm picking up my bff Linda, and we're headed over to Ada to the yarn store there for some Cascade 220 Superwash in Scarlet and Black. Presently, I am learning to knit Brioche. I've just begun with the knit stitch. I learned a new cast on (Italian Cast On) and JUST LOVE IT. I love the way the ribs sort of wrap around the cast on and begin anew on the other side. I'm thinking a brioche scarf would be GREAT. From Ada, Linda and I will grab something to munch and then off to Knit night. This will be her first exposure to the group there, but make no mistake--I know that she will love it. I think she plans to take her rug hooking. I'm taking Rhiannon, some scrap yarn and my brioche knitting, plus the finished blankie for show and tell.

My brother is supposed to come to Michigan with his new wife and a few of his children. This is supposed to happen on the 23rd. I'm really looking forward to that, because my brother hasn't been in Michigan except to visit for nearly 10 years! Last year, he was in the hospital with an unruly gall bladder. But he seems fine this year.

Then on the 24th, Hubby and I travel to his Aunt's house in Battle Creek for the family Christmas Party. I have to bring a dish, and I have no idea what I'll make--and wonder if I might have time for cupcakes?

On Christmas Day, Hubby and I travel to his mom's for Christmas, although Hubby has been asking me if it was a bit much, since we're going to his mom's again the day after Christmas....He's right about that, and I asked him if he knew if his sister could come on the 26th instead for our family Christmas--to which he said he didn't know. So perhaps I will contact her and ask. We shall see.

After that, I have a class on the 28th. Maybe another on the weekend after the new year.

Like I said. BUSY! But it's not a stressful busy...at least not until we wrap presents...which I think will need to be tomorrow.

Blessed Christmas to everyone, and Happy New Year if I don't see you before.

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