Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's a Dog's World

I have good news, which I actually got yesterday, but saved to share with you today--

I don't have to renew my driver's license this year. It's not due until next year.

This was all sorts of good news for me yesterday, since

a.) I didn't have to stand in line at the DMV

b.) I didn't have to spend that $$ which is better spent on yarn anyway.

c.) I didn't have to break their camera with my god-awful picture!

For whatever reason, my driver's license picture always makes me look as if I'm standing in a lineup or getting a mug shot after two or three days of too much alcohol, which is sort of odd, since I don't drink alcohol at all. But I truly dislike having my picture taken. I have never been photogenic and there have only been two pictures of me in my life that I *did* like, and those were SEVERELY airbrushed.

But I didn't have to take all that time and all that money and all that *wasted time* at the DMV, which made me VERY HAPPY.

And then, to make matters EVEN BETTER---

Hubby paid off the house.

Yes, yes, BIG dollars there, since we sold the property (for a loss) in Fowlerville, but it was just enough to pay off the house and make a GREAT Christmas for everybody. He let me get the check and send it out--the most money I've ever held in my hand at one time on a slip of paper! I carried that in my pocket book all the way to the post office and sent it Priority Mail to the mortgage company, who should receive it today at noon.

But the best part of all of that is that the house is ours now. All ours. I'm not really sure if that's a blessing or a curse, actually. I was thinking that with the house paid off, our credit rating might take a hit. It's a sure thing that our taxes are going to take a big hit what with the loss of the itemized deduction for interest, as well as the capital gain for the sale of the property, so we might end up paying in this year, but you know what? I don't care! The house is ours and we can burn the deed.

So I'm thinking, I really need to clean up the house so that we can invite friends and relatives over and have a deed burning party--but that will take me months to prepare, considering we have this big console analog television that we can't seem to get rid of--

It's always something, isn't it?

And I have to make the chair covers for the dining room chairs so that we can get those put where they belong.

And the fireplace needs to be returned to it's cave. This should have been done the day we pulled it out, but by the time we got the fireplace running, we were both simply exhausted. So it's sitting outside the hole in the wall on bricks, and looks ghastly.

John WayneCover of John WayneThere also seems to be quite a bit of junk to go through and dispose of--like the 60 vcr tapes from both our previous marriages and the tapes from Bud Dart who died and left us his collection of bootleg John Wayne videos. What a deal! We did decide to keep the vcr/dvd player--and just a few of the vcr tapes--My copy of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Grinch (the one with Jim Carey), and the Wizard of Oz with all the deleted scenes. Most of the rest went to a bin for hubby to review--since he believes that there's one with his kids when they were little. So it's tapes, laying helter-skelter everywhere.

And I'm thinking seriously about buying the pack of Knifty Knitter looms so that I can make kid hats for charity (since I have a LOT of extra yarn that I need to pare down), and yesterday, found three books using the Knifty Knitter looms, along with the sock loom that I think I'd like to try. I think I will use my gift card for it.

And of course, I have to get busy making the fuzzy slippers. Hubby said he doesn't want a pair, but I think he really does--just not with the fuzzy part--even though I can make them look very masculine--in a brown, perhaps.

And I'm also trying to reach my computer guru, who doesn't appear to be available for some reason. Now it could be that he's out of state and forgot his cellular phone. Or it could be he's in the hospital. Without his cellular, I can't reach him. I have no idea what I'm going to do now.

Or how I'm going to do it.

The trials of living in a dog's world.

Particular of a crochet hookImage via WikipediaSo I think that I will take a shower, and head out for JoAnn's and demo while I wait for my class to begin. I have a scarf that I have to make with a size Q crochet hook and three skeins of yarn that I'm truly not willing to buy. To be honest, I have so much yarn here, it would seem that I could pull something from my stash, but I'm not sure that I could find something that coordinates, and I would really like this scarf to look nice, since I need it to attract customers! And what's a size Q crochet hook? I don't believe I've EVER seen a size Q crochet hook. I have an "N" size, and it's huge! A "Q" would be gargantuan. I'm not sure I've got hands big enough to use it! Then, there's the problem of which yarn to use. I'm leaning toward acrylic. I'm leaning toward three different types--a ribbon, a baby (held double) and a boucle, or maybe just two bulky yarns? I am having palpitations just trying to figure it out.

Perhaps I'll just take my shower and head out and see where the muses take me? Maybe I'll make another pair of these slippers? The world looks like an oyster today. My oyster. I can hardly wait to begin!

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