Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Updates, Updates...

Who's got dat update?

It seems like everything with Windows needs an update. Every time the Operating System changes, EVERYTHING changes, and all the programs you have need to be updated to work with the new Operating System (AKA "OS"). All of this is to keep Windows in business with millions coming in, and the software isn't getting "better". It's just getting BIGGER.

Not just the software updates, but the drivers have to be updated, too, and many times, the drivers for older hardware just doesn't cut it--and so the hardware has to be updated as well.

It's all a conspiracy to have us part with our hard earned dollars and put them in Bill Gates' pocket. I think I'd rather have my HAND in Bill Gates' pocket, but that's just me.

In the meanwhile, I'm getting a newer computer. The laptop still works, but I'd like it to be more mobile--read that--I would like to be able to sit in the living room with the heat on my feets, instead of freezing in the bedroom.

Can you say "Is your nose cold?"

Why yes, it is. And just so you know, my head is cold as well, so I am wearing my double knit hat inside. Tis a bit frigid inside the house today.

So I went to knit night in Lake O tonight, and added several more rows to my grandson's sweater (front and back). I have 2" more (that's 12 rows) and I can 3 needle bind off the shoulders and begin the sleeves. I will be done by Christmas for sure.

My manager at JoAnn's has given me two big bags of yarn, plus a kit for an afghan. That should come in handy this winter. I can knit or crochet it and keep my legs warm at the same time. Hubby gets the Ocean Waves. I had thought about getting him an mp3 player, but he's quit his job, so he isn't using it nearly as much. He still USES mine, however, so perhaps I'll get him one and a subscription to Amazon for songs? I think it could work.

I read "Free Range Knitter" by Yarn Harlot (AKA Stephanie Pearl McPhee) and laughed all the way through until the last chapter, where I cried like a baby. Entitled "Helen" it reminded me so much of my ex's grandmother--and of course, all the "stuff" that comes with those types of thoughts. And then thoughts of poppa (Hubby's pappy) and when he died. And the losses of my last two doggies, Cookie and Chip. In fact, I was pretty teary all day. Now, I am reading "Water for Elephants" which was suggested by my Monday knitting group. All I can say is "wow". This book is an excellent read. The writer paints pictures with words the way an artist paints with oils, and makes the picture so clear that you literally can see what the writer is "seeing" right there on the page. A picture is worth a thousand words--and this writing does exactly that--uses lots of descriptive words to get the scene across. You can almost feel the characters as if in real life. I'm only a couple chapters into the book, and trust me, it's hard to put it down--I'm reading it on my Android with my Kindle application, and I have to put it down to recharge now and again. THAT is how good this particular book is. I'm going to have to pay more attention to the folks in the Monday knit club--especially those who also participate in book clubs.

Well, I'm gearing up for bedtime. I believe that I will wear my Snuggie to bed again tonight and pull it up over my nose.

Then again, perhaps I'll just call my hubby in and put my nose someplace warm...

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