Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Latest...

Lots of things going on in the household.

Firstly, the knitterly stuff, which I know you are all intrigued in--I've finished the front and back and one sleeve. The second sleeve is on the needles. I opted to work the sleeves first, then to do the neckline, because it's going to give me trouble, I just know it. I'll likely have to work it with dpns, because the opening is just too small for a circular, although I could use magic loop and/or two circulars--I just don't want any ladders on the neckline.

Then I can start my grandson's sweater.

And lastly, the best news of all...


This is such a good thing. I didn't mind him being on afternoons, but the midnights was killing us both. Since he didn't feel he was doing a very good job, he quit (before they fired him). I'm doing a happy dance. While I'd just as soon he worked the afternoon shift, I hated the midnight shift so much that I would rather he quit and just stay home  and do a few things around the house. As soon as he catches up on his sleep, he'll be available again.


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