Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Meaning of the Universe

Hubby and I watched Nova on PBS last night. It was about the relationship between time and space, physics and string theories and TOTALLY over my head. The only string I worry about is my yarn in my hand. The show was interesting, and especially mind-boggling, but I noted right away, that there was a problem with the model that the narrator, Brian Greene, was using.

When a star explodes, as in a big bang, it doesn't just explode left or right, up or down--it explodes in an infinite different directions--all around the star. Spacially, and relationally, the star explodes toward me, but MOST of the star PASSES me and goes away from me--like a sphere around a rubber ball. In fact, half of the exploding star is between neither closer or farther from me or farther from me entirely. The rest comes close or not at all. UNLESS the star only explodes out from ONE POINT--like a tennis ball comes apart at the seam, more or less. Which might explain the emissions from our sun--mini explosions that happen all the time, that are more like a burp or a queef, rather than total annihilation. Whatever, it was intriguing, and caused me to think about Biblical things and the end of the world and such.

Then came Thursday, and it was all about Friday and the day off for a three day weekend. Wow.

I did some traveling on Friday. I was pretty much on the road most of the day--first because I wanted--no--sincerely desired this new yarn by Berroco--called Lacey. This stuff is like lace, but makes the most magnificent frou-frou scarf! You can go to Berroco's website and look up Lacey, and you'll find the yarn AND the pattern. It more for decoration than keeping warm, so not a lot of use for around here, but it might make a pretty spiffy Christmas present for someone who is feminine and doesn't necessarily live in a frozen tundra.

Then, later in the day, I found out that my Addi Turbo interchangeable set does not have a size 10.5 in it. Since it's from Germany (UK), I can see how they might use different sizes according to what's used in the UK most often, but over here in the hinterland, we don't use a 10.75--so whatever made them put that size in the box is a mystery to me. Maybe one of my readers will come up with the answer. Perhaps its a very popular size in the UK--unknown to me. Or perhaps it was just a manufacturing accident. Indeed, while the other needles pass through the needle sizer quite easily, the 10.75 is so tight as to be almost a 10.8--which would be really confusing to me. All of this resulted in another trip to town to find the 10.5 that I needed, so I stopped at Hobby Lobby, who didn't have ANY but the thinnest double pointed needles (DPN), but they did have the most delightful colors in Sugar and Cream--which I fondled for a while and then moved on. I decided that I didn't want a set of bamboo needles, even though they would have done the job, I would use them once and then be done, so I opted instead to go to Sticks and String, a delightful little store owned by a couple of the ladies that worked at Threadbear before the horrible accident. I stopped in and found a couple more frou-frou scarf yarns that just about knocked me over, the 10.5 interchangeable that I needed AND some hand balm in Lavender flavor.

Talk about heaven. And I knew the minute that I smelled it, that I would have to have it. So I searched down in the depths of my pockets and came up with $10 I didn't know I had, and bought some. Then, when I got home with my prizes, I rubbed the stuff all over my hands and under my nose and well, let's just say I smelled good all night, and it really helped me sleep. Lavender is known for it's relaxing qualities, and this was no exception. I'm not sure what balm is in the tin along with the scent, but it smooths your hands, but doesn't leave them greasy AT ALL, so you can keep knitting or sewing or whatever handwork you're doing!

Today, the plan is to work on my son's Christmas present. If I tire of that, I may switch over and do some crochet on the Reindeer hat, or work some on the Scrappy do. There's a lot going on in the house today. It's so cold in here, one must keep moving, and that is why things in here seem so rushed. I need a drink in my glass and some knitting on my lap to help keep me warm. So signing off for now. Pictures later of the scrappy do, because it's getting SO BIG--it covers my lap now quite well!

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