Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday's Almost Over

It was a real Monday today. Too much work, and not enough time to do it in...that's because I didn't get to work until 9:41, because someone I sleep with, (who shall remain nameless) woke me up by taking all the covers off of me at 2am, and then proceeded to snuggle and snore in my ear.

The result?

No sleep from 2am to 5:30am, which is when I normally wake up. And so, instead of rising at 5:30am, I simply turned off the alarm.

Hubby continued to snore, while I called in to the office to let them know I was going to be late, because of my husband.

At that point, I promptly fell into deep sleep, and didn't waken until he turned over, all excited, saying

"Hey! Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

This at 8:30am.

And when I told him why I didn't go in, he looked at me as if I had spoogers all over my face and denied every word. But it was true. I'm considering separate beds.

But the 2 1/2 hours that I lost, I'd sure like to have had back. There was too much work to do for 5.3 hours. I really only needed another hour, but I simply wanted to go home and work on this scarf--

The Popcorn Scarf.

Which has sort of up-ended the stealth project for Christmas present that I've been working on--feverishly. I've got this scarf going, and I really like it.

 The fact that it really looks like popcorns is what makes the whole scarf...even if it is a little too wide. But what really upsets me is that the whole thing biases to the left. This is because the popcorns sort of lean leftwise.

It's a simple pattern, made simpler by taking away two strands of yarn and the huge-mongus crochet hook to use one strand at a time, carring the unused inside the stitches and a size H hook. I end up with a green background and white popcorns--the perfect scarf for a Spartan fan! Of course, it's not to plan, but an alternative, and when people see this, they are going to want to make it. That's how cool it is.

In fact, it's so cool that I told the manager about it, and she seems really thrilled about the prospect of showing something similar, but different to show what you can do just by altering the pattern a little.

And here I was thinking I was being clever! Durn!

So for now, I need to run into the living room and get started on the stealth project. I'm just not certain how I'm going to proceed. I'd like to work it a la magic loop, but I have a thought that it will get too be too much for that, so perhaps I'll just do one at a time and let it be like that. In the meanwhile, Knit or Die!

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